Top 6 Lulu Joggers for Men: Unlock the Reviews and Cheaper Budget Alternatives

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lululemon joggers for mens

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Key Takeaway

Discover the top-rated lululemon men’s joggers for style, comfort, and performance, plus affordable alternatives.

While ladies are practically living in leggings, dudes are still craving the same versatility and comfort (without looking like a lazy bum). Joggers are the perfect solution for staying stylish while still feeling like you’re wearing sweatpants.

After seeing so much hype about lululemon’s sleek and trendy joggers for men, we wanted to review them for ourselves to see if they perform on the mat and off. Here’s our top 6 picks of lulu joggers men category, plus budget-friendly alternatives.

Ultimate Review: 6 best lulu Joggers Men Category + Budget Friendly Joggers Alternatives

  1. Best for Yoga: In Mind Pant
  2. Best for Everyday Wear: ABC Jogger
  3. Best for Running: Surge Jogger
  4. Best for Training: License to Train Jogger
  5. Best for Casual: City Sweat Jogger
  6. Best for Lounging: At Ease Jogger

Top 6 lululemon Joggers Men

Product's NameFabricFeaturesMore Info
In Mind PantBest for Yoga
In Mind Pant
Stretchy, breathable, sweat-wicking synthetic blend Flat waistband, zippered pockets, secure phone sleeve, and ventilated gussetSee Latest Price
ABC JoggerBest for Everyday Wear
ABC Jogger
Warpstreme wrinkle-free breathable fabric Sleek style, tapered fit, “anti-ball crushing” technology with ergonomic gussetSee Latest Price
Surge JoggerBest for Running
Surge Jogger
Lightweight synthetic blendZippered ankle cuffes, zipperless back pocket, and reflective details See Latest Price
License to Train JoggerBest for Training
License to Train Jogger
Abrasion-resistant fabric Secure media pocket, durable design, and water-repellant technology See Latest Price
City Sweat JoggerBest for Casual
City Sweat Jogger
Soft french terry blendInside or outside drawcord, hidden media and coin pocketsSee Latest Price

lulu joggers men

Best for Yoga:

In Mind Pant

For comfort and cooling coverage on the mat, these stretchy mens yoga pants have the ultimate ventilation. The sweat wicking fabric dries extremely quickly and includes strategically-placed breathable mesh fabric for high-sweat areas.

The masculine yogi fit skims your thighs and cinches at the hem to unsure that the pants don’t fall down or ride up in inverted poses. These joggers come in four colors with secure pockets and a hidden sleeve for your phone.


  • Super ventilated for hot or room temp yoga
  • Very lightweight jogger
  • Ultra soft and smooth
  • Stretchy to move with your body
  • Quick drying and sweat wicking fabric
  • Flat elastic waistband
  • Slim tapered fit
  • Pockets with zippers and phone sleeve
  • Incredible reviews about durability and performance


  • May start pilling with improper washing
CRZ YOGA Mens Lightweight Joggers 1

Cheaper alternative:

CRZ YOGA Men's Lightweight Joggers - 29'' Slim Fit Quick Dry Running Athletic Workout Hiking Pants...

See latest price

This budget version of lululemon’s In Mind pant has the same jogger design with zip pockets and an extra lightweight fabric. While this pair doesn’t feel as high-end and luxuriously smooth as the brand name thing, they look fairly nice and are super comfortable both on and off the mat… All for less than a quarter of the lululemon price!

ABC Jogger

Best for Everyday Wear:

ABC Jogger

The coolest thing about the lululemon ABC Jogger is how easy you can dress them up or down. These classy joggers are truly nice enough to pass as business casual while still feeling like you’re wearing sweat pants. The wrinkle-resistant, breathable fabric falls smooth and elegantly from your body. It ensures you stay comfortable while commuting to the office, running errands, or lounging at home.

We love the sleek style and tapered fit that feels relaxed yet looks streamlined. lululemon’s signature ABC technology also includes what they call an ergonomic gusset to remove tension from the crotch area as you move throughout the day.


  • Nice enough to dress up or down
  • Sleek tapered fit
  • Warpstreme wrinkle-free, breathable fabric
  • Super soft premium feel
  • Hidden or exposed drawcord
  • Front pockets, secure back pocket, and hidden media sleeves
  • Wide array of color options


  • May run small
  • Back zipper could scratch leather seats
4 Way Stretch Golf Joggers with Pockets 1

Cheaper alternative:

CRZ YOGA Mens 4-Way Stretch Golf Joggers with Pockets 30" - Work Pants Track Gym Athletic Workout...

See latest price

These golf style joggers have a similar vibe to the ABC Jogger, though not quite as premium luxe quality. The hidden drawstring waistband, tapered ankles, and deep pockets make these joggers extra functional for a budget price. The polaymide and spandex material has plenty of stretch for workouts or leisure wear. However, unlike the real thing, these still look like you’re wearing sweats and may be difficult to transition into business casual.

Surge Jogger

Best for Running:

Surge Jogger

These extra lightweight running pants have zippers on the cuffs to make them easy to take off after a warm up. The quick drying fabric wicks away sweat and won’t show any sweat stains. We also love how stretchy these pants feel. The inseam is designed to sit just above your ankle. There is a secure zipperless back pocket and reflective details for your early morning run.

They have plenty of breathing room without looking baggy or slouchy. We also love that they look slick and classy enough to head to the grocery store, the airport, or a happy hour.


  • Incredible comfortable fit
  • High quality material (dog hair doesn’t even stick to it!)
  • Perfect warmth for fall and winter
  • Zippered ankles for easy on/off
  • Clean cut for casual travel or running errands


  • Not abrasion resistant for hiking
  • May run small
BALEAF Mens Joggers 1

Cheaper alternative:

BALEAF Men's Joggers Pants Workout Track Running Athletic Gym Lightweight Quick Dry Tapered Jogger...

