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No Roll Leggings

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There is nothing more annoying than leggings rolling down while you’re trying to get your sweat on. It is super distracting to have to constantly adjust the waistband or tug upwards to keep your leggings from falling.

Whether you wear leggings to the studio or pretty much everywhere, you probably want them to stay up to keep you comfortable, covered, and roll-free.

Leggings are meant to be skin-tight after all, so we all deserve some that look good and stay up no matter what!

Here’s why your leggings are rolling down, what to do about it, and where to find no-roll leggings that actually perform.

Quick Picks: Top 7 No-Roll Leggings

  1. Top No-Roll Pick: lululemon Wunder Train High Rise Tight
  2. Best Compression: Fabletics High Waisted SculptKnit Legging
  3. Most Comfortable: Beyond Yoga Spacedye Printed Caught in The Midi High Waisted Leggings
  4. Best High Waist Fit: CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling Workout Leggings 25 Inches – 7/8 High Waist Yoga Tight Pants
  5. Best Mid Rise Fit: QUEENIEKE Women Workout Leggings Sports Pants Zoned Compression Running Tights
  6. Best Tummy Control Waistband: 90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Power Flex Legging – Tummy Control
  7. Budget Pick: Colorfulkoala Women’s Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants Full-Length Leggings

Why do leggings roll down?

Leggings roll down whenever the fabrics degrade or the waist is not properly fitted.

Some yoga pants are designed to fold down, but most leggings fall as a result of improper fit, worn-out waistband, or a low-quality design.

Before you get frustrated and throw out your leggings, try to find out the root cause of the dreaded roll-down.

Wrong Size

Sizing is the most obvious reason for leggings that fall. Most leggings are made of compression fabrics, but they can only compress so much. If you accidentally size up or lose weight, the waistband won’t be sewn close enough to grip your midsection and stay up.

If you want your leggings to stay up, it’s important to get the correct size from a brand you trust. When buying extra compressive leggings, go for your usual size or a size up to prevent muffin top.

When buying second-skin leggings, sometimes it’s best to size down to ensure they hold their shape. Remember, those babies are stretchy! Just be sure they aren’t too tight, or you will risk losing the squat-proof qualities of the legging.

Old or Worn Out Fabric

When leggings (or any clothing) get old, the fabric can start to stretch, pull, or degrade into smaller fibers. Pilling on the fabric surface or breaking elastic fibers are common reasons why old leggings slide down your stomach. The top seam can also get stretched out after repeated use.

Most yoga leggings are made of nylon, polyester, elastane, and/or spandex. These stretchy synthetic fabrics are prone to damage from wear and tear. When leggings get past the 1 or 2-year mark, sometimes it’s best to throw them out and swap them for something new.

If you want leggings that will hold their shape and stay up for multiple years, opt for lululemon’s infamous Align Leggings, which are known to last for 3+ years of regular use.

Damage from Washing

Some leggings will start falling or rolling down if the fabric gets damaged in the wash.

Many of the best yoga legging brands recommend hand-washing your leggings. You can also machine wash on a delicate cycle with cold water, then hang dry or tumble dry on low.

If you accidentally wash your leggings on a super hot or rough machine cycle, the fabric in the waistband may get damaged and stretched out. As a result, they won’t hug your waist the way they used to.

Some fabrics are ultra-thin and delicate. Opt for quality yoga brands and follow their washing instructions to uphold the longevity of the fabric. You can also wash in a garment bag like you would for lingerie.

If you don’t feel like washing your leggings in any special way, try a more durable brand like 90 Degree’s Power Flex Leggings, which hold up in the wash and won’t roll down.

Low-Quality Fabric or Design

Poor-quality leggings are just more prone to falling down because they aren’t designed with longevity in mind. Sometimes you get what you pay for!

Fashion leggings and tights are the most common culprits. These styles aren’t designed for yoga or physical activities, therefore they are often constructed with cheap materials and non-functional fits.

If you’re serious about your yoga routines, it’s best to spend a little extra money on leggings designed specifically for movement and constructed with technical performance fabrics. Fabletics High Waisted SculptKnit compression leggings fit the bill for functionality and aesthetics.

