Amethyst Crystal – Meaning, Symbolism and Healing Properties

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Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is among the most gorgeous and captivating gemstones, respected and adored for its many beneficial uses. Back in the past, this gem had a precious worth equal to the one of a diamond. Today’s classification might place it as a semi-precious stone, but Amethyst is still considered one of the most powerful stones used for spiritual and emotional growth.

If you are looking to discover more about Amethyst and how it can be used to your advantage, then this article is for you. Learn about its meaning, symbolism, and many physical and metaphysical properties. Moreover, discover Amethyst’s chakra connection and healing energies and ways to use it so you can tap into its Divine powers.


Discover Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst crystals are popular for their deep purple color and rich spiritual significance from ancient times until today. It is a stone of serenity, tranquility, and clarity. The literal meaning of the name “amethyst” means “not intoxicated” and derives from the Greek word “améthystos.” The Greeks believed the stone had the power to keep them sober while drinking and gave them clarity and clearness.

You can feel the strong calming energy of the amethyst stone just by looking at the mesmerizing crystal. It is said to help organize your thoughts, enhance focus, and center yourself. In addition, by placing Amethyst on your forehead, navel, or heart, all negative emotions, such as fear, anger, frustration, and rage, will be discharged from your body.

In a romantic sense, Amethyst crystal is said to protect the love and keep the bond strong. So its meaning is deeply connected with divine protection, and it is the traditional gift to celebrate the 33rd wedding anniversary.

Finally, due to its spiritual meaning, psychics, mediums, and other divination practitioners use the violet Amethyst stones to enhance their spiritual gifts and powers. Their sacred altars are often adorned with these gems claiming the belief in the gems’ ability to help foresee the future and bring clarity.

Amethyst Physical Properties

Amethyst is quartz whose color ranges from light lilac to deep violet. In fact, its stunning color is one of the reasons why the stone is so popular, adored, and praised among gem lovers. Amethyst’s purple color comes from the presence of iron and other trace elements together with natural irradiation.

Crystals are created when specific impurities are present in their surroundings and are subjected to both temperature and pressure. It is classified as a semiprecious stone with a vitreous or glassy luster and part of the hexagonal crystal system. On the Mohs Hardness scale, Amethyst rates 7, meaning it is a slightly softer but still durable gemstone fit to be cut and transformed into your favorite piece of jewelry.

Amethyst is often discovered in geodes or empty spaces within volcanic rocks that were shaped by hydrothermal processes. This involves the flow of hot fluids rich in minerals through the neighboring rock, which leads to chemical reactions that create new minerals, such as amethyst.

The quality of an amethyst depends on various factors, such as where it was formed, the size and shape of its crystals, and its clarity and transparency. Typically, the most exceptional quality amethyst is considered to be that which has large, well-formed crystals with a deep, rich color and few inclusions or other flaws.

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

This precious stone is believed to attract peace, harmony, and balance. For thousands of years, people have used the gem to help them ground their energy and find inner peace. These purple stones can help you stay patient and calm and relieve the tension in your body.

Known for its soothing energy, this is a crystal you’d want to use if you struggle with anxiety, stress, and overwhelmed feelings. Furthermore, it can be used to help you unwind and relax your mind, body, and soul, as it also lifts emotional turmoil.

Having amethyst crystal close to you at all times can significantly improve your mental stability. This crystal’s greatest power is providing you with emotional balance and the ability to understand your emotions through gaining clarity and self-understanding.

Amethyst might not be as expensive as other gemstones, but it was once reserved only for royalty and nobility. They wore the gem as a sign of power, prestige, and status. The purple color is also associated with priests and spiritual leaders, and amethyst is said to heighten spiritual awareness. Therefore, you can wear it to promote well-being, reach mindfulness and protect yourself from harm.

Types of Amethyst

Not all Amethysts are alike since they form in nature with other crystals and minerals, which leads to the creation of new types and varieties. Nevertheless, each stone is beautiful and eye-catching, providing you with some additional healing properties. Read on and discover your favorite type of amethyst.

