Crystals For Love: 15 Gemstones To Ignite Your Love Life

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Crystals for love

Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Did you ever make a love potion to attract your crush at school? Or did you regularly read your love interest’s horoscopes, looking for a sign that this was the week they would finally notice you?

If you have childhood memories flooding back to you right now, crystals for love, AKA the adult version of love manifestation, are for you!

Whether you’re looking to attract a new partner, improve an existing relationship, or heal emotional wounds, the healing properties of crystals can help. Read on to discover the 15 best crystals for love and learn how they can improve your romantic relationships.

Top 15 Crystals For Love

The following crystals all have relationship-enhancing qualities but also possess a specific ability. So which one you choose comes down to what your love intention is.

Quick Picks

NameAppearanceAbilityWhere to buy
Rose Quartz
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Green Aventurine
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Pink Tourmaline
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Blue Calcite
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Lapis lazuli
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Moss Agate
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Clear Quartz
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Rose Quartz – Best all-rounder love crystal


Rose quartz is the ultimate love crystal, thanks to its strong association with the heart chakra. Its gentle energy promotes unconditional love, both for yourself and others. It enhances all the heart chakra properties, including compassion, gratitude, joy, and understanding.

If you feel like your heart is closed off (perhaps due to a bad experience with love in the past), this is the best crystal to work with. Daily meditation with a rose quartz crystal will gradually reopen your blocked Anahata chakra, making you more receptive to giving and receiving love.

Rose quartz is also a wonderful stone to find forgiveness for yourself and others so you can move on without resentment. Moreover, by nurturing self-worth and self-compassion, rose quartz will help you improve your relationship with yourself. And as we all know, the better the relationship we have with ourselves, the better relationships we can have with others!

Green Aventurine – Best stone to attract (and keep) love

image 1

Another strong heart chakra stone, green aventurine, combines its spiritual power of emotional healing with its winning energy in attracting love. Green Aventurine is one of the luckiest crystals in the gemstone world, bringing prosperity to even the unluckiest in love.

So, if you can’t find the one, keep an aventurine palm stone in your pocket or purse, acting as a lucky charm while you are out and about. You never know – its fortunate energy could draw your perfect partner to you when you least expect it!

As well as attracting new relationships, green aventurine sets you up for success in long-term ones. It is used by crystal lovers everywhere to guide them through the ups and downs of romantic relationships, helping them build a healthy and stable partnership. This is down to its ability to keep the heart free from energy blockages, allowing you to feel love, compassion, and understanding toward your romantic partner for years to come.

As this gemstone works over the long term, it’s best to wear green aventurine as gemstone jewelry. Why not treat yourself and your partner to a matching bead bracelet? Each time you disagree, the bracelet will remind you of your love for each other, making it easier to let go of the fiery energy and the need to be right.

Pink Tourmaline – Best for self-love and compassion

image 2

Pink tourmaline may not be as popular as the protective, black variation, but it is one of the best self-love stones. Pink tourmaline and its feminine energy is known for its ability to help you cultivate deeper levels of love and compassion for yourself, which in turn, allows you to do the same towards others.

Pink tourmaline makes beautiful jewelry and reminds you to love and value yourself. Wear a few of these bracelets yourself and gift some to your friends who also need help nurturing self-worth.

If you find it difficult to ‘go emotionally deep’ with others, pink tourmaline will help you open up and wear your heart on your sleeve. Similarly, this incredible stone will help if you find yourself constantly searching for negative qualities in others or justifying why a relationship won’t work. Regular meditation with a pink tourmaline stone will allow you to relinquish your apprehensions and step forward into the unknown.

Blue Calcite – Best for reducing conflict

image 3

Blue calcite is the stone of communication, making it a super special stone for those in long-term relationships. If you notice you and your partner are having more and more arguments, blue calcite will diffuse the negative energy and bring peace back to the relationship.

Blue calcite may also help repair a relationship that feels beyond salvation. If your partner is willing, use a blue calcite crystal wand on each other, directing its soothing energy to the heart and throat chakra.

If your partner is not open to crystal healing, you can still use this powerful stone to remove negative energy from your home by placing calcite pyramids or clusters around the house. You can even hang this blue calcite charm in your car for tension-free journeys!

