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  1. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    Talalla retreat Sri Lanka is looking for a resident teacher…could be the best gig imaginable…know any rising stars?

    1. Brandon
      Brandon at |

      That’s great to hear! Can you send us more details? TheYogaNomads@gmail.com

  2. Irina Stefanova
    Irina Stefanova at |

    Hey, I am a certified yoga teacher currently based in Europe. Can I get details please?

  3. lima
    lima at |

    Please help me to find yoga teacher job. I am registered nurse & post graduate in yoga &international yoga teacher certified

  4. Rene YepYoga
    Rene YepYoga at |

    There are several Facebook groups for yoga jobs! Just search “yoga jobs”

  5. Carly
    Carly at |

    Hey Anne,
    Thanks for the ideas and resources here–I’m wondering if you have any insight on liability insurance for traveling instructors?

  6. Shalmali Bapat
    Shalmali Bapat at |

    I am really passionate about travelling and wanted to travel all around the world so i have been looking for jobs that can help me fulfil my dream so i was looking for the information and found this article which i think is great help for me. Going to bookmark this for sure.Thank You

  7. Viatcheslav Goloubov
    Viatcheslav Goloubov at |

    What a nice blog…


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