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    For an audiophile, you really have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the F1 rig at Luna.
    Their were more subs there this year, but they were stacked in a asymmetrical way to minimize peaks and valleys of SUB frequencies on the dance floor and have as clean and even dispersion of bass on the field as possible. I’m sure last year with the stereo sub stack there were spots where sub frequencies phased together and sounded really sub heavy, but with that effect comes areas that are phasing out sub and have no noticeable sub frequencies to hear at all. The idea was to create an even listening environment for all positions on the field and not have some places that were lacking or too much.
    Take a drop of water falling into a puddle for example. If u drop two drops of water in a puddle when the ripples hit each other there are places where it jumps up and places where it dips down really low and end up interfering with the integrity of each ripple from each drop. If you drop one drop of water in a puddle the ripple is able to flow outward with out getting any interference from other ripples and the ripple(sub sound wave) is clean and crisp till the puddle ends(back of field).
    It may look like less tops but the evo7 tops (newest cabinet from F1) are much louder and wider dispersion than res5s from last year so you don’t need as many to cover the same area.
    i respect your opinion of what you experienced, but a little research into what was going on with the F1 rig at Luna will help you be able to share the truth with the people who read your article and not just your opinion.


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