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Fabletics leggings

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Key Takeaway

Fabletics offers trendy, affordable leggings with a VIP membership providing discounts and exclusive perks. The review highlights 15 top styles, addressing diverse preferences and activities.

These days we’re practically living in leggings. The intersection of trendy style, multi-functionality, and ultimate comfort has workout companies hustling to deliver the best. And our standards are pretty dang high. We want:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric that feels smooth on the skin and doesn’t end up pilling in the wash
  • No rolling down, riding up, or camel-toe
  • Curve flattering high rise fits that pass the squat test
  • Affordable yet durable and high quality
  • Trendy colors and matching sets
  • Minimal seam or seamless technology
  • Eco-and-socially-conscious manufacturing

There are a million brands out there ranging from cheap Amazon knockoffs to luxury lululemon tights. Somewhere in the upper-middle part of that spectrum is Kate Hudson’s fashion-forward brand Fabletics.

Fabletics cuts out the middle man to deliver affordable athleisure and loungewear at a bargain price for their VIP members. But is it worth it? How do you figure out the best Fabletics leggings styles?

If you’re on the fence about Fabletics, we’ve got all those answers and more in this ultimate Fabletics leggings review. We’ll explore the ins and outs of the Fabletics membership, the type of leggings they offer, and an honest in-depth review of our all-time favs.

Quick Picks: Fabletics Review of Top 15 Best Fabletics Leggings

  1. Best Overall: Anywhere High-Waisted Leggings
  2. Best for Hatha Yoga: Oasis High-Waisted 7/8 Legging
  3. Best Phone Pocket: Trinity High-Waisted Pocket Legging
  4. Best for Curve Defining: Define High-Waisted 7/8 Leggings
  5. Best for Cross Training: On-the-Go High-Waisted Legging
  6. Best for Hot Yoga: High Waisted Motion365 7/8 Leggings
  7. Best for Tummy Flattering: High-Waisted PureLuxe Crossover 7/8
  8. Best Eco Style: Sync High-Waisted Perforated 7/8
  9. Best Low Compression Style: High Waisted Seamless Legging
  10. Best Capri: Define High Waisted Capri
  11. Best for Pregnant Yogis: High-Waisted Shine Maternity Leggings
  12. Best Plain Black Leggings: Ultra High Waisted PureLuxe 7/8
  13. Best No-Roll Leggings: The Boost 7/8
  14. Best for Hiding Cellulite: Yitty Major Label High Waist Legging
  15. Best for Storage: Trinity High-Waisted Utility Legging

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is an activewear brand that aims to make stylish, functional fitness gear accessible to the average person. They offer everything from leggings and sweats to sports bras, crop tops, loungwear, and accessories.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics is closely associated with the celebrity endorsements of actress Kate Hudson and, more recently, Kevin Hart for their men’s line. They have also worked with Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, Lea Michele, Maddy Ziegler, and Marquita Pring.

Fabletics is all about affordability, eco-friendliness, inclusivity, and a down-to-earth, member-focused mission “to be the world’s most fashionable, innovative, and inclusive active-lifestyle brand. Fabletics believes that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.” 

Fabletics delivers fashion-forward leggings and workout gear at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. They are most well-known for their VIP membership program that charges a monthly fee for exclusive benefits and big discounts.

How does the Fabletics VIP Membership work?

The Fabletics VIP membership is flexible and affordable. The basic concept is a monthly fee that goes toward receiving a promotional “member credit”. Not only do VIP members access 20-50% of all products, but the monthly credits can be applied for even more savings. Members can easily skip a month or cancel at any time. 

As of 2022, the Fabletics VIP membership costs $54.95 per month. The benefits include:

  • Intro offer of 2 leggings for $24 
  • 1 Membership Credit every month (use for any 2-piece outfit or an item up to $80)
  • VIP-exclusive pricing (20-50% off everything always plus exclusive sales up to 70% off)
  • Free shipping on all orders over $49.95
  • Free returns and exchanges within 90 days
  • Access Fabletics FIT app with on-demand workouts, meditations, and progress tracking
  • Same benefits with their new shapewear brand, Yitty
  • Fabletics BeneFits loyalty points ($1 spent=1 point)
  • Skip the month as often as you’d like
  • Cancel any time (you can still use unredeemed Membership Credits)

Keep in mind you can also shop the Fabletics website without a membership and make a normal purchase like you would with any other brand.

Is Fabletics VIP worth it?

Anyone can shop at Fabletics and you don’t need a membership to enjoy everyday great prices. Members just get all of the above benefits on top of the discounted prices.

For example, a 2 or 3 piece outfit might cost $125 for a non-member, but a VIP member can get it for $70 or a VIP member with 1 membership credit can get that same outfit for $50.  So you end up saving 20-50%.

If you want to look at it another way, each monthly member credit is worth about $80. You’re paying $55 for an $80 “token” of sorts. Essentially, you get $25 worth of free merchandise each month, plus all the other benefits.

