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crystals for good luck

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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Quick Tip: Discover the top 15 good luck crystals that can boost your luck and prosperity in every aspect of life.

Ernest Hemingway famously said: ‘You make your own luck.’

However, the famous novelist perhaps didn’t realize that we needn’t do it alone and that crystals can help boost our good fortune and luck in many situations.

Want to make more money? Find a new partner, or attract love? There’s a stone to boost good luck in every area of life, be it relationships, finances, career, or just in a game of Monopoly with the family. Stones to empower, energize, or even unlock hidden powers you never knew you had.

I’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best crystals to use on the quest for abundance, so read on if you’re eager to find your next lucky charm.

15 Best Crystals For Luck and Prosperity

crystals for good luck

There are many, many crystals for good luck, each with different energies and abundance-boosting properties. See our quick picks for some beautiful examples, before reading on to discover more about them.

Quick Picks

NameAppearanceAbilityWhere to buy
Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for...Best for boosting winnings and lucky oddsSee latest price
Tiger’s Eye

2 Pieces Tiger Eye Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...Best for good luck actionsSee latest price
Clear Quartz
2 Pieces Clear Quartz Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...A lucky all-rounderSee latest price
Green Jade
Karma Gems 2 pcs Green Jade Natural Crystals and Stones, Rocks for Tumbling, Raw Crystals, Cool...Best for relationship (and cash) boostsSee latest price
2 Pieces Citrine Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and...Best for new beginningsSee latest price
Peridot Healing CrystalBest for personal wealth and prosperitySee latest price
Rose Quartz
2 Pieces Rose Quartz Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...Best for luck in loveSee latest price
gemhub Rare Blue Turquoise Healing Crystal 106.50 Ct Natural Raw Lapidary Cabbing Rough Turquoise...Best for speaking your mind for good fortuneSee latest price
Green Agate
Moss Agate Healing Crystal Stones, 1.25-2.0' Large Reiki Healing Gemstones Natural Tumbled Polished...Best for inviting giftsSee latest price
2 Pieces Carnelian Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...Best to empower and bring successSee latest price
Purple Amethyst
DEEP PURPLE PROJECT 1 Lb Quartz Crystal Cluster Raw Amethyst Stone Plus: GIFT WRAP BOX INCLUDEDBest for business decisions and growthSee latest price
Blue Sapphire
GEMHUB 189 Carat Raw Uncut Sapphire Healing Crystal Loose Gemstone for Charms Rough Blue Sapphire...Best for wisdom and educationSee latest price
2 Pieces Malachite Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...Best for luck on journeysSee latest price
Smoky Quartz
Pachamama Essentials Smoky Quartz Healing Stone - Crystal Cluster, raw Mineral, raw Smoky Quartz,...Best for turning dreams into realitySee latest price
Garnet Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for Tumbling,...Best for career successSee latest price

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for...

Green Aventurine

See latest price

Green Aventurine is right up there with the best stones for luck. Aptly named the ‘Stone of Opportunity,’ it channels abundance and prosperity, especially with finances.

Its name derives from Latin, meaning chance. This wealth-boosting money stone is known for increasing winning odds in competitions or risky games of chance.

Green Aventurine’s energy certainly isn’t ‘risky,’ though. An Earth element stone, it stabilizes and regulates energies. It attracts wealth but also maintains and steadies income.

With steady energy and a clear mind, you’ll find yourself spotting more lucky opportunities. Green Aventurine sharpens focus in your work life, allowing for greater prosperity, and its close tie to the heart chakra promotes courage, optimism, and love.

Green Aventurine is an excellent lucky stone to keep in your wallet. You’ll likely end up with plenty of cash alongside it if you do.

Tiger’s Eye

2 Pieces Tiger Eye Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...

Tiger’s Eye

See latest price

This golden-brown quartz crystal has been a good luck charm for centuries and is still an excellent choice today.

Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye for luck and victory in battle, as well as protection and courage. The Ancient Egyptians believed it brought good fortune, often using these lucky stones in their jewelry.

A stone of ‘lucky actions,’ Tiger’s Eye increases focus, strength, and willpower by stimulating the solar plexus chakra, which provides clarity of thought.

This makes it an excellent good luck crystal for business as it encourages wiser commercial decisions. Tiger’s Eye also invites good fortune in new businesses by building resilience on the journey to success.

Be like the Egyptians then, and wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry. Its intense energy will heighten your senses, making opportunities more visible. When you spot them, you’ll be ready to pounce like a tiger.

