What Is Spiritual Cleansing? + The Top Cleansing Rituals To Improve Your Energy Field

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When it comes to healing ourselves, we must start from the inside out. This is because no amount of green juices and gym workouts will help if your energetic field is dark and gloomy. The state of our aura determines the frequency we vibrate. When our aura is clear of blockages, we resonate on an elevated vibration, thinking positive thoughts and experiencing high-frequency emotions like love, joy, and gratitude.

However, the cloudier our aura gets, the more negative our thoughts and feelings become. Anger, hatred, fear, and jealousy become our dominant emotions, which, as you can imagine, significantly impacts how we act in the world. Therefore, maintaining our energetic bodies is essential for living our best lives.

So how do we cleanse our spirit and raise our frequency? Read on to discover the six best spiritual cleansing rituals anyone can do.

What Is Spiritual Cleansing?

The term spiritual cleansing refers to an activity that helps to remove negative energy from the energy field of a person or a place. Spiritual cleansing can also add positive vibrations, offer energetic protection, and enhance your spiritual connection.

Negative energies are low vibrations that we take on from many different sources. These include places, other people, the food we eat, and the media we consume. This negativity can clog our aura, impacting how we think and feel.

When we have lots of negative energies in our force field, we may feel sad, depressed, stressed, anxious, or angry. So spiritual cleansing activities can free up our energetic space so that we feel lighter and experience more positive, high-vibration emotions.

6 Spiritual Cleansing Rituals

Performing a spiritual cleansing will be beneficial no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Below are six popular activities used in the spiritual cleansing process. I recommend giving them all ago, as some will likely resonate more with you than others.

Take a spiritual cleansing bath

Take a spiritual cleansing bath

Water is well-known for its purifying properties and has been used in spiritual cleansing rituals for centuries. One of these that is still popular today is a spiritual bath.

Spiritual cleansing baths are not just relaxing bubble baths with candles. This sacred bath is infused with intention by adding crystals, essential oil, Epsom salt, and flowers. So if you enjoy unwinding with a hot bath in the evening, you will love a spiritual bath!

Here’s what you need to experience a profoundly healing bath and how to prepare it.

  • Salt – Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, or pink Himalayan Salts are best, but pure unrefined salts will also work. Add about 2 handfuls to your bath water to create the base for your spiritual bath.
  • Essential oils – Add 2 or 3 drops of your favorite essential oil. Choose one based on your intention. For example, if you want to relax or balance your emotions, the Cliganic Organic Lavender Essential Oil is ideal. Or, to boost positive energy and enhance the protection of your spiritual field, add this Premium Grade Frankincense Essential Oil by Handcraft Blends.
  • Flowers or dried herbs – Next, add a handful of rose, camomile, or sunflower petals. These flowers help to raise the vibration of the saltwater. If you don’t have these flowers to hand, you can add a sprinkle of dry herbs like sage or rosemary or even loose-leaf tea. I love this Natural Dried Flower Herbs Kit, which contains 12 flowers and herbs for spiritual baths, including Lavender, Jasmine, Lily, and Rose.
  • Crystals – Finally, placing crystals around the bath or in the bath water will raise the vibration and, thus, the qualities of your spiritual bath further. Again, choose a crystal based on your intention. Rose quartz is ideal if you need emotional healing. Amethyst is excellent if you have recently been sick, as it has immune-boosting qualities.

Remove negative energy with smudging

Remove negative energy with smudging

Smudging is a traditional cleansing ritual for purifying the energy of a person or place by using smoke infused with a herb. For example, many yoga teachers smudge the studio before class, removing negative energy and infusing the space with positivity. Moreover, some people like to smoke their new home with herbs shortly after moving in, filling it with protection and positive energy.

Sage (garden or white) is the most popular herb used for smudging as it has powerful purifying properties. You can buy bundles or braids of sage like these White Sage Bundles by Alternative Imagination. You light the end and then walk around the space or person you are cleansing in a wave-like motion.

Palo Santo is another popular herb for smudging. However, it only adds positive energy and doesn’t remove negativity like sage. Still, it has other properties, like increasing clarity and aiding in grounding. These Luna Sundara Palo Santo Smudging Sticks are handpicked and sustainably harvested in Ecuador.

Cedar is another option you can consider. Cedar works as a magnet for positivity, so it is excellent for cleansing yourself before you embark on a new venture or when you feel low and pessimistic.

Cleanse your energy field with crystals

Cleanse your energy field with crystals

Crystals are used in various spiritual cleansing rituals and practices. Aside from using them in a spiritual bath, you can:

  • Meditate with them.
  • Wear them as jewelry to enhance your spiritual energy.
  • Place them around your home to keep negative energy at bay.

Each crystal has unique properties, so it is best to research before deciding which one to buy. Here are some of the most popular crystals used for spiritual cleansing purposes.

  • Clear Quartz – This beautiful translucent stone enhances mental clarity, improves emotional stability, and amplifies your spiritual connection and psychic abilities. It is an excellent stone to use in your workspace to foster deeper focus and clarity.
  • Black Tourmaline– Known as the stone of protection, it clears negative energy from your aura and space and adds protection and a sense of grounding. If you have just moved home or experienced a significant change, black tourmaline will help to rebalance your root chakra.
  • Selenite – This white crystal activates the higher chakras and clear blockages in the spiritual body. It also promotes peace, increases mental clarity, and raises your vibration. Moreover, Selenite can recharge other stones, so it is an essential crystal in your collection.
  • Pyrite – This lesser-known crystal is one of the most needed in this day and age. It is said that Pyrite can protect you from the harmful radiation emitted from tech devices like smartphones and laptops. Thus, this beautiful metallic-colored stone is a must-have if you work from home.