Purple Amethyst

Amethyst is a widely popular gemstone, with Purple Amethyst being the most affordable and well-known variation. It has a rich, deep purple color that can range from pale lilac to dark violet. This gemstone can be found worldwide in places like Brazil, Uruguay, and Zambia. However, the most valuable specimens are found in Russia and are known as Siberian amethysts. These stones have a highly intense purple color, making them sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst is an exceptional crystal that combines Amethyst, Clear, and Smoky Quartz. It is a highly vibrational and exclusive variety of Amethyst that can only be found in Namibia, Africa. This crystal is unique due to its rare formations and inclusions, such as phantoms and enhydros. It has the ability to align with pure consciousness and is a powerful talisman for healing and achieving perfection. It can even be used to help you complete your inner transformation and restore your connection with the Divine power.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst, which is also called banded amethyst, has a unique banding pattern that sets it apart. It is formed when white quartz and purple amethyst layers come together in a chevron shape. This creates a captivating stone with white and purple bands. Chevron Amethyst can be found in different parts of the world, such as India and the United States.

This stone is great for enhancing your inner vision and physical perception, as it is known for its power to connect with the Third-Eye Chakra. It draws powerful energy from the Universe through its white layers, and its purple coloration serves as a spiritual portal. It has a powerful energy that can drive away negativity and help you dive deeper into spiritual healing. It is said that by holding one stone in each hand, one can accomplish useful out-of-body experience. On the other hand, the stone can help the Universe grant your wishes if you hold the Chevron Amethyst between your hands while you repeat your daily affirmations and mantras.

Vera Cruz Amethyst

Vera Cruz Amethyst is a highly valued and uncommon type of Amethyst that is only found in Mexico. Its unique features include a light purple hue and a see-through quality. These Amethysts are typically small and fragile, and their crystal structure allows light to shine through them, making them perfect for use in exquisite jewelry pieces.

This type of Amethyst heals the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, allowing you to connect with your Higher self. It is said to enhance intuition, helping you trust yourself and allow Divine guidance to show your real-life purpose. It is truly a wonderful stone to use during mediation, helping you appreciate the present moment.

Cacoxenite in Amethyst

Amethyst crystals with Cacoxenite inclusions have dark brown to yellow tufts of Cacoxenite, a phosphate mineral that is a significant component of Super Seven crystals. It is a unique and truly exquisite combination that is said to inspire and enhance creativity. Cacoxenite in Amethyst crystal can help you come up with some fresh ideas and open new horizons for your imagination.

Moreover, this is a calming stone that can be quite beneficial during turbulent and difficult periods in your life. Its energy helps you raise in a spiritual sense and bring awareness. In addition, it serves as a powerful reminder about the good in people and calming forces of nature. You can use it during your meditation session in nature and during Full Moon as then it is most powerful. This gem can transfer healing energy and create an ethereal connection between you and the Universe.


Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine within the same crystal, a phenomenon creating this rare gem. It represents a harmonious blend of the crystals’ two energies, making it a symbol of harmony, unity, and balance. This crystal is also a powerful source of inspiration, insights, and new ideas.

You can use it to help you heal yourself and release any tension or pain from your body, mind, and soul. Ametrine is said to create a spiritual connection between its owner and the spiritual realm, which is why it is deeply appreciated as a meditation crystal. It attracts healing energies and a sense of well-being while strengthening your focus. Finally, you can leave it during the day exposed to natural light or during a Full Moon to catch the lunar rays and then help you attract good luck and abundance.

“Rutilated” Amethyst

“Rutilated” Amethyst is a rare type of Amethyst that includes brownish crystals of Goethite, an iron hydroxide mineral also found in the Super Seven crystal. It is a powerful combination that can be particularly helpful during times of grief as it is said to be able to connect with the spiritual realm and angels. Holding the crystal close can help you find comfort and closure so you can let go of your pain.

In addition, Goethite is a stone used to find the connection with the Earth and ground yourself. In combination with Amethyst, they work with the Earth and Base Chakras, aligning the complete chakra system with the Higher mind. It has the power to purify the body and mind and help you let go of negative and harmful emotions. Finally, it is also known as the “Wishing stone,” so just hold the stone with your hand and say your wishes, prayers, and hopes.

