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Interview #9: Sacha Bryce teaches yoga around the world

This is part 9 of our traveling yoga teacher interview series. Each Wednesday we will release a new interview of a different traveling yoga teacher. If you know someone who would be a good candidate – email us at 

A Canadian yogi who has been all over the world teaching and practicing yoga, Sacha Bryce is a shining example of following your heart and trusting the natural flow of life. She has profoundly recognized the power of community and has learned that we are all universally the same… craving connection to ourselves and others. Read on to learn more about her road trip across North America and what it means to be a travel rep for 

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What does living your yoga mean to you?

Living yoga is about living in connection with yourself and the world around you. We live in a very stimulating world where our minds have been trained to constantly review the past or anticipate the future – disconnecting us from the enjoyment of being alive. For me, all of yoga is the practice of cultivating present moment awareness.


What drew you to the practice initially? What keeps you coming back to your mat?

My first time truly understanding what it meant to relax the body was my first time laying in Savasana. Since childhood, I have experienced a lot of anxiety and yoga has shown me how wonderful life can be when we can awaken ourselves into the moment. Yoga practice is a lifelong journey, and I am dedicated to continue to take care of myself and to share the benefits with others.


Whose words do you live by?

I mostly live by what my father has taught me. He studies and teaches A Course in Miracles and he is a great example of someone who lives in harmony with the flow of life – his way of “living yoga.” He taught me that all human behavior is simply either an expression of love or a call for love. This makes it easy to understand and find forgiveness and compassion for our own and others choices and actions.

Love everyone, Serve Everyone – Neem Karoli Baba

I find that when I am suffering, I am focusing too much on myself as a separate individual and forgetting the well-being of the people around me. There is no real separation between us and others – so in order to find happiness we must contribute to the well-being of the world around us.


How do you find yoga teaching jobs abroad?

Taking chances will inevitably lead you to the most interesting places in this “Life School” that we are all attending. I put myself out there and constantly connect with as many people as possible. has been the most helpful resource for me to connect with yoga jobs and trainings all over the globe!




Tell us more about being a travel rep for Yoga Trade 🙂

While traveling alone on the West coast of America, I began using online resources to connect myself and started to realize how I was never actually alone at all. I joined,,, and I found small families I didn’t know I had – all over the country. These websites created experiences where I was learning new skills as well as contributing to the world around me. I joined a Yoga Life program in Oregon, USA, where my passion for living yoga was ignited. I have been sharing these tools with people wherever I go and now am representing – hoping to inspire other teachers to get out of their comfort zones and experience life in a new part of the world.


You took an epic road trip across North America? Highlights you’d like to share?

My brother and I traveled from California to Toronto in his Westfalia Campervan. After arriving in sunny California, he flew back up to Toronto and I traveled up the West coast into Canada for 8 months. I had just finished my degree in university and this trip opened my eyes to alternative ways of living, especially in communities. I realized how isolated many people are living and how when we work together there is a lot more time to enjoy life and explore the things we are really passionate about.

What creature comforts do you miss from home? Any specific ways you manage homesickness?

I have learned that the longer you wait in your life to travel- the more complicated it becomes. Yoga helps me realize the idea of missing or lacking is really a rejection of the current moment as being whole and complete in and of itself. Wherever I am- I practice being ALL there – taking the opportunity to learn from unique experiences and humans that are everywhere!



What’s your biggest take away from teaching yoga abroad?

People are all fundamentally all the same. Whether teaching yoga to Khmer local people who live in small villages or VIP guests at luxury resorts, we all want connection rather than isolation- to ourselves and to each other.



Connect with Sacha Bryce

Sacha believes that the potential of yoga extends far beyond the physical; it is a way of living in connection with oneself, other beings, and the whole living world around us. While studying Psychology at the University of Toronto, she became interested in the mental health benefits yoga and meditation could have for children and adults suffering from anxiety and depression. She began teaching children and family yoga in Canada and soon after made a trip to America and India to continue immersing in the studies of an integral yoga – ranging from asana, and meditation practice to living in conscious communities. May everything we do be for the benefit of all beings.

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