See latest price

At under $30, these athletic joggers are a bargain alternative for lululemon’s Surge. The smooth internal drawstring waist and extra deep pockets are functional and comfortable. Although they aren’t zippered, we love the way the tapered cuffs keep you warm while on a chilly morning run.

License to Train Jogger

Best for Training:

License to Train Jogger

If you love to train hard in the gym and adventure outdoors, these abrasion-resistant joggers have the versatility and durability for any activity. lululemon’s signature Swift fabric is naturally stretchy, water-repellent, and resilient to hiking or rough workouts.


  • Most abrasion-resistant lululemon fabric to prevent snagging or pilling
  • Secure media pocket to prevent your phone from bouncing around as you move
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Top notch performance
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking


  • The material is reminiscent of a windbreaker sound
  • Friction of fabric may be loud
City Sweat Jogger

Best for Casual:

City Sweat Jogger

At first glance, these seem like basic sweatpants. But they’re actually more like “bougie luxury pajama pants” (as one reviewer described). Designed for men on the move, you can wear these ultra cozy joggers on the mat or on the couch. The stretchy french terry fabric is soft like fleece yet breathable and sweat-wicking like workout gear. The tapered fit ensures you don’t look lazy nor feel restricted.


  • Crazy soft and breathable
  • Tapered slim fit
  • Inside or outside waistband drawcord
  • Feel like high quality sweatpants yet look nice enough for casual wear
  • Hidden media and coin pockets, plus discreet back pocket


  • Honestly, no complaints!
Retro Jogger Pants 1

Cheaper alternative:

Champion Men's Joggers, Powerblend, Fleece Joggers, Sweatpants for Men (Reg. or Big & Tall)

See latest price

These joggers from Champion have over 32,000 positive reviews on Amazon for a reason! At a fraction of the lululemon price, they have all the comfort and pockets for your things. The polyester and cotton blend is sweat-wicking and airy. The only downside to this alternative is that they just don’t look quite as high-end as the real thing.

At Ease Jogger

Best for Lounging:

At Ease Jogger

If you prefer a classic cotton-blend fabric, this lululemon option pairs stretchiness with soft textured comfort. Designed for warmups, wearing over your shorts, or lounging around, the At Ease Joggers truly make you feel like you can let loose.

The extra mobile gusset and waistband drawcord give you plenty of room up top, and the tapered ankle keeps the cold off. At the same time, they’re lightweight enough for summer wear. We love the little details like the locker room loop and secure zippered pocket.


  • Soft textured cotton-blend
  • Naturally breathable and sweat-wicking
  • Loose gusset for more movement and relaxation
  • Stretchy enough for yoga, lounging, or travel
  • Superior comfort
  • Comfortable in summer or winter


  • Some colors fade with wear
Mens Jogger Sweatpants 1

Cheaper alternative:

GANSANRO Mens Jogger Sweatpants, Men's Slim Fit Workout Athletic Pants, Black Sweatpants for Men...

See latest price

These cotton blend joggers have the same stretch and breathability as the lululemon option, but a slightly tighter fit. They may not feel as buttery soft, but they’re a really comfortable alternative for under $30.

How to Maintain Your Lululemon Joggers

It’s important to keep your Lululemon joggers in good condition. Let’s discuss how to maintain them in optimal condition. Always read the care label first.

It’s the most useful guide for drying and washing. For the most part, Lululemon advises cold washing and hanging drying their joggers. This lessens the chance of fabric damage and shrinkage.

Turn them inside out for washing. This shields the surface and color from rubbing against other clothing. Avoid fabric softeners and use a mild detergent instead. Over time, they may lose their stretchiness. Lay them out flat or hang them to dry. Avoid the dryer if possible.

If you see a stain, move quickly. Apply a light soap solution to the area and gently dab. Avoid rubbing it as this can cause the stain to seep further into the cloth. Use a gentle fabric shaver to remove pilling. This preserves the new look of your joggers.

Your Lululemon joggers will stay fashionable and comfortable for longer if you heed these guidelines. Additionally, by avoiding frequent replacements, you’ll save money. Smart maintenance is the key to long-lasting wear.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices in Men’s Fashion

The discussion of ethical and sustainable fashion has picked up a lot of steam in recent years. Customers are seeking out brands that share their beliefs as they become more aware of their impact on the environment. In the world of men’s joggers, this is where lululemon excels.

By using recycled materials in their goods, lululemon has significantly decreased their carbon footprint. Additionally, they have taken steps to guarantee ethical labor standards and cut down on waste in their supply chain.

Choosing a pair of lululemon joggers is a great way to support a company that is working towards a more sustainable future, in addition to getting high-quality clothing.

This distinct viewpoint not only educates but also gives customers the ability to make decisions about their purchases that align with their values and environmental commitment.

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

lululemons ABC joggers are designed with a special gusset to provide extra comfort and freedom of movement.

The Surge Jogger from lululemon is made with a fabric that is abrasion-resistant and suitable for hiking.

The City Sweat Jogger is made with a french terry fabric that is both soft and breathable, making it suitable for both yoga and casual wear.


What do ABC joggers stand for?

lululemon’s ABC joggers stand for “Anti-Ball Crushing” pants. The breathable wide-panel gusset design is supposed to help men feel free to move in yoga, workouts, and commutes without feeling like their manhood is being restricted.

Are surge joggers worth it?

Based on reviews and years of durability, lululemon’s Surge Jogger is definitely worth splurging on. They combine next-level comfort with lightweight breathability for running and beyond. They even look nice enough to dress up a bit for casual wear outside of workouts. Our favorite feature is the zippered ankles for streamlined warm ups or staying cool after a tough workout.

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