Orange Calcite Crystal: Illuminating Meaning, Benefits, and How to Choose the Best

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Orange Calcite Meaning

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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Key Takeaway

Orange calcite crystal is a vibrant, energy-boosting stone that enhances vitality and positivity.

NicknameThe Sunshine Stone
AppearanceMineralist Collection Crystal Healing Stones, Calcite Orange, 1 LB Natural Rocks, High Energy Quartz...
Benefits and healing properties1. Emotional Balancer - Promotes optimism, clears negative emotions
2. Spiritual Growth - Enhances creativity, connects to higher self
Protects against1. Low Energy - Boosts vitality and positive energies
2. Pessimism - Promotes optimism and positive outlook
3. Emotional Blockages - Facilitates release and emotional balance
Associated chakraSacral Chakra (Swadhistana), Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
Associated birth month and zodiac signJuly (Cancer, Leo)
Physical characteristicsColor: Vibrant orange
Structure: Rhombohedral crystal system
Mineral Class: Carbonate
Hardness (Mohs Scale): 3
Region(s) commonly found inMexico, Great Britain, USA, Eastern Europe, Belgium, Namibia, Iceland
Alternate spellings & misspellingsorange calacite, oragne calcite, orang calcite, ornage calcite, orage calcite
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Do you ever have one of those low-energy days where your zest for life is lacking? It happens to the best of us, my friend.

When you’ve lost your mojo, the world of crystal healing is there to help. Yet, with hundreds of crystals, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Which stone should you pick if you need to put the spring back in your step? Well, let me save you hours of endless internet trawling.

Orange calcite crystal is a perfect, energy-boosting choice.

Read on to discover how this vibrant and uplifting gemstone can help you find your mojo again in no time.

What Is The Meaning of Orange Calcite?

A powerful energy amplifier, orange calcite has numerous crystal healing benefits.

This cleansing, mood-boosting stone brings vitality and positive energies to those who use it. It is closely associated with the lower chakras, which govern our physical and emotional health, including our connection with others and the world around us.

Orange Calcite Crystal & The Lower Chakras

Orange calcite benefits the sacral chakra, the seat of joy, creativity, and physical pleasure. It is also an excellent stone for the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for power and self-confidence.

The sacral chakra, Swadhistana, is represented by the color orange, so, unsurprisingly, it resonates deeply with orange calcite. The solar plexus chakra, Manipura, is signified as yellow, another vibrant and uplifting shade. These sunny colors tie in closely with the vibrant and uplifting healing properties of orange calcite, a stone powered by the intense light and energy of the sun.

Though it predominantly channels the sacral and solar plexus chakras, orange calcite crystal is unusual as it can also benefit the other five chakras.

As a circulator of energies, it helps facilitate healthy energy flow and release emotional blockages throughout the body. This is a property that very few stones possess.

Orange Calcite Crystal & The Fire Element

orange calcite and the fire element

Orange calcite is a fire-element crystal. This orange gemstone particularly benefits those with Cancer or Leo Zodiac signs.

Leo is a powerful sign ruled by the sun, and orange calcite supports and amplifies a Leo’s creative and passionate energies immensely.

As a secondary birthstone of Cancer, it is an excellent stone for enhancing a Cancerian’s personal strength and helping them reach their goals.

Yet orange calcite can genuinely benefit everyone through its ability to connect to the high energies of the sun and, as a result, the higher, most powerful version of ourselves. Using this stone will energize but also bring much-needed clarity and further self-awareness.

Now let’s discover more about the origin of orange calcite, the stone that simply buzzes with vibration-raising positivity.

Where Does Orange Calcite Crystal Come From?

The literal meaning of orange calcite derives from the Latin ‘calx’ and the Ancient Greek word chalix, both meaning ‘lime.’ This is a nod to the fact that calcite, a rock-forming mineral, is commonly found in limestone and other sedimentary rocks, as well as metamorphic and igneous rocks worldwide.

