Vegan Suede Yoga Mat: A Comprehensive Review of The Satori Concept’s Eco-Friendly Mat

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The Satori Concept vegan suede yoga mat with river painting design.

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Key Takeaway

The Satori Concept’s vegan suede yoga mat is a wonderful alternative to traditional options, aligning with the rising demand for sustainable fitness products. The soft texture enhances comfort during practice while providing a non-slip surface for safer and more effective workouts. Conscious-minded customers will be pleased with this purchase.

Like many yogis, I consider myself environmentally conscious. Yoga and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that yoga mats are not always made from great materials.

In my search for a sustainable yet comfortable option for my practice, I recently found The Satori Concept, a nature-inspired and eco-friendly company. Immediately, their vegan suede yoga mat caught my eye thanks to its stunning and colorful graphic design — and I had to try it!

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to flow on it a bit, I’m thrilled to share my experience with this great mat, offering my insights to other earth-conscious customers looking to purchase one of their own.

The Satori Concept vegan suede mat is durable and comfortable.
Photo by @americasdotsurf

Benefits of Choosing a Vegan Suede Yoga Mat

First off, I want to highlight the material. I had never used a vegan suede yoga mat in my practice before, but I quickly discovered many advantages to this great material.

  • Cruelty-free choice: Choosing a vegan suede yoga mat means you’re picking a product that doesn’t harm animals. This, of course, aligns with the principle of ahimsa, or non-violence.
  • Luxury feel: When I first touched the vegan suede material, I was surprised by how soft and comfortable it felt under my hands and feet. It makes me look forward to practicing even more because it adds an extra layer of enjoyment any time I lay in Savasana!
  • Durable design: With its sturdy rubber base, this thing is built for durability. Other mats made from soft materials often feel too squishy and flatten out after long-term use. The Satori Concept’s mat handles daily use like a champ — I’ve noticed no deterioration in thickness since using it to practice and teach daily.

Technical Details of Size and Comfort

When I received this vegan suede mat from the Satori Concept, I could tell from its size that it would be excellent to practice before I unwrapped it!

The Satori Concept vegan suede yoga mat is 24 inches wide by 72 inches long with a gorgeous and vibrant design.
Photo by @americasdotsurf

Size and Thickness Specs

When I did roll it out, I was pleasantly surprised with its dimensions — at six feet (72 inches) long, it brings a few more inches than average (68 inches). I stand at 5’ 5” and can notice this difference in length, so it could make an even bigger difference for taller yogis who use a broader stance when practicing.

This particular design has a thickness of 4mm. It strikes a perfect balance between durability with the rubber bottom and the plush, comfortable feel of the soft microfiber top.

Non-Slip Qualities for Enhanced Safety and Performance

Fantastic Grip

The Satori Concept’s vegan suede yoga mat offers an exceptional grip. I’ve had close calls on other mats, almost face-planting as my hands slid out from Downward Facing Dog during an intense practice. My hands and feet stay in place on the vegan suede mat perfectly.

The microfiber material grips better with moisture, so don’t worry when you start to sweat! Vegan suede mats become grippier as they get wetter.

Better stability in your yoga mat means a safer and more confident practice. You can focus more on your form and breath when you trust that your mat has reliable traction and won’t slip from underneath you.

Superior Cushioning for Kneeling Poses

Kneeling poses like Parighasana are more comfortable with the added cushion this mat offers.
Photo by @americasdotsurf

The comfortable feel of The Satori Concept’s vegan suede mat isn’t just about its softness. I immediately noticed a difference in how my joints felt more supported in specific postures.

When practicing kneeling poses, I typically have to fold over the side of the mat to avoid knee discomfort. On this mat, I can do Gate Pose, Low Lunge, and Camel without awkwardly doubling up the mat’s side.

From personal experience, I can say that not having to think about how much my knees hurt allows me to get deeper into a meditative state while I’m flowing through a sequence. Without the distraction of discomfort, it’s easier to concentrate on my practice.

Satori Concept’s Earth-Friendly Materials and Sustainability

As an eco-friendly company, the Satori Concept derives inspiration from nature in its designs and in how its products are made.

  • Recyclable and biodegradable: The rubber bottom and microfiber material are recyclable and biodegradable, breaking down naturally over time and contributing less to landfill waste.
  • Made from renewable resources: Did you know that natural rubber is sustainably harvested? A rubber tree may be harvested for latex throughout its life without being cut down, making it a renewable material.
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free: You won’t find any PVC, TPE, or silicone in The Satori Concept’s products. Those plastics do not biodegrade, consume a significant amount of energy to produce, and may contain harmful chemical additives.