Clear Quartz

2 Pieces Clear Quartz Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...

Clear Quartz

See latest price

The wonderful thing about Clear Quartz is that it’s programmable, meaning you can use it to manifest luck in whichever area of life you need.

Simply hold it, state your intention, and watch the good luck roll in.

Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier. Its extremely high vibration increases winning chances and build luck, so it’s excellent for manifestation work. It helps you set intentions and reach them.

It cleanses the crown chakra, de-cluttering the brain of thoughts and energies which do not serve. Clear Quartz will align you with your true essence, so you can focus on attracting exactly what you want. This de-cluttering extends to body and physical energy, too; you’ll benefit from better luck with your health.

Amplify your energy and turn dreams into reality with Clear Quartz. You’ll soon discover why it’s one of the best crystals for good luck.

Green Jade

Karma Gems 2 pcs Green Jade Natural Crystals and Stones, Rocks for Tumbling, Raw Crystals, Cool...

Green Jade

See latest price

For centuries, Chinese culture has attributed green jade to attracting wealth and harmony. Ancient New Zealand tribes decorated masks with these crystals for good luck in their offerings to spirits.

Today, you’ll still hear green jade referred to as a ‘lucky stone’ or ‘happiness stone.’ It’s one of the best for financial luck: placing it in the southeast corner of a home invites wealth. It improves luck in relationships, too.

Green jade cleanses the heart chakra, helping with interpersonal relationships and removing emotional blockages that may have contributed to poor luck in your love life. You’ll be less inclined to control or criticize others and will experience more fulfillment and emotional maturity in relationships.

With an open heart comes quiet self-belief and confidence, making this lucky gemstone a subtle yet powerful tool for luck. Believe, and you will achieve with green jade.


Good luck and exciting fresh beginnings are in store with the positive energy of Citrine.

One of the most uplifting stones for luck, its zesty, bright vibes are excellent for manifestation, imagination, adventure, and willpower.

Known as ‘the lucky merchant’s stone,’ Citrine is an ideal good luck charm for generating and keeping cash. Its high vibration motivates and boosts creativity and self-expression. You’ll be full of inspired money-making ideas to help you soar.

You get back what you put into the world, so fill your life force with the lucky merchants stone positive vibes to attract abundance and positivity. You’ll feel generous and eager to share your fortune as it releases negative energy.

Citrine is great for sensitive souls easily influenced and affected by external negative energies. Is this you? Add this sunny good luck stone to your crystal wand collection to protect you and your wealth.


Peridot has a brilliant, shining energy that symbolizes the abundance of life. The August birthstone has links to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and abundance, and has long been considered a wealth stone.

Green, the color of money, and peridot promote luck by opening the heart. It eases anger and jealousy, makes you more aware of personal responsibility, and increases self-worth.

Wearing a peridot ring set in gold will not only attract wealth but also invite a great night’s sleep. Full of the radiant energy of these good luck stones after a restful slumber, you will be 100% primed for personal success.

Rose Quartz

2 Pieces Rose Quartz Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...

Rose Quartz

See latest price

Rose quartz is essential for any crystal hoarder’s collection, and these soft and pretty stones are the best crystals to wear when you want to attract love.

The ‘Stone of Love’ opens the heart chakra, inviting new love and supporting existing relationships. Its healing properties also can help to ease the pain of heartbreak.

Rose quartz not only brings luck to romantic relationships, but these gentle and supportive lucky stones also strengthen friendships by deepening connections and improving communication.

The loving, positive energy of rose Quartz also encourages us to act with more love and kindness. Everything flows more easily in everyday life, including luck, when we act with love.

Try wearing a rose quartz necklace close to your heart. You’ll be amazed at what, or who, could come your way.


gemhub Rare Blue Turquoise Healing Crystal 106.50 Ct Natural Raw Lapidary Cabbing Rough Turquoise...


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Turquoise is an excellent stone to bring luck, peace, and protection with its grounding and soothing energies. It encourages level-headedness and balance as it aligns all the chakras.

It is especially effective at channeling the throat chakra, encouraging you to speak your truth. You will go for, and get, what you want in life.

Turquoise boosts self-belief endlessly, filling you with confidence. It also helps with following gut feelings, which we often wrongly dismiss if we lack confidence. A soothing sidekick when overwhelming feelings strike, it brings clarity and calm.

With clarity comes space for innovation, making this gentle stone a perfect pick to meditate with if you want to generate exciting new ideas and reach those goals.