The most impressive deposits of this calcium carbonate mineral are found in mines in Mexico, but orange calcite can also be found in other countries such as:

  • Great Britain
  • USA
  • Eastern Europe
  • Belgium
  • Namibia
  • Iceland

The largest calcite crystal ever found was mined in Iceland. It was a massive 7 meters wide and tipped the scales at over 250 tons. Orange calcite is also known as Iceland Spar due to its commonplace nature in the Icelandic landscape.

You might also see or hear orange calcite referred to as calcspar or clear calcite.

Calcite is colorless in its purest form, and the impurities within its makeup determine its shade. These include red, blue, green, white, yellow, or orange. The beautiful orange calcite is one of the rarer forms. It is hematite, a high-iron-content mineral, that gives this spiritual stone its sunny, orange hue.

Orange calcite is a soft mineral with a hardness rating of 3, making it a brilliant gemstone for cutting and shaping into jewelry, ornaments, and sculptures. Calcite alabaster has been used for these purposes since ancient times.

In its raw form, the surface of this rock-forming mineral is waxy and dull. When polished, however, orange calcite shines. It becomes just as vibrant as the energy that this delicate stone possesses.

Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite Crystal

healing properties of orange calcite

Orange calcite is a crystal full of positive qualities to aid joyful living, but what are the common healing properties of this orange gemstone? Let’s explore.

Physical Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite Crystal

  • It promotes healthy function and self-healing of the physical body, particularly of the kidneys, spleen, liver, and urinary tract.
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It heals and energizes the reproductive organs
  • Orange calcite is great for joint pain
  • It purifies and rids of toxins from the skin, which is great for a healthy skincare routine
  • It promotes and strengthens peak physical performance

Emotional Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite Crystal

  • It promotes optimism and a positive outlook
  • Orange calcite connects ‘head to heart,’ supporting wise and assured decision-making
  • Increases emotional intelligence and awareness beyond the self
  • Orange calcite balances female and male intimate energies, boosting physical empowerment and self-esteem
  • It is an emotional balancer and removes negative energy and emotion such as guilt and shame
  • Orange calcite boosts productivity by combating fear: motivating you to reach your goals

Spiritual Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite Crystal

  • It cleanses the energy of the sacral chakra, boosting joyfulness, intimate energy, and creativity
  • Orange calcite stimulates the solar plexus chakra (thus bringing power, confidence, and self-awareness)
  • Speeds up spiritual growth through connection to the higher self and your clear purpose in life
  • Stops you feeling ‘stuck’ through energetic healing of the auras and removal of blockages
  • Orange calcite helps you tap into your previously unknown powers and assists with intuitive visions
  • Connects you to your ‘Divine Masculine Energy’ which prompts action and leadership skills

What Is Orange Calcite Crystal Good For?

Orange Calcite removes stagnation from the emotional body. If you struggle to listen to your inner voice or make decisions due to fear, orange calcite will clear space. This will make it easier for you to confidently reach goals, take action, and ultimately feel sure of your true life purpose.

Orange calcite is exceptional for spiritual and personal development. It connects us to higher energies and our higher purpose. If you place a piece of orange calcite on your Third Eye during meditation, it will support you in being able to better control and direct energies. It can also help you recall important information or deep-seated memories from the past.

Using orange calcite will broaden your understanding and awareness of yourself and those close to you, thus improving the quality of your relationships. This heightened awareness also extends your sensuality, increasing a sense of playfulness in all aspects of your life.

The 6 Best Orange Calcite Crystals

Convinced you need orange calcite in your life, but unsure of which crystal to go for? Use this helpful list of orange calcite crystals to find the one most suited to you.

Best Orange Calcite Raw Crystal – Mineral Universe Orange Calcite Crystals

orange calcite crystal

Orange calcite is perfect for use around the home, as it carries healing energies and is exceptionally cleansing.

Like most orange and yellow crystals, it is a powerful energy amplifier. Because of these energizing properties, it is advisable not to put orange calcite in the bedroom or spaces where you usually unwind.

