Best Crystals For Motivation: Unleash Your Potential with the Ultimate Gemstones

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Crystals For Motivation

Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Motivation is the internal force that propels us towards accomplishing our goals and attaining success. However, motivation can be intermittent, fluctuating from high to low.

How do we handle days when we lack the drive to do anything? How can we intensify our eagerness, fight off distractions, and remain concentrated?

Well, a quick Google search will bring you MANY tips and hacks for staying motivated. Chances are, you’ve already tried many of them. And chances are they didn’t work…

But have you tried using crystals for motivation?

Wait, how can crystals increase motivation? Well, gemstones are believed to carry specific qualities that can boost your energy, clear your mind, and release the energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors.

So, if you can’t face watching another motivational video or trying another “productivity hack,” read on to discover the best crystals for motivation and how to use them.

Top 14 Crystals For Motivation

The following healing crystals carry strong, empowering, and positive energy to help you remain focused and productive. Still, each crystal has unique qualities. So whether you want to kickstart motivation, sustain it long-term, boost mental clarity, or increase physical energy, you’ll find your ideal motivational crystal in the list below.

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Citrine – Best All-Rounder Motivational Crystal

image 61 15

The sunny solar plexus chakra stone citrine symbolizes manifestation and ambition. It is often referred to as the lucky merchant’s stone, as it brings abundance and success into your life, helping you manifest all your desires.

Citrine’s radiant energy boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, helping you cultivate a positive mental mindset. It is one of the best crystals for motivation, as it can pick you up when you are feeling low and fill you with the vibrant and positive energy you need to get back on track.

Placing a citrine stone on your desk or workspace will help you access this crystal’s rich and radiant healing while you work. Meanwhile, wearing a citrine bracelet will help you maintain a motivated and positive mental mindset on the go.

Orange Calcite – For Reconnecting With Joy & Passion

image 61 16

Orange Calcite stimulates passion and purpose to help you access deeper motivation and ambition. If you feel stuck or lost in life or constantly jump from one idea to another, this is the stone for you.

Orange Calcite cleanses the sacral chakra associated with our life’s purpose and the ability to feel joy and passion. Thus, it will help you clarify what lights you up and what you want to pursue the most. Moreover, as orange calcite promotes joy, this is an incredible stone for gaining positive energy and stopping overthinking.

I recommend placing a raw orange calcite stone next to your bed, allowing the stone to draw out any stagnant energy or blockages as you sleep. Using an orange calcite healing wand is also a good idea if you are feeling particularly low and lost. Point it at the lower belly during meditation as you envision orange healing energy breaking up all body blockages.

Carnelian – For A Creativity & Energy Boost

image 61 17

Carnelian is another sunny orange stone associated with the sacral chakra. Carnelian brings passion, creativity, and motivation to whatever goal you are working towards. This is one of the best crystals for motivation when you’re working on a creative project and need to stay inspired and focused for an extended period of time.

In addition, carnelian carries intense and fiery energy, giving a boost to your mind and body. Known as the energy amplifier, carnelian increases physical energy and builds energy reserves, making it a fabulous crystal for athletes, gym-goers, and those with physically demanding jobs.

Carnelian’s radiant energy is one you will want to stay close to. So carry a small carnelian palm stone in your pocket or bag, or wear the crystal in a bead bracelet for skin-to-stone contact.

Red Jasper

image 61 18

Red Jasper is a strengthening and empowering crystal that mediates and stabilizes us through the root chakra. Feeling stable, secure, and safe, we can direct and sustain our focus and energy to our goals and passions.

Red Jasper is also an excellent stone for building confidence and self-esteem and banishing self-doubt and self-destructive habits. Carrying a resourceful energy, red jasper reminds us that we have all we need within ourselves and encourages us to power through and not give up.

Sleeping with a red jasper palm stone under your pillow will help you feel energized, strong, and ready to face the day with a positive attitude. You can also use it during chakra meditation to clear any negative energy in your system and connect to your intricate self-possessed power.

