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First impressions are everything. A yoga studio name is no different. With people’s attention spans getting shorter and shorter, and the variety of choices in daily life growing ever-larger, you need to make an impression that sticks. Here is the ultimate guide to figuring out a showstopper name for your yoga studio!

What’s in a Name?

A customer’s ability to remember and recall your studio name is a key metric of brand success. The connotation of individual words within a studio name, as well as their sound when put together, make all the difference. Be sure you get it right! Here are the main qualities of the best names for a yoga business.

Qualities of the Best Yoga Studio Names


Think of yoga brands you admire, like lululemon, Gaia, or Black Swan Yoga. Their names are catchy. They roll off the tongue and just flow. If you can’t think of something catchy, use a name generator or brain-dump some of your favorite words and themes onto a page, then try different combos. 


Yoga studio popularity spreads mostly by word-of-mouth marketing. You want your customers to easily remember your studio name. If it is too long or uses unusual words, they are less likely to recommend it to a friend. On the flip side, if it is ultra-unique and catchy, it might be more memorable by being different. 

Simple to Say

Just as mentioned above, you want your studio name to be easily talked about in social circles. If it is difficult to pronounce or spell, customers will not use the name as easily in conversation. 


There are probably hundreds of yoga studios with the same names and same general principles. If you want to stand out, you need to get creative. This is especially important online, where common domains will be taken for yoga studio names. One way to add a creative flair is simply by incorporating a regional or city-specific noun into an existing name, for example the name of the neighborhood, the area code, or the city name itself. 


You want to choose a yoga studio name that you can build a brand around. For example, Flora Yoga could use flower emblems and designs in its logo and brand kit. Treehouse Studio would have forest vibes and lots of plants. Eastside Yoga could be modern, urban, and minimalist. You get the idea.

A brandable studio name means you invoke a stronger emotional response from your customers. They recognize your brand and associate specific images, feelings, and/or experiences with your business.

What If a Name Is Already Taken? 

Let’s face it, there are lots of yoga studios all over the world and many studio names have already been taken. Based on the idea of multiple discoveries (when scientists come to similar discoveries without ever crossing paths), it is inevitable that somebody else has already come up with similar yoga studio names. We are all connected by a universal subconscious after all!

However, the great thing about a yoga business is that it is locally centered. This means you can still use similar names to existing studios as long as they don’t have a huge online presence and are not trademarked. 

Search US Patent and Trademark Database

First, Google your studio name idea (of course!). If you’re clear, check the domain availability for that name. If your studio name idea is already taken, don’t fret! Peruse the US Patent and Trademark Office database to see if that name has been trademarked. If not, it hasn’t been trademarked and you can legally use the name (though the domain may be taken).

Change Spelling or Add Words 

Secondly, consider changing the spelling or adding words to the beginning or end, such as “the”, “company”, “studio”, “fitness”, etc. You can also add a regional reference. For example, there are lots of studios called Down Dog or Downward Dog, but you can customize this name by changing to Downward Dog Dallas or Down Dog Fitness Center. 

Find Similar Phrases 

Lastly, if your favorite studio name is completely unavailable, utilize a Thesaurus or a Name Generator to find similar phrases that go along with the same vibe you originally imagined. 

