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Welcome to TheYogaNomads.coma place for new and experienced yoga practitioners who enjoy traveling and making a living doing what they love.

We help yoga beginners and pros improve their yoga skills and knowledge.

Life is more than sitting at a desk 40 hours a week always dreaming of the next vacation.

Who Are the Yoga Nomads?

sunrise at Mt Batur - Bali, Indonesia

Anne Rapp and Brandon Quittem

The site was originally created by Anne Rapp and Brandon Quittem, a couple who escaped corporate America by combining their love for yoga and travel. They traveled and practiced/taught yoga while publishing this site.

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Logan Hailey

Logan Hailey is a writer, entrepreneur, and vagabond yogi who lives in a DIY luxury 4×4 sprinter van. She travels the U.S. teaching about natural living, organic farming & gardening, and wilderness adventure. Keep up with her adventures on Instagram @ramblinfarmers.

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Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke is a certified and experienced yoga & meditation instructor. She has been practicing meditation since 2014 and teaching since 2018. Gemma specializes in yoga and mindfulness for emotional wellbeing, and she has taught in Thailand, Cambodia, and the UK. Gemma is passionate about sharing her expertise and experience with meditation to inspire others to live more mindfully, becoming happier, healthier, and calmer.

Joanne Highland at her laptop on a deck suspended in a forest

Joanne Highland

Joanne Highland is a 500-hour certified yoga and barre fitness teacher. Originally from the central coast of California, she attended the University of Southern California, graduating in 2007 with a degree in music and a minor in health promotion.

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Jagpreet Kaur

Jagpreet Kaur is a certified yoga instructor/therapist (Ministry of AYUSH, YCB, Govt. of India), nutritionist (from INFS), skilled marketing copywriter, and content writer. She is also an expert in pre-and postnatal care. Jagpreet seamlessly blends her knowledge of nutrition, yoga, and writing with a passion for spirituality that fuels her commitment to wellness, evident in her holistic approach and dedication to meditation. 

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Ivana Naskova

Ivana Naskova is an accomplished author who has a passion for both writing and reading. Additionally, she has over nine years of experience working as an astrological specialist. Her love for spirituality, yoga, and meditation is what keeps her centered, calm, and fulfilled. She is dedicated to assisting you in exploring the spiritual aspects of the world and achieving greater happiness.

Julien Raby

Julien Raby

Julien Raby has been in the web marketing industry for about 2 decades. An avid Crossfitter and yoga practitioner himself, Julien enjoys helping fitness enthusiasts earn more from their passion.

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  2. Thats a fantastic story. I actually landed to your site just thorugh googling the travelling itenary but I came to know about your yoga and your life style of travelling various regions. I loved it and I hope some day i would also travel like you all over the world and enjoy my life ! 🙂
    and all the best ! 😀

    • Thank you, Prashanth! Very cool that you organically found our website, and I’m happy to hear you got some inspiration from it as well. You definitely can travel like us – make it a goal and do whatever it takes to make it your reality 🙂

  3. Mam,
    this is very interesting and useful website. thanks for creating it. thanks to u as well as ur team.
    I am Yoga Teacher and now undergoing Corporate Yoga Trainers Course from well-known institute in Mumbai.
    Myself 64 yrs old. Till date taught @ 60 batches, 30 personal one-to-one sessions. I happen to be Yoga Player also; participated in @ 20 Yoga Tournaments in and around Mumbai and Maharashtra state.
    once again thanks so much for creating and guiding me thru this wonderful website.


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