Mookaite Jasper – For Sustaining Energy & Motivation

image 61 19

Mookaite is a much lesser-known jasper stone than red jasper but is an equally brilliant motivation crystal. This bold stone supports and sustains your energy and motivation during stress and challenges, helping you build resilience and perseverance. It also aids in accepting change and making decisions to keep moving forward.

Like other jasper stones, Mookaite promotes emotional balance and stability so that you stay calm and collected. This is essential in sustaining motivation, as stress can instantly kill ambition. In addition, Mookaite encourages us to think outside the box and see the bigger picture.

I recommend keeping a small Mookaite stone on your desk to keep your energy high and stress low as you work. Then, when traveling or visiting clients, keep it in your pocket or bag to prevent your energy or motivation from dipping during those long days.

Goldstone – For Finding & Increasing Ambition

image 61 20

Red goldstone is known as the stone of ambition. As ambition and motivation come hand in hand, goldstone is a must-have stone for anyone seeking success.

Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something we deeply care about, so finding motivation in life will be very challenging if we lack ambition. Ambition also helps us get clear on our goals and know what to strive towards.

Therefore, if you feel like you aim too low or think too small, Goldstone will help you reach your fullest potential and motivate you to pursue it.

Spend time meditating with a red goldstone palm stone and let the answers arise from within you. Then keep the stone in your pocket, or somewhere you will see it often for regular reminders of why you need to keep going.

Tangerine Quartz – For A Joyous & Positive Mindset

image 61 21

Tangerine Quartz may not be as popular as clear or rose quartz, but this sacral chakra crystal can keep motivation high in a surprising way.

Its playful and curious energy reminds us that we do not always have to be serious and hardworking. This makes tangerine quartz an ideal stone for anyone who overworks and burns themselves out—a surefire way to diminish all motivation.

Tangerine Quartz reminds us of the importance of taking time out, relaxing, and doing things that bring us joy. This helps us rebuild our motivation and energy reserves and improve our physical and mental health.

Tangerine quartz also encourages an optimistic, positive attitude, keeping negative self-talk at bay during stress and fatigue. Hold this stone as you meditate whenever you need a renewed sense of energy and joy or if you need to cultivate a more positive outlook.

Tiger’s Eye – For Banishing Self-Doubt

image 61 22

Do you often start a new project with tons of motivation and energy, but then negative self-talk and doubt creep in and stop you in your tracks? If so, Tiger’s Eye is for you.

This motivational stone stimulates the solar plexus chakra so you can tap into your personal power and inner strength. Raising confidence levels and encouraging movement, the Tiger’s eye helps you believe 100% in your actions. It also increases discipline and self-control so you can keep going no matter the setbacks or distractions that come your way.

Wearing red Tiger’s eye jewelry, such as this bead bracelet, will motivate you to push forward and inspire you to grab life with both hands. But if you have a lot of negative self-talk to destroy, try using a tiger’s eye crystal wand in a solar plexus chakra healing session.

Aventurine – To Discover Your True Calling

image 61 23

The well-known gemstone green aventurine and its lesser-known cousin, red aventurine, are among the best crystals for motivation. Together, they draw out negative energy from your body and environment and help you feel emotionally grounded.

Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, boosting joy and gratitude. It can also help us access our dreams and connect to our most authentic selves, so it is aptly known as the vision stone. Thus, the divine energy of green aventurine can help us discover our true calling and life mission.

Meanwhile, red aventurine balances the root and heart chakra, helping us feel grounded, in control, and with a strong excitement and motivation for life. So why not place a red aventurine crystal and a green aventurine stone in your workspace, inviting passion, joy, and prosperity as you work?

Blue Apatite – For Expressing Yourself Radiantly

image 61 24

The throat chakra stone blue apatite encourages self-expression, balances yin-yang energy, and stimulates intelligence. It helps you find the right way to express your passion and purpose. Thus, it is one of the best motivation crystals when you feel stuck or need to get out of a place of inactivity.

