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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Dazzling crystals and precious stones adorn the interiors of temples, meditation rooms, and yoga studios around the world. But they’re for far more than decoration. The healing and metaphysical properties of certain types of crystals are known to defend people and spaces from unwanted energies.

Whether you hope to block negative energy, repel negative thoughts, or just maintain an aura of good vibes, wearing, carrying, or keeping certain stones nearby can help create a mini-forcefield of safety and peacefulness.

However, when using crystals for protection it’s important to recognize the specific healing properties of each type of stone, then clear and activate them for your particular intention.

Let’s dig into the 7 best crystals for protection from negative energy and how to use them in your spiritual or yoga practice.

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What are Protection Crystals?

Similar to a dream catcher or evil eye totem, protection stones such as Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Pyrite, and Black Obsidian are crystals known to guard their users from negative vibes and potential harm.

These gems formed deep in the Earth and are used in different mystical and spiritual practices, or simply to protect a household from unwanted spirits.

Protection crystals are all about taking back your power. Just like yoga or meditation, healing crystals are yet another tool in your toolbox toward self-discovery and spiritual growth. You can inoculate them with positive energy and the power of your intuition. They also happen to be gorgeous adornments that are fascinating to learn about.

History of Protective Crystal

Sparkling gems and ravishing crystals have captivated humans since the dawn of time. The first evidence of using protection stones dates back to ancient Sumerians who used crystals in their magic formulas.

Ancient Egyptians used crystals for protection and good health. The Greeks wore them as amulets and rubbed stones on their bodies to protect them during battle. The Chinese crafted instruments, armor, and healing concoctions with stones.

One could even speculate that the practice of yoga was founded under the protection of precious stones situated beneath the Tree of Knowledge, according to Buddhist texts.

In the modern world of social media, draining workplaces, and potentially toxic people, it can be difficult to set boundaries to protect your emotional and spiritual energies. Healing crystals can bring us back to a grounded state where we feel safe connecting to our higher selves.

Why Use Protection Crystals?

Why Use Protection Crystals

If you are someone who is very empathic and tends to take on the emotions or pain of other people, protective crystals may help you set more boundaries around your emotional and spiritual well-being. After all, when you give too much of yourself to others, you can sometimes forget to fill your cup.

Yoga, meditation, and crystal healing are just a few forms of self-care that you can practice to give back to yourself so that you don’t become overwhelmed by people trying to suck energy from you.

Protection crystals are also useful for:

  • Attracting positivity into your life
  • Protecting you from psychic attacks and curses from bad-intentioned people
  • Calming anxiety or stress
  • Preventing nightmares or night terrors
  • Creating a forcefield of good energy around your home
  • Feeling protected in dangerous situations
  • Cultivating your inner strength and courage

Naysayers may mock crystal collectors for believing in “woo-woo” or “magic”. While there may not be specific scientific evidence for crystal healing, these precious stones are proven to vibrate at a higher frequency (32,768Hz), which is why they are often used in electrical circuits, tuning forks, and clocks.

There is also evidence that meditation and spirituality are far more powerful in healing our bodies than we initially thought. Crystals may have a placebo effect to create more calmness and a feeling of safety.

As the adage goes “the beauty [or magic] is in the eye of the beholder”. It’s important to recognize that no crystal is going to magically cure all your problems, but they may help repel negative energy and brighten up your life with a little mysticism and sparkle.

7 Best Crystals for Protection

Amidst the hundreds of different mineral gemstones on Earth, it can be difficult to discover which crystals have the properties you’re looking for.

Shielding from Negative Energies

Best for Shielding from Negative Energies:

Zenkeeper 1PC Large Black Obsidian Crystal Points, Obsidian Crystal Tower Wand for Office, Home,...

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This powerful protective crystal is one of the strongest psychic protection stones and acts a bit like a sponge. It absorbs unwanted energies and holds onto them so that they don’t destabilize your spiritual centering.