Wrong Body Proportions

Depending on your body type, you may have to try multiple styles of yoga pants before you find leggings that won’t fall down. There are thousands of beautiful different body types, but unfortunately, not all brands cater to them.

For example, someone with a pear-shaped body may find that legging waistbands are too loose on their midsection, even when the bottom fits perfectly. Alternatively, high waist leggings could be too tight on a plumper belly, but fit perfectly through the leg.

If you feel like your body proportions don’t match the standard legging model fit (most of us don’t!), size-inclusive brands like Girlfriend Collective and Beyond Yoga are great places to find your perfect pair.

You can also opt for an elastic adjustable waistband or a tummy control waistband legging.

Missing Elastic Waistband

High-waisted leggings are one of the most popular and flattering styles, but if they’re missing an elastic waistband they are useless.

Before you buy high-waist leggings, check out the waistband. What is the top seam like? Is the stitching durable? Is there an elastic built-in or an adjustable drawstring? Is the fabric compressive? Can you hear a loud snap when you pull the waistband away from you and let it tighten back on your stomach? (This could be a good sign that they won’t fall down)

The top of the waistband is the most important design element for preventing leggings from falling down. Top seamed waistbands tend to be the most reliable, whereas seamless styles are more likely to roll down. Drawstring leggings have a hidden tightening mechanism inside the waistband.

How can I keep my leggings from falling?

If you don’t want your leggings falling down loosely at your hips like harem pants, you have a few options before buying new ones altogether.

  1. Check that your leggings are adjusted correctly: Grab the waistband and gently pull up from your waist as you squat down and wiggle around your but and legs. Shimmy the fabric upward until you find the happy medium between a tight hip-hugging fit and a wedgy.
  2. Check the seams: Use seams as a guide for how leggings should fit. If your leggings aren’t pulled up enough, they may start rolling down. They shouldn’t feel uncomfortable on your crotch area, but they should be fully pulled up and stretched over your curves. The seams should line up symmetrically at your hips, crotch, and inner thighs.
  3. Proper care: Don’t wash your leggings on hot machine cycles. Avoid washing them with jeans or jackets that have zippers, buttons, or anything that could damage your leggings.
  4. Add a corset belt: If you want to save an existing pair of leggings with a worn-out waistband, you can wear a belt- but not just any belt! Workout belts are a new trend that blends seamlessly with black leggings. If you want to get your sweat on while sculpting your body, you can try a legging corset belt waist trainer to keep your leggings from falling while adding a higher-rise fit.

5 Tips to Prevent Leggings from Rolling Down

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already tossed those old leggings in the trash after pulling them back up one too many times. But before you run off to buy a new pair, make sure you know the key things to look for so you can prevent problems with falling waistbands in the future.

#1 Order the Right Size

The first step to keep leggings from falling down is to simply choose the right fit. Wearing leggings that are too big results in constantly trying to pull them up and adjust to make yourself comfortable.

On the other hand, leggings that are too tight can lead to an unsightly muffin top, seams digging into your stomach, or see-through leggings that are no longer squat-proof.

To choose the right size of leggings, be sure to take your measurements with a flexible tape measure ahead of time. Opt for a brand that has a nice exchange policy to allow you to try on a few styles before you find the perfect fit.

#2 Choose Compression Fabrics

Compression fabrics are the secret to flattering and functional leggings. Typically a blend of nylon, polyester, elastane, and spandex performs the best on and off the mat. lululemon’s signature Everlux and Luon fabrics are great examples of fabrics that fit ultra-tight yet feel stretchy and comfortable.

Remember that compression should never mean uncomfortable seams digging into your body. High-compression fabrics may require sizing up so you can prevent rolling over and still enjoy your full range of motion.

#3 Choose Wide Elastic Waistband Leggings

The wider the waistband, the more support and surface area the leggings have to grip your waist. Thinner waist designs tend to lose their shape more easily and are more likely to roll down during forward folds or crunches.

If you want to keep your leggings in place, always go for the thicker, wider waistband that feels elastic and stretchy.

#4 Wear High Waist Leggings

If you have a regular problem with leggings rolling down, try ditching the low rise and mid-waist styles. High waisted leggings are the most reliable no-roll styles because they hit just above the belly button.

