Meditation White Light: The Guided Meditation To Access Universal Healing Energy

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White light meditation

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Did you know the human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself? Science has shown that our cells can heal themselves and create new cells that replace those that are too damaged.

However, how we care for our bodies determines their natural healing capacity. So, just as there are things that hinder our body’s healing, there are also ways we can help it work at its full potential.

White light meditation works with a white light healing energy that is believed to clear negativity from your aura, cleanse the subtle body, and assist in the healing of physical ailments and diseases.

So how can you try white light meditation to see for yourself if it is as powerful as it claims? Let’s find out.

What Is White Light Meditation?

White light meditation is a guided meditation and visualization technique for activating the powerful healing energy within you. It does this by combining imagery, breath, and intention.

The technique is believed to help you access and amplify your natural healing capacity to heal disease and ailments in the physical body and the mind. However, it is a practice that should be repeated regularly as each meditation session works towards activating the natural healing rhythms of your body.

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that white light meditation works, the technique is based on the well-known law of attraction: we manifest what we focus our energy on. Thus, in white light meditation, we focus our energy on healing and use visualization to cultivate greater health and well-being.

White Light Meditation And The Yoga Sutras

White Light Meditation, also known as Jyoti Dhyana in Sanskrit, translates to “meditation on the inward light by a spiritual aspirant.” It was first documented in The Yoga Sutras, which according to sage Patanjali, concentration and meditation are the ingredients to understanding the ultimate reality.

The verse on Jyoti Dhyana in the yoga sutras translates loosely to: “Vishoka Va Jyotismati – concentration on the inner light leads to a state which is beyond sorrow.”

Benefits Of White Light Meditation

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Like other meditation techniques, regular white light meditation practice can help calm your mind, relax your body, and rebalance your nervous system. However, the unique visualization technique is believed to bring meditators further benefits, such as:

  • It may assist in the healing of physical ailments and diseases.
  • Rejuvenates your body and mind
  • Increases positive energy and helps you control negative feelings like anger and frustration
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Clears the mind and increases focus
  • Enhances intuition and inner vision
  • Activates, cleanses, and balances the seven chakras
  • Helps you foster a deeper connection with the universe (higher power).

How To Do White Light Healing Energy Meditation

The white light meditation practice involves visualizing a radiant white light entering the top of your head and then moving down all seven chakras, cleansing and healing your entire being.

There is a short version and an extended version that includes chakra clearing. If you are new to visualization meditation, you can try the shorter one first. Then, once you get comfortable with the process, give the extended version a go.

Short White Light Guided Meditation

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  1. Find a comfortable position. You can do this meditation seated or lying down.
  2. Place one hand on your solar plexus chakra, between the belly button and chest, and the other on your sacral chakra, just below the belly button.
  3. With closed eyes, turn your attention to your breathing. Feel the movement of your breath beneath your hands.
  4. Take 1 to 3 deep cleansing breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This will help you turn your attention inward.
  5. Imagine a brilliant white light floating all around your body, shining intensely.
  6. As you inhale, envision this healing light entering your physical body, penetrating your skin, tissues, and bones. As the pure white light enters your body, feel a sense of peace and serenity wash over you.
  7. As you exhale, visualize all negative energy drawn out of your body by the healing light. See the white light disperse this negativity and send the debris down to Mother Earth, leaving your aura clear.
  8. Continue to breathe in and out like this for a few minutes. On the inhale, see the healing light swirl throughout your body, accessing every inch from your head to your toes, looking for negativity to draw out. On the exhale, feel all your stress, worries, and illness leave your body.
  9. Once you feel as though all negativity and disease have been removed, feel the warmth of the healing light swirling through your veins, reaching and healing every cell. Enjoy the sensation of this fresh, vibrant, new energy within you.
  10. When ready, visualize the pure white light leaving your body and returning to the universe. Bring your attention to your body and notice a difference in how you feel. You can bring your hands to your heart center or Namaskar Mudra as you do this.
  11. Sit with this feeling for a few moments (or longer), then open your eyes whenever you are ready.

