Unveiling the Osprey Farpoint 40L – Your Ultimate Carry-On Companion!

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This article was originally published in April of 2016. We updated it in 2018 after using it for almost 4 years. Happy to say the bag is still one of our favorite carry on bags! 

Key Takeaway

The Osprey Farpoint 40L is a durable, comfortable, and carry-on compliant backpack ideal for travelers and digital nomads.

It’s pretty funny how attached I’ve become to my Osprey Farpoint 40L. I guess that’s what happens when you’re living out of a backpack. I’m basically wearing my home on my shoulders!

Using the wrong pack can seriously ruin a trip…

A lot of thought goes into choosing the right one. Ideally, it will be designed to meet your specific needs, fit your body well, and last 10+ years.

My requirements before buying the Osprey 40 Farpoint:

  • Carry-on size – but not too small
  • Comfortable – and still looks great walking around the city
  • Durable – yet functional
  • Good value – some bags are just too expensive

After trying out several bags, I decided on the Osprey Farpoint 40 carry on.

It’s a stellar bag and it’s the top choice for female travelers and digital nomads alike.

Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack review

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Practical Info About the Osprey Farpoint 40L

  • Osprey Farpoint 40 size: 40L (like the name suggests)
  • Osprey Farpoint 40 Dimensions: 19H X 14W X 15D (inches)
  • Osprey Farpoint 40 weight: 3lbs (empty)
  • Carry-on Compliant: Yes
  • Laptop Compartment: Yes
  • Hip Pads: Yes
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Yes
  • Price: Check on Amazon

My Osprey Farpoint 40L Review

Since 2014, I’ve traveled through 14 countries and even spent 2 weeks trekking in the Himalayan Mountains with my Farpoint. It has saved me tons of money on baggage fees because I always carry-on instead of check my luggage.

Here’s my full packing list.

Below I cover all the details of this amazing backpack!

Is the Osprey Backpack 40L Durable?

The second you touch and feel the Farpoint, you know it’s going to be very durable. Osprey makes the best backpacks in the world and the Farpoint is no exception. This one has traveled all over the world with me. Even though I often stuff it to the absolute MAX, this pack has held up incredibly well.

The majority of the bag is made from a tough nylon blend, with mesh on the back panel for ventilation. The nylon is strong and relatively easy to clean. I do have a few small holes on the top due to my own negligence.

Even with a few careless decisions, the bag still looks nearly brand new!

Osprey Farpoint 40L Test for Comfortability

I give it a solid A for comfort. The pack has well padded shoulder and hip straps. Even with my petite frame (5’2”) bag fits me perfect.

Brandon teases me about my turtle shell, but all I care about is that it’s functional and comfortable.

2018 update: Even after 4 years of regular use this bag is still the most comfortable carry on sized bag I own!

Is the Osprey Farpoint 40L for Women Only?

Short answer: The Osprey Farpoint 40L travel backpack is gender neutral. However, for some reason this bag seems to be more popular with the ladies. I’m not sure they though, I know plenty of guys who use and love this pack. It easy very comfortable and works well on smaller framed people though.

*I prefer the Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack, however if you need a bigger bag, the Osprey Farpoint 55 is a great choice.

Also, according to the REI website. The S/M is 2 inches shorter and provides 2 liters less gear capacity. 40L for the M/L and 38L for the S/M.

Is the Osprey Farpoint 55 carry-on compliant?

If you absolutely MUST get a larger backpack, Osprey makes a larger version of the Farpoint 40L. I’ve played around with the Farpoint 55 in a store but haven’t traveled with it.

Although the extra space might sound great – remember extra space means extra weight on your back.

*The Osprey Farpoint 55 is NOT carry-on compliant.

Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 Men's Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 55 Men’s Travel Backpack

See latest price

Features of the Osprey Farpoint 40L

review osprey farpoint 40

I’ve used it for all of our long term travels including trekking in the Himalayas, road trips, and a few weekend get-a-ways.

