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  1. Fred
    Fred at |

    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for including the Tortuga. As a fellow yogi, I’m glad to hear that our bag is great for travel AND yoga. Enjoy your trip!


  2. Ivana
    Ivana at |

    We travel just with carry-on luggage,
    Gianni with The North Face Router Daypack (41 L), me with The North Face Surge II Backpack (32 L). So far, we are very satisfied. Practical for taking flights, buses, easy to take with us anywhere. Enough space for all the gears we are carrying, too.
    The only potential downside of mine backpack is a bit tough back straps. But hopefully with tie they become softer and more adjusted to the body.

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  4. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Thanks for linking to my review of the Osprey Porter 46. Since I used that bag, I have moved on first to a Deuter and most recently, like Anne, to the Osprey Farpoint 40L. I also have a review of the entire Farpoint series if anyone is interested. Find it at: http://www.lengthytravel.com/my-latest-backpack-an-osprey-farpoint-series-review-40-55-70/

  5. Marissa Lee
    Marissa Lee at |

    Great roundup of backpacks! The Minaal looks really good but I don’t think its released yet at this point in time. I’m also concerned about its build quality…. its quite a new brand compared to the others on the list.

    I was thinking of getting a Goruck because the molle webbing seems perfect for hooking up yoga mats and other types of gear. It’s expensive but I’ve not seen any bad reviews of it so far online! 🙂
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  6. Sadie
    Sadie at |

    I have a question. I will mainly be using my backpack to commute from home to work to yoga and then home again. With the Osprey bags, where are you putting your yoga mat? Will it stay in the front buckle area?

  7. Holly
    Holly at |

    Thanks for the comparison chart! The specifications you were looking far are very similar to what I think I want out of a new backpack. I’ve been using the same basic Jansport for the last 15 years, first through school and now through plenty of airports and trunks–so I’m pretty unfamiliar with all the different types of backpacks out there. I’m trying to educate myself before making a decision, and your review was really helpful.

  8. Jon Brown
    Jon Brown at |

    Great comparison, thanks!

    My beloved Osprey 90 Porter has been telling me for about a year that is about ready to retire. I replaced my very first pack (Greggory Palisade top-loader… yuk!) with the Osprey mid-way through my first year in Asia and I’ve loved it ever since. Obviously though I check the Osprey when I fly. I have a Crumpler Sinking Barge which carry on and I think is the best laptop+camera/small-stuff bag ever made… Oh I how I love that Crumpler bag, sadly no longer made or I’d buy a spare just in case.

    What’s interesting is checking a bag has never really bothered me. Over the years though I’ve pared down what I carry and the Osprey 90 is just way bigger than it needs to be. It’s time to downsize. I have friends who are enamored by the Minall, but only because it was a Kickstarter campaign, not one of them actually owns the bag… heck they don’t really even travel much 😉

    Anyway, what do you think of checking any of these these bags you’ve reviewed here? Durable enough?

    Right now I’m strongly drawn to the Tortuga and Osprey 46L, although given my lack of aversion to checking bags I haven’t completely ruled out the the newer wheeled Osprey’s (seems like they have finally come down a bit in empty weight after a few years of being heavy monstrosities).
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  10. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    Hi Brandon,
    Could you take and post a photo of how you attach your yoga mat to your Tortuga? What kind of yoga mat are you using for traveling?

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