Crystals for Weight Loss: Unlocking the Potential of 10 Powerful Gems

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Crystal for weight loss

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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Quick Tip: Crystals like Blue Apatite aid in curbing cravings, while Sodalite enhances metabolism, providing holistic support for weight loss journeys. Complementing practices such as yoga and positive affirmations, they promote mental clarity and emotional balance.

When you think of proven weight loss methods, crystal healing is not likely one that comes to mind. However, the powerful healing properties of crystals and gemstones are believed to help with weight loss more than you realize.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not about to suggest you can drop 10 pounds just by looking at a crystal. However, gemstones may be able to assist in your weight loss journey in other ways, such as boosting metabolic function, increasing self-esteem, and helping you to think positively.

Intrigued? Read on to discover the top 10 crystals for weight loss and learn how they could help you achieve a healthy body weight.

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How Can Crystals Help You Lose Weight?

crystals for weight loss

Of course, crystals do not contribute to weight loss in the same way as a gym workout or detox juice. Instead, they work through the power of intention and belief.

There is no scientific proof that crystals can help us lose weight, but many people claim to have had more success in their weight loss journey after working with crystals. Experts believe this happens due to the placebo effect; if you believe that crystals can help you lose weight, there is a good chance they will.

Considering this, crystals may work better by tapping into the power of belief in your mind rather than the actual energy in the stone. However, your intention has to be realistic. For example, if you tell yourself that wearing a crystal for one day will cause you to lose 10 pounds overnight, you will likely be very disappointed.

As mentioned, crystals will not help you drop to your desired weight overnight. Instead, they assist weight loss by helping you control your emotions, increase your discipline, or enhance your self-image, all essential to achieving a healthy weight.

Top 10 Crystals For Weight Loss

Product’s nameUseful ForMore Info
KALIFANO Blue Apatite Palm Stone with Healing & Calming Effects - AAA Grade High Energy Apatito Azul...Prevents cravings
KALIFANO Blue Apatite Palm Stone with Healing & Calming Effects – AAA Grade…
Believed to address emotional eatingSee latest price
Gemstone Sodalite Elephant Figurines Hand Carved Pocket Statue Healing Crystals Good Luck for Home...Believed to Enhance metabolism
Gemstone Sodalite Elephant Figurines Hand Carved Pocket Statue Healing…
Encourages rational thoughtSee latest price
FASHIONZAADI Sunstone Crystal - Crystal Ball with Stand Witchcraft - Good Luck Gems - Quartz Crystal...Builds self-discipline
FASHIONZAADI Sunstone Crystal – Crystal Ball with Stand Witchcraft – Good…
Promotes positive leadershipSee latest price
Top Plaza Bulk Citrine Crystal Stones Real Natural Citrine Reiki Healing Gemstones Small Tumbled...Encourages positive thinking
Top Plaza Bulk Citrine Crystal Stones Real Natural Citrine Reiki Healing…
Attracts abundance and prosperitySee latest price
StoneStory Obsidian Coloured Eye Healing Crystal Natural Rock Crystal Quartz Gemstone Sphere Ball 1...Believed to Support healthy digestion
StoneStory Obsidian Coloured Eye Healing Crystal Natural Rock Crystal…
Grounds and protectsSee latest price
AMOYSTONE Rose Quartz Obelisk Tower Large Healing Crystal Wand Point 6 Faceted Reiki Chakra...Promotes self-compassion
AMOYSTONE Rose Quartz Obelisk Tower Large Healing Crystal Wand Point 6…
Strengthens self-loveSee latest price
Raw Peridot Supply, 100 carats, Natural Rough Stone, Jewelry Making Gem, Wire Wrapping Chakra...Believed to Assist in detoxification
Raw Peridot Supply, 100 carats, Natural Rough Stone, Jewelry Making Gem,…
Enhances intuitionSee latest price
UFEEL Green Aventurine Palm Stone Crystal - Natural Chakra Therapy Polished Healing Crystal Oval...Helps handle complex emotions
UFEEL Green Aventurine Palm Stone Crystal – Natural Chakra Therapy Polished…
Attracts luck and abundanceSee latest price
GEMSCITE Iolite Thumb Worry Stones Metaphysical Gemstone Crystal Healing Reiki Men Women Gift FENG...Provides a vitality boost
GEMSCITE Iolite Thumb Worry Stones Metaphysical Gemstone Crystal Healing…
Enhances clarity and intuitionSee latest price
KALIFANO Quartz Points Bundle (500+ Carats) - Bulk High Energy Raw Lemurian Reiki Cuarzo Crystal...Boosts motivation
KALIFANO Quartz Points Bundle (500+ Carats) – Bulk High Energy Raw Lemurian…
Amplifies positive energySee latest price