501 Yoga Studio Name Ideas 

Hip Modern Yoga Studio Names

  1. Eastbound Yoga Collective
  2. The Zen Bar
  3. YogaLuxe 
  4. Evergreen Yoga
  5. Myriad Earth Studio
  6. Zenlucent Studio
  7. Unplugged Yoga Collective
  8. The Downward Dog
  9. Eastside Yoga 
  10. The Yoga Den
  11. Tapestry Yoga
  12. Central Studio 
  13. Yoga Bar
  14. The Laughing Yogi
  15. Downtown Yoga & Arts 
  16. Sapphire Studio 
  17. Treehouse Studio 
  18. The Yoga Collective
  19. Brick City Yoga 
  20. Yoga Clubhouse
  21. Yogitopia 
  22. Smart Yogi
  23. Mod Yoga
  24. Yogalux
  25. Fox & Fawn Yoga
  26. Yogaace 
  27. Venue Studio
  28. The Gathering Studio
  29. Yoga East
  30. Sunday Yoga
  31. Carat Yoga 
  32. YogaOrange
  33. Park Street Yoga
  34. Yoga Wire
  35. Groove Yoga
  36. BlackStar Yoga
  37. FrontRange Yoga
  38. Sustain Yoga
  39. Radius Yoga
  40. Unleashed Yoga
  41. Yoga Trance Studio
  42. Fringe Yoga Collective
  43. BohoYoga
  44. Paragon Yoga
  45. NextGen Flow Studio
  46. Asana Season
  47. Conceptual Studio
  48. Rising Sun Studio
  49. Yogi Style Collective
  50. Gemstone Collective
  51. Legends Yoga
  52. Ripple Studio
  53. Simplify Your Life Yoga
  54. BohoTouch Yoga Club
  55. Urban Yoga Club
  56. Backcountry Boho Yoga
  57. Glorious Yoga
  58. The Yoga Co.
  59. Corner Yoga Studios
  60. Manhattan Boho Yoga
  61. Zenoya
  62. YogaBay
  63. HipWorkout 
  64. YogaOriginal
  65. Bistro Yoga
  66. Club Cowgirl Yoga
  67. SpiritMod Yoga
  68. Metta Studios
  69. YogaMetta
  70. The Modern Yogi
  71. NeoYoga Studio
  72. Art of Flow
  73. Century Yoga Studio
  74. Origins Yoga
  75. The Yoga Folk
  76. Generation Flow Studio
  77. YogaMom
  78. Classicasana
  79. Fountain of Youth Studio 
  80. Pop Art Yoga Collective
  81. Yoga Life Urban Studio
  82. MetroYoga Collective
  83. Yoga Town
  84. Upscale Yoga Club
  85. Culture Studio
  86. YogaRetro
  87. Grounded & Glamorous
  88. Edgy Yoga Studio
  89. Lux Yoga
  90. The Yoga Boutique 
  91. Soho Yoga Collective
  92. Impulse Yogi Club
  93. Feel Good Yoga
  94. Chill Studio
  95. Eccentric Yoga
  96. Unforgettable Studio
  97. The Yoga Genius
  98. Lucky Yogi Collective
  99. Humble Studio
  100. Ginger Yoga
  101. Chai Yogi Collective
  102. Stellar Yoga Club
  103. Vapor Mist Yoga
  104. Condense-Expand Studio
  105. Magma Yoga
  106. Moss Green Yoga
  107. Plant Love Studio
  108. SunRoom Yoga
  109. Greenhouse Studios
  110. Wilding Yoga
  111. Saltworks Studio
  112. Embed Love Studio
  113. Nectar Yoga
  114. Mineral Studio
  115. The Gregarious Yogi
  116. YogaHood
  117. Soft Thistle Yoga
  118. Counterculture Yoga Club
  119. Jazzyoga
  120. YogaChic