Long White Light Guided Meditation

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  1. Find a comfortable position. You can do this meditation seated or lying down.
  2. With your eyes closed, turn your attention to your breathing. Take 1 to 3 deep cleansing breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This will help you turn your attention inwards.
  3. Imagine a pure white light coming down from the universe and floating above your head where the crown chakra resides. See this healing light slowly enter through the top of your head as it passes through the crown chakra, cleansing and activating it.
  4. Envision the brilliant white light filling your brain and forehead, activating the pineal gland and third eye chakra between the eyebrows. Feel the white light connect you to your inner wisdom and intuition while removing any blocked energy and disease in your mind.
  5. Watch as the pure white light expands to fill the entire head, moving out to the ears, nose, and chin. See the energy move down to the throat, activating and cleansing the throat chakra. Feel any communication blocks and fear of speaking your truth melt away, replaced with confidence, assurance, and authenticity.
  6. Next, see the healing light move down to your shoulders and chest, filling all the space between the shoulder blades before wrapping around the heart chakra. Feel your heart chakra become cleansed, inviting feelings of unconditional love, compassion, joy, and gratitude. Feel the healing light remove any grief, heartbreak, or emotional pain.
  7. Watch as the white light healing energy moves down your spine and arms. As it arrives at the solar plexus in the upper belly, feel the cleansing infuse you with confidence, self-belief, courage, and strength. Feel all your fears and anxiety melt away.
  8. The white light continues to travel down the spine and arms, passing through the sacral chakra in the lower belly. Feel this healing energy remove any disease in your digestive and reproductive systems and heighten your creativity, pleasure, and romantic energy.
  9. As the white light healing energy moves to the base of the spine, envision it cleansing and activating the root chakra. Allow all your worries and fears to be replaced with feelings of safety and security.
  10. With all seven chakras now cleansed and activated, allow the white light healing energy to move down your legs, reaching your feet and toes. Once the white light is in your entire body, take a few moments to feel its warmth, vitality, and positivity.
  11. Slowly, envision the white light moving back up your body, passing through each energy center until it reaches the top of the head. With all negativity and disease removed, allow the energy to leave your physical body and return to the universe, knowing it will permanently radiate in your aura.
  12. Bring your awareness back to your breath and body, feeling the inhale and the exhale within you. Stay here as long as you need to re-ground, then when you are ready, open your eyes.

You can also find guided white light meditations on YouTube and meditation apps. I recommend trying this guided meditation by Sara Brooke on Insight Timer.

Tips For Meditation Success

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If you’re new to meditation or visualization, here are a few additional tips to get you comfortable with the practice.

Practice In A Quiet Place

When we first start to meditate, many things may distract us. So one way to minimize distractions is to choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. If you live with others, especially children, choose a time when they are not around if possible.

Another way to block out any background noise that may distract you, such as people talking, is to play soft meditation music. For the white light meditation, I recommend listening to music tuned at the frequency of the crown chakra of 963 Hz, like this Crown Chakra Healing Music.

Use A Meditation Cushion

Aside from minimizing distractions, a comfortable posture is another key to successful meditation. You can do the white light practice seated or lying down, but I don’t recommend the latter unless necessary, as it can be too easy to fall asleep.

There are several ways to make a seated meditation posture more comfortable, such as sitting with your back against a wall, on a chair, or using a meditation cushion. If you’re serious about starting and maintaining a regular meditation practice, I recommend a cushion set like this one from Bean Products.

It contains both a Zafu (round-shaped) cushion and Zabuton (large, rectangular cushion). The Zafu elevates your hips to prevent joint or spine pain and improve posture. Meanwhile, the Zabuton provides cushioning for your feet and ankles.

Be Patient

Lastly, like all types of meditation, you may not immediately feel the positive effects of the white light healing energy. Moreover, if you are new to visualization, it’s normal to struggle to envision the white light healing energy and maintain focus on this imagery.

Thus, start with the shorter meditation, easing yourself into it. If you get distracted and lose the visualization, don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, observe the distraction and return your awareness to your breath for a few moments before continuing.


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What Does White Light Represent?

For centuries, the power of white light has been known to hold the most electrifying energy. White light is believed to be a combination of every visible wavelength of the spectrum. Using it in meditation can create significant changes in the magnetic field of our physical, psychic, emotional, or mental states of awareness.
The color white is also associated with the crown chakra (Sahasrara), located at the top of the head. This energy center is responsible for our connection to the divine, expansion of consciousness, and flow of life energy. It is believed that when our crown chakra is healthy and open, a pure white light glows in our aura.

Can meditation really heal you?

If you’re skeptical about the claims of white light meditation, I highly recommend the book Meditation As Medicine: Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force. Written by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, Meditation As Medicine explains the power of medical meditation based on scientific research. It also features various healing meditations, each having a specific physiological effect and targeting a different ailment, such as arthritis, ulcers, or cancer.

What Does It Mean If You See White Light When Meditating?

Some people claim to see a white light when meditating without trying to visualize it. It is believed this happens because meditation stimulates the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located deep in the brain at the level of the third eye chakra. Thus, some people also believe that seeing white light naturally during meditation indicates that your third eye chakra is opening.

What Light Should You Meditate In?

Generally, a dimly lit room is best for meditation as it helps to calm the mind. However, meditating in the dark is best when using visualization techniques. If you don’t like to meditate in pitch black, light candles or turn on a warm-toned bedside light. Salts lamps are also fantastic for providing soft lighting and setting the right ambiance.

Final Thoughts On Meditation White Light

Science has proven our bodies possess the ability to heal themselves. However, many aspects of modern-day life, such as poor diet, high stress levels, and lack of sleep, hinder its ability to make us better. Visualization meditation is one way we can help our bodies help us while increasing positive energy, focus, and mental clarity.

So why not try the guided meditation above and experience the potent white light healing energy for yourself?

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