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If you love rocking skin-tight Lulu leggings or cute flare yoga pants, visible panty lines, or VPL’s, are the bane of your existence. Nobody wants eyes drifting to the outline of their underwear beneath their yoga outfit, nor do you want an embarrassing camel toe peaking out during asanas.

Thankfully there are quite a few ways to prevent VPL while still keeping the camel toe in check. If you wear yoga pants, you can easily avoid visible panty lines by taking a few precautions before you head out on the town or to the mat.

What is a VPL?

First coined in Woody Allen’s 1977 movie ‘Annie Hall’, a “visible panty line” is essentially the outline of underwear showing through pants.

When it comes to skin-tight yoga leggings or yoga pants, a VPL can quickly turn a classy, sleek studio look into an overly-revealing outfit that attracts unwanted attention to your lady parts or your booty.

Whether you’re walking down the street in your fav athleisure outfit, or doing a slow flow in the park, you probably don’t want creeps staring at your panty lines through your yoga pants. More importantly, if you are a yoga teacher, full-coverage leggings essential to appear professional.

Not to mention, a VPL can be incredibly uncomfortable. It isn’t exactly relaxing to feel the seams of panties digging into your skin underneath tight clothes while you try to stretch and get your zen on.

If you want to hide panty lines but still show off your yogi physique in tight-fitting workout pants, it may be time to invest in some VPL-free panties or take a few of the steps below.

How to Prevent the Dreaded VPL

Hiding panty lines can be as simple as choosing the right underwear, avoiding certain types of yoga pants, opting for thicker fabrics, or going commando altogether.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll feel far more comfortable focusing on your yoga workout without revealing your private areas. 

Choose the Right Underwear

Anyone with a closet full of leggings is constantly looking for the perfect underwear to complement their form-fitting activewear. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean you have to always wear a thong or go commando (though sometimes those are the best options). There is super comfortable VPL-free underwear for every type of yogi and every brand of leggings. It really comes down to fabric, fit, seams, and style. 


The most obvious option for avoiding panty lines is to opt for a thong. But not all thongs are created equal!

Seamless thongs are the best-of-the-best to wear underneath tight yoga pants. This means that they don’t have any stitching along the edges of the garment, resulting in less risk of a VPL. Seamless underwear is made with a circular knitting method and laser-cut edges that give the thong a smooth silhouette against your skin.

G strings are another great option simply because they have the smallest amount of fabric. Be sure to opt for smooth silk, lycra, nylon, or spandex, so you don’t end up with any uncomfortable wedgies during your yoga practice.

A wide front panel on the thong will provide the most coverage and comfort while also preventing camel toe.

Be sure to also pay attention to the rise of your yoga pants and thongs. High-rise thongs with low-rise pants are never a good combo. But low rise panties can also show panty lines beneath your hip bones when they are worn under high-rise yoga leggings.

Some of the best seamless thongs come in a mid-rise fit that sits an inch or two below the waistband of high-waisted leggings.

When it comes to invisible panty lines, thongs have the most minimalist amount of lines of any underwear out there. 

seamless midless

Best No-VPL Thongs

Our Top Pick: lululemon Seamless Mid-Rise Thong

This ultra lightweight, quick-dry fabric is sleek and oh so soft. This thong feels like second skin and is specifically designed to be worn with all your favorite mid-rise lululemon shorts, pants, and leggings. The band of the thong sits about 1″ below standard mid-rise bottoms.

The easy-gliding seamless construction prevents chafing, while the gusseted cotton keeps camel toes in check. Best of all, the smooth waistband doesn’t dig in, so you can stretch and flow without feeling restricted or revealed.

Invisible String Thong

Best VPL-Free G String

Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible String Thong

The closest you can get to wearing nothing at all, this invisible G-string thong is super stretchy and ultra lightweight. The moisture-wicking material keeps your lady parts cool and dry even during the sweatiest yoga sessions.