Fitness Yoga Studio Names

  1. Asana Athletics 
  2. Accelerate Studio
  3. Flex & Flow 
  4. Form Yoga
  5. Prophecy Yoga Club
  6. Third Eye Fitness
  7. The Balance Collective
  8. Fit Yoga
  9. Workspa
  10. Fitspa
  11. Spine Studio
  12. Align Studio
  13. Grizzly Studio
  14. Coach Yoga
  15. Flex Yoga
  16. Hip Workout
  17. Yogagym 
  18. Primal Studio
  19. Sculpt Yoga
  20. Shape & Sculpt Studio
  21. Functional Fit Yoga
  22. YogiFit
  23. TopDog Yoga Club
  24. Eternal Fit Studio
  25. Yogify Studio
  26. Planet Yoga
  27. Velocity Yoga Collective
  28. Yoga Fit Spot
  29. Enhanced Yoga
  30. Lion Fitness
  31. Fit Yogi Academy 
  32. Built2Last Yoga Studio
  33. Yoga Fit Pro
  34. Core Yoga Club 
  35. FitnessEarth
  36. Practical Yogi Studios 
  37. Grow & Glow Yoga Club
  38. Pathway Studio
  39. YogaLabs
  40. Yogaerobics
  41. Esoteric Fitness Collective
  42. Sparx & Bodhi Studio
  43. Dharma Yoga Fitness
  44. Vibrant Release Studio 
  45. YogaTrend Collective
  46. Wellbeing Studio
  47. Yogi-Viral Fitness 
  48. Yogaorama
  49. Inception Yoga 
  50. Workoutsy Yoga Studio
  51. Yogatastic
  52. Yoga Masters
  53. Breathe. Flow. Sweat.
  54. Breathzen 
  55. BreatheVibes
  56. SweatDaily Yoga
  57. Maximum Fitness Studio 
  58. AsanaMax
  59. Push Your Limits Hot Yoga
  60. HighFiveBreathe
  61. Accelerate Asana Collective
  62. Surge Yoga
  63. EssentialSweat Hot Yoga
  64. YogaIgnite
  65. Definite Flow Yoga Club
  66. Kickass Yoga
  67. MidSummer Sweat
  68. FlowRay
  69. Anyplace 
  70. Concision Flow
  71. ZenFit
  72. Blitz Workout Studio
  73. HeartRate Yoga Collective
  74. Run & Flow Yoga Studio
  75. Yoga Pulse
  76. SweatSpace Hot Yoga
  77. Excel Yoga
  78. VisionFlow Yoga
  79. FitMornings Yoga Studio
  80. Yoga Muscle Club
  81. Bobcat Sweat
  82. PlentyFitness Yoga Studio
  83. CardioCrush Yoga
  84. Inspire Studios
  85. Thrive & Vibe Yoga Club
  86.  Rise and Vibe Yoga Collective
  87. Softworks & Chaturanga 
  88. Limitless Yoga Club
  89. Endurance Yogi 
  90. Endurance Yoga Fitness
  91. The Yoga Dudes
  92. Mission Yoga
  93. Trainer Yoga
  94. Open Doors Yoga Gym
  95. Jumpstart Yoga
  96. Get Started Studio
  97. Epic Yoga Center
  98. Corebody Yoga
  99. YogaTone Center
  100. Top Dog Yoga
  101. Cardio Flow
  102. Discipline Studio
  103. Playtime Asana
  104. SweatCreate
  105. AnytimeAsana
  106. WorkoutLite
  107. YogaLite
  108. Ready, Set, Yoga
  109. Adaptive Yoga
  110. Equal Studios
  111. Activ Studio
  112. Push Through Yoga 
  113. Physical Focus Studio
  114. HealthYoga Gym
  115. YogaSport Club
  116. Bodysculpt Yoga Center
  117. Yogercise
  118. Jog & Joyful Studio
  119. Exertion Yoga
  120. Musclebound Yoga
  121. Lift, Laugh, Love Yoga
  122. HourYoga
  123. The Thirty Minute Flow
  124. Yoga Body Club
  125. Agile Health Studio
  126. Get Strong Yoga Center
  127. Warmup Yoga
  128. YogaFox Fitness Center
  129. 90-Minute Yoga Club
  130. Barre Flow Yoga
  131. High Energy Yoga
  132. Body Soul Studio
  133. Backbend Studo
  134. Yoga Shape

