What is the Spiritual meaning of the color white? Tap into the power of the white light.

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Spiritual meaning of the color white

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Have you ever wondered why the color white brings you such peace and a sense of serenity? Has it crossed your mind why angels and Divine energies are represented with this color? What does the color white mean spiritually?

White is the lightest color in the spectrum and is achromatic, meaning it doesn’t have a hue. But what is most captivating about this color is its powerful calming energy that can be used to achieve mindfulness.

So, are you ready to discover all the secret spiritual meanings white represents and transform your life? Then keep reading as we find out all about it in this article.

White Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

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The clouds in the sky are white because the Sun’s light is white. It is such a simple, neutral color yet so powerful and captivating. White represents serenity, harmony, and balance. All across the world, as a sign of peace, we have the symbol of a white flag, which is why it is believed it can bring peace.

In a spiritual sense, the color white symbolizes purity, holiness, and innocence, which is why brides wear white at their weddings and babies at their christenings. It is a symbol of light and the color of new beginnings and knowledge. Finally, it stands for spiritual awakening, illustrating the angels and the Divine realm.

Tap into the Power of the White Light

The White Light is the Divine space within the Universe that houses positive and healing energies. It is available to all, and it can’t be used to harm anyone or anything. Nor can its light be dimmed in any way. But, most importantly, white represents purity, which is why it can offer healing, protection from negative energies, and uplifting vibration.

You can call up and channel its pure energy through practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and picture the white brightness above you. Be open to receiving it and helping you get a bright aura. Direct all your negative thoughts and feelings toward the light for purification and transformation.

Seeing White during Meditation

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Seeing the color white or visible light during your meditation is a powerful sign of you achieving a connection with your Higher self and entering a phase of spiritual awakening. It indicates your third eye is activated, and your body, soul, and mind are ready for growth and enlightenment.

However, reaching this phase in your meditation can be overwhelming if you are a beginner. As with anything else in life, it requires patience, determination, and a lot of practice.

In addition, a study published in Frontiers of Psychology can give you more insight into the cause and significance of seeing the color white in mediation.

The Biblical Meaning of the Color White

In the Bible, white is the color prophecy, cleanliness, innocence, wholesomeness, and things that are good. God is portrayed dressed in white same as the archangels, lightworkers, and angels.

According to biblestudy.org, the most common Biblical meaning is that it represents righteousness, holiness, devotion to God, and wisdom. Furthermore, this source states that white is the most frequently mentioned color; 79 times in the New Testament and the third most mentioned color behind blue and red in the Old Testament.

White – Psychological Meaning

White gives the perception of cleanliness and suggests simplicity, order, and organization. Therefore the hospitals tend to be white, and doctors have white coats. It is believed to offer mental clarity, equal balance, and peacefulness.

Typically white relates to many positive meanings. In a psychological sense, from a young age, we are trained to see this color psychology as a fresh start, a new beginning. For example, you give a child a white piece of paper or a blank canvas and tell them to start drawing.

However, from a psychological perspective, white color can also have negative connotations, meaning it can be seen as bland, cold, too clinical, and sanitizing. Furthermore, since hospitals tend to remind us of illness, diseases, and pain, white can sometimes be perceived as unfriendly.

What Color White says about People’s Personalities

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White is the favorite color for people who tend to be perfectionists, neat, and highly organized. Therefore, you can notice their homes being mainly decorated in this color as it helps them achieve the result of a spotless, organized, and tidy home.

It is not an exception for these people to be also perceived by others as slightly colder. This perception results from them being naturally neat, composed, punctual, and detailed. After all, wearing white clothing and keeping your white furniture clean is definitely harder if you are a bit sloppy.

However, if suddenly you are more drawn toward wearing white than other colors, researchers say it is because you are going or about to go through a transition. White means you are starting fresh and turning things around, creating a new life, or you might seek clarity and structure.

White – Different Meanings in Different Cultures

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The world is so different and unique, and so is the meaning of the color white. While in some cultures, the color white is a sign of joy and optimism, in others, it represents sadness and grief.

In Western cultures, white is a symbol of elegance, purity, cleanliness, and innocence. In their tradition, women used to or still save their virginity for marriage, which is why the brides wear white bridal gowns.