I love The Satori Concept’s commitment to sustainability. Using their products made from consciously sourced resources helps me connect deeper to yogic values like ahimsa (non-harming), asteya (non-stealing), and aparigraha (non-possessiveness or non-greed).

The Satori Concept vegan suede yoga mat is made with sustainable and biodegradable materials.
Photo by @americasdotsurf

The Perfect Balance of Quality and Affordability

Some high-end yoga mats can run upwards of a hundred dollars. While other well-known brands may also use great materials, the high price makes them inaccessible for the average yogi.

Customers can find a happy medium in The Satori Concept’s products. Their prices are incredibly reasonable without sacrificing anything in quality or durability.

A Quality Investment

Consider this: you can purchase a twenty-dollar department store yoga mat, but it might not last as long or support your practice, as well as a vegan suede yoga mat.

When a cheap mat causes you to slip, you’ll likely need a towel or rug between your mat and the floor. Then, you’ll need another towel to wipe away moisture when you start sweating.

However, with its non-slip base and absorptive top, the vegan suede yoga mat is all you need to practice safely.

Long-Term Value

Investing in a durable vegan suede yoga mat saves money in the long term. These mats withstand daily use better than cheaper alternatives.

That twenty-dollar mat you purchased? You’ll likely end up needing to replace it within a year. Instead, I prefer to invest a bit more at the outset. Not only will you spend less in the long run, but it’s far less wasteful, too!

Considerations for Travel and Care

A Great Mat for Home Practice

The durability of The Satori Concept’s vegan suede mat is evident. The non-slip rubber bottom adds considerable weight and thickness. Given its size of six feet, it’s pretty hefty to carry around (even with the free carrying strap).

Weighing about 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg), I’d recommend keeping this mat at home rather than using it for travel.

Caring for the Material

At first, I was a little bit skeptical of using a mat made with microfiber material. I have heard they absorb sweat and moisture well, but would that mean they get dirty quicker?

To my surprise, I discovered that vegan suede mats are surprisingly easy to clean! Like any other mat, you can wipe them down with a homemade cleaning solution.

I’ve noticed that the super soft material does attract lint and pet hair. So, if you have pets like mine who are always trying to sneak onto your mat with you, I recommend using a lint roller before putting it away. It only takes a minute, and it’s an effective and easy way to preserve the vibrant colors of the graphic design.

The Rising Popularity of Sustainable Yoga Gear

Planet-friendly mats are not just a trend; they’re here to stay. I’ve noticed many friends switching to these greener options, and it’s inspiring to see this change in my community. Nowadays, many customers think about environmental impact before buying anything. This includes yoga mats and other equipment as well.

The Satori Concept is a company at the forefront of this collective shift. In addition to their beautiful vegan suede yoga mat, they also offer sustainably sourced cork yoga mats and blocks.

I’ve made it a point to support brands that value sustainability — it’s one small way I can help make a difference. I’ll follow The Satori Concept to see what innovative and Earth-friendly products they develop next.

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This vegan suede yoga mat comes with a free carrying strap.
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Final Thoughts

If you want to purchase a new yoga mat, I recommend checking out The Satori Concept. Rolling out my vegan suede yoga mat to practice is a pleasure; I look forward to my morning yoga sessions more than ever.

Switching to a vegan suede yoga mat is an easy step toward aligning your actions with yogic values, like not being wasteful or contributing to exploiting nature. Let’s make conscious choices for ourselves and the environment every time we roll out our mats!

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

The Satori Concept is an eco-friendly company.

PVC and TPE are environmentally sustainable materials.

Vegan suede microfiber becomes more grippy with moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs of the Satori Concept Vegan Suede Yoga Mat?

This mat’s size is 24 inches wide by 72 inches long, has a 4mm thickness, and weighs 5.5 pounds.

Vegan suede mats are gaining popularity due to their environmentally-conscious and chemical-free materials, offering a sustainable alternative for environmentally-conscious customers.

What benefits do vegan suede yoga mats offer?

These mats are super soft and have a comfortable feel, while the bottom grips the floor well to prevent slipping. The microfiber is simple to clean and absorbs sweat well.

How does the texture of vegan suede compare to other substances?

Vegan suede is notably softer than many traditional mat materials, enhancing comfort during practice without sacrificing grip or durability.

Can I afford a high-quality vegan suede yoga mat on a budget?

Absolutely. Even with premium features and eco-friendly design, the Satori Concept’s vegan suede yoga mat has an accessible price point without compromising quality.

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