Earthy Yoga Studio Names 

  1. Grounded Studio
  2. Green Earth Studio
  3. Goddess Garden Studio
  4. Flora Yoga
  5. YogaEarth 
  6. Hidden Garden Studio
  7. Emerald Earth Studio 
  8. Full Moon Yoga
  9. Lunar Studio
  10. Earth Flow Studio 
  11. Eclipse Yoga
  12. Equinox Studio
  13. Sun & Rain Yoga 
  14. Oak Leaf Yoga
  15. One Wave Studio
  16. Dream Flow Yoga
  17. Bluejay Yoga
  18. Aquamarine Flow 
  19. Aqua Studio 
  20. Blue Moon Studio
  21. Gem Yoga
  22. Emerald Flow Studio
  23. Sapphire Yoga Collective
  24. Blackbird Vinyasa Center
  25. Matcha Yoga
  26. River Moon Studio
  27. Blue Sky Yoga
  28. Seaside Yoga
  29. Riverside Yoga
  30. Maple Yoga Collective 
  31. Harvest Moon Studio 
  32. Summer Sun Yoga
  33. Solstice Studio
  34. Cloudless Day Studio
  35. Finding Bliss Studio
  36. The Yoga Bird Collective
  37. Globe Studio
  38. Ambrosia Studio
  39. Wild Rose Yoga Collective
  40. Open Sea Studio
  41. Cypress Studio
  42. Seneca Yoga
  43. Sage Studios
  44. Pine Tree Yoga
  45. Lone Pine Yoga
  46. Tidewater Yoga
  47. Red Moon Yoga Studio
  48. LoneWolf Yoga Studio
  49. Wolf Pack Yoga Collective
  50. Solid Rock Yoga Club
  51. Earth Fusion Yoga
  52. GreenTreeYoga
  53. Silk Thread Studios
  54. Paradigm Shift Yoga Club
  55. YogaBear
  56. Unbounded Earth Yoga
  57. New Life Yoga
  58. Green Thumb Yoga
  59. Bee Better Studios 
  60. Flora & Fauna Yoga Center
  61. Wild Thang Studio
  62. World Ocean Yoga
  63. One Mind Studio
  64. Nature Vibes Yoga
  65. Snowball Studio
  66. Atmosphere Yoga Center
  67. BioStudio
  68. EcoYogi
  69. Green Planet Yoga
  70. Equator Studios
  71. Spirulina Spirit Center
  72. Energy Heal Yoga
  73. Vapor Flow Yoga
  74. Salty Sea Studio
  75. Nature’s Home Yoga
  76. Origins of Calm 
  77. Creature Studio
  78. Kindhearted Earth Yoga
  79. Enviro-Yoga
  80. Microcosm Studio
  81. Native Yoga Studio
  82. Soil Soul Yoga
  83. Planet Moon Yoga
  84. GeoYoga
  85. Heaven on Earth Studio
  86. Light Shine Yoga
  87. Earth Geo Studios
  88. Eclipse & Flow Yoga Center
  89. Mercury Studio
  90. Earthy Love Yoga
  91. Timber & Green Studio
  92. Yoga Mineral Center 
  93. Nebula Yoga
  94. Calm Rain Studios
  95. Earthshine Yoga
  96. Unearthing Center for Yoga & Pilates
  97. Back to Earth Yoga
  98. Organic Yogi Club
  99. Theory of Health Yoga Studio
  100. One Moon Yoga
  101. Gold Stone Yoga
  102. 4Elements Yoga Collective
  103. Skywave Yoga

