What our clients are saying about us

2“From my first talk with Brandon I gained a lot of clarity and direction. I loved the structure of our weekly strategy sessions and his flexibility to work with my schedule. I feel like I’ve made a year’s worth of progress in just a couple months!

Brandon helped me break down my ideas into manageable pieces, provided accountability, encouragement, and invaluable resources. I feel empowered and fully capable to move forward on my own. Connecting with Brandon and Anne made me realize how fully capable I am and that designing a website and starting a business can be fun and rewarding.”

-Michelle Desch, Traveling yoga teacher at MichelleDesch.com



Serra-Lynn-Smick-testimonial“It felt as if someone came into my brain, cleaned & organized my thoughts & gave me a clear direction on how to proceed.

Brandon is also one of the most personable people I have met, and really loves what he does & that really comes through and makes the whole experience enjoyable.  He also will check in with me every so often to see how I am progressing with my plan.

– Serra Lynn Smick, Yoga Teacher at SerraLynnSmick.com



Kirk-Angelo-BlakerBrandon was the first person to convince me that I could benefit greatly by online marketing, without ‘selling my soul’.

The cyber world has always been a bit overwhelming to me, but he helped me understand that by using a few tools effectively, I could capture a wider audience without becoming a slave to my computer.”

Kirk Angelo Blaker, founder of Synergy Acro




  -Sofiah Thom, Yogini, Sacred Movement Artist, Co-founder of Danyasa & SofiahThom.com


untitled-design-1“Anne and Brandon have been nothing short of wonderful throughout my journey. They taught me everything I need to know about creating & promoting my traveling yoga business. The resources and step by step guides have helped me so much, on top of checking in on my progress often. It’s rare to find a business that truly helps other people’s dreams come true. They should be at the top of your list. I highly recommend them!”

-Brytta Byers, Traveling Yoga Teacher at XanaduYoga.com