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black jasper

Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

NicknameThe Supreme Protector
AppearanceZentron Crystal Collection Rough Black Jasper - 3 Pound
Benefits and healing properties1. Protective Energy - Shields against negativity, enhances personal security
2. Grounding - Promotes stability, connects with root chakra
Protects against1. Stress - Relieves tension, promotes calmness
2. Negative Thoughts - Clears negativity, enhances positivity
3. Insecurity - Stabilizes mood, boosts self-esteem
Associated chakraRoot Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Root Chakra - Enhances grounding, stability, security.
Solar Plexus Chakra - Stimulates personal power, creativity.
Associated birth month and zodiac signOctober (Libra, Scorpio)
Physical characteristicsColor: Jet-black
Structure: Opaque, often with patterns or banding
Mineral Class: Quartz, specifically chalcedony
Hardness (Mohs Scale): 7
Region(s) commonly found inNew Zealand, Southwest area of America, Spain, Brazil, India, Australia
Alternate spellings & misspellingsblack jaspar, blak jasper, black jaspeer, blac jasper, black jaspe
Where to buy and learn moreSee latest price

We all need a bit of nurturing support at times.

Modern life is busier than ever before, and trying to maintain emotional stability along with mental clarity, motivation, and positivity can feel challenging, to say the least.

Enter black jasper. Your protective and motivating knight in jet-black armor.

The numerous black jasper healing properties assist your physical, spiritual, and emotional healing in various ways.

Want to learn all about this wonderful stone, nicknamed ‘The Supreme Nurturer?’ Read on to discover exactly what black jasper is good for and how to use it.

Brief History Of The Black Jasper Gemstone

Black jasper (and other jasper stones) are members of the quartz family, formed through volcanic activity.

These crystals are pretty solid, too, with a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Don’t let its physical hardness fool you, though, as this is a gentle and loving stone.

Black jasper has appeared in human civilization for thousands of years, and its use in everyday life is no new concept.

The use of this highly protective stone can be traced as far back as almost 10,000 years. Around 5000 BC, the ancient farming community of Merhgarh (now modern-day Pakistan) used jasper to craft their prehistoric DIY hand tools.

The Ancient Egyptians later called upon jasper’s protective and healing properties through the wear and use of jewelry or amulets. These items were said to ward off evil spirits and bad energies and protect the user from other nasties, such as snake or spider bites.

The Egyptians also used red jasper to promote fertility and increase romantic energy.

The black form of the jasper stone (also known as Basanite, Blackstone, radiolarite, or Lydian stone) is not as popular as green, red, or many other jasper colors. But its rarity makes black jasper highly sought-after around the world.

But where in the world is black jasper found, exactly?

Well, due to its somewhat rare nature, it’s not hiding on everyone’s doorstep. However, notable deposits of black jasper can be found in countries such as New Zealand, the Southwest area of America, Spain, Brazil, India, and Australia.

Black Jasper Healing Properties

image 3 131

Now, let’s explore the many black jasper healing properties…

Emotional Healing Properties Of Black Jasper

  • It is an excellent stress reliever
  • Black jasper stabilizes mood and helps with anxiety, insecurity, and self-esteem
  • It promotes focus, clarity, and productivity
  • Black jasper clears negative thoughts and helps summon inner strength

Spiritual Healing Properties Of Black Jasper

  • Black jasper grounds and balances us through our root chakra
  • It stimulates the solar plexus chakra to encourage creativity and connection to our personal power
  • Meditating with black jasper connects you to higher vibrations and your earthly essence
  • Black jasper is also excellent for use in manifestation work

When To Use The Black Jasper Stone

image 3 132

In times of crisis or when we’re lost in uncomfortable feelings, black jasper aids emotional healing by promoting positive, stabilizing energy flow. This could result in a boost of self-confidence in a situation where it is lacking.

Black jasper is exceptionally cleansing and helps remove self-defeating attitudes and negative thoughts, making way for a calmer, more focused, and hopeful demeanor.

Wearing or using Black Jasper will provide confidence and power in your professional and personal trials. It also holds power in manifestation work, particularly concerning finances.

Sleeping with black jasper under your pillow or holding the stone during your meditative practices can help to clear negative energy (which hinders the manifestation process).

It also encourages creativity and productivity, making it the perfect stone for manifesting those big ideas into money-making magic!

How To Use The Black Jasper Stone

Like all gemstones, there are many ways to work with Black Jasper crystals. Here are the four most common uses.