Different Ways to Use Amethyst

Your Amethyst crystal can be used in many different ways, helping you prosper and thrive in life. You can wear it as a piece of jewelry, a ring, earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace. This purple gem leaves quite the impression and completes your overall look, but at the same time, it protects and gives you spiritual awareness.

But this gem can also be a beautiful decoration in your home or office, bringing positive and calming energy. Amethyst is also used in beauty routines and crystal healing therapies, and its beneficial properties are truly remarkable.

Amethyst in your Home

The gorgeous gem can be used as an ornament in your home, wall decoration, centerpiece, or even part of your furniture. By bringing Amethyst into your home, you are inviting the calm and thriving energy of the crystals to become part of your everyday life.

This stunning purple stone is also said to have calming effects, so placing it in your bedroom and near your bed would be ideal. You can get creative and use small crystals in decorative bowls or look for Amethyst lamps. The warm purple glow will make sure you sleep peacefully and help with insomnia or other sleep issues.

Since Amethyst is also called a “Gem of fire,” placing it in your bedroom can help you improve your love life. The crystal brings passion and fire and arouses your sensual side. Couples and singles can both benefit from the gems’ powers bringing them closer and attracting love into their life.

In Your Office or Workspace

As the “Stone of Sobriety,” Amethyst is believed to promote clarity, strong focus, and clear direction. Therefore placing this crystal in your office or working space can help you make better decisions, reach your goals and stay organized. This prosperity crystal will make sure you stay motivated and inspired.

Place a small Amethyst on your desk so you can look at it in times when you feel overwhelmed and need to calm down. Wear it as jewelry to help you concentrate and find a strike of inspiration. Amethyst crystals are well known for bringing new ideas and helping you broaden your horizons. Alternatively, bring a small crystal with you so you can hold it while you present or talk, as it is believed it can protect you from “evil eyes” and help you speak with clarity and confidence.

Crystal healing therapies

Crystal healing therapies are often used in alternative medicine, and Amethyst is one of the most powerful healing crystals. People used the stone to aid multiple health issues in the past, and today, it is still practiced as an alternative solution through amethyst crystal therapies. Believing it has potent purifying effects, in ancient times, the crystal was used as an antidote against poisoning with food, alcohol, or snake bites.

Crystal therapy is based on the idea that certain stones, like Amethyst, can interact with the energy flow in the human body. These stones are believed to help restore the natural flow of energy by realigning any channels that are causing disruptions, ultimately aiding the body in its own healing process. Therefore, place the crystal on your body or hold it in your hands during meditation and cleanse your body’s energy.

To reduce your headaches, use the calming energy of Amethyst by placing it on your forehead. You can also create a crystal circle using other stones, which will multiply the intensity of the crystals’ healing therapy. Although it is not scientifically proven, this alternative method of self-healing the body and mind is long known and appreciated among spiritual practitioners and their patients.

Beauty Rituals

For centuries, people believed this purple quartz could rejuvenate and improve the skin’s appearance. Back before modern medicine, people used Amethyst for skin problems and disruptions. For example, there is a belief that rubbing a wet Amethyst on a pimple will cure the blemish.

Today the modern cosmetic industry has proven crystals can be beneficial for the natural and healthy look of the skin. Many brands want to avoid using chemicals, so they use crystals as ingredients in their products, and one of their favorites is precisely this stone. On the beauty market, you can find eye shadows, lipstick, facial oil, and serums with Amethyst as a component.

Amethyst healing powers in beauty rituals are used to eliminate skin imperfections and rejuvenate skin cells. The most popular products demanded on the beauty market also include face masks, serums, and facial rollers infused with this crystal. All of them are used to help soothe, relax, rejuvenate, and uplift the skin. In fact, the Amethyst facial roller is said to effectively battle puffiness through facial massage while increasing circulation.

Amethyst Healing Powers

Perhaps besides the Amethyst crystal’s timeless beauty, the most famous and recognizable it is for its healing powers and benefits. They are truly numerous, and even if you do not believe in esoteric and spiritual healing, you can’t deny the wide experience of other people claiming this gem improved their quality of life.

First and foremost, Amethyst is known for its power to bring mental clarity, strong focus, and organization to one’s life. Many people have used the stone in order to help them communicate clearly and avoid miscommunication. After all, clear and open communication is the key to success, achievement, and building strong bonds.