Understanding the Fabletics Leggings Styles

Like most brands, Fabletics offers a variety of signature fabrics, compression levels, and lengths of leggings. Anyone who has accidentally worn fashion tights to the gym or yoga leggings on a run knows that different styles are more suitable for certain functions.

Here’s the basic breakdown of Fabletics fabrics, rises, and lengths so you can find the best pair for you:

Main Fabrics

Fabletics created its own signature fabrics that are featured in different lines of leggings and shorts. You can search by fabric on their website by simply typing the name in the search bar on the Fabletics website or use their Fabric Guide.

PowerHold (Max Compression)

Best for: High intensity workouts

As the original Fabletics signature fabric, PowerHold leggings are the go-to for the ultimate hold and compression. The blends is 88% polyester and 12% elastane for extra stretchiness. They use an InstaBoost Technology to ensure that these leggings stay up (no rolling!) no matter what. The PowerHold fabric is thick, compressive, curve-defining, and best for high-impact workouts.

Motion 365 (High Compression)

Best for: Hot yoga and barre

The most breathable and versatile Fabletics leggings fabric. Motion365 is a 75% nylon and 25% elastane blend for maximum compression, sweat wicking, and full range of motion. This is our favorite fabric for workout leggings, barre classes, and hot yoga lovers.

SculptKnit (Medium Compression)

Best for: Leisure and shapewear

This specially engineered knit blend is Fabletics most advanced fabric for targeted compression. SculptKnit leggings provide the most contour and curve-flattering fit. They are made of 90% nylon and 10% elastane.

Interestingly, this fabric doesn’t fray so you can cut it to your desired inseam length without having to worry about hemming.

PureLuxe (Medium-Light Compression)

Best for: General yoga

The buttery soft PureLuxe legging fabric has mid-level compression and the most stretchiness. Leggings made with PureLuxe have a lightweight “barely there” feel and tend to be the best for yoga.

The blend is 82% polyester and 18% elastane for a full range of motion and squat-proof movement.

Seamless (Lightest Compression)

Best for: Streetwear and lounging

Fabletics luxury seamless leggings have a second skin feel that is only lightly compressive. Because it is so soft and lightweight, this fabric is best for casual wear and leisure, but it may also do for lighter yoga sessions.

The seamless fabric is made from partially recycled materials and has some moisture wicking properties for maximum comfort. These are sleek leggings that are chafe-free and only have minimal seams in the crotch and inner thigh.


All the Fabletics leggings are designed to support you and stay up during any activity. However, depending on your body type, you pay prefer that the leggings hit you below or above the belly button. There are three main rises of Fabletics leggings:

  • Mid-Rise: Hits most women just below the belly button. Mid-rise styles are great for those with a slimmer figure or yogis who do a lot of bending and twisting.
  • High-Rise: Hits above the belly button. Fabletics high-rise styles are more mid-torso. These leggings are perfect for hourglass figures, curvier yogis, or leisure wear.
  • Ultra High Rise: If you want to feel super supported and “tucked in”, the ultra high rise leggings are 1/2 inch to 1 inch higher than the regular “high rise”. They often hit just below the lower ribs. This super high waist complements almost any body type.


Most Fabletics leggings come in a couple length options.

  • Full length: Designed to hit right at the ankle bone, the “regular” full length leggings fit best on average height women (5’4″ to 5’8″). Fortunately, Fabletics offers “short” for petite women and “tall” inseams for the tallest yogis.
  • 7/8 length: The 7/8 leggings fall to an inch or so above the ankle.
  • Capri: Capris are the most breathable length. They usually extend down to the mid-calf.

Top 15 Best Fabletics Leggings: Honest Fabletics Review

No matter which fabric, rise, or length you choose, all Fabletics leggings are made with quality and function in mind. Better yet, nearly every style can be purchased as part of the 2 for $24 VIP membership deal.

We decided to review the bestselling styles to test their form, function, durability, and feel. Here’s the absolute best Fabletics leggings that proved to be worth every dime:

With a spacious pocket and the light-as-air PureLuxe fabric, the Anywhere leggings are our all-time favorite for wearing, well, anywhere! These buttery smooth leggings have all way stretch, chafe-resistant seams, camel-toe free design, and moisture wicking properties.

We absolutely love the smooth cooling feeling of the lightweight fabric against the skin. It has a cotton like feel with the stretchiness and range of motion of spandex. These are the best leggings for wearing to/from the studio, out on the town, or around the house. They’re all purpose and seriously great quality.


  • Lightweight and super soft
  • Multi-functional for everyday wear
  • Breathable and shaping
  • 4-way stretch
  • Pass the squat test
  • Moisture wicking
  • Hand-brushed buttery soft finish
  • Big external phone pocket


  • May run a little small
  • Too thick for hot weather

For all your general yoga needs, these 7/8 high waisted leggings check all the boxes. The all way stretch and super breathable fabric lets you basically forget about them as you flow in standard Hatha or Vinyasa yoga classes. They have a moderate level of compression for a curve-flattering fit.

