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If you are a yoga teacher or fitness instructor who wants to access amazing discounts on lululemon gear, the Sweat Collective is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with the community and represent the Lulu brand.

Here’s everything you need to know about joining the Sweat Collective and maximizing your benefits.

What is lululemon Sweat Collective?

sweat collective

The lululemon Sweat Collective is an exclusive group of yoga instructors, athletes, personal trainers, and wellness leaders who are dedicated to leading their communities in an active lifestyle. After eligible fitness professionals are accepted into the group, members receive a 25% discount on Lululemon products, access to special events, and the opportunity to help shape future product designs.

Who can Join the Sweat Collective?

Before you apply to the SC, be sure that you are eligible to be part of Lulu’s exclusive ambassadorship. Eligible people include:

  • Yoga teachers and studio instructors
  • Fitness instructors (group fitness instructors and personal trainers)
  • Self-employed personal trainers
  • Athletes
  • Studio/gym owners and managers
  • Sports coaches (college and professional level)
  • Team staff (athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, etc. at a University or National level of athletes)

You can apply to the Sweat Collective here.

Benefits of lululemon Sweat Collective

There are three primary benefits that Sweat Collective members get to enjoy:

  1. Discounts: 25% off on selected lululemon products. Discounts only apply to regular-priced items and cannot be used on markdowns or “We Made Too Much” inventory. lululemon prefers that their Sweat Collective leaders wear and test the latest gear.
  2. Shape Future Gear: You get the opportunity to give product feedback to improve designs. Sweat Collective leaders are part of Lulu’s exclusive product review team.
  3. Special Invites: Access special events with other leaders in your community or on a national level.

Additionally, you can use Sweat Collective connections to network in your industry and grow your following in yoga teaching. lululemon is a well-known global brand that could bring you to some incredible opportunities and connections.

Representing the highest quality gear in your videos, photos, and classes is an exciting way to boost your credibility and associate your personal brand with one of the most iconic yoga brands in the world.

How to Join Sweat Collective

Once you determine that you are eligible (you hold one of the certifications or positions mentioned above), applying to the Sweat Collective is really straightforward:

  1. Start your application: Sign in to your lululemon account (or make a new one) and click here to apply.
  2. Have documents ready: lululemon will want some basic information about your job role and the company you work for. In some cases, they may request that you upload documents to verify your position. Potential documentation includes government ID, professional profile on a team or organization’s website, and/or teaching certificates. The documents show that you are actively and currently coaching or teaching.
  3. Get verified: lululemon uses SheerID as a third-party verification service to check your identity and other details. You should receive an email from SheerID within 5 minutes to 1 hour. You may have to wait longer to hear back from lululemon regarding your application. Once you are approved, you’re considered a verified Sweat Collective member.
  4. Opt into emails: It’s important to opt in to receive lululemon emails that will update you on your application process, new product notifications, and upcoming Sweat Collective events.
  5. Begin accessing benefits: After the application process is complete, you should be able to access your benefits right away.
  6. Renew annually: Sweat Collective members need to renew their membership every year. lululemon will email you as a reminder. There is no limit to the amount of times you can renew your membership as long as you stay eligible.

FAQs about lululemon Sweat Collective

How much off is Sweat Collective?

lululemon collective leaders get 25% of regular-priced gear when shopping for themselves in-store, online, or on the lululemon app in North America.

What does my 25% off apply to?

The 25% discount only applies to purchases of full-price items in-store, online, or on the app. You cannot use your lululemon collective discount on sale items, “We Made Too Much,” or purchases for other people.

Can I share my discount?

The Sweat Collective membership is reserved exclusively for fitness professionals and leaders who want to purchase gear for themselves. lululemon requests that you toggle “off” your 25% discount when shopping for other people. You are not allowed to gift or sell any products purchased with your discount, otherwise you could be permanently removed from the program.

If you still have questions, reference Lululemon’s official page about the Sweat Collective.


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