However, orange calcite crystals like these beautiful Natural Brazilian crystals are perfect for creative spaces like home offices or studios.

To use, firstly, cleanse the space. Anoint a candle with an oil of your choice, perhaps internally chanting your favorite positive mantra. Next, light the candle and place the orange calcite nearby.

Following these simple steps with orange calcite in a productive space will stimulate that creative sacral chakra. This may lead to some of your most inspired work, whether it be a painting, poem, or professional project.

Best Orange Calcite Palm Stone – SMQ Heart-Shaped Polished Palm Stone

polished palm stone

Palm stones are an excellent way to access orange calcite’s healing powers, whether via chakra healing, massage, or meditation.

Carrying this sweet heart-shaped stone in your pocket will cleanse your physical and light body of stresses or negative energies and cleanse your physical surroundings to protect you. This is especially beneficial in cities or other areas where pollution levels are high.

Best Orange Calcite Crystal Wand – Runyangshi Orange Calcite Healing Crystal Wand

orange calcite healing crystal wand

Holding an orange calcite healing crystal wand close to your sacral chakra (on your abdomen, just above the navel) during meditation recharges the body, enhances creativity, and stimulates passionate energies within.

You can also pair orange calcite with iron pyrite to boost nutrient absorption, especially calcium. Place an iron pyrite crystal nearby as you hold your orange calcite crystal wand to stimulate this process and heal any issues with the reproductive organs.

Orange calcite is a delicate crystal, so this wand (and any other orange calcite product) needs cleansing and charging regularly.

You can cleanse the crystal by burying it in a container of brown rice for at least 48 hours. To charge your orange calcite and benefit from the powerful effects, try waving it gently through the smoke of burning white sage before meditation.

Best Orange Calcite Necklace – Leafael Silver Plated Infinity Love Heart Pendant

orange calcite necklace

Orange calcite jewelry makes the perfect gift for a loved one.

This delicate hand-polished pendant is not only stunning; it will bring its wearer positivity and joy, protecting them from negative energy.

The orange calcite stone is wonderfully supportive when you lack hope or feel depressed. So gifting this orange calcite pendant is a perfect way to send healing powers to a friend facing adversity or simply needing some love.

Best Orange Calcite Bracelet – Believe London Healing Calcite Bracelet

orange calcite bracelet

Wearing orange calcite is an excellent way to access the positive energies of this complex crystal. A bracelet is a perfect option for tapping into the stone’s common healing properties, and interestingly, the wrist you choose to wear it on will determine the bracelet’s effects.

Wearing this orange calcite bracelet from Believe London on your left hand will enhance creativity and light-hearted playfulness while boosting positive energy.

Wearing the dainty bracelet on your right hand will enhance the more practical elements of your personal power, such as problem-solving and the ability to take action confidently.

Best Orange Calcite Crystal Sphere – Roellg Natural Crystal Sphere & Bracket

orange crystal sphere

Looking for inspiration and fresh ideas in the workplace? Take this beautiful tabletop crystal sphere to the office.

Orange calcite’s ability to remove stagnant energy from the surroundings means you can create internal and external space for super-charged productivity and inspiration.

Want a top tip to combat the dreaded afternoon slump at work?

Charge orange calcite by placing it in direct sunlight for an hour on your lunch break, and you’ll return to the afternoon feeling motivated and refreshed.

Other Calcite Crystals

The magical metaphysical properties of the orange calcite crystal are plentiful, but there are many other beautiful colors in this carbonate mineral family. Let’s explore other shades of this cleansing stone.

Blue Calcite

blue calcite

Blue calcite is known as the ‘stone of the mind’ because of its impressive ability to calm, soothe and relax. It absorbs emotions like a sponge, filtering out negative energies and easing anxiety.

Are you a nervous driver? Or just need a way to ground yourself on a daily commute? Hanging this super cute hanging car charm will calm the nervous system and physical body with its gentle energy.

Blue calcite is also excellent for reflection, study, and enhancing memory. If you’re a student or learning something new, reach for a blue calcite palm stone. Having it nearby could help you absorb important information more easily or ace that upcoming test.