Rhodonite – Best for emotional healing

image 4

Rhodonite is one of the best healing crystals for heartbreak and emotional trauma. This heart chakra stone promotes acceptance and forgiveness and helps you let go of denial, resentment, and any vendettas you may have. While it’s no quick fix, regular energy healing or reiki with a rhodonite crystal wand will allow you to finally move on and let those emotional scars heal.

Rhodonite is also helpful for dealing with jealousy and envy in a relationship; These traits typically stem from unresolved past hurts and negative experiences. Rhodonite stimulates healing on both the conscious and unconscious levels, helping you show up as the best version of yourself in relationships.

Carnelian – Best for enhancing intimate energy

image 5

Every long-term relationship could use some of Carnelian’s power. It’s natural for the passion to fizzle out in a relationship after a while. However, Carnelian’s strong links to the sacral chakra mean that this sunny stone may help to bring that spark back.

Carnelian clears energy blockages in the sacral chakra, boosting romantic energy and increasing libido. It also increases creativity, giving you new ideas in and out of the bedroom to reignite the relationship.

To boost romantic desire in yourself and your partner, get matching carnelian rings (you don’t have to tell them what they are for). I also recommend bringing this passion-igniting crystal into the bedroom, whether sprinkling these heart-shaped palm stones around or discreetly placing them under the pillows.

Lapis lazuli – Best for improving communication

image 6

Communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship, yet it is one of the most common problems couples experience. Communication problems can vary greatly, from not telling our partner when we’re upset to not listening to their concerns or not discussing important things.

Whatever communication issue you’re dealing with, lapis lazuli can help. This throat chakra stone improves both speaking and listening skills. It boosts self-confidence so you can have those tricky conversations, enables you to listen to your partner’s side of the story rather than talk over them, and allows you to express your needs clearly.

Let lapis lazuli work its magic in your relationship by wearing it around your neck, like this beautiful pendant. This way, you’ll get crystal-to-skin contact and a close connection to the throat chakra, magnifying Lapis lazuli’s healing properties. Keeping this orgone pyramid in your home is also an excellent idea to promote better communication.

Malachite – Best for healing a broken heart

image 7

Unlike in the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind,’ there is no way to erase the memory of a past lover from our minds. Instead, we must go through the painful and often lengthy process of healing our broken hearts.

Thankfully, the heart chakra crystal malachite can soften the blow. As one of the most popular green gemstones, malachite evokes healing vibrations within the heart and compassionately guides you through the heavy experience of heartbreak.

Malachite possesses grounding, soothing, and positive energy, reminding you that life is not over just because your relationship is. It shifts your attention to self-care and self-love so that you can focus on nurturing the person that matters the most – yourself!

Meditate with the malachite worry stone whenever the heaviness of the loss starts to take over. Allow all the feelings to arise and the tears to flow, as an emotional release is essential to this process. Afterward, take a few deep breaths to find composure and envision a soothing energy of self-love filling your entire body.

Moss Agate – Best for moving on

image 8

Moss agate is an excellent crystal to use alongside or after malachite, as it assists in the later stages of the emotional healing process. This love crystal clears blockages from the heart chakra to ensure you enter a new relationship without emotional baggage.

What’s more, with the energy flowing freely, you’ll feel love and abundance can come to you much more easily. Moss agate is known for its lucky abilities, so it will help you get to a place where you are ready to move on and will then guide you toward a new partner.

When you feel ready to enter a new relationship, wear moss agate jewelry, such as this stunning sterling silver ring. Alternatively, use a moss agate crystal wand to increase energy flow in the heart chakra.

Prehnite – Best for cultivating unconditional love

image 9

Prehnite is the stone of unconditional love, boosting compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. This is one of the best love crystals to use when having difficulties in a long-term relationship. It will shift your energy from anger and irritation to understanding and empathy, remembering why you feel in love with your partner in the first place.

Prehnite is also helpful for cultivating more love toward yourself. So, if you are blaming yourself for something, meditating with a Prehnite stone will fill you with loving and compassionate energy.

