From Desk To Date: 7 Ultimate Yoga Work Pants To Elevate Your Style

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Key Takeaway

Dress yoga pants offer the perfect blend of office-appropriate style and yoga-class comfort.

Say goodbye to stuffy pantsuits and uncomfortable skirts! The latest invention in the world of athleisure actually transitions seamlessly to business attire. Yoga work pants are like the dream pant child of comfy yoga pants and business dress pants.

They’re stretchy, sweat-wicking, and ridiculously comfortable. Even when you’re literally wearing yoga pants to work, nobody will ever know. Here are the top 7 yoga dress pants for any style or wardrobe.

Top 7 Best Yoga Work Pants:

  1. Best Overall: Yogipace Women’s Straight Leg Yoga Dress Pants
  2. Best Wide Leg: lululemon City Sleek 5 Pocket Wide Leg Pant
  3. Best Lightweight: Athleta Brooklyn Heights Pant
  4. Best Ankle Pant: Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant
  5. Best Skinny Fit: Marycrafts Women’s Pull On Stretch Yoga Dress Business Pants
  6. Stretchiest Fit: Baleaf Women’s Yoga Dress Pants
  7. Best Straight Leg: Willit Women’s Yoga Dress Pants
yoga work pants

Best Overall:

Yogipace,Belt Loops,Women's Straight Leg Yoga Dress Pant Work Pants Commute Office...

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These dress yoga pants have been deemed the best Betabrand alternative for a fraction of the price. At under $40, they’re an amazing deal and feel surprisingly high quality. They are super flattering for both curvy and slim body types and they have all the flexibility you need throughout the work day. We love the versatility, straight leg fit, and wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric. They offer extended sizes and several inseam options for any height.


  • Buttery smooth, high stretch, yet thick enough to be professional
  • Non-see-through
  • Straight leg silhouette
  • Soft enough to lounge in
  • Pull-on elastic waistband with faux button
  • Extremely versatile
  • Petite and extended sizes
  • 9+ color options


  • May have a slight sheen to them that looks less professional in the office
  • Lint-attracting material
  • May cause a muffin top
wide leg yoga work pant

Best Wide Leg:

lululemon City Sleek 5 Pocket Wide Leg Pant

Casual, stylish, and effortlessly cool, these work pants are reminiscent of professional work jeans, but they’re made with Lulu’s signature Warpstreme fabric. They are breathable, quick-drying, sweat-wicking and naturally wrinkle resistant (thank goodness, no ironing!) We love the way the fabric feels smooth and falls softly away from your body as you move. The wide leg and high rise are markedly trendy, yet professional enough to dress up at work. These pants feature five pockets and a zippered front.


  • Professional and busienss casual
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Like jeans, but stretchy and soft
  • No sweat stains
  • Naturally wrinkle resistant
  • Don’t bunch at the knees or ride up
  • Include pockets and a fly zipper
  • Thin, breathable material


  • Lighter colors may be slightly see through (reviewers say dark colors are best for business casual)
best lightweight yoga work pant

Best Lightweight:

Athleta Brooklyn Heights Pant

If you get sweaty during commutes or long meetings, Athleta’s Brooklyn Heights Pants are next-level cooling, yet look as professional as regular dress slacks. They’re made with a featherweight recycled polyester and spandex material. The packable fabric is perfect for work travel because it easily airs out wrinkles.

These straight leg pants are semi-fitted and skim easily over your body. They have a stylish split bottom at the ankle. You can dress them up for business meetings or dress down for travel. We love the four-way stretch and polished look.


  • Super lightweight
  • Crazy comfortable for any work environment
  • Packable and wrinkle-free for work travel
  • Stylish straight leg with split hem
  • Natural waist (not high rise)
  • Great for office wear or fashion-forward outfits
  • Look like classic work pants


  • Only three colors
  • Material is very thin
best ankle pant

Best Ankle Pant:

Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant

These yoga dress pants scream business casual and have all the benefits of Athleta’s Brooklyn Heights collection, plus a flattering ankle cut. There is enough spandex that they feel like stretchy yoga pants around the waistband. The semi-fitted style is post-lunch friendly and never feels restricted. We love how these pants look with heels or dress shoes.


  • Stretchy and lightweight
  • Silky sleek feel
  • Rib knit waistband with side panels for mobility
  • Flattering ankle cut
  • Very versatile addition to your work outfits


  • Thin fabric
  • May need to size up
  • No belt loops
best skinny fit

Best Skinny Fit:

Marycrafts Women's Pull On Stretch Yoga Dress Business Work Pants 16 Black

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You could literally do yoga in these pants and then throw on a blazer and head straight to a meeting. This budget-friendly yoga dress pants option is durable, ultra-flexible, and deceivingly comfy. With belt loops and faux back pockets, they look super professional. Yet you can easily pull them on and off and feel stress-free with the elastic waistband.