Next, particularly special about this purple gem is its deep spiritual energy and ability to help you open up toward spiritual growth and awareness. It is said to be strongly connected with the Divine power and serves as a channel between guardian angels and humans.

Finally, Amethyst can truly make profound changes in your life, helping you make the right decision and gain confidence and belief in your potential and abilities. Using the stone during meditation or yoga would bring mindfulness and self-awareness.

Emotional Healing Properties

Emotions are known to be overwhelming and, at times, difficult to deal with. Moreover, our emotional health is equally important as our physical and mental health. Therefore, one of the most important life lessons is how to deal with your emotions in a healthy and reasonable manner. No one can’t deny that if you repress what you feel deep inside of you, in the end, it can have harmful consequences and lead to long-term health issues. So this is why Amethyst is one of the most prized and respected gems when it comes to dealing with emotions.

As already mentioned, the purple stone from the quartz family brings clarity and soundness. Amethyst can help you open your eyes and see things clearly when emotions are overwhelming and clouding your best judgment. That dose of clarity and translucency can be essential for making the best decision, reacting the right way, and pushing through obstacles.

Even with hard and difficult choices, this crystal can be of great help as it never allows you to turn your head away from the truth. Instead, it gives you the courage to face it, do the right thing, and go through any life decision that is challenging and hard as painlessly as possible.

Amethyst for Empaths and Emotional People

If you are naturally highly empathic and emotional, then this crystal might be the ideal choice for you. Keeping the stone close to you can help you control your emotions and have clarity when emotions are running high. In such moments this crystal can keep you to the ground, calming you and allowing you to think clearly. It won’t block your emotions but will allow you to cool down and deal with them at your own pace and rational manner.

In addition, if you tend to burst out when you feel emotional, the crystal can help you stay calm and surely avoid saying something you will later regret. Wearing Amethyst is also helpful in situations where everyone is talking but no one is listening. The stone acts like a pacifist and can help the tension to go off when everybody is overtaken by their emotions. Its calming energy spreads easily and helps others relax and stay calm.

Physical Healing Properties

Amethyst crystals are an excellent source of energy and strength. In addition, they can enhance physical vitality and rejuvenate the body, especially after difficult and exhausting treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or heavy medication. Keeping the crystal close to your body on a necklace, earrings, or pendant can boost and improve your immune system and provide fast recovery.

Furthermore, these majestic stones are long used for fertility and help treat issues with the reproductive organs. Women who are expecting also can wear the gem as it can provide protection, nurturing energy, and keep the baby healthy. It is truly a unique stone with more than one healing benefit.

In addition, Amethyst crystals are often beneficial for health issues related to the lungs, pancreas, and spleen. Its healing powers can also promote cell regeneration and help the body release all of the toxins. It is one of the most effective gems when it comes to detoxification, and even in Ancient times, Amethyst was used as prevention against toxins or poisoning. People used to place small stones in their water containers in order for the water to be purified and stay clean and healthy for drinking.

Amethyst Properties for Better Sleep and Rest

Amethyst helps if you have insomnia, nightmares, or are just an overthinker. The crystal has a calming and soothing effect on the neural impulses in the brain, so it can easily relax an overactive and overstimulated mind. Meditating with this gem before you go to sleep will significantly reduce the stress and nervous tension, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Interestingly, even in the past, Amethyst stones were used as powerful amulets against evil spirits, nightmares, and bad dreams. So place your purple gem under your pillow or next to your nightstand and fall asleep dreaming about something nice and happy. Your stone will protect you and make sure you are calm and peaceful.

Understanding the Color Energy of Amethyst

Amethyst symbolizes the red-violet ray that connects time and color, representing both beginnings and endings as the old year fades and the new one approaches. It balances the intense energy of the red ray with the intuitive properties of the violet ray, fostering passion and imagination, emotion, and logic. It encourages creativity and is especially useful for artistic pursuits.

When we use Light Amethyst, we gain insight into our true selves and how others perceive us. It is associated with self-esteem and self-awareness. Dark Amethyst allows us to see into the future with clarity, providing us with powerful foresight and enhancing our ability to anticipate the potential consequences of our choices.

Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone as it is said to hold a connection with the Divine and the guardian angels. Owning this precious gem will allow you to reach a spiritual balance and get in touch with your spiritual protectors. It is a powerful and protective stone that promotes self-awareness, growth, and expansion. Moreover, it teaches you to stay humble, loyal, and grateful.

In a spiritual sense, Amethyst helps by offering spiritual wisdom and guidance. It strengthens your psychic abilities and intuition, so the next time you wear your crystal and the little voice inside you tells you something, you should listen to it. In addition, Amethyst activates spiritual awareness and represents a powerful cleansing stone keeping negative energies away.

Finally, the high spiritual vibration of the stone can help you find a sense of belonging, inner peace, and comfort. The dark purple variation of the Amethyst stone is a powerful healer of grief, sadness, and loss. At the same time, the much lighter pale lilac Amethyst is known as a purifier of negative energy.

Amethyst in Meditation

If you’re looking to enhance your meditation experience, Amethyst is your go-to crystal! Its beautiful purple hue has the power to activate your Third Eye and help you reach a deep state of tranquility. By placing an Amethyst stone over your Third Eye during meditation, you can quiet your thoughts and gain a deeper understanding of the Universe’s power and how it can guide your life. Amethyst has humble energy that encourages you to surrender to something greater than yourself. This energy can help you connect with the Universe and gain insight into how you can live a more fulfilling life.

For the ultimate relaxation and revitalization, try meditating with Amethyst. During meditation, you can hold a single crystal or small cluster in your left hand to draw its energy into your body. Large clusters of Amethyst are perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in your meditation space. In addition to enhancing your meditation practice, Amethyst can also be used to balance and heal your life.

Lastly, if you’re feeling indecisive or overwhelmed, meditating with Amethyst while positioning the stone in the North-East position on the Crystal Medicine Wheel (Sacred Hoop) can help you gain clarity and make better choices. Furthermore, it promotes spiritual guidance and helps you set realistic goals aligning with your values. So, give Amethyst a try and see how it can elevate your life!

Amethyst in Relevance with the Chakras

The Amethyst stone takes a significant place in holistic healing and well-being. It is deeply connected with the Chakras and can help you activate them. Learning how to use this gem can profoundly improve your life and help you thrive and become a healthier, calmer, and happier version of yourself.

Chakras are the energy centers located along your spine that are connected with different aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Therefore it is important to explore closer and learn about Amethyst’s relevance with Chakras and how you can combine it with other crystals for your advantage and optimal well-being.

Chakra Balancing

Amethyst, as a spiritual gemstone, can help in Chakra balancing, uplift the spirit and provide the body with healing energy. It is associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakras. The Third Eye Chakra is situated between the eyebrows, symbolizing spiritual awareness and intuition, while the Crown Chakra is at the top of the head, symbolizing the connection with the Divine energies.

To use this precious stone for Chakra balancing, first, you need to place it on the corresponding chakra or hold it in your hand. Next, you should take a few deep breaths and slowly allow your body to relax and your mind to go blank. Finally, you need to visualize Amethyst’s energy flowing freely through your body and balancing each chakra.

What are the benefits of chakra balancing?

Reduces stress and anxiety

Using this precious gemstone and its healing properties in meditation and for chakra balancing can reduce stress and anxiety. With this world moving so fast, inner peace and quiet mind are essential for survival. That is why allowing Amethyst to help you center your energy and give you a sense of peace and quiet is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Inspiration and creativity

To everyone with creative minds and professions, the chakra balancing can result in enhanced creativity, inspiration, and easiness to self-express. The Amethyst brings mental stimulation and drives you to explore and push your limits. Artists worldwide famously wear amethyst jewelry to feel inspired and create their masterpieces.

Strengthens social connections

Furthermore, chakra balancing can be incredibly helpful when it comes to social connections and relationships. You become a happier and more fulfilled person, and as a result, your persona and professional life thrive as you let people in your life, but the crystal makes sure it blocks the negative energy around you.

Vitality and strength

Finally, this method, combined with yoga and meditation, gives you energy and strength and helps your body recharge. Vitality, spiritual awareness, health, and a strong sense of how you are are the final results of using Amethyst crystals for chakra balancing.

