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Let’s be real: there is nothing worse than bending over in a forward fold during yoga class and worrying “can the old man behind me see straight through my yoga leggings?” 

Revealing yoga gear has been an issue for years. After all, yoga involves all sorts of twisting, bending, inverting, and stretching not found in any other activity. We need apparel specifically designed for flexibility and comfort. But the line between stretchy and see through is – ahem – pretty dang thin.

There are seemingly millions of legging brands out there and a lot of them are absolute junk when it comes to quality, longevity, thickness, and see-through fabrics. 

After losing my meditative focus worrying about being exposed in yoga class, I finally decided to try all the top brands in search for the best non see through leggings on the market. Finding Ewedoos was a lifesaver. I never have to worry about anyone seeing through my yoga outfit again. 

The 5 Best Non-See-Through Leggings

The product guide is a list of the best products currently available. The added value of the article you’re creating is to help the reader make the best-educated choice. So the idea is to review only the best available products.

Product's nameMain FeaturesMore Info
Ewedoos Women's Yoga Pants with Pockets - Leggings with Pockets, High Waist Tummy Control Non...Best for general yoga
Ewedoos Women's Yoga Pants with Pockets - Leggings with Pockets, High Waist...
Thick 4-way squat-proof stretch
Silky soft moisture-wicking fabric with no sweat stains
See latest price
THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Leggings...Best for hot yoga and intense workouts
THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Tummy Control...
Nylon fabric is breathable but never see-through
No-chafing crotch and interlocked seams for durability
See latest price
DOULAFASS Womens Camo Yoga Pants High Waisted Tummy Control Squat Proof Workout Leggings for...Best budget option
DOULAFASS Womens Camo Yoga Pants High Waisted Tummy Control Squat Proof...
Opaque and smooth fabric
Tummy control and very supportive
See latest price
Sweaty Betty Womens Bum Sculpting Power Workout Leggings with Side and Back Pocket Size XXL BlackBest high end option
Sweaty Betty Womens Bum Sculpting Power Workout Leggings with Side and Back...
Machine washable and long lasting
Squat-proof opaque fabric with 4-way stretch
See latest price
90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants - High Waist Squat Proof Ankle Leggings with Pockets for...Best package option
90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants - High Waist Squat Proof Ankle...
Affordable 3-pack pricing for weekly wear
Pockets and contour details
See latest price

1- Best for General Yoga: Ewedoos Women’s Yoga Pants with Pockets

Ewedoos leggings are almost silky soft, yet ultra stretchy. They’re non-see-through and thick right out of the box, but the real selling point for me is the fact they stay that way even after multiple washes

The INTERLINK fabric offers a four-way squat-proof stretch. Nothing seems to show through these high quality polyester and spandex leggings: no sweat, no skin, no nothing! Most reviewers recommend sizing up, which worked perfectly for me. 



  • Never see-through
  • Squat-proof and high-quality stitching
  • Soft, but breathable and sweat-wicking 
  • 3 large pockets 


  • Too thick for hot yoga or outdoor workouts
  • Sizing may be off for plus sizes 
  • Not high-waisted on all body types

2- Best for Hot Yoga and Intense Workouts: THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants

If you’re going to be breaking a serious sweat during yoga class, these thick yet breathable Gym People leggings are the best choice for you. Reviewers say they are never see-through, squat-friendly, and super supportive. The reinforced seams and gusseted crotch ensure durability and no chafing (hallelujah!) 

the gym people


  • Super breathable, cooling, and dry fit for sweaty workouts
  • Gusseted crotch means freedom of movement and no chafing or riding up
  • Thick enough to not be see-through, yet not so thick that they’re too hot


  • Run small
  • Elastic waistband uncomfortable for some
  • Larger body types and sizes may have some fabric transparency when squatting

3- Best Budget Option: DOULAFASS Womens Camo Yoga Pants

OK, for under $13 these leggings can’t be beat! They’re opaque and stretchy, squat-proof, and surprisingly soft. Despite the affordability, the fabric actually lasts and I haven’t noticed any pilling. These leggings are breathable and thick enough to prevent seeing-through, yet not so thick that you feel constrained or too hot. 



