12 Throat Chakra Crystals for Powerful Communication & Self-Expression

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Throat Chakra Crystals

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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Singing along to your favorite song in your car is a great way to promote throat chakra healing. But what if you’re sitting in a waiting room before a job interview? Or, about to speak in front of a group of people and are nervous, you’ll fumble over your words?

If you sound like Adele, you don’t have to worry. But since few of us do, you’ll have to find a more subtle method to express yourself with confidence and ease.

One way to heal a blocked throat chakra and cultivate clear and honest communication is through crystal healing. Having throat chakra stones nearby can assist you in achieving a peaceful and focused state of mind, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively.

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Read on to learn how crystals can support throat chakra healing and the best throat chakra crystals to use.

What Is The Throat Chakra Responsible For?

The throat chakra (Vishuddha) is the fifth energy center of the seven main chakras, located at the base of the throat. According to yogic teachings, this wheel of energy is our communication center.

The throat chakra is associated with clear communication and living your authentic truth. When this chakra is blocked, you can experience many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual side effects.

Your throat chakra may become blocked due to guilt, stress, and fear. If you’re frustrated because your creativity and communication skills seem hindered, it might be worth trying healing crystals to restore and balance your fifth chakra.

With a balanced throat chakra, you can effortlessly communicate and express your needs and desires without fear. With an uninterrupted energy flow, you’ll gain a sense of self-confidence that empowers you to live your truth. As a result, you’ll find engaging in honest communication with others effortless.

Signs Of A Blocked Throat Chakra


Here are a few common signs of a throat chakra blockage.

  • Hoarseness
  • Thyroid, sore throat, or neck issues
  • Dental issues and mouth ulcers
  • Anxiety, especially in social settings
  • Respiratory issues
  • Difficulty expressing yourself
  • Fear of speaking up for yourself
  • A feeling of being stuck in life
  • Lack of creativity
  • Difficulty empathizing with or listening to others
  • Talking without thinking or making insensitive comments

Top 12 Throat Chakra Stones

Blue stones can be used as a focal point in meditation or mindfulness practice, reducing physical symptoms and promoting emotional balance. While there may not be scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of throat chakra stones, if you experience improvement, your personal experience alone is valid.

Quick Picks

NameAppearanceAbilityWhere to buy
gemhub Rare Blue Turquoise Healing Crystal 106.50 Ct Natural Raw Lapidary Cabbing Rough Turquoise...Promotes Better CommunicationSee latest price
Aquamarine Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for Tumbling,...Allows for Better Self-Expression.See latest price
Blue Lace Agate
2 Pieces Blue Lace Agate Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw...Helps To Release Bottled-Up EmotionsSee latest price
Amazonite Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for Tumbling,...Clears the Way for Loving CommunicationSee latest price
Blue Apatite
2 Pieces Apatite Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and...Increases Openness and Ease Anxiety in Social SettingsSee latest price
Lapis Lazuli
2 Pieces Lapis Lazuli Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...Empowers Uncompromised Self-ExpressionSee latest price
Blue Chalcedony
XUQULI 1 Pack Natural Raw Blue Chalcedony Irregular Thick Banded Agate Crystal Stone Quartz Specimen...Absorbs Negative Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy and Ease Self-DoubtSee latest price
Blue Kyanite
Blue Kyanite, one piece, approximately 1' in sizeOpens You to Spiritual and Psychological TruthsSee latest price
Blue Sodalite
2 Pieces Sodalite Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and...Helps You Transition From Misunderstanding to TruthSee latest price
Blue Topaz
GEMHUB Faceted Blue Topaz Approx 60-70 Ct. Perfect Oval Cut Loose Gemstone for Jewelry MakingHelps You Navigate Through Uncertainty Toward Self-TrustSee latest price
Blue Calcite
Blue Calcite Healing CrystalHelps You Communicate Better if You’re in a ConflictSee latest price
Clear Quartz
2 Pieces Clear Quartz Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones...Purifies Your Energy Back to Where It Was Before Discomfort Set InSee latest price


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Turquoise is a stunning blue-green stone used for protection and purification since ancient times. This stone can clear and balance the throat chakra to promote better communication.