Before choosing a crystal for weight loss, think about what you struggle with most when it comes to losing weight. Perhaps you have poor digestion, are prone to emotional eating, or lack the discipline to keep to your diet or workout routine. Once you know your main struggle, choosing the most suitable weight loss stone will be easy.

Here are the ten best crystals for weight loss and how they can help you.

Quick Picks

Blue Apatite – Believed To Prevent Cravings & Emotional Eating

KALIFANO Blue Apatite Palm Stone with Healing & Calming Effects - AAA Grade High Energy Apatito Azul...

Blue Apatite

See latest price

Blue Apatite is believed to be one of the best crystals for weight loss, as it helps you develop a healthy relationship with food (and yourself). If you reach for the chocolate whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or upset, blue apatite will help you deal with your emotions more healthily with no adverse effect on your waistline!

Blue apatite banishes self-doubt, strengthens your inner resolve, and reduces hunger pangs and cravings. Using blue apatite in your meditation or yoga workout will help to shift your tendency to crave unhealthy food to a natural desire for healthy, nutritious meals and snacks.

Whenever you feel cravings or strong emotions arise, hold a blue apatite palm stone in your hand, take some deep breaths, and stare at the mesmerizing hues and patterns.

In addition, wearing a blue apatite bracelet will serve as a calming and relaxing tool when you’re conflicted about what to eat when out and about. Taking a minute to reconnect with blue apatite’s empowering energy will make it much easier to ignore all the temptations around you.

Sodalite – Believed to be Beneficial For Enhancing Metabolism

Gemstone Sodalite Elephant Figurines Hand Carved Pocket Statue Healing Crystals Good Luck for Home...


See latest price

Sodalite is believed to be another of the most popular crystals for weight loss thanks to its numerous physical health benefits, including boosting metabolism and strengthening immunity.

However, sodalite also works on an emotional level to help you keep that extra weight off. It is known as the logic stone as it reduces emotional stress, overwhelm, and confusion while increasing mental clarity so that you can make better food choices.

Wearing this sodalite pendant will help you stay focused and centered throughout the day. Then at home, place this sodalite elephant figurine in your kitchen or lounge to help you fully digest your evening meal and ward off any late-night sugar cravings.

Sunstone – To Build Self-Discipline

FASHIONZAADI Sunstone Crystal - Crystal Ball with Stand Witchcraft - Good Luck Gems - Quartz Crystal...


See latest price

Sunstone can give you the willpower and self-control needed to stick to your weight loss plan and exercise regime thanks to its solar-plexus boosting qualities. So if you start the week off good and well-intentioned but by the weekend you are binge eating and stuck on the couch, this is the best weight loss crystal for you.

Sunstone also increases energy, so you’ll feel more like working out than lounging on the couch. Plus, as the solar plexus chakra is associated with healthy digestion, sunstone is believed to be another of the best crystals for boosting metabolism.

Place this sunstone sphere ball in the living room to promote action over laziness. Whenever you notice your mind trying to sabotage your progress, take a moment to breathe and center yourself while admiring the warm tones of sunstone.