  • Ultra stretchy, some reviewers equate to Nike quality
  • 2 pockets
  • Super soft
  • Tummy control 


  • They run large (order one size down)
  • Not many color/pattern options 

4- Best High-End Option: Sweaty Betty Power Workout Leggings

This woman-owned London-based company pack some serious quality and an admirable mission to empower women through fitness. These leggings parallel lululemon or Athleta, but with booty-sculpting style and machine-washable fabric. 

Sweaty Betty leggings are supportive and adjustable, making them perfect for any type of yoga or other action sports. The technical fabric blend is squat-proof and opaque, and won’t be see-through regardless of what bendy yoga pose you might find yourself in.

Sweaty Betty


  • Opaque non-see-through fabric in all colors 
  • Zip pockets 
  • Adjustable waistband 
  • Perfect amount of compression that stays put
  • Booty sculpting 
  • Women-owned company with a mission


  • Higher price point
  • Tighter fit may show cellulite 

5- Best Package Option: 90 Degree by Reflex Womens Power Flex Yoga Pants- 3 Pack

Nothing better than a bulk deal on leggings that are never see-through and hold up in the laundry. Reflex is a trusted, reliable brand with a great track record for high-quality, trendy, and flattering leggings that perform in the yoga studio and beyond. The polyester-spandex blend fabric and thicker waistband are comfortable and functional for flows, squats, and more. I also love the interlocked stitching and slimming design that actually lasts!

90 degree by


  • Absolutely not see-through at all 
  • High waist tummy control
  • Slightly shorter ⅞ length for style
  • 3-pack deal for under $70 (less than $25 per pair)
  • Reliably high quality and popular 
  • Thick waistband for a toned look


  • Some colors are less opaque
  • Not all colors available in 3-pack
  • Some fabric inconsistencies with suppliers

Non-See-Through Leggings Buying Guide

What to Look for in Non-See-Through Leggings

Honestly, no leggings should be see-through, but the reality is that most are see-through when you bend over or get into contortionist yoga poses. The most important features of truly non-see-through leggings are opaque colors and the perfect fabric thickness.

Opaque Colors

Darker colors tend to be the best for non-see-through leggings simply because they let less light through. But the highest quality squat-proof leggings should appear opaque even in lighter color scheme options.

Fabric Thickness

Legging thickness is all about balance. Fabric that is too thick will have you roasting and constricted in yoga class. However, fabric that is too thin will obviously rip, pull, and show off everything underneath. Look for polyester and nylon blend fabrics that have 15-25% spandex and squat-proof labeling. 


Non-see-through leggings need to be breathable to be functional. Again, super thick fabric is obviously not translucent, but it can also be super hot and restrictive. Make sure that you choose a legging brand that is sweat-wicking and breathable so you don’t end up with gym odor or unsightly sweat stains when you’re leaving the studio. 

Washing and Care 

In general, most yoga leggings are best washed on delicate cold cycles with a gentle spin. The more fragile fabrics require hand washing (but who has time for that?) I always search for non-see-through leggings that can hold up in the laundry machines and stay durable for many wears to come. 

Non-See-Through Leggings FAQs

What are good leggings that aren’t see-through?

The best non-see-through leggings are Sweaty Betty Power Workout Leggings, Ewedoos Women’s Yoga Pants, and The Gym People High Waist Workout Leggings. All of these brands are made of high-quality fabrics with 4-way squat-proof stretch and opaque colors.

What causes leggings to be see-through?

Leggings that are too thin, low quality, or too small will end up see-through when you bend over or stretch the fabric to its capacity. Make sure to source thick opaque leggings in the proper size so they aren’t see through when you squat or bend. 

What are the best quality leggings? 

Sweaty Betty Power Workout Leggings are the best quality yoga leggings I’ve found. They’re breathable and compression-fitting, yet thick enough to never be see-through or too revealing. 


When it comes to yoga or gym workouts, nobody wants their lady parts (or anything else!) showing through their leggings. Non-see-through leggings are important for any yogi and especially crucial for professional yoga teachers who are demonstrating poses in front of their classes. 

I found that Ewedoos Womens Yoga Pants with Pockets are the best bang for your buck when it comes to opaque quality leggings for vinyasa and hatha yoga classes. However, Ewedoos are a bit too thick for hot yoga, so I prefer THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants for their additional breathability and stretch. 

At the end of the day, leggings are just like anything else in yoga or life: we need balance! A balance of thickness, stretchiness, compression, and freedom to move. Have you found the perfect balance in any of these non-see-through leggings? Share with us in the comments!

Enjoy your practice. Namaste! 

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