Chakra Balancing with Crystal Combinations

Amethyst is strongly connected with the Third Eye and Crown chakras. However, this remarkable healing stone can activate the rest of the chakras if you combine it with other crystals. This way, you will be able to experience the full benefits and blessings of chakra balancing.

Rose Quartz

Amethyst, in combination with the beautiful Rose Quartz, activates the Heart chakra, which symbolizes your connection with others and capacity for love. This combination is particularly powerful for helping you let love into your life and teaches self-love and acceptance. Moreover, Rose Quartz, also known as the “stone of unconditional love,” together with Amethyst, opens up your heart for compassion and understanding for others.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz and Amethyst together amplify your intuition and bring spiritual insights. Chakra balancing with these two stones can help you connect with your guardian angel, gain spiritual awareness and tap into your subconscious. If you ever want to understand yourself better and dive deep into your most hidden feeling and emotion, this is the combo you need.

Red Jasper

Other powerful combinations for chakra balancing are Amethyst and Red Jasper. This duo is connected to the Root chakra, which symbolizes self-discovery and grounding. Both crystals’ energies working together result in a calming and peaceful feeling, helping you uplift yourself and gain inner peace. These crystals joining forces bring harmony, serenity, and balance to your everyday life.

Amethyst and Other Crystals

If you are a gem lover, you will be happy to know that your favorite Amethyst, combined with other crystals, can bring even more beneficial and prosperous energy into your life. Some of these combinations can result in attracting abundance, getting inspired, or aligning with your higher self. Here are the best crystals to use and combine with Amethyst.

Amethyst + Citrine

Combining Amethyst and Citrine energies can bring abundance, manifestation, and joy. Citrine enhances self-confidence, creativity, and optimism, while Amethyst strengthens spiritual properties like intuition, psychic awareness, and divine connection. Together they are perfect for helping you on your journey of self-discovery and tapping into your hidden gifts and talents.

Amethyst + Black Tourmaline

Pairing Amethyst with Black Tourmaline creates a powerful protective and grounding effect. Black Tourmaline effectively repels negative energies, guards against psychic attacks, and fosters emotional stability. When used together, these crystals can even transform negative energies into positive ones. This crystal combination is perfect for achieving spiritual upliftment, releasing negative emotions, and achieving balance and harmony.

Amethyst + Selenite

Selenite is known for its cleansing and purifying properties, which, combined with Amethyst, are intensified. This combination promotes emotional balance, a calm mind, and harmony. It is a perfect protection against negative energies and can help you concentrate and stay focused.

Amethyst + Smoky Quartz

The combination of these two crystals promotes grounding energy which helps reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. It is an incredibly beneficial mix for spiritual protection, a balanced mind, and clarity. In addition, you can use it to reconnect with Earth’s energy and your subconscious level.

Amethyst + Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a crystal of tranquility, ease, and emotional healing. When merged with Amethyst, its ability to bring harmony and balance to your life is intensified. In addition, this crystal combination is excellent for alleviating pressure, helping with sleeping difficulties, and promoting emotional stability.

Amethyst + Aventurine

Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and abundance, and together with Amethyst, they attract good luck and fortune. You can use the spiritual energies of the two gems together to strengthen your intuition and align with your higher self. In addition, this combination is ideal for manifestation and connecting with the Universe’s forces.

Charging and Cleansing Amethyst Crystals

Why and When Is Time to Cleanse Your Amethyst

If you want to enjoy the Amethyst healing properties at their maximum potential, it is important to charge and cleanse your crystal. The tingling and glow of your gem signify that it is in its best form, fully capable of providing you with energy and excitement. However, once the crystal starts feeling differently while holding it in your hand, it means it is time to charge and cleanse it.

The first indicator your Amethyst needs cleaning is the feeling of the heaviness of the gem. The stone’s weight is a sign it has absorbed too much negative energy, and if you want to keep using it for its beneficial properties, you need to cleanse it. Another sign that it is time to take care of it is when the crystal loses its shine and has a dulled appearance.

Charging and cleansing your crystal regularly will make sure the crystal is ready for use and capable of absorbing the negative and harmful energies around you. It will allow you to clearly receive Divine messages and absorb the stone’s positive fuels.

The Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst

Whenever you use your Amethyst to help you release tension, anxiety, stress, or other negative emotions, the stone stores all of it, which is why you need to cleanse and recharge it before you use it again. Otherwise, your Amethyst will stop being effective and only reclaim the negative energies within it.

Most importantly, you don’t have to be an expert to do this properly. On the contrary, start by visualizing the negative and harmful energies, feelings, and thoughts being cleansed away from the crystal and your life. In addition, water is the best cleansing method. Therefore if you live near a river, ocean, or sea, hold your Amethyst stone underwater to quickly recharge and cleanse it.

However, if you are not someone that lives near water, running your crystal under tap water can also do the trick. Also, you can use several other methods to prepare your crystal and activate its powers.

Earth Cleansing

To get rid of any remaining energies in your Amethyst, it’s recommended to bury it in the earth. Additionally, returning the crystal to its place of origin is a powerful and effective method of cleansing it.

Moon Cleansing

To purify your Amethyst crystals, expose them to moonlight energy. Place the crystals directly under the moonlight for several hours to clear, cleanse, and adjust them for extra vitality. In addition, the New Moon is known to be the most powerful time for cleansing.

Snow Cleansing

Another quick and powerful way to cleanse your crystal is to place it in the snow. This can also help secure your goals and intentions, ensuring they will be manifested.

Sound Cleansing

The gentle yet powerful sound of bells can help eliminate impurities and lingering energies. Similarly, the sound of your voice and chants can have the same effect.

Salt Cleansing

This is an easy and simple way to cleanse your crystal. All you need to do is add little sea salt, lightly brush it, and then rinse the Amethyst with water.

What you absolutely need to know about Amethyst

Amethyst is an astonishing stone that is also a birthstone for those born in February. But, more importantly, the Amethyst meaning has much to do with its rich history, legends, and myths. It is a stone that possesses many beneficial and healing properties, but it was also believed to hold magical powers as well.

According to early Greek mythology, the gemstone amethyst was associated with Dionysus. It is said that Dionysus fell in love with a beautiful maiden named Amethystos, who rejected him and was turned into a white Maiden Stone. Heartbroken and in pain, Dionysus poured wine onto the stone, turning it purple. Since then, the amethyst meaning has also become associated with romance, passion, and love.

Amethyst was once an incredibly rare gemstone, making it exceptionally valuable. Historically, Russia was the primary source of the gem. However, in the 19th century, large deposits were discovered in Brazil, leading to a significant drop in the cost per carat. As a result, amethyst today can be found in abundance in Africa, South America, and Bolivia.

As a February birthstone, the Amethyst meaning is associated with personal empowerment and inner strength to the people born in this month. Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or physical healing, amethyst is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals and reach mindfulness. Finally, it was a beloved stone to many famous historical figures such as Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci, Queen Mary of Great Britain, and many others.


What does amethyst mean spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of Amethyst is balance, tranquility, and calmness. It fosters the love of the Divine and nurtures the connection with the guardian angels. In addition, the stone encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom by opening the mind, heart, and soul to Cosmic connections. Many people use amethyst as a tool for meditation and spiritual growth, as it is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

What is an amethyst crystal good for?

Amethyst is known as “the all-purpose stone” as it is a protective gem that can help alleviate stress and anxiety in your life, as well as the symptoms that come with it, such as headaches, fatigue, and anxiety. Additionally, it can contribute to the regeneration of cells, supporting your bones and joints, and is believed to enhance skin health.

Who should wear amethyst?

As a highly spiritual stone with healing properties, it’s recommended to have an Amethyst gemstone if you work in the healing practice. In addition, this stone is especially helpful for people dealing with depression or mental health issues. Also, it gives protection and absorbs negative energy, so it’s incredibly helpful and beneficial for empaths and highly sensitive people. Finally, it is a grounding stone ideal for those seeking harmony, balance, and peace.

What energy does amethyst bring?

Amethyst is known for its highly calming energy. This stone has the ability to balance, soothe, and ease the overwhelmed mind. In addition, Amethyst is a unique healing gem that can provide sweet relief from pain, grief, and loss. The purple crystal meaning is also associated with clarity, sobriety, and spiritual connection. Therefore its energy is positive, embracing, and uplifting.

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