Use auric cleansing sprays

Use auric cleansing sprays

Auric cleaning sprays contain essential oils and other cleansing ingredients and have multiple uses. You can apply them to your auric field by spraying them around your head and body. Alternatively, you can spritz them around your home or workspace to keep negative energies away. You can also use them before a spiritual practice like meditation or yoga to help you connect deeper within and become more present.

These crystal-infused aura sprays by BaliPura are ideal for getting started with auric cleansing. The set features four healing mist sprays, each with a different intention; grounding, letting go, pure love, and protection.

  • The grounding spray contains vanilla and ginger essential oils to help you move through difficult situations, find stability, and gain strength and confidence.
  • The let-go spray features cinnamon and grapefruit essential oils to help you release negative emotions, habits, fears, and attachments.
  • The pure love spray uses Jasmine, ylang ylang, and Cempaka to enhance the qualities of unconditional love, understanding, and harmony.
  • The protection spray contains Lavender and lemongrass to cleanse and protect your energetic field from negative energies.

They are handmade using organic certified essential oils, volcanic spring holy water, flower extracts, and frangipani flowers. In addition, color therapy, incense, palo santo, and candles are used during production to infuse each spray with the desired intention. If that’s not enough, they are blessed by a Balinese priestess during a full-moon ceremony, enhancing their healing power further!

Harness the power of the full moon

Harness the power of the full moon

The moon and its cycles have a deep spiritual reference and associations with enlightenment and our conscious and subconscious. For centuries, the full moon has been a time when people would hold spiritual cleansing rituals. This is because it is when the lunar and solar energies are thought to be in balanced cosmic harmony.

As the full moon is a time when energy is at its peak, spiritual practitioners believe this is when the power of spiritual cleansing is most potent. This is the perfect time to perform a cleansing ritual. This could be a physical ritual like cleaning your home and decluttering or a spiritual one like charging your crystals in the lunar energy or sitting out under the moon.

This moon cycle is also associated with letting go of thoughts, emotions, or physical possessions that may no longer serve us. One popular spiritual cleansing ritual for this is to write down what you want to release or let go of. Afterward, you can burn the paper on the night of the full moon. Alternatively, put it under a glass of water and leave it outside overnight to bask in the moonlight.

Do a visualization meditation

Do a visualization meditation

You can also cleanse your spiritual body using the power of your imagination. A visualization meditation involves envisioning a healing white light coming down from the universe and entering your body. Here is a short visualization meditation you can try right now:

  1. Find a comfortable seated position with a straight spine. Focus on rooting your sitting bones into the earth while drawing the crown of the head up towards the sky.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
  3. Let your breath fall into a natural rhythm, breathing in and out through the nose.
  4. Bring your attention to your third eye, the space between your eyebrows. Imagine a bright white light coming down from the universe and entering the top of your head. Envision the bright white light filling up your entire head and face, relieving any pain or tension that may be present there.
  5. Visualize the light moving down your neck, chest, and arms. Feel the energy healing any pain, stress, or negative energies here.
  6. See the light moving down your spine, passing by all the chakras, releasing any energetic blockages or stagnation.
  7. Then, watch the white light move down your hips and legs until your whole body is filled with this healing energy.
  8. Finally, allow the light to leave your body through the soles of your feet, taking all toxins and negative energies with it. Watch the light enter the earth and dissolve into it.
  9. Take a few minutes to feel the sensations in your body that arise. You might notice a deep sense of peace or relaxation.
  10. Bring your awareness back to your breath to anchor back into your physical body. Become aware of the sensation of your skin, clothing, and the ground below you. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Benefits Of Spiritual Cleansing

We all feel better after we clean the house or take a shower, right? Well, cleaning your aura is just as essential and beneficial as washing our bodies or tidying our homes. Our aura is essentially our spiritual home, and if we don’t take care of it, it can start to malfunction.

Some benefits we may see when we cleanse our spiritual energy include:

  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • Increased creativity
  • Sense of peace and calm
  • Heightened feelings of love, joy, and compassion
  • An increase in positive thinking
  • Less anxious thoughts
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better emotional stability and regulation

When to do a spiritual cleanse?

While you can do a spiritual cleanse whenever you are in a low, negative mood, I recommend making it into a regular routine. For example, you could do one long spiritual cleansing session every week or a short practice each day, whatever works best for you. Regular spiritual cleansing is crucial if you are an empath or a highly-sensitive person, as you will likely absorb negative energy easier than others.

There are also certain times of our lives when we may need a more in-depth spiritual cleansing. For example, your energy field may be in particularly bad shape after an illness, injury, break-up, job loss, or the death of a loved one. During these life situations, you may also find it harder to cleanse your aura and thus require more prolonged or regular practices.

I also recommend doing one of these spiritual cleansing rituals whenever you embark on a new venture, such as starting a new relationship or job or moving home. Doing so will give your aura a boost of positivity and a layer of protection.

Final Thoughts On Spiritual Cleansing

In our modern-day lives, it’s so easy to pick up negative energies. Unfortunately, as energy cannot be seen, it’s easy to remain unaware of the change in your aura. However, over time, the negative energy can affect your mood and thought patterns, which will, in turn, impact your actions and behaviors.

Therefore, the best way to stay in top spiritual health is to regularly practice spiritual cleansing rituals. So why not give one of these ideas a go and experience the benefits for yourself?!

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