1- Wear Black Jasper As Jewelry

image 3 133

Black jasper protects your sense of well-being and grounding, and wearing jasper stone jewelry is a wonderful way to cement this stability into your everyday life.

Black jasper wrist bracelets like this one, as well as other jewelry items such as anklets, belts, or rings, can help keep you calm, focused, and protected from dangerous attacks and any negative energies you might encounter.

Plus, black jasper jewelry is eye-catching and pretty stunning to look at.

2- Meditate With Black Jasper

image 3 134

Meditating with black jasper will bring serenity, calm, and focus and offer protection from all harmful energies.

During your next practice, hold a palm stone like this gorgeous iridescent black galaxy jasper palm stone in your right hand, close your eyes, slow your breathing, and connect to the beautiful black jasper healing properties.

Alternatively, lie down for 5–15 minutes and place a black jasper stone directly over your root chakra (at the base of your spine) to simulate a feeling of total calm and stability.

3- Place It Around The Home

Black jasper promotes good energy flow in feng shui, so placing it centrally in your home is ideal.

However, you could also place black jasper anywhere you would like to boost productivity, for example, on your office desk.

As well as being suitable for your feng shui, black jasper can also be used with other crystals in the home. These other crystals can be used to charge your black jasper.

When paired with rose quartz in a living space, you’ll create a calm, stable, and loving environment. Or, using it alongside the tree agate crystal can promote good luck, abundance, and wealth.

Note that if you do place black jasper in the home, you’ll need to recharge it approximately every 20 days. You can do this by placing it near a potted houseplant.

4- Reiki Or Chakra Healing

image 3 135

In reiki or chakra healing, black jasper’s grounding energies help to balance us via the root chakra.

Along with focusing on root chakra healing, it can also be used with other crystals (placed on other energy points) to bring all the body’s chakras into overall balance and alignment.

When our root chakra is imbalanced, we might feel insecure, hesitant, restless, or even depressed. On a physical level, we might have back pain or stomach ailments.

A Reiki practitioner might use black jasper in a healing session, or you can kickstart your own chakra healing process by holding a black jasper healing crystal such as this one in your meditation. You can follow a guided root chakra meditation or simply envision a red energy ball at the base of your spine.

Other Types Of Jasper Stones

Did you know there are many different types of jasper stones, besides black jasper? Here are four of the most common.

Red Jasper

image 3 136

Red Jasper is another grounding, balancing stone. It’s fab when you can’t seem to tackle your to-do list, as it combats procrastination by adding motivational energies to your life force.

Red Jasper is also great for anxiety, fear, and times when a little extra courage. is needed.

Perhaps you have a friend who is experiencing a stressful time in their personal life? Why not gift them a red jasper worry stone to provide them with a bit of comfort and strength.

Green Jasper

image 3 137

Green jasper has many wonderful healing properties.

Scatter these green jasper crystals into a relaxing bath to help find inner tranquility and strength in stressful times or for help with other personal challenges such as obsessive thinking patterns.

Blue Jasper

image 3 138

Blue jasper has close ties to the throat chakra and is excellent for boosting creativity, communicating clearly, and promoting effective self-expression.

Carrying a blue jasper healing stone in your pocket, such as this one, will support the balance of your aura and yin-yang energies, helping to soothe your mind and ease stress.

Spider Web Jasper

image 3 139

Spider web jasper’s name is apt: it looks like a spider has intricately wound its web all over the surface of this stunning stone.

This type of jasper is renowned for its relaxing, aligning, and peace-bringing qualities.

It has been referred to as ‘The Master of the Subconscious,’ as it allows us to tap into our intuition and truest thoughts, as well as helping us to empathetically understand others.

Since it is a stone of relaxation and rejuvenation, why not place a crystal tower on your bedside table like this one?

Not only do they look stunning, but they’ll stabilize, soothe, and bring you a feeling of quiet contentment and gratitude.

Final Thoughts On Black Jasper

These crystals are surprisingly often overlooked, but as we’ve learned, the black jasper healing properties are numerous and beneficial for everyone.

Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel calmer, healthier, more emotionally balanced, and with a clear sense of focus and purpose?

No wonder these crystals are known as ‘The Productivity Stone’ or ‘The Supreme Nurturer.’ By introducing black jasper into your life, this protective stone will help you purposefully and powerfully move forward and feel more harmoniously balanced, hopeful, and happy.

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