But, while in many cultures, white is a color worn as a sign of joy and celebration, in Eastern cultures, this color is the exact opposite. They associate the color white with loss, grief, and mourning. For example, in China, people at funerals wear white clothes instead of black. It is because white is the color associated with death, as in many Asian cultures.

What the Color White Represents in Dreams

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Dreams can be interpreted in many ways, and it is often said that they are a connection with the spirit world. What we dream is believed to be a message from Divine beings and the purest form of love and protection from the Heavenly realm. The white color meanings represent a spiritual journey, from which we can understand the Divine message by paying attention to the details in the dream.

Here are some of the most common white dreams and their interpretation:

Dream of Whiteness Surrounding You

If everything in your dream is white, it means inner peace and joy are coming into your life. This dream is likely to come at you when you feel lost, and perhaps you are struggling with your inner demons. Don’t be afraid. The white objects and all the whiteness around you represent spiritual enlightenment. White is the color that serves to invoke light that will guide you on the right path.

Dreaming of White Flowers

White flowers are symbolism of hope and purity. We give them to people who are in healing to wish them good health and fast recovery. Similarly, having them in your dream means you will soon feel better, heal and find hope. They can also symbolize new beginnings and an opportunity to thrive and move forward from your pain and sadness.

Dream of a White Dress or Being in White Clothes

This dream represents you being in a good place in life, feeling peace and serenity. If, in your dream, you are walking in white while people look at you, it indicates that you will soon receive the recognition and respect you deserve. Your efforts will be rewarded, and you’ll reap the fruits of your hard work. Wearing white in your dream is not a sign of bad luck. On the contrary, white encourages positive changes and transformations.

Dream of a White Horse

Seeing a pure white horse in your dream is a positive sign that your plans will go smoothly. This animal is a symbol of success and hard work, indicating that, in reality, you feel or will feel proud of your achievements. Finally, this dream represents a gentle reminder of the power of positive thinking. So you need to stay optimistic, believe in yourself, and always send positive thoughts toward the Universe.

White Crystals Meaning

White gemstones are associated with cleansing, wholeness, inspiration, healing, and protection. They can be used in meditation, as a good luck charm, or placed in your home to protect you against negative energy. Here are some of the most popular white crystals and their healing powers.

Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz has the power to heal the body and the mind with equal fluency. This gemstone can help you gain clarity, see the truth of things, and broaden your perspectives.

White Tourmaline

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This special crystal attracts inspiration, strength, and courage. It allows you to face your fears and understand yourself better. In addition, this crystal’s healing power can help your body feel energized and rejuvenated.


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The Moonstone special gemstone is popular in affairs of the heart. It can help you find love by opening your heart. It is also known for helping calm anxiety and lowering the stress in your body.

White Calcite

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The White Calcite gemstones serve as a protection stone since they amplify positive and cleanse negative energy. In addition, these special stones infuse consciousness and help awaken the psychic ability and sixth sense. Lastly, White Calcite healing powers are very powerful and can be used to help dissolve pain and lower blood pressure.

White Mookaite

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The White Mookaite rocks are powerful gemstones that can transform negative energy into positive. They can help you ground your energy and live in the present moment. This is why these stones with snow white color are perfect to use during meditation to help you reach mindfulness. When it comes to healing powers, the White Mookaite rocks can significantly help you deal with stress and stay calm.


What is the Power of the color White?

White can help you uplift yourself and see the world around you more optimistically. As white represents a symbol of a fresh start and new beginnings has the power to inspire you to make changes. Moreover, it gives you strength, courage, and hope.

Is White a Divine color?

Yes, the color white spiritual meaning is considered to symbolize the Divine. White illustrates God, the Holy Spirit, Virgin Mary, the angels, and the Heavenly realm in the Christian religion. It is also frequently used in religious ceremonies and icons, and it is believed that people in their moments of death see a white light that guides them toward Heaven.

Is White a Healing color?

White is believed to calm the mind by offering clearness, calmness, and clarity. In addition, it can stimulate introspection and self-reflection, both of which can help reach mental stability. Finally, white is noticed to increase productivity and help achieve a sense of order, organization, and structure.

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