Interestingly, Black Obsidian is not technically a crystal. It is an igneous rock that develops when lava cools extremely rapidly as it comes into contact with air or water. This volcanic glass is found near volcanoes all over the world. It is extremely smooth and glossy, but when cut, it is 3 times sharper than a diamond!

Meaning and Uses: Think of Black Obsidian as the energy of a black hole. It is incredibly absorbent and pulls toward it any bad energy, psychic attacks, or negative entities that come near it. However, it doesn’t neutralize or transmute these energies, so it is essential to consciously cleanse and activate this crystal regularly. The salt-bath method of crystal clearing described below is the most recommended for this volcanic glass stone.

How to Use: Black Obsidian is perfect for placing near your front door, in your bedroom, or your kitchen. It acts like a protective shield for sucking in anything harmful that may be coming your way. It provides emotional protection by masking you from bad vibes, ill-minded people, fearful emotions, or evil spirits.

These bulk rough gemstones include an array of shapes and sizes for integrating throughout your home, yoga & meditation room, or workspace.

rough gemstones

You can also wear a Black Obsidian pendant to protect you from negative energy as you move through your daily life.

Black Obsidian pendant

Because of its strong pulling energy, Black Obsidian can feel a little heavy and bring up unresolved shadow aspects of your psyche. Be sure to properly clean this stone or opt for gentler forms of obsidian like Gold Sheen Obsidian or Snowflake Obsidian.

Grounding and Clearing

Best for Grounding and Clearing:

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This silicate crystal is a member of the Tourmaline family. It forms from minerals in steamy, hot lava deep within the cracks of the Earth. As it cools, the minerals crystallize into black tourmaline.

Mostly found in Brazil and throughout Africa, it is most recognizable by its inky black color which symbolizes grounding and protection.

Meaning and Uses: Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy and helps transmute dark emotions into positive ones, creating more balance and light in your psyche.

This extremely powerful protection stone has magnetic charging properties from its iron and manganese-enriched structure. It can help you feel recharged and give you the power to catalyze any negative emotions into more positive ones.

Black tourmaline is closely connected to the root chakra. It can act as a protective crystal shield to keep unwanted energies out of your life.

How to Use: This Orgonite Black Tourmaline pyramid is perfect for placing near your bed or by the front door of your home to swallow negative energies, prevent nightmares, and anxiety aid. Its dark color clears away negativity and helps cleanse your spirit with positive energy.

Orgonite Black Tourmaline pyramid

If you prefer to take black tourmaline with you everywhere you go, this Black Tourmaline Pendant features copper, quartz, and the flower of life to the ground and center you throughout your daily life.

Black Tourmaline Pendant
Extreme Amethyst Cluster

Best for Good Dreams and Sleep:

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Dreams and Sleep Amethyst

With its jagged prismatic structure and violet hues, geologists and gem collectors have been mystified by amethyst for centuries. This February birthstone is one of the most popular crystals on the planet. It is found deep within the cavities and fractures of basalt flows from volcanoes. The largest deposits are in Brazil and Uruguay.

Meaning and Uses: Vibrant purple amethyst is a cleansing and balancing stone that is often used for decoration and jewelry. It is one of the most powerful protection crystals for placing near your bed at night and warding away nightmares or anything that could disrupt your sleep.

It has long been seen as a symbol of royalty and power. Amethyst can help give you control over your emotions and offer protection from bad dreams.

How to Use: We love to use amethyst on our nightstand (to encourage pleasant sleep) as well as around the home for soothing energy and guardianship against bad vibes. You can display amethyst on a mantle, a spiritual altar, or in your yoga room. It is also great for placing it near your desk to protect your work environment from stressful people or events.

Amethyst is most commonly purchased as a large cluster where you can see the full glory of the geode’s crystalline details.

One crystal can weigh up to 2.5 tons! But a 1 or 2-lb geode like this provides plenty of protection for your home. These amethyst crystals are ethically mined in Uruguay and are perfectly cut with a solid base for a stunning display. They even include a free selenite wand for added protective properties.