It hits mid thigh for an elegant, flattering look that stays hidden even beneath semi-see through leggings. The no show seamless lines completely eliminate any risk of VPL. Best of all, it stays put. As long as you order the proper size, this thong won’t move around beneath your yoga pants.

voenxe Seamless Thongs for Women No Show Thong Underwear Women 5-10 Pack (C-5 Pack Basics, Medium)

Best Budget Thong Set:

voenxe Seamless Thongs for Women No Show Thong Underwear Women 5-10 Pack (C-5 Pack Basics, Medium)

See latest price

This super affordable 5 or 10 pack of seamless panties is designed specifically for tight dresses and skin-hugging activewear. The low waist fit and silky-smooth polyamide construction are perfect for reducing friction and hiding visible panty lines under your yoga pants. The crotch is layered with natural cotton for optimal comfort. This set is super breathable, chafe-free and provides full coverage.

Cheeky Panties and Boyshorts

If you can’t stand the feeling of thongs riding up your bum during low lunges, we totally understand. Cheeky panties and boy shorts are more comfortable and laid back options for avoiding visible panty lines. The main difference between the two is that cheeky styles cut across your mid-butt like a bikini, whereas boy shorts provide almost full coverage of your cheeks.

Both can be great options as long as you pair them with the proper color and fit of leggings. The secret to keeping cheeky panties hidden is opting for the smoothest fabric possible that matches the waist-rise of your yoga pants. Cheeky panty lines are sure to show through seamless leggings, but boyshorts may remain hidden if your yoga pants have clear seams along the back.

Either way, try to choose seamless underwear regardless of the cut.

alo yoga airbrush

Best No-VPL Cheeky Panties and Boyshorts:

Our Top Pick: Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Cheeky

Somewhere between a thong and a bikini fit, these cheeky seamless panties feel dreamy smooth and stay completely invisible under biker shorts, leggings, or yoga pants. The raw edge finish and second skin fabric feels luxurious while totally preventing panty lines. The wide array of color options gives you the freedom to coordinate with your skin tone or legging color palette.

Perhaps our favorite thing about Alo’s Airbrush Cheeky panties is how comfortable they are. No digging in, no riding up like a thong, and no restricting your groin movements. If you want to wear panties that feel like virtually nothing, Alo’s Airbrush line is really the way to go. This is our favorite pair of seamless panties!

LW9DK4S 048237 2

Best Boy Shorts:

lululemon UnderEase Mid-Rise Boyshort

The full coverage fit of these boy shorts eliminates visible panty lines while moving with your body. The silky smooth fabric is breathable, sweat-wicking, and fully stretchable in all directions. Though they aren’t seamless, they lay flat and have a smooth waistband, preventing underwear lines beneath mid-rise yoga bottoms.

LW9DPOS 052868 1?wid=1080&op usm=0

Best High Rise Full Coverage Option:

UnderEase High-Rise Bikini Underwear

The lululemon UnderEase High-Rise Bikini Underwear is the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality for women on the move. This essential addition to your wardrobe is available in the exquisite shade of Java, amongst other stunning colors like Pale Linen, Dusty Clay, French Press, Contour, Misty Shell, Twilight Rose, and classic Black.

The high rise fit sits just about an inch below your belly button, perfect for hiding beneath most high rise leggings or yoga pants. The fabric truly molds to your body and moves with you. Plus, the moisture-wicking gusset liner ensures breathability and maximum comfort for your lady parts.

Wear Shapewear Underneath

While it may seem counterintuitive, a little bit of shapewear underneath thinner yoga tights can help give your body a smooth look while simultaneously preventing visible panty lines and muffin tops. It has the same effect off the mat when layered beneath tights or pantyhose.

Shapewear is designed to be extra supportive, snug, and flattering. Thicker fabric construction and hidden seams with a soft, thick waistband all work together to smooth and hug in all the right places.

SPANX, Everyday Shaping Panties Thong, Soft Nude, L

Best No-VPL Shapewear:

SPANX, Everyday Shaping Panties Thong, Soft Nude, L

See latest price

Spanx is the leader of the pack in the shapewear world, and these panties truly deliver both on and off the mat. Whether beneath yoga pants, jeans, or a dress, these nylon and spandex supportive underwear are the most versatile way to keep panty lines at bay in all your outfits.

The athletic fit softens over your tummy and stays out of your way in any asana. They stay in place, never dig in, and truly hide beneath your yoga pants so it feels like you’re wearing nothing.  

