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  1. Bali Wellness Retreat & Bali Yoga Travel

    This is an excellent article and one that I would suggest any retreat leader thinking of hosting retreat should read.

    We have witnessed so many retreat leaders not doing the ground work in what is needed to fill up their retreat.

    Many of them believe that simply posting their retreat info on social media or one of the yoga retreats platform is going to do the job.

    It takes so much more…..and I highly suggest that the best way, is to create a following before taking that leap.

    1. Kelly Alexander
      Kelly Alexander at |

      Thanks so much Bali Wellness Retreat for your comment. Indeed, having a great community/following/tribe is such a great way to help fill your retreats. Your website is actually a great resource for teachers looking to run a retreat so thanks for connecting!

  2. Robert Ruttenberg
    Robert Ruttenberg at |

    We are http://www.amatierra.com in Costa Rica and looking to sell our thriving business after 13 years in Business. If you know anybody interested in possibly owning a Yoga and Wellness Retreat Center in Costa Rica please let us know and they can get in touch with us by email at amatierra@gmail.com and we can send them a lot more information about or Business we are selling. Or if you have any ideas who to contact?
    Bob and Jill Ruttenberg


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