  • Super cheap option
  • Pull-on comfortable fit
  • Belt loops
  • Thick and breathable material
  • Large front pockets and back faux pockets
  • Dress up or down with different tops
  • Great office pants for short women
  • Professional look


  • Thinner and tighter than other options
  • Need special washing (cool temperature and hang dry)
  • Mid-rise could fit awkwardly on some body types
stretchiest fit

Stretchiest Fit:

BALEAF Women's Yoga Dress Pants Black Stretchy Work Slacks Business Casual Pull on Trousers with...

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For slacks that feel like the stretchiest closest cousins to yoga pants, look no further than this Amazon pick with over 3,000 positive reviews. These yoga dress pants are pull-on with belt loops and a faux zipper and button. They don’t dig in or show sweat stains, plus they have real front and back pockets to store your phone or wallet. We love the straight leg fit that compliments your curves and looks great with flats, pumps, or even athletic shoes. Pair with your favorite casual tee or a professional blouse.


  • Under $50
  • Belt loops
  • Big useable pockets
  • No button digging in
  • 87% nylon and 13% spandex
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 29″, 31″, and 33″ inseams
  • 10+ professional colors


  • May be too tight for workwear on some body types
  • Cheap looking
best straight leg

Best Straight Leg:

Willit 31" Women's Dress Yoga Pants Work Slacks Straight Leg Stretchy Office Pants with 4 Pockets...

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For dress yoga pants that look almost identical to dress slacks, Willit doesn’t disappoint. These straight leg work pants are made of a rayon, nylon, and spandex blend that feels thicker than other options but still flexible and buttery soft like yoga pants. The faux button and faux fly give you a business pant look without feeling restrictive. We love nice the waistband looks with your shirt tucked in.


  • Budget option under $40
  • Faux button and faux fly
  • Office-style slash pockets and 2 rear pockets
  • Buttery soft material
  • High rise tummy control
  • Four way stretch
  • Feel like leggings
  • Formal look
  • 66% rayon, 29% nylon, 5% spandex blend


  • Run small and might shrink in wash
  • May fit bulky in the crotch area
  • Not as tight as other options

How to Style Yoga Dress Pants

The best thing about dress yoga pants is you can dress them up or down. Styling is a breeze for meetings, business casual, or regular commutes. You can even do a lunch break yoga session, then toss on a top and head back to the office.

For a classic professional suit look, style dress yoga pants with a structured blazer:

how to style dress yoga pants

The Avenue Blazer from Athleta is made with a structured Euroluxe fabric that protects you from the sun and never needs to be ironed. It is flowy and smooth like a wrap, yet has a sleek style that screams “boss lady”.

For an oversized blazer look, style your dress yoga pants with a longer blazer:

style yoga pants with a blazer

If you feel like dress yoga pants are a little too tight to be worn on their own, The Drop Women’s Blake Long Blazer has enough length to cover you booty and still look chic. Pair with some pumps or flats for an effortless modern take on the classic female suit.

For business casual, try this top:

casual look

If your dress yoga pants are thick enough to tuck in a shirt (the Willit Women’s Yoga Dress Pants are our favorite for just that reason), toss on an oversized collared shirt like the Oversized Poplin Top from Athleta. We love how breathable and flowy it feels.

Taking Care of Your Yoga Work Pants

Ensuring the durability of your yoga work pants is essential. Here’s a guide, on how to maintain their appearance.

Tips for Washing to Prolong Lifespan

Always refer to the label first. Most yoga pants are best washed in water. Opt for a cycle and a mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can damage the elasticity. Remember to turn your pants inside out to preserve the color.


Avoid using a dryer, as high heat can harm the fibers. Instead, lay your pants flat. Hang them up to air-dry. This method helps maintain their shape and prevents them from shrinking. If you must use a dryer, opt for a heat setting.

By following these guidelines, your yoga work pants will remain in good condition, allowing you to enjoy their comfort and style for an extended period. Keep in mind that proper care not only prolongs their lifespan but also saves you money in the term – worth the investment.

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

Dress yoga pants are designed to look like traditional work pants but offer the comfort of yoga pants.

It is inappropriate to wear any type of yoga pants in a professional business setting.

Dress yoga pants are only suitable for yoga sessions and not for office wear.


Can you wear yoga pants as dress pants?

Most classic yoga pants are too tight or revealing to pass as dress pants. However, there are many new styles of dress yoga pants from lululemon, Athleta, and Betabrand that feel like yoga pants, yet look dressy enough to wear to work. They have sleek styles that look like slacks but feel stretchy and breathable like yoga pants.

Can yoga pants be business casual?

The general consensus about yoga pants for the workplace says, “as long as your butt isn’t showing, you can dress them up.” Pairing with a tunic or oversized blazer can quickly take your yoga leggings from workout spandex to dressy athleisure. But an even better option is dress yoga pants that feel like leggings yet have the professional slack style.

Are yoga pants professional?

As long as your yoga pants aren’t see-through, excessively tight or baggy, you can dress them up for the workplace. However, dress yoga pants are truly the best option because they are made specifically to look like work pants but feel as comfortable as classic yoga pants.

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