1 or 2 lb geode like this

If you prefer a larger raw-cut amethyst, these raw cut clusters weigh up to 4 pounds and are carefully inspected and packaged in the USA.

For smaller, portable amethysts, look for a quarter pound geode cluster or pocket-size amethyst fountain rocks.

a quarter pound geode cluster
Triple Protection Bracelet

For Strength and Luck:

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If you’d like to harness more inner strength, courage, or good luck, Tiger’s Eye is a captivating crystal especially attuned to those on a path of self-improvement. This marbled cat-eye-patterned stone forms when Quartz dissolves and takes over a mineral called Crocodolite. The result is a uniquely lustrous stone with patterns of brown, gold, and yellow.

Meaning and Uses: Tiger’s Eye is one of the best protection stones for feeling grounded and at peace within oneself. It is great for people who want to stimulate their integrity, intuition, and willpower in tough situations. It is a symbol of good fortune and inner strength.

How to Use: Tiger’s Eye is the type of stone you want to keep with you as jewelry or a talisman. It will subtly boost your confidence and self-esteem while helping you steer clear of misfortune or self-doubt.

We love this triple protection bracelet with Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, and Black Obsidian to help protect you from the judgments and opinions of others. It can help you feel more empowered to make decisions based on your inner guidance.

this triple protection bracelet

You can also purchase shiny polished Tiger’s Eye Stones straight from Brazil to add to your alter or carry in your pocket.

polished Tigers Eye Stones straight from Brazil
713IGgMbESL. AC SX679

Best for Home Protection:

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This high-vibrating stone is a translucent crystallized type of gypsum. It is purifying and cleansing, making it one of the best crystals for protection in the home.

Meaning and Uses: Selenite repels negative energy and purifies the environment by helping to elevate your spirit. This stone has an aura of clarity and peacefulness that can help people feel more calm when entering a space. Selenite is also known to promote a positive mindset for manifestation.

How to Use: Selenite cleansing lamps are an increasingly popular way to add this stone to your home. The extra heat and light help diffuse the energy throughout a space. You can also charge your other crystals near the lamp.

Selenite cleansing lamps

A selenite wand is another beautiful way to add this stone to your altar or collection.

Best for EMF Protection

Best for EMF Protection:

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EMF Protection

Shungite is a lustrous black mineral sourced specifically from the remote Shunga village in Russia. These deep black stones are made of up to 90% pure carbon.

Meaning and Uses: The micro and macro clusters of mineral in Shungite absorb and neutralize EMFs. They also repel negative energy in your aura and help detoxify your environment. This rare stone is known to help release you when you feel weighed down by emotional balance or need to shield yourself from a toxic environment (energetically or physically).

Shungite is even used to purify water. A 2015 study found that placing Shungite in water can help filter out contaminants like pesticides, toxins, and harmful bacteria. Other studies have shown that the black stone can remove radiation from water as well, pointing to its beneficial use as an EMF-protective crystal.

How to Use: Shungite is great for placing near your WiFi router, laptop, or other electronic devices. It is most commonly purchased as a pyramid crystal for an aesthetically pleasing and protective display.

a pyramid crystal
Healing Crystals Clear

Best for Meditation:

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Clear quartz is one of the most versatile stones for general healing and protection. It has varying uses, including its ability to enhance mental clarity and emotional stability and foster more balance in your life.

Meaning and Uses: As a protective stone, clear quartz is very popular for meditation because it simultaneously dispels negative energy and magnifies positive energy. It can help absorb and balance any negative forces in your surroundings.

How to Use: Clear quartz is most functional when close to your body. You can wear clear quartz as a necklace, bracelet, or ring to have its protective powers with you everywhere you go. We especially love this wire-wrapped quartz pendant:

wire wrapped quartz pendant

Clear quartz crystal wands are also beautiful additions to your meditation room or yoga studio.

Clear quartz crystal wands

How to Choose the Best Protection Stone for You

When finding the best crystal for you, it’s best to simply follow your intuition. What colors, shapes, or meanings draw you in? What type of protection are you seeking?