However, this design can also cause some issues over time as you pull and stretch the small waist portion over your hips. To prevent this issue, try your best to choose the correct size and avoid pulling on the waistband as much as possible.

#5 Choose Adjustable Waistband Drawstrings

The best leggings have all of the above qualities plus an adjustable waistband. Don’t worry, this won’t make your leggings look bulky like sweatpants. Adjustable drawstrings are typically hidden inside waistband and can be adjusted without showing through the leggings. This allows you to tighten the elastic around your body so you don’t have to worry about stretching out the top seams.

Top 7 Leggings that Won’t Fall Down

Not all leggings are created equal! Whether you’re running errands, adding to your daily wardrobe, or hitting the studio, you need some leggings that move with you, without rolling down.

lulemon leggings

Top No-Roll Pick:

lululemon Wunder Train High Rise Tight

Arguably the cream of the crop, Lulu’s training tights have a hidden adjustable drawstring that lets you keep the waist as tight as you’d like it (without digging in). The high waist fit has a flattering, wide top band that feels soft against the skin. Designed for training and moving, their signature Everlux fabric is buttery smooth and does not budge. After all, leggings should flow with you!

Fabletics high waisted

Best Compression

Fabletics High Waisted SculptKnit Legging

See latest price

These perfect high waist pants target the compression exactly where you need it. High quality elastic bands are sewn comfortably into the top band with hidden seams. The brushed fabric doesn’t fray or chafe against your skin. Best of all, these leggings are designed like compressive shapewear to shape, fit, and hug your curves perfectly.

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Most Comfortable

No products found.

No products found.

If you love brushed fabrics with an ultra soft cozy feel, but still want your leggings to stay up, this pair from Beyond Yoga is like a dream come true. The spacedye prints perfectly complement the jersey-feel of these leggings. Best of all, the compression waistband has 13% spandex to stay up no matter how you bend.

CRZ YOGA Womens Naked Feeling Workout 7/8 Yoga Leggings - 25 Inches High Waist Tight Pants Black...

Best High Waist Fit

CRZ YOGA Womens Naked Feeling Workout 7/8 Yoga Leggings - 25 Inches High Waist Tight Pants Black...

See latest price

Ultra high rise, over the belly button, and seamless waistband? Yes please! CRZ checks all the boxes at a bargain prize. This pair has the highest rise with a whopping 29% spandex for the stretchiest, hip-hugging fit. We especially love the hidden pockets and flattering top seam.

QUEENIEKE Women Workout Leggings Sports Pants Zoned Compression Running Tights Size M Color Black

Best Mid Rise Fit

QUEENIEKE Women Workout Leggings Sports Pants Zoned Compression Running Tights Size M Color Black

See latest price

“Zoned compression” is our favorite new waist design element in leggings. These leggings wear like a glove. Soft yet tight in the stomach, lose enough to move in the butt and thighs, and perfectly curve-hugging everywhere else, these leggings fit like shapewear. The tummy tucking, ultra soft, breathable upper band never slips or rolls down.

90 Degree By Reflex - High Waist Power Flex Legging – Tummy Control - Mulberry - Small

Best Tummy Control Waistband

90 Degree By Reflex - High Waist Power Flex Legging – Tummy Control - Mulberry - Small

See latest price

Reflex’s Power Flex fabric is 87% nylon and 13% spandex with an extra thick, wide top, elastic waistband that gently compresses your midsection without digging in. These leggings won’t fall even during the most high impact sports. We love the durability and thickness that slims your stomach and always stays in place.

Colorfulkoala Women's Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants Full-Length Leggings (S, Black)

Budget Pick

Colorfulkoala Women's Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants Full-Length Leggings (S, Black)

See latest price

If you want the softest flat seamless no-roll band at the cheapest price point, Colorfulkoala won’t disappoint. You get what you pay for with cheap leggings, but these might be the most affordable leggings we’ve found that actually hold up.

Closing Thoughts

Every yogi has wondered at some point or another how to keep leggings from falling down during intense practices. It turns out that those buttery soft fabrics and thick high waist designs are just as functional as they are cute.

May your leggings stay up and out of your way while you flow!


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