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Athleta Products, Sizing and Returns

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It seems like there are a million options for yoga and athleisure gear these days. But if you care about women’s empowerment and sustainability, one stands out from all the rest. Athleta is a subsidiary of GAP that specializes in super high-quality, ethical, and stylish athletic clothes for women and girls. 

When it comes to quality and performance, their clothes are comparable in many ways to lululemon. It is their female-focused mission, size inclusivity, and dedication to ethical manufacturing that makes Athleta a brand worth supporting. 

But does Athleta gear last? How does their sizing compare to other brands? How does Athleta fit? What is their return policy? Does their customer service match their price tag? If you’re looking for answers and more, we’ve got them. Here is everything you need to know about Athleta products.

Athleta Sizing

Athleta tends to run true to size, meaning if you are typically a size medium, you’ll probably be medium in Athleta gear. About 10% of their products (like some joggers and leggings) run a little big compared to lululemon and other athleisure brands. 

How to Tell Athleta Size

Your Athleta size should be your normal size in athletic gear. For example, someone who wears a size 8 in lululemon leggings would probably be a medium in Athleta. But someone who is a size 4 or 6 in lululemon may fit in an XS or S in Athleta leggings. 

How does Athleta fit?

The tops dependably fit true to size, but the bottoms can be stretchier and more forgiving depending on the style. Dresses may run small. Sports bras follow an XXS-XL and A-DD+ sizing that is a bit unique, so you may want to reference the size chart below when shopping for Athleta bras. You can also take Athleta’s brief True Fit quiz to help determine what size you are in certain products.

Athleta True Fit

Most product descriptions have a red “T” link beneath the sizing options. This leads you to the “True Fit” quiz which includes ratings from other women based on whether they believe the product runs small, true to fit, or large. You can enter your height, weight, measurements, and other details to get the perfect fit recommendation. 

Tall and Petite Sizing

As if Athleta could get any more inclusive, they even offer “tall” and “petite” sizing options! These size charts and offerings will differ slightly between products, so be sure to click the size chart on your specific desired product if you want to buy a petite or tall version. 

Athleta Pants and Leggings Sizing

Athleta also offers inclusive sizing from XXS to XXL. Most reviewers report a true-to-size fit across the board. When in doubt, it’s best to check your measurements and compare them to the Athleta sizing chart. 

Use a flexible measuring tape to take your measurements and avoid any return headaches. But don’t worry, as you’ll see below, their return policy is a very forgiving backup plan for ordering the wrong size.


Sports Bra Sizing

Athleta sports bras are separated into two main categories: A-C cup and D-DD+ cups. There is also a post-mastectomy bra collection called Empower. Their sizing and specification system allows Athleta to tailor the support and design of each bra to your cup size. You may also want to reference the product details of each specific bra to check if the impact and coverage match your desired activity. 

For yoga, I typically recommend light-impact or medium-impact sports bras with medium coverage. You don’t want anything too intense (like high-impact sports bras for cardio) that may restrict your movement. 

If you have a bigger chest, don’t worry! Athleta offers some of the best sports bras for big-busted ladies. They are supportive and comfortable so they don’t dig into you while you’re stretching, nor will they allow anything to spill out during downward dog.

athleta Post Mastectomy bras

Post-Mastectomy Friendly Bras

One of the most impressive things about Athleta is how much genuine effort they put towards their mission. They even offer sports bras specifically for women who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer or other causes! 

The Empower Collection bras are co-created with breast cancer survivors to ensure maximum comfort and confidence. All of these sports bras include a padded pocket to use with Athleta’s Empower Pad Mastectomy Bra inserts. 

Size Chart For A-C Cup Bras


Size Chart For D-DD+ Cup Bras


Athleta Tops Sizing

Athleta tops are the easiest when it comes to sizing. They offer everything from workout tops and tanks to hoodies, loungewear, sweaters, and tees. Most tops include the regular XXX-3X sizing options, plus tall or petite options. 

Size Chart for Athleta Tops


Athleta Sizing Help

If you can’t figure out your size in Athleta, either try to go to a nearby store and ask for a shopping assistant, or use the True Fit quiz to get a recommendation. Worst case scenario, you can almost always exchange your Athleta gear for the proper size (as long as it’s not a Final Sale item). Athleta’s return policy is super lenient, so don’t stress too much about sizing.

Do Athleta leggings run big or small?

In general, Athleta leggings run true to size. Some styles (especially those with pockets) may run big and stretch out a little bit with wear, so you may want to size down if you are between sizes. Athleta leggings should fit snuggly but not dig into your waist. If they are see-through or feel restrictive, they are probably too small. 

On the other hand, if the leggings are opaque and perfectly stretchy, you probably have the right size. If there is excess fabric in the crotch area, they are probably too big and will eventually start chafing or pilling. Too much looseness in the stomach may result in the leggings falling during workouts. 

Athleta Return Policy

Thankfully, sizing and fit issues aren’t all that big of a deal when you shop with Athleta. Their return policy allows up to 60 days for all full-price items. And returns are always free! 

You can return online purchases for free by mail or in-store. Their online returns center is super easy to use and generates a prepaid printable label. You can also return in-store with your proof of purchase and the item. 

Can you return Athleta Final Sale items? 