Although it’s a very versatile bag, the Osprey 40L rucksack was definitely designed for carry-on travel (not trekking).

Note: If you’re looking for a backpack to use exclusively for hiking/camping I recommend Osprey’s wilderness backpacking bags. Brandon has been using his Osprey Aether 70L for wilderness backpacking since 2010 and loves it.

Carry-on Complaint

A must have. Its dimensions are 19H X 14W X 15D (inches). My bag usually weighs around 25lbs when fully packed, but it’s made to handle up to 40 pounds.

Back Panel Flap

Allows you to stow away the big straps creating a more sleek and slim profile. This feature is convenient when traveling so my straps don’t get caught on anything, and also a benefit in the odd chance that I check my bag.

Front Compression Straps

Compression straps helps your stuff from moving around while in transit. Two adjustable straps go across the front of the bag, compressing my gear and making it more stable.

Front Loading Style

Front-loading style allows for much easier access when I need something quickly. I stayed away from a top loading pack – imagine trying to get something from the bottom of a giant Santa Claus sack.

Farpoint 40 osprey is a front loading bag

Padded Handles

It comes with two padded handles, one is on the top and one on the side. It’s nice to have the side handle for plane travel. I really appreciate good sturdy handles, especially when I stuff the bag completely full. 🙂

Holds Up To 40L

It’s magic. Somehow 30 pounds of stuff fits perfectly inside. I use packing cubes to save on space. Unpacked, it only weighs just a bit more than 3 pounds.

osprey farpoint 40L has a great laptop compartment


Osprey Farpoint 40L Laptop Compartment Built In

The Farpoint has a compartment made specifically for laptops. I travel with a Macbook Air 11″ but the compartment fits laptops up to 15″.

Lockable Dual Zipper

Locking the main compartment ensures my stuff is safe on travel days.

Additional Attachment Points

Perfect for hooking carabiners to latch on extra stuff (dirty shoes, wet towel, etc.). Since the mesh side pockets (that I assume are made for water bottles) get compromised if your bag has too much stuff inside, the attachment points are great to add what you need.

Downsides of my Osprey Farpoint 40L

I love this pack and recommend it often, but it’s not quite perfect. Here are a few things of my criticisms…

  • No water bottle pocket – I think the external mesh pockets were designed to hold a water bottle. However, if you fill the backpack full, there isn’t room to squeeze one in.
  • No pockets in the hip pads – would be nice, but not mandatory
  • Not great for multi-day trekking – works fine on day hikes though

If this backpack doesn’t do everything you need, here are some North Face Backpacks that might fit your needs.

osprey farpoint 40l backpack is perfect for digital nomads

Traveling with the Osprey Farpoint 40L

Traveling Light and Smart

During my travels, I prioritize speed and convenience. The Osprey Farpoint 40L excels in this aspect. It’s the size for carry on luggage allowing me to bypass waiting at baggage claim. I effortlessly navigate airports. Hop onto buses without any delays.

The bag design is a traveler’s delight. With its suitcase opening, I can easily access all my belongings at once. No more rummaging through a loading bag to find items buried at the bottom—it’s like having a wardrobe.

Moreover, the Farpoint 40L features a compartment for my laptop, which has truly revolutionized my work on the go. I can set up shop with peace of mind knowing that my computer is secure inside. Additionally, the lockable zippers provide an added layer of protection.

I’ve observed that the weight distribution of the bag is perfectly balanced. Even when fully packed, it doesn’t strain my shoulders thanks to the hip belt, which helps distribute the weight, ensuring comfortable carrying over periods.

Lastly, its durability sets it apart from others in its class.

I’ve traveled across bumpy landscapes. Bustling areas. Despite enduring some handling, my Farpoint 40L backpack remains in good condition. This trusty travel buddy ensures the safety of my belongings without fail.