SHAPERMINT Body Shaper Tummy Control Panty - Shapewear for Women Black

Best High Rise Shapewear:

SHAPERMINT Body Shaper Tummy Control Panty - Shapewear for Women Black

See latest price

If you really want to conquer visible panty lines and muffin tops at the same time, this ultra high rise body shaper panty smooths everything out for a modest, seamless look. The 90% nylon and 10% spandex construction hides beneath looser yoga pants and prevents stomach or back rolls from folding over the top. The ultra smooth waistband stays up (no riding or rolling down!) no matter what pose you twist into. Best of all, this shapewear hides VPL’s really well beneath most yoga pants. However, ultra tight leggings should probably be avoided with these full coverage breaths.

Go Commando in Yoga Leggings

Last but not least, probably the best option for preventing VPL is to just ditch the panties altogether. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wear underwear on the mat at all!

This may sound weird at first, but it’s actually extremely popular amongst female and male yogis alike. The truth is, most yoga wear is designed to act as an all-in-one pant these days.

It is totally normal (and liberating) to go commando beneath your yoga leggings, as long as you’ve taken the proper precautions to prevent camel toe and choose breathable, quality fabrics. An added bonus is the chafe-free, less sweaty experience of working out with the minimum amount of layers possible.

But keep in mind that thin leggings are the worst for VPLs and camel toe. Just avoid them altogether and opt for a quality brand like Alo Yoga, lululemon, Gymshark, Athleta, or Girlfriend Collective.

These thicker, more luxurious yoga leggings are more likely to provide full coverage when you’re going commando. Not to mention, they last way longer in the mat.

It also helps to choose seamless or no-front-seam fits. Some leggings have a built-in liner and gusset to help prevent camel toe lines while going commando.

How to Choose The Best VPL-Free Panties for Yoga Leggings

As you can tell, you’ve got lots of amazing options for avoiding panty lines in your favorite yoga pants. If you’re looking for VPL-free underwear in stores, use this basic guide to ensure that you pick a pair that delivers on comfort and aesthetics.

Choose the Right Fit

First things first, make sure your panties fit right in order to avoid panty lines. If they are too loose, the fabric can end up wrinkling beneath the tight clothing and show through as panty lines or bumps of fabric.

But if they are too tight, the elastic waistband will dig into your skin and manifest as unsightly pant lines beneath your yoga pants.

Restrictive, tight-fitting underwear will feel uncomfortable and may leave lines in your skin where the seams cut in.

On the flip side, excess fabric in the front or back area of your panties means they are too big and may cause problems with underwear lines.

When trying on styles, find a happy medium and

Choose the Right Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics tend to be best for eliminating panty lines. Polyester, spandex, nylon, luon, polyamide, and similar fabrics are able to be made with raw edges or seamless finishes that lay flush against your skin. These are also the most sweat-wicking and breathable options to keep air flow between your legs.

Avoid Cotton, Except When…

If you have a reoccurring problem with VPL’s, avoid cotton panties whenever possible. Cotton underwear tends to require thicker seams that want to show out beneath your yoga pants. While cotton can be great for preventing yeast infections and ensuring breathability, they are best set aside for loose-fitting pants and dresses.

If you really love the feeling of cotton, some of our favorite picks (like the lululemon Seamless Mid-Rise Thong) have a cotton-gusseted crotch sewn into the seamless Lycra fabric. With a cotton gusset, you get the best of both worlds: no show, VPL-free panties with a breathable crotch!

Choose Skin Tone Colors

VPL’s often come down to improper color combos. When in doubt, opt for skin tone panties that will flatter any color of leggings. Light colored yoga pants can be especially problematic with panty lines, so it’s best to go with pale pink, tan, pale brown, or dark bronze to match your complexion.

Avoid Certain Yoga Leggings

At the end of the day, certain types of yoga leggings are going to be more risky for visible panty lines than others. If you are really committed to keeping everything smooth and hidden, you’ll want to invest in quality leggings that are thick, squat-proof, 4-way stretch, and made of high quality fabric.

A nice construction will ensure that the yoga leggings aren’t see through or too thin against your panties. The sleeker and the yoga pants, the better chance you have of staying VPL-free all day long.

Here are our favorite Non-See Through Leggings and lululemon Legging Alternatives for a no-VPL practice that doesn’t break the bank.


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