Turquoise has a calming and soothing effect on your throat chakra and is known to help you communicate your truth. It can enhance artistic abilities and improve your ability to articulate thoughts and ideas.

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To use turquoise to clear and heal your fifth chakra, you could wear it as jewelry, burn a throat chakra candle, or carry a stone in your pocket. Keeping a turquoise point on your desk while you work or during meetings can be helpful for creative problem-solving. Turquoise can also calm your nerves when presenting to a group or speaking in public.

Overall, turquoise’s soothing color and gentle energy will help you find harmony in the throat chakra and in your daily life.


image 2

Aquamarine is a blue-green gemstone that is said to have many healing properties. It clears blockages in the throat chakra, allowing for better self-expression.

Use aquamarine to help understand and interpret complex emotions you may be experiencing and soothe fears of public speaking. Its calming energies quiet the mind and support you in times of stress.

Try holding a palm stone during meditation. This practice will help you reach a higher state of consciousness to bring in communication from the higher self.

Finally, aquamarine is the perfect stone to clear up confusion and sharpen ideas so you can express yourself fully.

Blue Lace Agate

image 3

Blue lace agate activates the throat chakra, allowing the free expression of your deepest thoughts and feelings. A pale blue stone with white or darker lines, Blue lace agate is a powerful throat healer.

Holding back your feelings out of fear of being judged or rejected may manifest as a tight feeling in your chest. Blue lace agate helps to release bottled-up emotions and enhance communication skills by removing these common self-expression barriers.

During meditation, carry a blue lace agate worry stone to counteract the mental stress or anxiety associated with repressed feelings.


image 4

Placing amazonite around your home will filter negative energy and clear the way for loving communication. This is because amazonite is a powerful filter capable of protecting you from the electromagnetic pollutants of electronics. Place a bowl of blue-green, opalescent stones next to your computer or attach this crystal phone grip to your cell phone to absorb these emanations.

Amazonite opens and heals not only the throat chakra but also the heart chakra. It has a powerful ability to enhance loving communication. This soothing stone will balance many aspects of your personality and help you see different points of view. Use this stone to calm the nervous system and soothe emotional trauma.

Blue Apatite

image 5

Blue apatite opens the throat chakra to enhance public speaking and group communication. It is also believed to disrupt negative thought patterns in yourself or others. If you have introverted tendencies, Blue apatite can increase openness and ease anxiety in social settings to bring out extroversion.

As a humanitarian stone, wear blue apatite throat chakra stones on your skin, such as this bracelet, to clear confusion and help access information for the collective good.

Lapis Lazuli

image 6

Lapis lazuli is one of the best crystals to balance the throat chakra. This powerful blue stone empowers uncompromised self-expression.

If you tend to hold on to stress and anger or avoid speaking up for yourself, this can cause difficulties in your throat and communication. Wear lapis lazuli anywhere between your sternum and the top of your head, such as on your ears, with these beautiful stud earrings to dissolve emotional build-up and reveal your inner truth.

Lapis lazuli can assist you in romantic relationships and friendships by enhancing your ability to actively listen and express your emotions, ultimately strengthening your connections with others.

Blue Chalcedony

image 7

Blue chalcedony is a throat chakra stone for creativity and acceptance. This healing crystal will absorb negative thoughts, feelings, and energy and ease self-doubt. It will help you be more open-minded, ready to listen to others, and reflect on new ideas and perspectives. Its qualities can also be helpful when learning a new language.

If you are stuck thinking about a negative experience or interaction, use this stone to absorb and dissipate the negative energy. Transmuting hostility into joy will slow an overactive throat chakra so you don’t pass the negativity on in future conversations.

Wearing blue chalcedony around the neck or on the skin helps balance the vishuddha chakra and improves mental flexibility to accept new situations.

