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As human beings, we tend to attach and hold on to people, situations, thoughts, and even material possessions. This may be due to low self-worth, self-esteem, or a desire to control all aspects of our lives.

However, the more we hold onto something or someone, the more it causes us pain and suffering. In addition, if the person or situation is toxic, we can create severe mental and emotional disease by choosing not to let go.

Even so, letting go of something that no longer serves us is often easier said than done. But some tools and practices can help with the process and assist our spiritual growth. Repeating affirmations for letting go is one of the most effective techniques for releasing ourselves from the past and moving forward.

But how do affirmations work, and how are we supposed to use them? Let’s find out.

What Does Repeating Positive Affirmations Do?

Repeating Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense about yourself. An affirmation should relate to something you are working on currently, like healing from past relationships. However, instead of saying ‘I will let go of all hurt and move forward”, you say it in the present tense, like “I let go of all hurt and move forward.”

Even if you don’t currently feel that way, speaking as if it is already happening helps to “trick” the mind. When you repeat affirmations for letting go frequently, you can challenge and overcome your self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.

Because you are saying that you have already let go of your pain, your mind starts to believe it is true over time. This reduces negative thinking, brings you into the present, raises your vibration, and allows you to make positive changes to build a better future.

The effect that positive affirmations have on our brains is known as Neuroplasticity. This is our brain’s ability to change and adapt to different circumstances, beliefs, and experiences. It helps us break bad habits, build healthy ones, and let go of limiting beliefs.

When you first state an affirmation, a new connection is made in your neural networks. Then, the bond strengthens each time you repeat that same affirmation, and you essentially “rewire” your brain.

How And When To Use Positive Affirmations To Let Go

While affirmations can be beneficial in the short term, you will maximize the benefits if you use them correctly and in a long-term affirmation practice. Here are three ways to get started with affirmations for letting go.



The most common way of using affirmations is by speaking them aloud or in your head. However, it is not enough to state your commitment once in the morning and once at night. Ideally, you should be repeating positive affirmations frequently throughout the day.

The key is to get into the habit of repeating your chosen affirmation. For example, create morning and evening rituals where you look into the mirror and tell yourself your resolve at least ten times. Then, continue to repeat it in your mind or out loud while doing everyday things and chores.

To get started, choose three activities you do at least once daily. Some examples are making tea or coffee, washing dishes, taking a shower, or cooking. Decide on your three actions, and then make a conscious effort to repeat your affirmation while doing them. If you keep forgetting, write a reminder on a post-it note and stick it where you’ll see it when doing that activity, like next to the coffee machine.

It’s also essential to pay attention to the words you are saying when doing your affirmations. If you’re saying it on auto-pilot while thinking about something else, the effects of the practice will reduce significantly.

To stay present while doing your reps, visualize your ideal self. This is the future version of you that has fully let go and embodies what you describe in your affirmation. Also, envision how you would feel in that moment and try to recreate those positive emotions as you repeat the words. Once familiar with the practice, you can incorporate repetition into more activities.



Are you someone who finds writing to be a therapeutic exercise? If so, try jotting down your affirmation instead of or in addition to verbal/mental repetition. Writing your claims can also help to center your mind and focus on the words, their meaning, and the emotions around them as you are writing them.

For best results, envision your future self free from all past hurts, attachments, negative thoughts, or whatever else you are trying to let go of. Write at least one page in a notebook or journal (around 10 times) morning and evening.

An alternative or supportive journalling practice is to use a guided journal. There are many excellent journals designed for letting go.

For example, the Let That Sh*t Go Guided Journal is full of inspiration and journaling activities to assist you on your journey of healing and personal development. By doing a little bit every day, you’ll slowly release feelings of anger, sadness, and shame and the pain and suffering associated with holding onto them.

Letting Go Meditation

Letting Go Meditation

Another way to use affirmations for letting go is in meditation. This can simply be closing your eyes and sitting for a few minutes while repeating your claim. Or you can follow a guided meditation for letting go – you’ll find plenty on meditation apps like Insight Timer and Youtube like this one from Mindful Peace.

Suppose you are dealing with codependency and trying to let go of an attachment to someone. In that case, I highly recommend the book The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie. The book is written for anyone who struggles with codependency. The daily meditations will help you take responsibility for yourself and set healthy boundaries.

You can also use specific scents and crystals related to letting go. These will not only help to set the mood and calm your mind, but they will maximize the benefits of your affirmation meditation practice.