Green Agate

Moss Agate Healing Crystal Stones, 1.25-2.0' Large Reiki Healing Gemstones Natural Tumbled Polished...

Green Agate

See latest price

Green agate stones are masters of motivation. They are some of the best crystals for good fortune in all areas of life, not just in money matters.

When placed on your heart and sacral chakras during meditation, green agate restores equilibrium and emotional stability. It combats fear and hesitation, increases persuasive abilities, and boosts self-confidence. It promotes a real ‘go get ’em!’ attitude.

Green agate is ‘the stone of gifts.’ It invites material gifts, but it can unlock gifts within you, too. We’re talking about the ability to read auras or even clairvoyance. Who knows what hidden talents you may have?

The final gift from these powerful stones is the gift of gratitude. Green agate’s introspective nature encourages you to look within so that you can spiritually progress.

With it, you might realize just how lucky you already are.


2 Pieces Carnelian Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...


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The fire of fortune will rage for you with this vibrant red and orange stone. Carnelian has been used for good fortune for hundreds of years. Ancient warriors wore it to bring luck in conflict, and it’s no surprise why.

This powerful stone is one of ambition, passion, and motivation. Its fiery solar plexus chakra energy makes it an excellent stone for leadership and empowerment and a magnet for good luck.

Carnelian is also referred to as ‘The Singer’s Stone.’ They are excellent crystals for good luck with performances or confidence on stage. Keep some in a dressing room, and you’ll surely get that standing ovation.

Carnelian also fights sluggish energies and provides courage. Whether it’s a work presentation or a sold-out play on your agenda, it will equip you with the power to excel.

Purple Amethyst

DEEP PURPLE PROJECT 1 Lb Quartz Crystal Cluster Raw Amethyst Stone Plus: GIFT WRAP BOX INCLUDED

Purple Amethyst

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When it comes to these good luck crystals, the deeper the purple, the more intense the healing properties, and strength.

Purple Amethyst is a stone of power, wealth, and royalty. Royal families of Great Britain and Russia have traditionally used amethyst to adorn their crowns and jewelry.

This regal stone is an all-rounder, bringing luck and success in money, health, education, love, and relationships. It is also a ‘couples stone’, as it deepens the connections of faithful lovers. This makes it a popular choice for engagement or eternity rings.

Purple amethyst calms the mind, creating space to make logical, lucky decisions. This is particularly useful for business relationships, encouraging you to make the wisest investments. It can also help combat overspending.

Meditation with these stunning stones will activate all areas of luck and may even help you gain enlightenment, so they are top-class crystals to add to the collection.

Blue Sapphire

GEMHUB 189 Carat Raw Uncut Sapphire Healing Crystal Loose Gemstone for Charms Rough Blue Sapphire...

Blue Sapphire

See latest price

Blue sapphire is another stone associated with royalty, bringing blessings in abundance.

This majestic blue crystal is deep in color and equally deep in nature. It stimulates the third eye chakra, deepening insight and encouraging wisdom and integrity. It can also boost psychic visions.

Blue Sapphire activates the throat chakra, intensifying learning and enhancing communication. Filled with knowledge and expertise, you’ll confidently communicate your needs and have no problem achieving them.

This powerful stone was used as a lucky charm in ancient times to offer protection and luck in legal cases, as it promotes sincerity and justice. It’s one to have on your side for luck, loyalty, and happy life.


2 Pieces Malachite Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...


See latest price

This heart-opening copper carbonate mineral is for times when things ‘keep going wrong,’ as it’s great for transforming and turning things around for the better.

It breaks unhealthy ties, eliminates unwanted behaviors, and helps with resistance to change. It also encourages self-love and acceptance.

Feeling fearful about taking the plunge with something? This ancient stone will help. Malachites grounding Earth energies transmute negative energy and fill you with bravery and space for growth.

It is perfect for journeys: whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. It is known as ‘The Travellers Stone.’

Carry a small piece of Malachite in your backpack next time you set out on an adventure to bring good luck on your travels. Who knows where these lucky crystals might take you?

Smoky Quartz

Pachamama Essentials Smoky Quartz Healing Stone - Crystal Cluster, raw Mineral, raw Smoky Quartz,...

Smoky Quartz

See latest price

Smoky Quartz is an expert at clearing energy blockages, clearing the path beautifully for the flow of fortune.

It is a stone of power. Smoky Quartz will cleanse your energy and auras, making pain and self-limiting beliefs things of the past. You will realize and unlock your potential with this good luck crystal.

