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  1. Carrie
    Carrie at |

    hi guys,
    I am halfway through my TT and am working on a marketing plan. I found you by searching for “yoga niche”. I am receiving all kinds of great emails and training videos from you, thank you very much. I am having a challenge downloading the 100 yoga niches. No matter where on your website I click the link it either pops up one of your other downloads, or asks again for my email address yet I never receive the email with the Niches document. Is it possible that you email me the Niche document? I am trying to nail down verbiage for this before I jump into my website design. Thank you, I appreciate your assistance.

    1. Brandon
      Brandon at |

      Thanks for reaching out Carrie. Sending you an email now with the Niche document attached. Also, we’re looking into why the Niche document isn’t being sent to subscribers correctly.

  2. Kiran
    Kiran at |

    Great article ….

  3. Janine
    Janine at |

    I’d also like the niche yoga ideas too but can’t seem to download it


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