What protection crystal is good for home?

Home protection stones are important for a number of reasons. You don’t often know what energy resides in a home when you rent or purchase it. You also never know what people are bringing in with them when you invite them into your space.

The best protection crystals for guarding your doorways from unhealthy vibrations include:

  • Selenite: These purifying and cleansing stones come in gorgeous wands perfect for setting near a doorway.
  • Amethyst: Use this vibrant raw cut amethyst geode for dual-functions as decoration and a protective stone near entryways and windows.
  • Black Obsidian: One of the most dynamic crystals, Black Obsidian can be used as a decorative crystal ball or pyramid to absorb bad energy and create a shielding forcefield around your living space.
Black Obsidian

Best Protection Crystals for Jewelry

When you’re out in the world, you never what negative people or bad energy might cross your path. For thousands of years, cultures around the world have integrated healing crystals into jewelry from their beauty and metaphysical properties.

Pendants, bracelets, and other crystal jewelry are essentially mobile spiritual tools to protect you on-the-go. They can help you embody your higher self in tough situations or to feel a more harmonious relationship with nature. Certain crystals can also aid in deflecting negativity, boosting your self esteem, or grounding you in new situations.

Some stones (such as Black Tourmaline and Lapus Lazuli) are known to work in a very localized energetic field. This means you want to wear them close to your body to provide spiritual protection or keep negative influences at bay.

Depending on the crystal’s unique properties, certain types of jewelry can aid you in your spiritual growth journey or daily struggles. Here are our favorites:

JOVIVI Healing Crystals

Best Protection Crystal Pendant:

Jovivi 3pcs Healing Crystals Necklace Natural Tiger Eye Amethyst Lucky Blessing Protection Chakra...

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With Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, and Black Obsidian, this set of protection pendants offers a triple strength shield against any negative energy that might come your way. We love that each stone is unique and mounted on adjustable natural brown rope.

LIAGZA Healing Crystal Bracelet for Women

Best Crystal Bracelet for Anxiety:

liagza Healing Bracelet For Women Anxiety Crystal Bracelet Chakra Beaded Bracelets Rose Quartz...

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If you struggle with anxious thoughts or constant stress, you may feel like you need protection from negative energies that keep you constantly thinking of the worst-case scenario. This bracelet is beaded with two gorgeous protective crystals: rose quartz and zebra stone. Both are known to open your heart, promote self-love, and create a calming feeling of reassurance and safety.

2pcs Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

Best Protection Friendship Bracelets:

Yhluck 2pcs Amethyst Crystal Bracelet Handmade Natural Healing Gemstone Bracelet with Wish Cards...

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These adorable adjustable bracelets make the perfect matching pair for best friends, couples, or kids who want to feel protected and guided by their loved ones at all time. The amethyst stone is known to provide purification, serenity, and protective powers for the wearer. It also helps guard against insomnia and nightmares.

Other Stones for EMF Protection

In modern society, we are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) at every turn. From cellphone signals to electrical wires to 5G towers, these polluting frequencies could disrupt our bodily rhythms and interfere with brain waves. In his book EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden harms and How to Protect Yourself, Dr. Joseph Mercola digs into the largely suppressed science of how these frequencies impact our health and could be linked to everything from ADHD to kidney stones to cancer.

There is some evidence that the power of Earth-mined crystals can help protect you from the radiation circulating us daily. Many yoga studios and healing centers incorporate specific protection stones to create a calming environment where people can explore higher levels of consciousness without the oppressive impact of radiation.

We already covered one of the most powerful EMF-protectors: Shungite. Other crystals great for guarding against EMFs include:

beautiful fluorite crystal
  • Lepidolite: This gorgeous mauve crystal is known for its ability to “mop up” EMFs from the environment. Because of its clearing energy, it is often coupled with Fluorite to be used when near computers. A lepidolite pendant protects your chest and heart from harmful frequencies.
  • Black Obsidian: When surrounded by cell phone towers or high radiation environments like those in urban areas, placing Black Obsidian crystal wands around your home can create a crystal grid of neutralized frequencies.
Black Obsidian crystal wands

Read more about the possibilities and limitations of healing stones for EMF protection in Barbara Newerla’s groundbreaking book, Crystal Protection from 5G and EMF Pollution.