For example, I recommend using the Letting Go Affirmation Candle by Art of the Root. The natural soy candle is infused with Pink Kunzite Crystals, which are deeply connected to the heart and love. It also has herbs and essential oils known for dispersing negative feelings, such as Helichrysum, Frankincense, and Cedar.

50 Best Affirmations For Letting Go

Now that you know how to use positive affirmations for letting go, here are 50 examples to inspire you. One or two may resonate strongly with you or your unique situation, and you may choose to use them. Alternatively, you can edit an affirmation to make it more personal and impactful.

Choose only one or two affirmations and focus on those using the above techniques.

Affirmations For Letting Go And Connecting To The Present Moment

Affirmations For Letting Go
  1. I am content with everything exactly how it is right now.
  2. I release my need for control and put my trust in the universe.
  3. With every breath, I relax and let go.
  4. I release all expectations and open myself to the wonders of the universe.
  5. I am moving forward at my own pace, letting go a little more each day.
  6. The past is gone, and the future uncertain. Today is all I have, so I embrace and face it head-on.
  7. I release the past so that I can experience a brighter future.
  8. I make the conscious decision to take control of my mind by letting go of the past and focusing on the present.
  9. I embrace a bright future full of new adventures with open arms.
  10. As I step into my power, I let go of all fear and anxiety.

Affirmations For Letting Go Of Past Relationships

Letting Go Of Past Relationships
  1. I let go of all resentment that is holding me back.
  2. I refuse to let the pain of the past keep me from moving forward.
  3. I cherish the positive memories and let go of the negative ones with love and gratitude.
  4. I’m opening a new chapter and stepping into it with an open heart and positive energy.
  5. I breathe freely as positive energy flows through me, filling me with self-love and compassion.
  6. No matter how long the healing process may take, I am moving forward every day.
  7. I feel myself healing with every ounce of pain I let go of.
  8. My past experiences have helped me to become stronger and braver.
  9. I bravely let go, allowing the universe to reveal its plan for me.
  10. I can hold people from my past close to my heart while moving forward.

Affirmations For Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts

Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts
  1. I feel happy and at ease with a clutter-free mind and clutter-free space.
  2. I am intentionally building my future with positive thoughts, emotions, and actions
  3. I live a forward-moving, energetic life free from negative thoughts and memories.
  4. I am entering a new chapter of my life where no negative memories are welcome.
  5. I am worry-free; my mind is calm, and my heart is at peace.
  6. I effortlessly let go of anything that no longer serves me.
  7. I refuse to waste any more time stressing about the past and choose freedom instead.
  8. My mind is free from distractions and anxious thoughts. I feel as light as a feather.
  9. I will not worry about things I cannot control.
  10. I let go of any limiting beliefs that prevent me from achieving my goals and dreams.

Affirmations For Letting Go Of Past Mistakes

Letting Go Of Past Mistakes
  1. I let go of my pain, freeing myself from the burdens of my past.
  2. My past does not define me.
  3. I am grateful for the lessons my past missteps taught me.
  4. I forgive myself for past mistakes.
  5. It is safe for me to let go.
  6. I honor my past experiences, let go of the pain they carry, and appreciate the lessons they taught me.
  7. I let go of any dark memories that keep my mind clouded and my aura gloomy.
  8. I accept that I cannot change the past and, instead, focus on building a positive future.
  9. It is okay if I have made mistakes in the past; I am only human.
  10. I release the shadows of my past.

Affirmations For Letting Go Of People & Material Things

Letting Go Of People Material Things
  1. I am liberated from the desire to hoard things.
  2. I let go of whatever will no longer serve me, whether physical, mental, or emotional.
  3. I choose a life free from toxic people and drama.
  4. I happily step forward into the future with no baggage holding me back.
  5. I understand and accept that happiness can only be found within myself.
  6. By letting go of every possession I no longer need, I create an open pathway to the future.
  7. I fully release the desire to own anything or anyone
  8. I am not responsible for the pain of others. I am only accountable for my actions.
  9. I deserve a healthy and loving relationship and will not settle for anything else.
  10. I let go of the unhealthy desire to meet the needs of the people around me. Instead, I choose to meet my own needs.

Final Thoughts On Affirmations For Letting Go

By using affirmations for letting go, we can stop worrying and release fear, pain, and suffering, increasing our mental health and well-being significantly. What’s more, when we release the past’s hold on us, we enter the here and now, which is the first step towards creating a positive and beautiful future.

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