Citrine – For Positive Thinking

Citrine is another excellent crystal carrying uplifting and energizing energy. Having this yellow stone in your home is like having a personal ray of sunshine, as it will lift your mood and mindset to keep you on track.

Use citrine whenever you question yourself or doubt your ability to lose weight. Allow this positive stone to fill you with a fresh dose of optimism and connect you to your power. Like sunstone, citrine will also increase your energy levels, reducing sugar cravings and increasing your desire to be active.

Citrine is a beautiful stone to wear as jewelry, such as this bead bracelet, as it will prevent negative thinking throughout the day. It’s also worth placing tumbled rocks around the home to spread positive vibes to your environment and those you live with. This is essential as it is easy to absorb negative energy from others, which can quickly cause us to spiral, undoing all our hard work.

Gold Sheen Obsidian – Considered Optimal For Healthy Digestion

StoneStory Gold Obsidian Healing Crystal Natural Rock Crystal Quartz Gemstone Sphere Ball (Gold...

Gold Sheen Obsidian

See latest price

Gold Sheen Obsidian is not one of the most popular healing crystals around, but it can be beneficial in preventing weight gain and reaching your desired weight. This is because it has links with the solar plexus chakra, the energy center that governs digestion.

Gold Sheen Obsidian also grounds you through the root chakra and removes negative energy from your aura and toxins from the body. Thus, it is an ideal stone to work with if you are detoxing or cleansing.

Wearing this obsidian necklace will help you stay grounded and feel empowered. You can also keep this gold obsidian sphere ball in your home to remain focused on your weight loss goals.

Rose Quartz – For Self-Compassion & Self-Love

AMOYSTONE Rose Quartz Obelisk Tower Large Healing Crystal Wand Point 6 Faceted Reiki Chakra...

Rose Quartz

See latest price

The heart chakra stone rose quartz is one of the best crystals for boosting self-esteem and overall self-image. Known as the stone of self-love, rose quartz will help you cultivate more compassion for yourself when you don’t reach your desired weight or you slip up and resort to bad habits.

The gentle, nurturing energy of rose quartz will help you overcome self-blame and self-hatred and prevent self-sabotaging behaviors. As this pink crystal opens your heart, it also helps to change your perspective on weight loss. It will help you love and accept yourself for who you already are rather than striving to become a skinnier, leaner version of yourself.

Wear this rose quartz necklace to tap into these heart-opening qualities. Or work with a crystal wand if you’re seeking deeper healing around your self-image and self-worth.

Peridot – Considered Advantageous For Detoxing

Peridot is a wonderful crystal for overall health and well-being. Still, it is particularly beneficial on the weight loss journey, thanks to its ability to draw out toxins and negative energy from your body.

Mentally, peridot can reduce anxiety and focus your mind by balancing emotions and reducing negative or repetitive mental activity. Wear a peridot necklace to keep your digestion working efficiently during the day. Then place a peridot stone on your bedside table, allowing this gorgeous green stone to work wonders while you sleep too.

Green Aventurine- For Handing Complex Emotions

UFEEL Green Aventurine Palm Stone Crystal - Natural Chakra Therapy Polished Healing Crystal Oval...

Green Aventurine

See latest price

As you probably know, a lack of emotional stability and control is one of the most common causes of slip-ups when trying to lose weight. The path to losing weight can bring up many complex emotions, such as shame, guilt, and self-hatred.

It can also cause old emotional wounds to resurface, such as hurtful weight-related comments we were told by others as children or teenagers. When this happens, everything can feel overwhelming, and we can end up experiencing more weight gain rather than weight loss.

Luckily, the soothing heart chakra stone green aventurine can help to bring this excess energy under control, balance your emotions, and reduce anxious thoughts. If this is something you need, meditate with a green aventurine palm stone each morning, and before you know it, you’ll be back on track again.

