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When searching for the perfect yoga or gym outfit, you’ve likely come across the top two players in the game – Alo vs lululemon. 

Both are highly reputable premium brands in the activewear space. But does one stand out from the other?

In our in-depth comparison of Alo vs lululemon, we’re exploring various aspects to consider when choosing if Alo or lululemon is best for you. 

We’re comparing the style, comfort, value for money, and more of both activewear brands to equip you with the knowledge needed to make a confident decision.

So whether you’re looking for the comfiest yoga pants, the most durable yoga mat, or even a new pair of running shoes, read on!

Women’s Clothing – Alo vs lululemon

While many activewear brands are on the market nowadays, Alo Yoga and lululemon are undoubtedly the top players. Both brands are well known for their high-quality materials, a diverse range of on-trend workout clothes, and celebrity endorsements. Let’s dive in!

Alo Women’s Clothing

Alo Yoga first began in Los Angeles in 2007. Since then, Alo’s leggings have become a wardrobe staple for yogis worldwide thanks to their snug fit and unique designs. In particular, Alo’s sleek black Airlift leggings, which are often seen on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, have gained quite a reputation. 

If you’ve come across Alo through their celebrity endorsements, you’ve likely wondered, “Are these Alo leggings worth buying?” Many of Alo’s loyal customers (including me) would answer with a resounding ‘yes.

Apart from their yoga pants collection, you’ll find a wide range of Alo yoga tanks and sports bras that prioritize functionality and fashionable designs. What makes them stand out, though, is how they have successfully addressed the biggest concerns among yogis and gym goers, such as that annoying camel toe discomfort, making them a preferred choice over options on the market.

lululemon Womens Clothing

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lululemon started in 1998, making them one of the most well-established activewear brands. Although they initially focused on yoga apparel, they have now expanded their product range based on customer feedback. Their fast evolution has made them not just a highly desirable brand but a truly innovative one.

One of lululemon’s top sellers in women’s apparel is their form-fitting Align leggings. Made from their famous Nulu™ Fabric, these yoga pants have a weightless sensation and buttery-soft feel, allowing you to flow with ease on the mat.

Beyond their leggings, lululemon now offers a diverse range of apparel, from sports bras and bodysuits to shirts and sweaters. 

Aside from its large selection, lululemon stands out because of its relaxed and minimalistic styles that cater to different preferences among yogis worldwide. Lulumen has a more traditional style than Alo yoga, known for its bold colors and prints.

Men’s Clothing – Alo vs lululemon

Alo Yoga and lululemon have also established themselves in the men’s activewear industry thanks to their trendy designs, top-quality fabric choices, and attractive pricing strategies.

Alo Men’s Apparel

Alo Yoga prides itself on creating men’s activewear activewear that blends comfort with style. Another USP of Alo’s men’s range is the versatility the clothing offers, such as the top-selling  Triumph Crew Neck Tee. Featuring a soft cotton-like feel and relaxed fit, this tee can serve you well on the treadmill, when lifting weights, or in your stretching sessions.

Fans of Alo also appreciate the functionality of pieces like the Repetition Pant, which helps you achieve maximum performance from your workouts.

lululemon Men’s Gear

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While lululemon initially focused mainly on women’s clothing, they quickly expanded into men’s apparel. Like Lulu’s women’s range, their menswear has a traditional, timeless style combined with performance-boosting functionality and maximum comfort.

Their men’s product lineup includes options ranging from breathable running shorts to sweat-wicking t-shirts for both workouts and casual occasions. The Pace Breaker short is a top seller for runners and weightlifters thanks to its lightweight, swift fabric, soft mesh liner, and hidden pockets.

Alo vs lululemon Apparel Comparisons

Alo and lululemon offer a wide range of top-quality and stylish apparel suitable for all occasions. So let’s see how they compare in the following factors:


When it comes to comparing costs between these two brands, they both tend to be positioned at the high end within the athletic apparel industry. For example, both Alo and lululemon leggings range from $90 to $130.


Both brands prioritize using top-notch fabrics that maintain durability after many washes without losing their initial high comfort level. However, lululemon focuses more on its innovative fabric technology, while the Alo yoga leggings and apparel feature more unique design details.


As mentioned, lululemon is mainly known for its traditional, minimalistic styles, while Alo Yoga is renowned for its trendy designs and bold prints. So, if you want to stand out in the studio, Alo may be best. But if you prefer apparel that will never go out of fashion, lululemon is ideal.

Comparison of Footwear – Alo vs lululemon

Footwear is not something that either Alo Yoga or lululemon have forgotten about. However, while lululemon has a wide range of footwear for all different occasions, Alo has one classic white sneaker they say can be used in all activities. Let’s take a closer look.