“Final Sale” items can’t be returned. Sale items typically end in $0.97 and are marked “Final Sale” or “Last Chance”. If you accidentally get the wrong size or style, you may want to gift it to a friend or consider re-selling on an app like Poshmark. 

Give-It-A-Workout Guarantee 

athleta guarantee

Athleta genuinely wants their gear to perform for you, so they even allow returns and exchanges on items that you’ve already worn! Work out in the gear and if it doesn’t perform, you can return it within 60 days even if you’ve worn it and removed the tags. 

Compared to strictly “clean unworn items” return policies from other brands, it almost sounds too good to be true. But Athleta backs up their quality promise. 

Can you return worn items to Athleta? 

Unlike almost every other brand on the market, Athleta lets you return worn clothing for any reason. If it didn’t fit, didn’t perform, ripped, or whatever the reason- they will take it back! As long as it’s in the 60-day return period and you have proof of purchase, you can get a full refund for used items because they want you to truly love their products.

Exchange Policy

Exchanges on Athleta clothes are free and easy. You can exchange by mail or in-store within 60 days of purchase. To initiate an exchange, you simply contact Athleta to order a replacement item. They will even honor any previous discounts you used for the original purchase! 

Then, you just follow the return process to send back your original item. They bill you for the replacement item, ship it for free, and then apply your refund as soon as they receive your returned item.

In store, exchanges are even easier. Just bring your item with the original package and your shipping confirmation email or credit card you used. Athleta associates will help you find the item you need, return the original, and swap for a new one.

One caveat: some merchandise is marked “mail only” and can only be returned by mail because it’s not available in stores. This will be listed in your shipping confirmation email. 

Athleta Alterations and Hemming

If your leggings are a bit too long, or a dress doesn’t fit just right, head to an Athleta store and they will hem it for free! No receipts or headaches are needed. Just bring in the clothes! 

In-store alterations are yet another benefit of shopping with a brand that cares about its customers. Athleta also has expert stylists and free fitness classes to round off their amazing in-store experience. 

Customer Service

Whether online or in-store, Athleta is known for superb customer service. As if the Give-It-A-Workout Guarantee and ultra-lenient return policy weren’t enough, Athleta stylists and associates are always eager to help you, whether online or in-store. Customer service is available via phone, online chat, and in-store assistance. 

They are even responsive on their social media channels! I’ve been pretty impressed with all my interactions with Athleta employees, so never hesitate to reach out to them with questions or concerns. 

Will Athleta replace ripped leggings?

Absolutely! If you have Athleta gear that doesn’t perform to your standards or has defective manufacturing, just bring it to a store and they will be happy to return or exchange it for you. Their customer service team is always searching for ways to keep customers happy (which is probably why all of us yogis keep coming back).

Restocking and Online Orders

Athleta restocks sold-out items regularly, so be on the lookout at their Back In Stock page if you want something that sold out. Athleta drops new items unpredictably and they don’t follow specific restock dates. Certain styles will restock at different times, so the best way to keep up with them is by subscribing to the Athleta email list.

Athleta Warranty

Though it isn’t technically a “warranty,” Athleta’s Give-It-A-Workout Guarantee is one of the best return policies available. You can try out the gear, and wear or workout it in it, but still return within 60 days if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. They also always take returns on defective or poorly manufactured items at any time. 

NOTE: There is no Athleta lifetime warranty that we know of. 

Longevity of Athleta Clothes

You can expect Athleta yoga and athleisure gear to last as long or longer than their competitors. I would compare the longevity of my Athleta leggings to my Lulu Align yoga pants. Both are made to last at least 2-4 years with regular wear. The secret to long-lasting Athleta gear is washing to their specifications: cold water, delicate cycle, inside-out and hanging to dry or tumble drying on low. 

How long do Athleta leggings last?

Athleta leggings are designed to last for 2-5 years depending on how often you wear them, how you wash them, and what you use them for. Their gear is very popular amongst runners and cyclists who expose the clothes to the elements daily. Athleta’s quality lives up to all my expectations and can handle several hot yoga sessions per week for many years. 

How to Care for Athleta Gear

You should always wash yoga clothes (and most of Athleta gear) in cold water, gentle cycle, inside-out with like colors. This will make your leggings and sports bras or tops last as long as possible. Dry on a low, gentle setting, or better yet, hang to dry for the maximum lifetime of the product.

Avoid using high heat, harsh detergents, or fabric softener on any Athleta clothes. 

Athleta Reviews

Athleta has a dedicated fanbase of yogis, runners, cyclists, and moms who just rave about their clothes. The quality, styles, fabrics, prints, and fit are all on par. Plus, the return policy is unbeatable. The primary complaints of negative reviewers are usually related to sizing issues, which are easily fixed with returns and exchanges. 

Athleta gear is known for its quality, but some products don’t meet certain athletes’ standards. Some people report cheaper-feeling fabrics used on some sports bras, but I honestly have not had this experience. Other bad reviewers didn’t like the feel of certain fabrics.

Overall, Athleta has superb reviews and a reputation to back it up. If you don’t like something, they’ll gladly return it within 60 days, so you really can’t go wrong.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Athleta checks off all the key boxes I look for in a yoga brand: ethical manufacturing, sustainability, high-quality, longevity, social causes, women’s empowerment, and an unbeatable return policy. If you’ve been looking for a new yoga outfit that looks incredible and matches the quality of lululemon at a lower price, you should try out Athleta.


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