Need luck in business? Place a smoky quartz crystal tower at the north corner of your desk to bring good luck in your work. It is also excellent for manifestation work if used in meditation.

This powerhouse of achievement and good luck will truly bring your dreams to life, so invest in a piece of smoky Quartz to realize what magic you are capable of.


Garnet is one of the most powerful crystals for career success and good luck at work.

As intensifiers of energy, these good luck gemstones render you more desirable to prospective employers or business partners. People will want to work with you because garnet boosts charisma, confidence, creativity, and courage.

Got a job interview lined up? A garnet pocket stone is a must for your big day.

It’s also an excellent stone for health. It banishes negative energy and behavior, encouraging a healthier body and mind. Garnet is, therefore, a wonderful choice for not only career satisfaction but life satisfaction too.

5 Tips To Use Gemstones To Attract Luck

Now you know the healing properties of stones for luck, you’re probably wondering how to use them best to ensure you get their lucky qualities. Here are five fab ways to use crystals for good luck.

Wear Your Lucky Stone As Jewelry

crystals for good luck

If you wear crystal jewelry, you’re choosing one of the easiest ways to soak up the benefits of a lucky stone.

Hundreds of beautifully crafted items are out there, from delicate anklets to beaded bracelets or eye-catching rings. The stone-to-skin contract of gemstone jewelry keeps good luck crystals powerfully planted within your auric field, firing up necessary chakras and incredibly potent effects. It maximizes protective qualities, clears negative energy, and attracts all the luck you need.

Place Good Luck Crystals Around The Home

place good luck crystals

Crystals look stunning on display around the home, but there’s more to them than their pretty appearance. The right gemstone in the right place generates the most extraordinary powers, including luck.

Rose quartz in the southwest area of a bedroom stabilizes and enhances love energies and brings harmony to a relationship.

In Feng shui practice, Turquoise placed in the energy map area known as Zhen removes energy blocks and supports new projects.

Once you know the good luck crystal for you, consider keeping a piece in your home. There is a high chance you’ll notice some positive changes!

Meditate With Them

Meditation with your favorite lucky crystal is a great way to weave good fortune into your life.

Hold or gently rub a palm stone during your following meditation, or if you practice yoga, why not place your crystal on its corresponding chakra in your savasana to boost your good luck?

Simply repeat a mantra in your head as you lay in savasana, for example, ‘I attract abundance in all its forms.’ Alternatively, you can picture exactly what, or who, you are hoping to attract a little more of in life.

Use Multiple Good Luck Stones On A Crystal Grid

use multiple good luck stones

Intentions are the heart of crystal grids, so there’s no better way to follow yours and manifest all the good stuff by using one. Start by writing an intention on a piece of paper. Next, select the right lucky stones for you. Citrine for new beginnings, perhaps, or turquoise for calm and clarity.

Place your stones onto the sacred geometry grid shape of your choice, starting at the outside and working inwards. Keep the intention in your mind as you do so.

When you’ve placed the final ‘master’ crystal in the center, use a piece of Clear Quartz to slowly move over each crystal, thus activating the grid’s powerful energy and boosting your luck.

Add Them To A Spell Jar

spell jars for crystals

Spell jars are another fantastic way to use your crystals for good luck.

The beauty of these ancient containers of folk magic is that you can tailor them to your lucky intentions entirely. This is because you can put whatever you like in the jar to attract good luck.

Simply fill your jar with lucky crystals or anything else you see as a lucky charm. It might be herbs, flowers, or photographs. Anything! Then, place your jar somewhere you will see it often to remind you of your lucky intentions, or use it as a focal point in your meditation practice.

Exploring the Influence of Positive Thinking through Crystals

There’s more to good luck crystals than just the stones themselves when we discuss them. Our mentality plays a role as well. I’ve discovered something significant that hasn’t yet been discussed on our blog. With these crystals, it’s the power of positive thought. Let me explain how this operates.

To begin with, selecting a crystal is a journey. You may find yourself drawn towards Green Aventurine or perhaps Tigers Eye. This inclination originates from your intuition. It’s crucial to trust it. Once you have chosen your crystal you can tap into the power of thinking.

Picture yourself holding the crystal of your choice. You’re wishing yourself well in your new position. Rather than merely hoping, you begin to picture. You envision yourself becoming successful, self-assured, and having an impact. This is a declaration of intent. It seems as though you are inputting your aspirations and ambitions into your crystal.