Alo Yoga Footwear

Alo has taken inspiration from celebrities by designing a classic pair of chic white sneakers that you can wear at the gym, on the way to yoga classes, or while running errands. They feature a structured outer sole and a recovery-foam inner sole that gives extra bounce and support when your foot hits the ground.

Aside from their versatility and functionality, Alo’s white sneakers are a sustainable option, made with cruelty-free vegan leather and recycled components.

Many renowned athletes have endorsed Alo’s sneakers as they offer both style and functionality without any compromise. If you have ever experienced the satisfaction of slipping into Gigi’s sleek black Airlift leggings before a yoga session, putting on these sneakers will provide a similar feeling.

lululemon Footwear

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lululemon offers a stylish and functional range of women’s footwear. These include running shoes, gym sneakers, and even a recovery shoe, the Restfeel Slide, which doubles up as an ideal shoe to slip on and off before and after yoga class.

lululemon currently does not offer men’s sneakers, but they have created a men’s version of the recovery slide that will soothe your tired feet after a long run or challenging gym session.

Yoga Mats – Alo vs lululemon

Of course, apparel is not the only product for which Alo Yoga and lululemon are renowned. If you haven’t discovered these brands because of their top-quality leggings, you’ll come across them because of their famous yoga mats. But if you’re considering Alo or lululemon for your next yoga mat, which is best?

lululemon Yoga Mats

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As lululemon evolved beyond yoga leggings, they launched a diverse selection of accessories. These range from cozy white socks for post-yoga relaxation at home to large water bottles for staying hydrated during intense Ashtanga sessions. 

However, when most people think of lululemon accessories, their mind goes straight to their top-quality yoga mats.

In particular, lululemon’s Reversible Mat is famed for its impressive versatility. The yoga mat has a finish that provides slip properties on one side, ideal for intense workouts or sweaty hot yoga sessions. Meanwhile, the other side offers an increased grip for less intense practices that require you to hold standing postures, such as Hatha yoga.

lululemon’s yoga mat range also includes a lightweight option, ideal for travel, and a workout mat with raised texture for use with shoes.

Alo Yoga Mats

Alo Yoga’s eco-friendly yoga mats have gained popularity among yogis worldwide in recent years thanks to their endorsements by athletes and celebrities. Alo’s Warrior Mat features a non-slip surface that provides excellent grip during intense Hot yoga sessions and ample cushioning for joint support and stability during poses.

The Warrior mat is 5mm, which is sufficient for most yoga styles, including restorative yoga. So although Alo currently offers only one yoga mat, it is suitable for all your mindfulness needs.

Customer Service – Alo vs lululemon

Choosing activewear from Alo Yoga or lululemon is not just about finding a pair of leggings or a sports bra. Customer service also plays a crucial role in your experience, giving you peace of mind that your new apparel will last for years.

So let’s see how these two brands compare in terms of customer service.

Alo Customer Service

Alo is known for their excellent customer support; you can easily reach their team by phone or email during business hours. 

They also have a hassle-free return policy. If you don’t like what you got, you can return it within 30 days of purchase unworn, with the tags still attached.

Apart from that, when you buy from Alo, you also get access to their yoga classes through their app!

lululemon Customer Service

lululemon also takes customer service seriously, focusing on building a community amongst its customers. This is because lululemon listens carefully and acts on all feedback they receive. 

You only have to walk into one of their retail stores to experience this. Their store staff, known as “Educators,” are trained to listen to customer feedback, which directly influences the development and improvement of their products.

Even so, lululemon’s return policy is slightly stricter than Alo’s. Items must be returned within 14 days unless misrepresented. 

Another perk of Lululemon’s customer service is that they offer hemming on pants purchased in-store. This is great news for those who need custom lengths. 

FAQs: Alo vs lululemon

1. Is Alo better than lululemon?

They’re about the same in terms of quality. The preference between Alo and lululemon depends on choice as they differ in styles, materials, and prices.

2. Does lululemon own Alo?

No Alo is not owned by lululemon. They are separate companies with different approaches to creating yoga wear and accessories.

3. Is Alo Yoga a competitor of lululemon?

Absolutely! Both brands compete for market share in the activewear industry making them direct competitors.

4. Is Alo Yoga known for its quality?

Alo Yoga is recognized for its premium quality fabrics and innovative designs that combine fashion with functionality for performance during workouts.


When it comes to premium activewear, both Alo and lululemon bring their A-game.

Alo stands out with its trendy designs and exceptional comfort, while lululemon distinguishes itself with its signature fabrics and an unbeatable fit.

In addition, as high-end brands, you will find both Alo Yoga and lululemon have similar pricing. So ultimately, choosing between Alo vs lululemon apparel depends on your personal preference. 

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