How to Use Crystals for Protection

Similar to a dream catcher or an evil eye totem, protection crystals work by driving away dark or negative energy from their surroundings.

Step 1: Cleanse and clear your crystals

After purchasing a crystal, the first thing you want to do is cleanse the stone of any energy it may be carrying. Just like you wash new clothes before wearing them, clearing the crystal helps to give it a clean start in your life. As it was being mined, transported, and sold, you have no idea what hands or intentions touched the stone.

You can use a bundle of ethically harvested sage to smudge the crystal or try palo santo, incense, or a regional floral smudge stick. Simply light them with a flame and allow the sacred smoke to dance around your stone. Consider repeating your favorite mantra or visualizing the stone filling with radiant white light.

Step 2: Set an intention for the crystal

Just like setting an intention before your yoga practice, mindfully visualizing or speaking aloud your intention for your crystal can help improve its powers in your life. You can be as general or specific as you like, for example, “protect me from evil spirits and nightmares” or “help guard my heart against painful romantic relationships”.

Keep this intention in mind as you activate the crystal and fill it with your warm, glowing energy. Some people prefer to meditate with the crystal before deciding its exact intention.

Step 3: Activate your crystals

Once you have cleared your crystals of negative energy and charged them with positive intentions, a small activation ritual can intensify the protective effect. It essentially allows your crystal to awaken to the intentions you hope to set with it.

Activating crystals is similar to sleeping or resting in nature; it helps replenish their energy and prepare them to work in your favor.

The five main methods used to activate crystals with positive energy are intended to ground you and the stone in nature. Listen to your intuition to figure out which activation calls to you. This will build intimacy with your crystal. As you use the crystal for protection in your daily life, the activation can empower you to follow your gut feeling about who/what is good for you and what is not.

  • Full Moon Bath: The full moon is a very powerful and mystical part of the lunar cycle. It complex vibrancy symbolizes abundance and transformation, which means it can be an excellent time to activate your crystals with the magic of lunar energy. Simply place your crystal on the ground outside or on a windowsill overnight under the full moon.
  • Crystal Sound Bath: Singing bowls have been used for centuries to harmonize frequencies and bring spiritual protection and sound healing to yogis and meditators around the world. Set the tone for a soothing, protective relationship with your crystal by enshrining it in a sound bath. Use a singing bowl next to or above your crystal to allow the sacred ringing of the ancient holy instrument to reinforce the protective barrier of positive energy around your stone. We reviewed the best singing bowls for layered, pure tones that will bathe you and your protection crystals in good vibes.
  • Immerse in Salt: Place your stone in a bowl of sea salt from your pantry or saltwater you’ve collected from the ocean. The stone can sit in salt solution for a few hours to a few days. The ions of the salt absorb any unwanted energy and neutralize the stone so it will be ready to receive the intentions you wish to put into it. Don’t forget to rinse and pat dry your crystals once complete.
  • Breath Activation: Pranayama breathing is like the guiding compass of yoga and spiritual practices. By clearing your mind in a meditative state and holding your crystal as you breathe, you can use your breath to activate your crystal for spiritual protection. On your final round of breaths, take one very deep inhale and, as you forcefully exhale, use your hand to swiftly sweep away unwanted energy from the crystal’s field.
  • Bury Underground: The most grounding and earthy option is, of course, burying your crystal! Putting the stone back in the Earth is symbolic for recalibrating and neutralizing its energy. You can keep the stone in the soil for as long as you’d like and unearth it when you feel ready to use it.

Closing Thoughts

Using crystals for protection can be a transformative experience. Just like guardian angels, spiritual guides, or other mysticism, gemstones can hold as much power as we give them. These talismans are perfect for decorating your yoga space, practicing self-care, and bringing protection with you as you traverse through the outside world.


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