The 7 Best Ripped and Sheer Yoga Pants for Your Next Yoga Class (Full Reviews)

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Lately, ripped yoga pants seem to be everywhere, so I thought I’d write an article to showcase the best ones I’ve found online.

Yoga pants are among the most popular clothing items for women because of their comfort and seemingly unlimited style options. Whether you’re hitting the gym or just making a quick trip to the grocery store, they are easy to slip into, and they can match well with nearly any shirt.

My best pick is the DIBAOLONG Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants, with an average rating on Amazon of 4.4 out of 5, with nearly 20,000 verified reviews. These sheer yoga pants fit comfortably above the waist, cater to almost any body type, and you can find them in 25 different colors! They are also quite affordable, ranging in price from $9.99-$21.99, depending on the size you select.

There are many picks when looking for good-quality ripped yoga pants, but here are six other top contenders.

The Top 7 Ripped Yoga Pants

Baihetu Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants

Baihetu Women's High Waist Yoga Pants Cutout Ripped Super Soft and Comfortable Skinny Leggings (Black, Large)

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If you’re looking for comfortable sheer yoga pants that are also fashionable, these are the ones for you. The material is lightweight and breathable and caters to all your indoor or outdoor activities. One of the first things you’ll notice is the soft material and the low price point, making these yoga pants a top seller on Amazon. Additionally, there are five sizes available, ranging from small to XXL, so nearly any body type will find what they need. 


  • Machine-washable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Available in 17 different colors
  • Four-way stretch to complement any body type
  • Non-see through 


  • It might be a long fit for shorter women
  • Slightly less durable

Romansong Women’s Mesh Leggings Yoga Pants with Pocket

romansong Yoga Mesh Leggings, High Waisted, Squat Proof, Non See Through, Tummy Control, Plus Size Pants for Women with Pockets(Black,X-Large)

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If you want maximum breathability and an edgy look, these ripped yoga pants are an excellent choice. They have a mesh panel with a criss-cross design for enhanced comfort, even for a hot yoga class. They are also highly durable for nearly any outdoor activity, making them a good investment. While it might not seem like a big deal, having pockets can be a lifesaver if you want to keep your items secured.


  • Hidden and back pockets to store credit cards or I.D.
  • High waist for a slimming effect
  • Comfortable and smooth feel
  • Thick material


  • Higher price point than some other yoga pants
  • Not as many color options

SweatyRocks Women’s High Waisted Cutout Yoga Pants

SweatyRocks Women's High Waisted Cutout Ripped Skinny Leggings Yoga Active Pants (X-Large, 1-Black)

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These yoga pants have a silky feel, comprised of 95% polyester. You will find that they stretch easily and are a little different from other yoga pants’ softness. Those who want a stretchy or elastic-like fit will find what they are looking for here. The material is thin, and you can fit in well in the next workout class, or even if you’re just going for a walk in the neighborhood.


  • Affordably-priced
  • High-stretch good for lounging or working out
  • Slim fit with sheer cutout design


  • Limited color section
  • The material is not as thick, so it can rip easily.

FOXWISH High Waist Yoga Pants Cutout Sheer Skinny Leggings

FOXWISH High Waist Yoga Pants Cutout Ripped Skinny Leggings for Women Super Soft and Comfortable Black M

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These ripped yoga pants are suitable for those who want to achieve a streamlined look. The high waist fit allows a comfortable fit around the abdomen. At the same time, the material is thick enough that it can’t be seen through. There are four different sizes to pick from, and they are also quite affordable for having a high-quality design. They start around $10, and you won’t break the bank if you want to get several pairs. 


  • Made with high-quality materials ( 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex)
  • Hand-wash or machine washable
  • Cute design and soft feel
  • High waist, firm fit that contours the body


  • Sizes may run small 
  • It may be challenging to hand-wash

Larora Women’s High Waist Leggings Cutout Ripped Workout Running Yoga Pants

Larora Ripped Leggings for Womens, High Waisted Leggings for Women, Cutout Workout Running fabletics Yoga Pants Suitable for Athletic,Tummy Control (Black, Medium)

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You can be on a budget while still getting the yoga pants you desire. These sheer yoga pants are an Amazon’s Choice, and there are many reasons why. First, no matter what size you pick, they have a flat price of $9.99. Second, they are “fit to size” and match up with how you expect them to feel on your body. Finally, they are naturally breathable, and you’ll have the comfort you need no matter what the temperature is inside the room.


  • Uniform pricing for all sizes
  • Elastic waistband for extra comfort
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Machine washable


  • Only seven colors to choose from
  • It might slide down easier with elastic material

ODODOS Women’s High Waist Yoga Leggings

We need to include yoga pants ideal for mothers who just had a baby, and the ODODOS brand is a top pick. They feature a wide waistband for maximum tummy control and have ergonomic streams for an increased range of motion. They provide 30 days of free returns as an added perk, meaning you have nothing to lose. They fall about in the middle as far as price goes when you compare them to other ripped yoga pants.


  • Soft-fabric
  • Hidden inner pocket to store cards
  • Mid and high waist options
  • Plenty of colors to choose from


  • Picking the right size can be somewhat challenging

How To Find The Best Ripped Yoga Pants For You

There is much to consider when you’re looking for the best-ripped yoga pants. The truth is that there are many different yoga pants out there, but that doesn’t mean they are all created equal. Here are a few of the top tips to consider when you’re getting ready to buy.


No matter how stylish yoga pants are, you still want them to be comfortable when you’re wearing them. When thinking about comfort, they should fit snugly without being too tight. On the other hand, you want yoga pants to integrate smoothly into your natural range of motion. Finding the right size can be somewhat challenging, but it’s smooth sailing from there once you do.


The main aspect you’re looking for with durability is ensuring the yoga pants don’t scrunch up or tear easily. They should also be able to be cleaned without the worry of bleeding colors through the fabric. Finally, if you’re spending a considerable investment on several pairs, you’ll want them to last longer than one trip to the gym.


Yoga pants can be a tad tricky to get the correct length. Ideally, they should stop right at the ankle or fall just beneath the calf. If you have the wrong length or size, they can stretch too long, making them much harder to work out in. However, if you’ve already spent the money and can’t return it, bring them somewhere to get hemmed.


Yoga pants’ design is primarily for moveability and comfort. Therefore, they should be typically comprised of a blend of different fabrics, such as cotton, spandex, polyester, or other lightweight synthetic materials. You’ll want to investigate beforehand to see instructions for how to wash these items to make sure they last as long as possible.

Fit And Style

Yoga pants should fit snugly, either mid or high on the waist. They are popular because they can give an hourglass shape and integrate nicely with hundreds of different styles. Ripped yoga pants are so popular because there are various styles available to fit your personality.


There seems to be no limit in the creative designs available for ripped yoga pants. So whether you’re a fan of large slits, small slits, or you want them in a specific spot, there will be something out there for you. 


Last (but certainly not least) you should consider the price you pay. Generally, they range in price from around $10-$25, depending on brand and size. While you won’t necessarily need to sacrifice quality for the price, you’ll want to conduct your research properly before buying your pair.

My Best Pick For Ripped Yoga Pants:

DIBAOLONG Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants

These ripped yoga pants have an incredible stretch capability, they are comprised of high-quality materials, and they aren’t too expensive either. They are also highly desirable because of the custom colors they offer, with more than 20 choices, along with six different sizes. (X.S., S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Anyone who is looking for a good return on their investment won’t be disappointed when they buy these. Finally, you can clean them in cold water in your washing machine, which means there isn’t the chance for them to shrink up on you.

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