Ruby – Best for romance and passion

image 10

Ruby is one of the most potent crystals for love, symbolizing love, passion, protection, and prosperity. It can significantly benefit any romantic relationship, increasing feelings of affection and warmth.

Ruby’s grounding, protective energy is also helpful for sensitive people who are easily hurt by the comments and actions of a partner, even if they were not intentional. Ruby builds inner strength and confidence to stabilize your emotions so you don’t overreact.

Placing this ruby paperweight on your bedside table will bring the crystal’s passion-boosting energies into the bedroom. Meanwhile, wearing a ruby pendant will protect you from emotional outbursts.

Garnet – Best For protecting long-term relationships

image 11

Garnet is another of the best red crystals for love, possessing strong associations with devotion, loyalty, understanding, and trust. With these qualities, garnet is one of the best love crystals for protecting and enhancing long-term relationships.

Garnet works by revitalizing and purifying the energetic body, increasing feelings of peace, passion, and gratitude. Along with enhancing intimacy, it increases your energy levels and positive thinking. Thus, garnet brings fresh and exciting energy into even the most stale relationship.

Keeping this garnet guardian angel in the bedroom will protect your relationship while strengthening your connection and intimacy.

Citrine – Best for enhancing self-worth

image 12

The solar plexus stone citrine is commonly associated with confidence and personal power, but its uplifting energy can also be helpful in relationships. As citrine increases self-image and body positivity, it is an excellent stone to use if your low self-esteem holds you back in your love life.

Our level of self-worth is visible to those around us, and we are naturally more attracted to people with a healthy image of themselves. Low self-esteem can even repel potential love interests. If you struggle with this, place a citrine orgonite pyramid in your home, boosting the positive energy in your home and yourself.

In addition, wearing a citrine necklace will keep your vibes high when out and about, attracting people to you rather than repelling them.

Amethyst – Best stone to promote peace and calmness

image 13

The amethyst crystal brings peace to tense or conflict-ridden relationships, soothing both partners’ anger and irritability. The high vibrational energy of amethyst then lifts the mood and frequency of both partners, shifting you into a mindset of love, teamwork, and togetherness.

For this reason, every home should have an amethyst cluster in the main room, promoting harmonious living. If you and your partner do not live together, or one of you is away, keep a small amethyst worry stone in your purse or pocket instead.

Clear Quartz – Best for expelling negative energy

image 14

Lastly, the power stone clear quartz is another of the best crystals for love, thanks to its ability to diminish negativity. Clear quartz amplifies feelings of devotion and determination while freeing your mind from pessimistic thoughts.

Therefore, if you feel like throwing in the towel, meditating with a clear quartz crystal will calm you and help you think clearly. Clear quartz’s clarifying energy may prevent you from making rash decisions that could cause unnecessary pain or regret.

How To Use Love Crystals In a Crystal Grid

image 15

Placing visible love crystals around your home, wearing them as jewelry, or using them in meditation and manifestation practices will help you attract love and strengthen relationships. However, to get the most from them, combine them on a crystal grid.

Crystal grids use sacred geometry to amplify the energy of each gemstone. You place the crystals in a specific pattern to create a unified field of energy, boosting the properties of each one.

Crystal grids work with intentions, so think about your most significant need or desire in your love life. Getting clear on your intention will make it easier to decide which stones to work with too.

Crystal grids are essentially love potions; with a clear intention, you can use them to solve a relationship problem or manifest a new partner. Here are a couple of suggestions for how to group crystals based on your intention:

  • Healing a broken heart – Combine rose quartz, rhodonite, malachite, and moss agate with clear quartz as the center stone.
  • Fixing relationship problems – Combine blue calcite, lapis lazuli, garnet, and prehnite with amethyst as the center stone.
  • Looking for love – Combine green aventurine, moss agate, citrine, and ruby with clear quartz as the center stone.

Final Thoughts On Crystals For Love

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that crystals can enhance your love life, there is undoubtedly a lot of hype around them. So why not give them a go and see for yourself?

But remember, being intentional is the key to success in crystal healing. Get clear on what you want, declare it to the universe, and then let it go, allowing the love crystals to work their magic.

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