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The mission here at is to help yoga teachers create fulfilling careers. This means building a thriving yoga business AND a life you love.

Is that even possible?!

Yes, absolutely! By empowering yoga teachers with some basic business and technology skills, they can thrive in our modern world (without sacrificing your personal yoga practice or risking “burnout”).

For some yoga teachers, this means increasing freedom in your life, for others, this means earning a bit more each month.

Here at, we believe…

  • Yoga teachers are entrepreneurs – time to take control of your yoga career
  • Yoga teachers shouldn’t feel pressured to get a second job – “just to pay the bills”
  • It’s OK for yoga teachers to desire a fair wage – let’s stop pretending being broke is the “yoga way”
  • Yoga teachers deserve a fulfilling career – earn a fair wage, freedom to pursue your passions, and support a family.
  • Yoga teachers should invest in themselves – learn business & technology skills to compliment your yoga biz.

The Yoga Teacher’s Dilemma (that no one is talking about)

After connecting with thousands of yoga teachers around the world… we soon realized that most yoga teachers are struggling financially.

I know, I know… yoga teachers aren’t supposed to “want money.”

However, for better or for worse – we all need money to get by in our modern world. Yoga teachers are no exception. It’s not fun being broke. So, let’s stop pretending being broke is the path to enlightenment.

Unfortunately, most yoga studios cannot afford to pay teachers enoughI know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.

(It’s a 3hr commitment to teach a single class. If you earn $3o/class… that about $10/hour)

You’re probably wondering why no one told you that you cannot earn a full-time income by teaching at the yoga studio alone. Don’t worry, we figured out a system that works. Keep reading…

Which path will you take?

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*We focus on #3 by helping yoga teachers build profitable and sustainable businesses.

So, how do “successful” yoga teachers create abundance in their lives?…

The Secret Sauce of “Successful” Yoga Teachers.

If you want to be successful find someone who has acheived the results you want and copy what they do and youll achieve the same results

We spent years learning what makes yoga teachers “successful.” We soon discovered all successful yoga teachers have these 3 things in common…

#1 They all have their own website – Which acts as a home base for everything business-related. They direct their students to their site, build deeper relationships with their students, and use their website as a marketing tool. Download your beginners guide to creating a yoga teacher website.

#2 They think outside the studio – Successful teachers know that the studio cannot pay desirable wages. So they use the studio to get good at teaching and to build a following. Then they create a premium offering outside of the normal “group studio classes.” Premium offerings include workshops, retreats, private yoga, online offerings, etc. Browse 25 ways yoga teachers can earn more money

#3 Never stop learning – Successful yoga teachers commit to improving as a yoga teacher AND an entrepreneur. They surround themselves with like-minded supportive people, they read books and blogs, take online courses, etc.

You’re in the right spot if…

  • You want to create a yoga business that supports your lifestyle
  • You want to see your retreats/workshops sell out
  • You want to build your brand online, but the technology is scary
  • You’re teaching 15 classes per week, feeling burned out, and are unsure how to increase your income
  • You want to quit your day job and create a fulfilling career in yoga
  • You want more “me time” – whatever that is to you


Start with our best stuff first!

We realize there is a TON of stuff on site… so we created this page to help you best navigate. The best place to start is to download our Beginners Guide to Creating a Yoga Website which is completely FREE.

There are a ton of free resources all over this site, but this is a great place to start:

The 3 stages of yoga teacher entrepreneurship (Which stage are you in?)

We believe there are 3 common stages to the entrepreneurial journey for yoga teachers. Obviously, life isn’t this simple and no one likes to be put “in a box,” however we find using stages like this helps us to stay on track. 

Stage 1: New teachers (teaching for less than 6 months)

You graduated from YTT with a new perspective and you’re full of energy, but just not quite sure what to focus on. You know you want to teach yoga, but you probably still have a “second job” to pay the bills.

Early on it’s all about learning. Get tons of experience teaching in different environments – see what you like and what you don’t like. It’s important to build your confidence,  test out themed classes, different sequences.

Goal: Get crystal clear on who you’re meant to serve (aka discover your yoga teaching niche)

Blog Posts:

Free Download: 100 Yoga Niche Ideas

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Stage 2: Yoga Teachers with some experience (Teaching for at least 6+ months)

You’ve been teaching consistently for at least 6 months (or maybe a couple years) and your students love you. You’re running around town teaching group classes at the studio trying to pay the bills. You desire things like more freedom, less stress, and more income.

By this point, you’ve already identified your niche and have some regular students. Now it’s time to learn some business skills… start by creating a website & building a following of like-minded people. 

Blog posts:

Free Download: Beginners Guide to Creating a Yoga Website (7 Steps)

Stage 3: Seasoned teachers (teaching for 2+ years)

You’ve been in the game a while now, you have endless teaching opportunities, but you’re seeking something more. A new challenge perhaps? You’re not sure how to leverage your business to create a life you love. You know what you want, but you’re not exactly sure how to get there. 

By now you should already have identified your niche, created a website, and started building an email list of people who know, like, and trust you. Time to launch a premium offering that works for both you and your students. Unsure what premium offering makes sense for you? Download “25 Ways Yoga Teachers can Earn More Money” below 🙂

Blog posts:

Free Download: 25 ways yoga teachers can earn more money