Spiritual Yoga Studio Names 

  1. Soul Seeker Studio
  2. Center of the Universe
  3. Laughing Buddha Studio 
  4. Soul Secret Yoga
  5. Find Your Flow
  6. Free to Be Studio
  7. Third Eye Studio
  8. Chakra Yoga
  9. Harmony Collective
  10. Asana Collective 
  11. Prophecy Yoga
  12. Synergy Studio 
  13. Zen Collective
  14. Yogavana
  15. Yoga Love Studio
  16. Love Life Studio
  17. Breathe & Release
  18. Karma Collective 
  19. Finding Peace Studio
  20. Blissful Yoga Center 
  21. Harmony Guru 
  22. Yoga Retreat Studio
  23. Journey Yoga
  24. Eternal Light Studio
  25. Peaceful Light Collective
  26. Collective Zen Genius
  27. Enlightened Yoga
  28. The Magical Yogi 
  29. Crystal Yogi Club
  30. SoulNotion
  31. SpiritGroove Yoga
  32. Soul.Ly Studio 
  33. Collective Find Yoga
  34. Freedom Spirit YOga
  35. Dignity Yoga
  36. YogaMarvelous
  37. Yogasesh
  38. LuxeSpirit
  39. Essences Studio
  40. Candor Collective 
  41. True Studio
  42. Magic Soul Yoga
  43. NexusSoul 
  44. Soundz & Soulz
  45. Divine Spirit Yoga
  46. Collective Gem
  47. YogaFlux
  48. Bright Soul Yoga
  49. Profound Heart Studio
  50. Chakra Align Studio
  51. Vitality Yoga 
  52. Manifest Bliss Yoga co.
  53. Virtuous Spirit Studio
  54. Prime Yoga Co.
  55. Morning Soul Yoga
  56. Zennux
  57. YogiLife Collective 
  58. Yoga Vibe Club
  59. Spirit Artist Studio
  60. Dreamers & Doers Studio 
  61. Inner Ocean Yoga
  62. SoulEntry Studio
  63. Buddha & Bliss Studio
  64. Soul Inspire Yoga
  65. Motivate Studio
  66. The Spirit Collective
  67. Cosmic Dance Collective
  68. Tranquil Man Yoga
  69. Guru Yoga 
  70. Social Soul Studio
  71. Soul Warrior Yoga
  72. Auspicious & Open Studio
  73. Spirit Tracking Yoga
  74. Spirit Moon Yoga
  75. Soul Legacy Studio
  76. Joy Sauna Hot Yoga
  77. Soul Duty Studio
  78. Mudra Yoga Club
  79. TranquilZen Yogi Den
  80. Guru Studio 
  81. The Calm Yogis
  82. Center Star Studio
  83. Northstar Yoga Center 
  84. Cloud Center for Yoga & Pilates
  85. Gentle World Yoga
  86. Cosmic Bliss Yoga Collective
  87. Leisurely Studio
  88. Solar Sensation Yoga
  89. Solar Plexus Yoga Collective
  90. Yang & Yin Studio
  91. Secret Soul Yoga Club
  92. Pranayama Yoga Club
  93. Heal & Breathe Studio
  94. Kriyas Healing Center
  95. Dharma Yoga Centre
  96. Transcendental Studios
  97. Eye Practice Studio
  98. Third Eye Yoga Collective
  99. Karmic Bliss
  100. Karma Compass Studio
  101. Contemplate Studio
  102. Devotional Love Yoga
  103. Lotus Tao Yoga Studio
  104. Zazen Flow Space
  105. Bodhi Tree Yoga School
  106. Veda Studio
  107. Prana Calm Yoga
  108. Yogini Collective
  109. Bhakti&Chakra
  110. Samadhi Studios
  111. Mantra Yoga Center
  112. Kundalini Collective
  113. Relaxasana Studio
  114. Swami Yoga
  115. Divine Calm Studio
  116. Shaman Yoga Club
  117. Spiritual Concept
  118. Goddess Yogi Club
  119. Life Force Yoga
  120. Qi Yoga Centre
  121. Freedom & Bliss Yoga Studio
  122. Shared Vision Yoga
  123. Essence of Flow
  124. Profound Stretch Yoga
  125. Open Soul Studio
  126. YogaRitual
  127. Create, Dream, Play Studio
  128. Ancient Calm Studio
  129. Yogic Center for Bliss & Calm
  130. Mystic Yoga
  131. The Chakra Club 
  132. Samsara Studio
  133. SpiritScript Yoga
  134. YogaCraft
  135. SpiritCraft
  136. Magical Moon Yoga
  137. Universe Yoga
  138. Soul Lake Studio
  139. Old Soul Studios
  140. Wisdom Yoga 
  141. Sage of Source Yoga Studio
  142. Always Home Yoga
  143. Forward Thinking Studio 
  144. Choice of Thought Yoga 

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