Iolite – For A Vitality & Energy Boost

The fairly rare crystal Iolite has unique benefits for preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss. This purple-grey stone is said to cleanse the liver and reduce body fat by releasing accumulated fatty deposits. It can also reduce water retention while speeding up a slow metabolism.

Aside from these physical benefits, Iolite is a top choice if you want an all-around energy boost. As a highly spiritual stone, it removes negative energy from your aura, infusing you with vitality and positivity. Place an Iolite palm stone under your pillow at night to ensure you wake up full of energy and good vibes.

Clear Quartz – For Mental Clarity & Motivation

KALIFANO Quartz Points Bundle (500+ Carats) - Bulk High Energy Raw Lemurian Reiki Cuarzo Crystal...

Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz, also known as white quartz, brings instant clarity and calm to the mind. It is a go-to crystal when you feel overwhelmed, unfocused, or question whether you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Clear quartz heightens all mental faculties, including concentration and clear thinking. Moreover, with links to the crown chakra, white quartz enhances spiritual connection, promoting a deeper understanding of yourself and the divine.

While clear quartz is a powerful crystal to work with alone, you can also combine it with other crystals for weight loss on a crystal grid. Placing a raw clear quartz point in the center of the board will amplify the qualities of the other healing stones and, thus, increase your likelihood of success in losing weight.

3 Holistic Ways To Use Weight Loss Crystals

You can soak up the healing powers of weight loss crystals by keeping them around your home, carrying them with you, or wearing them as jewelry. However, I recommend combining them with these other holistic weight loss methods for maximum success.


Crystals can help you stay focused and present on the yoga mat. Incorporating crystals into your yoga practice can also strengthen your resolve if you begin your session by holding your crystal and setting an intention. This will allow you to absorb the crystal’s energy and send your desire out to the universe.

Of course, yoga itself can aid weight loss, primarily if you practice fast-paced, challenging styles like Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Hot yoga styles like Bikram are even more popular for weight loss, as you can burn up to 600 calories during a one-hour session.

Positive Affirmations

image 46

Affirmations are positive statements you say about yourself in the present tense. They aim to reframe your mindset to overcome negative thoughts and bad habits. Reciting weight loss affirmations can help you if you lack the belief that you can (or deserve to) achieve your goals. Positive affirmations can also help put a stop to destructive behavior that is holding you back, such as emotional eating.

To use crystals and affirmations together, choose the gemstone that best matches your intention. Then, while holding the crystal in your hand, recite your resolve out loud or in your mind. Repeat it as many times as necessary (aim for at least 5 minutes) and return to this practice every day.

Mindfulness Meditation

image 44

There may be no scientific evidence behind the healing powers or crystals, but there is on mindfulness meditation. Various studies have found that mindfulness meditation can significantly decrease binge eating and emotional eating as it decreases anxiety and stress, which are common triggers of these behaviors.

Combining the placebo effect of crystals with the scientific evidence behind meditation will enhance these positive results further. Choose one of the crystals for weight loss from the list above, cleanse it, and set your intention, then hold it in your palm as you bring your awareness to the present moment. Notice the sensation of the rock against your skin, the heaviness of it, and any energy you can sense around it.

You can also practice this mindfulness activity in daily life to reduce cravings or negative thoughts. If you don’t have a crystal to hand, bring your awareness to your body, feeling its connection to the earth, the air around it, and the movement within your chest as you breathe.

Final Thoughts On Crystals For Weight Loss

If you’re looking for natural ways to lose weight that don’t involve starving yourself or spending hours at the gym, healing crystals are a top choice. While they are not a magic spell to instantly drop a dress size, healing crystals can increase positive energy, self-control, and emotional balance, helping you stay focused on achieving your health goals.

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Crystals can directly burn body fat.

Wearing a crystal bracelet can help enhance self-image.

Crystals work solely through scientific mechanisms.

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