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  1. Gabby
    Gabby at |

    The Gaiam travel mat you have listed here doesn’t represent Gaiam’s travel offerings! I think you would like checking out the Gaiam Sol Thin-Grip Mat, I don’t know why they don’t label it as a travel mat since that what it basically is, but it’s super thin and VERY grippy, folds/rolls down, weighs less than 2lbs and the purple one is very pretty. I’ve been using it for around a year now and its still going strong, I’m thinking about buying another mat in the Sol line for my home practice because the grippiness is perfect. This fits in my little backpack I wear all summer biking around and in my purse I take to work so I can go to class right after work. Hope you give it a try, I absolutely love it and the price is very good ($40 on their website but I checked amazon and they have it for $35)

    Here’s the link: http://www.gaiam.com/sol-yoga-mat-bhakti/05-59235.html?start=28&cgid=3010400

  2. David Ryan
    David Ryan at |

    Hmmm. I’m buying one of these mats then.
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  3. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    Hi Brandon, This is a really excellent and systematic review – except you left out the coolest and highest-quality mat, YOGO! The YOGO Mat is super high grip, uses snaps to become a compact bundle and is made of biodegradable natural rubber. Please check us out, we are new in 2014. We like to distinguish between eco-friendly mats that are made of natural materials, and mats that say they are eco-friendly because they don’t contain neurotoxins or “use eco-friendly process” (no mercury etc in manufacturing) but they are actually made of plastic.
    Thanks a lot! Best, Jessica
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  4. Ryon
    Ryon at |

    Hi Brandon,

    You may also like the YOGO Mat, a brand new product in 2014 from YOGO (http://yogo.net). The YOGO Mat not only secures to a folded bundle about the size of a 1L bottle, and is extremely grippy, but it’s also easily cleaned and can be hang-dried using the mat’s integrated straps. I definitely think it should make your list of 2015 travel mats!

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  10. Pete H
    Pete H at |

    Namaste! Great article! I’ve been using the Manduka Superlite as my only mat for the last two years and really love it. Reading the specs on the Yogo mat on their website it seems basically the same as the Manduka in every way (thickness, dimensions and material) only a little heavier which I guess is attributable to the straps and buckles, and a lot more expensive. As you’ve used both mats, I wonder if you could give a but more feedback on how they compare?
    Also, I’ve never used a yoga towel – how well do they work with these thin mats and don’t they just bunch up?
    Thanks for all the great articles!
    Oh, a pack recommendation: Rei Trail 40. Superb! It’s now my favourite carry-on (in fact only) travel bag.

  11. katherine joo
    katherine joo at |

    How about the travel yoga from lululook? https://www.lululook.com/products/lightweight-1-5mm-ultra-slim-travel-yoga-mat
    Only about 1.5mm thick and it easily fold up with unique patterned

  12. Lou
    Lou at |

    Hey Brandon!

    Have you tried the new Jade Voyager yet?

  13. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Does folding the Manduka while traveling cause a lot of wear and tear? Does it hold up to folding and storing in a backpack multiples days a week?

  14. Love Equals
    Love Equals at |

    Looks nice! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Also, read this article: https://loveequals.net/blogs/sports/an-integral-approach-to-a-yogic-lifestyle

  15. Deepak
    Deepak at |

    Nice Blog and thank your sharing..

  16. Andrea
    Andrea at |

    Hi and thank you for your article!
    I would love to have a travel mat just for practising outdoors on grass or sand – It would be too bad about my indoor mat …
    which one would you recommend for that?
    Currently I‘m hovering between jade voyager, manduka eco and yogo … which one would you say is more comfortable for outdoor use ?
    The yogo seems pretty cool, but aren‘t the straps disturbing /annoying (during practise)?!

    Greetings from Austria!


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