Green Calcite

green calcite

Green calcite is a crystal of the heart.

Holding this delicate and grounding crystal will fill you with love and compassion for yourself and others. It helps balance emotions and cleanses your heart chakra through its ability to remove stagnant and negative energy.

Green calcite is also a wonderful crystal to choose if you struggle with unprocessed emotions such as anger or resentment. It surfaces emotions, which can help you acknowledge, accept, and move on. You will forgive others but also yourself.

This stone also has a close link to nature. Try meditating outside with this healing wand while picturing a soft green light. It will not only fill your heart with love and gratitude but also rejuvenate and heal past wounds.

Red (Dragon’s Blood) Calcite

red calcite

Red calcite is a stone of courage and strength. Carry this crystal if you need extra support in breaking a habit or unhealthy behavior pattern. It boosts willpower and endurance, particularly with exercise habits or a healthy diet.

Red calcite grounds through the root chakra, centering you while gently increasing confidence.

It is an excellent stone for women to carry, as it balances hormones and supports mineral absorption within the body. It is also a great stone to use in the latter stages of pregnancy as it can help prepare the body for birth.

Yellow Calcite

yellow calcite

Yellow calcite is known as ‘The Great Eliminator’ due to its incredible ability to eradicate bad energies and cleanse auras. It increases emotional control and encourages a positive, optimistic outlook.

If you want to implement a more positive attitude in daily life, why not check out these yellow calcite pocket stones? This crystal is renowned for its attitude-shifting capabilities and is especially effective for helping us tackle obstacles more positively.

This sunny stone also promotes mindful living and encourages you to remain in the moment. Wear this natural gemstone bracelet to keep you grounded, present and grateful.

Your yellow calcite jewelry will also act as an effective energy cleanser and keep you surrounded by positive vibes when facing adversity or challenging situations.

Exploring the Impact of Orange Calcite on Achieving Work-Life Harmony

Orange calcite isn’t about emotional healing; it also plays a significant role in navigating the complexities of professional and personal responsibilities. I’ve found solace in this crystal during moments of feeling overwhelmed by work demands and personal obligations.

Striking a Balance Between Career Goals and Personal Wellness

The association of orange calcite with the solar plexus chakras is pivotal here. Apart from enhancing creativity and self-assurance, it aids in establishing boundaries—an aspect for individuals striving to harmonize their career aspirations with their well-being. Through meditation sessions with orange calcite, I’ve gained clarity, in prioritizing tasks and the strength to decline when needed.

Boosting Concentration Levels and Combating Procrastination

Another noteworthy attribute of orange calcite lies in its ability to enhance concentration levels while reducing tendencies toward procrastination. Its invigorating properties stimulate the mind, making it easier to approach tasks with zeal.

This can be useful, on those days when you’re working from home and finding it hard to stay motivated.

Promoting Self-care and Relaxation

Orange calcite promotes self-care and relaxation, which are key aspects of leading a well-rounded life. It encourages us to take breaks, indulge in activities, and nurture our connections with others. This comprehensive approach to wellness is what sets orange calcite apart as a tool for attaining a work-life balance.

Integrating calcite into your schedule, whether through meditation keeping it as a talisman, or placing it on your desk can have a meaningful impact. It serves as a reminder that while ambition is crucial looking after yourself is equally important.

Final Thoughts On Orange Calcite Meaning

The healing energies of the orange calcite stone are playful, positive, and powerful.

This crystal doesn’t just power up healing of the physical and emotional body with its vibrant energies; it also supercharges spiritual development, creativity, and clarity.

All this makes orange calcite the perfect pocket stone to reach for when kickstarting your next big project or creative endeavor. It will serve as a motivator, passion injector, and mood booster.

Yes, this zesty burst of citrus-colored joy is truly an excellent option for positive living.

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Orange calcite is only beneficial for the sacral chakra.

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Wearing orange calcite can only enhance creativity, not physical energy.

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