To sum it up, the Osprey Farpoint 40L transforms travel, from a task into an escapade. With this companion, by my side I can. Fully immerse myself in the journey ahead.

Maximizing the Osprey Farpoint 40L for Your Gadgets’ Safety and Convenience

Traveling with devices is a difficult situation for many adventure seekers and digital nomads. Although the Osprey Farpoint 40L is a backpack for travel, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is how practical it is for carrying and safeguarding tech gadgets beyond a laptop.

In my experience, the Osprey Farpoint 40L can be a tech traveler’s trusted companion. The bag’s design allows for the packing of electronics, but there’s a strategy to it.

While the laptop compartment is standard, what about devices? I’ve discovered that using organizers or custom foam inserts can transform the compartment into a safe space for cameras, drones, and other delicate gear.

Furthermore, the bag’s durable construction offers shock absorption. Nonetheless, I always suggest adding padding for added peace of mind. The front compression straps are not merely decorative; they can secure items like tripods or portable solar panels, which prove invaluable during adventures.

Although not explicitly marketed as a tech backpack, with some ingenuity, the Osprey Farpoint 40L can fulfill that role effectively.

For tech enthusiasts in search of a travel backpack, this viewpoint would be valuable given the current importance of ensuring gadget safety while traveling.

“The All Mighty Guarantee”

Osprey is famous for their All Mighty Guarantee which says they’ll fix or replace any of their products whether you bought them in 1974 or yesterday. Pretty awesome to see a company standing behind their products like this.

Made to last, all of our Osprey products have stood the test of time. I feel the price point is extremely fair and priced accordingly in the competitive market. Even after using it for over 2 years, I still don’t want to replace it. And when I do, I’ll probably just get another Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack. 🙂

Final Thoughts about the Osprey 40L

I’m very happy with this backpack and recommend it to anyone looking for a new carry-on sized bag. Whether you’re taking an around the world trip or shorter vacations this backpack has you covered.

Hope you found my Osprey Farpoint review helpful. It’s a great product backed by a great company.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 Charcoal has essentially carried my “home” for over 2 years now. I couldn’t have asked for a better pack to compliment my lifestyle as a digital nomad!

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osprey farpoint 40L carry-on backpack review

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

The Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack is only suitable for female travelers.

The Osprey Farpoint 40L comes with a lifetime guarantee known as the All Mighty Guarantee.

The Osprey Farpoint 55 is carry-on compliant on most airlines.

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8 thoughts on “Unveiling the Osprey Farpoint 40L – Your Ultimate Carry-On Companion!”

  1. Hey Anne! I am so glad I came across your site. Me and my husband are planning a world tour and also want to do a bunch of multi-day hikes including the Annapurna Circuit. I am shopping around for a backpack and was curious about which pack you used for the hike. Was it the Farpoint 40? What was your experience using it for long hikes?

    • Hey there! I’m glad you found us, too! Would love to hear more about the upcoming trip: [email protected] As for the Farpoint 40 – I did use that pack for the Annapurna, and everything else we did on that year long trip. It served me well for the hike, but if I had the choice, I’d go with something that distributed weight a bit differently. I didn’t find it uncomfortable for 4-5 hour hikes, but anything longer than that it wasn’t quite as comfortable. But doable for sure!

    • No there aren’t any long straps on the bottom to carry additional items that you mention. I either strap my travel mat on the outside with the two front straps securing it in place, or fold it up and put it inside the bag. (I carry a Yogo Travel Mat that can be folded).

    • Hey David, you can definitely use this for multi-day hikes but IMO there are better options…

      Couple reasons why:

      1- Multi-day hiking means you’ll be carrying a heavy pack on the trail. For this we really want sturdy hip pads to keep the weight off your shoulders.

      2- The pack is a bit more “square” in shape. This is great for fitting into the overhead bins aka carry-on sized. However, for longer hikes/overnights, it’s better to have a more “tall and skinny” shape that will keep the weight on your hips better rather than pull you backward.


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