Blue Kyanite

image 8

Blue Kyanite is a low-maintenance crystal that never requires cleaning because it doesn’t hold negativity. It has a no-nonsense way of instantly cutting through fears and blockages to align the chakras. It will open the throat chakra to encourage self-expression and communication while hushing ignorance to open you to spiritual and psychological truths.

For performers and public speakers, such as teachers, blue kyanite strengthens the voice and acts as a natural pain reliever if you have a sore throat from talking all day.

In a Reiki healing session, ask for this stone to attune your throat chakra with higher universal energy. Blue kyanite will amplify your ability to speak your truth. While meditating, wear blue kyanite as a pendant to experience tranquility and raise your vibration.

Blue Sodalite

image 9

Blue sodalite can take you on a journey if you are in a confusing situation or need more confidence. This chakra stone will guide you to self-discovery and standing up for your beliefs. Meditating with blue sodalite may remedy symptoms of an unbalanced throat chakra. This practice can help you transition from misunderstanding to truth.

Like all throat chakra stones, it takes time for blue sodalite to bring you from confusion to mental clarity. So I recommend wearing blue sodalite as jewelry, such as these simple crystal stud earrings, for long periods. Over time, this crystal will help to heal the throat chakra and allow you to vocalize your truths.

This gemstone may also help you uncover your less desirable traits and then learn to accept them without judgment. The process of self-discovery can feel like one step forward and two steps back, but ultimately healing crystals will help you achieve self-trust, self-acceptance, and higher self-esteem.

Blue Topaz

image 10

Blue topaz is a throat chakra stone that promotes truth and forgiveness. This chakra stone brings awareness to how you might be living according to society’s expectations and not your own. Use this gem to help you navigate through uncertainty toward self-trust.

Wear this powerful stone during meditation to tune into your higher self to live according to your awakened dreams and values. This crystal is excellent for strengthening affirmations and manifestations. Its amplification ability will assist visualization during your meditation practice.

The heartening joy this stone inspires will help you open your power to be insightful, honest, and confident to share your positive ideas.

Blue Calcite

image 11

Blue calcite is a translucent crystal that will help soothe anxiety or anxious thoughts. If you sense negative energy, position a few of these throat chakra stones on a crystal grid to amplify their calming vibrations.

Wearing this gemstone as a necklace can help you communicate better if you’re in a conflict. It clears up communication by taking in energy, sifting through it, and sending you the good stuff back.

With this chakra stone nearby, you may notice increased self-trust, less anxiety, and a boost in your spirits. Blue calcite helps your thoughts and feelings unite, so you understand your emotions better. This stone has a calming effect and can help filter emotions, giving you the emotional intelligence to feel invigorated and take action on your ideas.

Clear Quartz

image 12

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones on Earth. It can amplify all of the throat chakra stones above to strengthen your intentions and energy to clear blockages in the Vishuddha chakra.

You can wear or place clear quartz anywhere to align the throat chakra with the rest of the energy centers in the body to create a sense of balance and harmony. You can think of quartz as an energy reset button. It can purify your energy back to where it was before discomfort set in.

Carry one of these clear quartz chakra stones with you at any time to clarify your thoughts and ideas so you can communicate them clearly and confidently.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Crystal For The Throat Chakra?

When choosing your throat chakra stones, start with a few that possess comprehensive benefits for the fifth chakra.

A fantastic starter stone is a blue kyanite since it doesn’t require energetic cleansing. It can quickly clear the fifth chakra and accelerate your belief and confidence in your views and voice.

Lapis lazuli is another must-have for the throat area, as it helps you develop better listening skills and cultivate honest communication to improve relationships.

Throat chakra stones dissolve your resistance to communicating openly and honestly. Including healing chakra stones in your daily life will help you recognize why speaking up for yourself in the past was tough. With a blue crystal close by, you’ll be more confident to speak up as your genuine self.

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