From that point every time you touch or catch sight of your crystal it serves as a reminder of this vision you’ve created. It transforms from being a stone, into a symbol representing what you strive for. This constant reminder enhances your self-belief and confidence in achieving those goals—a belief that becomes amplified by the properties of the crystal itself—ultimately attracting fortune.

Keep in mind that crystals can enhance what already exists. Therefore when you possess thoughts and intentions you generate an attraction, for good fortune. It’s an effort between you and your crystal driven by positivity.

Let us not overlook the significance of our mindset while working with crystals associated with luck. It plays a role in the picture. By selecting the crystal and maintaining a perspective you’re laying the foundation, for all the good luck you seek.

Examining the Relationship Between Lucky Crystals and Zodiac Signs

Have you ever wondered about the influence your zodiac sign may have on your luck? It’s a topic that doesn’t often receive, in-depth coverage. Each zodiac sign has crystals that are believed to have a resonance bringing about an enhanced sense of luck and prosperity.

For instance, individuals born under the Aries sign might find that Carnelian, a crystal renowned for its success-inducing properties works wonders for them. On the other hand, those with a Libra sign could experience benefits from utilizing Lapis Lazuli, a stone known to promote harmony and aid in decision-making.

I’ve always been curious about the mechanics behind these connections. Therefore I decided to embark on some experiments using crystals aligned with my zodiac sign. The outcomes proved surprising; not did I feel more attuned to my objectives. I also noticed subtle shifts in my fortune.

Despite not being discussed this approach presents a means of enhancing one’s luck in a personalized manner. By selecting crystals that align with the energy associated with your zodiac sign you essentially tap into a level of alignment.

Exploring this intersection between astrology and crystal healing holds value. Whether you’re skeptical or inclined, towards belief systems surrounding energies and vibrations there is something undeniably captivating about the notion of harmonizing your energy with the vast universe through zodiac-specific crystals.

It combines the wisdom of the past with the ability to take control of your life. Who knows? It could potentially bring you the fortune you’ve been seeking.

Exploring the Historical and Cultural Significance of Crystals for Good Luck

Delving into the historical and cultural importance of crystals for bringing good luck is truly intriguing. This often overlooked aspect provides valuable insights and deepens our appreciation for these fascinating gemstones.

Ancient Civilizations Views on Crystals

In ancient times, civilizations like Egypt viewed crystals not just as decorative items but also as sources of protection and luck in the afterlife. For example, Lapis Lazuli, with its beautiful celestial blue hue, was highly prized by pharaohs as a symbol of luck. Similarly, in ancient Greece, Amethyst was carried as a charm to prevent intoxication and promote clear thinking during decision making processes, seen as a form of good fortune.

Crystals in Native American Traditions

Native American cultures have always held reverence for the Earth’s treasures, including crystals. Turquoise is especially regarded as a lucky stone used to enhance accuracy in archery and shield the wearer from harm. It was also believed to bring blessings and tranquility to the community.

The Role of Crystals in Contemporary Society

While we no longer rely on crystals for physical protection in battles or hunts today, they are still valued for their spiritual benefits. They are now seen as tools for safeguarding one’s spiritual well being and attracting modern day forms of prosperity like career advancement, fulfilling relationships and personal development.
Throughout different cultures and time periods, the consistent use of crystals highlights their timeless allure and the innate human inclination to draw strength from nature in our pursuits.

Examining these gems through a historical and cultural lens not only deepens our comprehension of their beauty but also links us to the many past generations who, like us today, sought solace and success. It serves as a gentle nudge that amidst the hustle of contemporary life, the age old wisdom embodied in crystals remains profoundly meaningful and auspicious.

Conclusion: Which are the Best Crystals for Luck?

Traditionally, the go-to lucky stones of the crystal healing world are Green Aventurine, Carnelian, Green Jade, and Tiger’s Eye. As we’ve discovered, each of these stones indeed has powerful properties.

Yet the lucky properties or energy provided for one person by a stone might not match or be the most appropriate for another. So, rather than: ‘What is the best good luck stone?’ it is perhaps more fitting to ask yourself: ‘What is the best good luck stone for me?’

Hopefully, this article has helped guide you to your new lucky charm. One which, if used in the right way, is going to make you and Lady Luck the closest of allies.

Good luck!

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Green Aventurine is known as the Stone of Opportunity and is especially good for financial prosperity.

Tigers Eye was worn by Roman soldiers for luck in love and relationships.

Clear Quartz can be programmed with your intention to manifest specific areas of luck.

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