What’s more, as it is a stone of communication, blue apatite is a helpful crystal for anyone struggling with communication. For example, if your fear of reaching out to people prevents you from moving closer to your goals and stifling your motivation, this apt stone will give you the confidence boost and supportive push you need.

Wear a blue apatite necklace to keep the stone close to your throat chakra. And sleep with a worry stone under your pillow to clear communication blocks as fears while you sleep.

Lapis Lazuli – For Self-Assurance & Conviction

image 61 25

Like Blue Apatite, Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful crystal for finding our inner truth and connecting to our most authentic selves. Linked to the third eye chakra, lapis lazuli heightens our intuition and imagination leading to more spiritual and mental clarity.

Thus, this stone gives us more direction, helps us know where we are heading, and illuminates the path before us. This allows us to approach things with a strong sense of self-assurance and conviction and, thus, motivation.

Using this lapis lazuli pendulum in meditation and spiritual practices can help you tap into all the knowledge inside of you. This can remove any confusion or self-doubt holding you back and stifling your motivation. Sleeping with a palm stone under your bed will allow this motivational stone’s quiet energy to continue working at night too.

Black Tourmaline – For Physical Strength & Vitality

image 61 26

Black Tourmaline carries a highly grounding energy that clears blocked or stagnant energy from any of the chakras. Thus, it increases motivation by enhancing your health and vigor.

I recommend keeping a black tourmaline orgone pyramid in your home or workplace. It acts as an energy amplifier, removing negativity and toxins so that you can create and act from a place of positivity and vitality.

Fluorite – For Mental Focus

image 61 27

While tourmaline helps to keep you physically strong, fluorite ensures your mind stays clear and concentrated. This is one of the best crystals for motivation if your biggest distraction is your mind. Fluorite calms mental activity and promotes stillness so that you can think with a sharp and focused mindset.

Thus, if you’re losing motivation because your mind is being dragged in multiple directions, place this stunning fluorite crystal ball on your desk as you work. Whenever you get distracted, use the crystal as your focal point and a reminder to return to the present.

Clear Quartz – For A Sustained Positive Outlook

image 61 28

Clear quartz amplifies all positive qualities, including motivation, confidence, and inner strength. This is due to its high vibrational frequency and crown chakra association, flushing your body and environment with good vibes. It is wonderful for those who suffer from depression, as it lifts your mood, helps you move past limiting beliefs, and increases self-worth.

You can use clear quartz in all stages of a project, from setting an intention for the desired result to seeing you through to the finish line. I find keeping this clear quartz crystal elephant figurine on my desk keeps my motivation riding high. You can also combine it with some of the other motivational crystals on this list by combining them on a crystal grid.

Other Top Tips For Increasing Motivation

image 61 29

While healing crystals are wonderful, they are not magic, nor are they scientifically proven to work. That’s why I suggest using crystals for motivation alongside other practices. Here are my three go-to methods for staying motivated, besides crystal healing.

  • Connect to your why – When we are clear on our purpose and direction, staying focused and motivated is much easier. However, in the busyness of our day-to-day life, we can become disconnected from our why. This is why I recommend spending a few minutes each morning going inward by journaling, sitting quietly with a crystal, or reading over your goals.
  • Do a guided meditation – Guided meditations combine mindfulness, affirmations, and visualization to increase and sustain your motivation. You will find many practices on YouTube or meditation apps specially created for motivation, such as this beginner-friendly 10-minute session.
  • Get moving – Nothing is as demotivating as sitting at a desk and staring at a screen for 8 hours straight. Exercise increases your mood, energy, and mental clarity and doesn’t have to leave you in a puddle of sweat or eat up half your day. A short walk in nature or a 10-minute yoga practice is enough to get you back on track. I love to do this short yoga for focus and productivity flow whenever I wake up feeling like I can’t be bothered.

Final Thoughts On Best Crystals For Motivation

Whichever motivational stone you choose, remember to charge it and set your intention before using it. Setting an intention declares to the universe what you want and increases your focus and clarity. You may also like to use an affirmation when working with your chosen crystal, such as “I take action towards my goals every day.”

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