The 7/8 inseam hits just above the ankle to slim your legs. But what we love most is the airy feeling and brushed finish that keep your skin feeling cozy yet cool.


  • Mid-level compression
  • Ultra soft
  • Light as air (“barely there” feel)
  • 4-way stretch for full range of motion in yoga class
  • Large external pocket


  • Back seam styles may not flatter every body type
  • 7/8 inseam doesn’t hit perfectly on all heights

These chafe resistant seamless leggings feature a unique mesh pocket on the lower back of the waistband. It is zippered, easy access, and super comfortable. The Motion365 fabric is versatile and more compressive, making these leggings great for sweaty workouts, yoga, and barre.

The nylon/elastane blend is super flexible and breathable to ensure your full range of motion. It feels almost silky on your skin. We also love the color options for Trinity (hello vibrant solids)! What sets this style apart is the sculpting silhouette and seam-free front panel.


  • 2 hidden pockets: Mesh pocket on low back and side phone pocket
  • Silky smooth feel
  • Super breathable
  • Mid-to-high compression
  • Compliments this beauty
  • Seamless style front panel
  • Available in Short, Regular, and Tall


  • Thinner material isn’t great for hiding cellulite
  • Run small

Whether you’re looking for a super cute outfit or a cross training set, this pair of leggings seriously flatters your booty and waist. The mesh lining and PowerHold fabric has maximum compression to hold you in and contour your silhouette.

Find us reaching for these bad boys on the way to power yoga, weightlifting, or a boxing class. The material is super thick and the dark patterns pass the squat test with flying colors (look out for the light ones though)! Plus, they’re moisture-wicking and crazy comfortable.


  • Sculpting curve-hugging fit
  • Very compressive
  • Durable thick fabric
  • Flattering high waisted fit
  • Available in fun patterns like zebra, camo, and snakeskin
  • Fits true to size
  • Great for sweaty workouts


  • Waistband may roll down
  • Lighter colors can be slightly see-through

When it comes to versatility, the On-the-Go leggings are aptly named. Catch us wearing these on a run, to a spin class, or out and about. They are high compression with maximum breathability and smoothness.

We love the full range of motion and big phone pocket (that actually holds your phone on a jog). There are also hidden pockets, chafe resistant seams and an inner lining to keep you cool and dry.


  • Big pockets (inner and outer)
  • Phone stays in your pocket while running, jumping, etc.
  • Signature high waisted PowerHold is form-flattering
  • Maximum compression without sacrificing breathability
  • Sweat wicking
  • UPF protection
  • Super cute patterns and colors


  • May run slightly small
  • Not as stretchy as other styles

If you tend to sweat more than the average yogi, these are the leggings for you. Whether on the mat or at the gym, the Motion365 fabric is our favorite for maximum breathability. The sweat wicking nylon and elastane blend ensures that you don’t start slipping in a puddle of your own sweat. We’re impressed by the smell management of these leggings (even in crazy hot Bikram classes). The seamless front panel is also a nice bonus for preventing camel toe.


  • Moisture wicking and breathable for super sweaty workouts
  • All way stretch and full range of motion
  • Form flattering medium compression
  • External phone pocket
  • Includes a towel loop


  • Minimum color selections

We always love Fabletics for jumping on new trends at lightning speed. This tummy-flattering “crossover” style has a “V”-cut waistband that makes your stomach look fantastic. They have convenient leggings and look incredible with the matching sports bra.

This pair of leggings comes in Fabletics’ softest fabric called PureLuxe. It has a brushed finish and buttery soft sensation that is still supportive and functional.


  • Stomach-flattering V-shape waistband
  • Crazy soft
  • Stretchy polyester and spandex blend
  • Looks stylish on-the-go


  • Not many color options
  • Waistband may roll during yoga

We absolutely love Fabletics seamless styles because they have all the comforts of cotton leggings without problems like camel-toe or sheer stretch when squatting. This pair has a nice mesh “perforated” ventilation in the legs that looks as good as it feels. Just remember that this pair is best for low impact workouts and probably won’t hold up in the gym. The fabric is also made of partially recycled materials for a nice eco-friendly bonus!


  • Breezy mesh panel breathability
  • Supportive high waist
  • Second-skin feel
  • Chafe resistant
  • Camel-toe-free seamless design
  • Great quality for the studio or lounging


  • Not as compressive
  • Feel a little cheaper than other styles
High Waisted Seamless Legging

Best Low Compression Style:

High Waisted Seamless Legging

Whether it’s that time of month or you’re feeling a little bloated, sometimes you don’t want to be squeezed in. We love that this pair is low compression yet still functional for light yoga or pilates. These leggings are seamless and feel like second skin, plus they’re


  • Non-restrictive light compression
  • Very soft fabric
  • Lovely seamless smooth feel
  • Unique patterns and colors


  • May be see-through in some poses
  • Not super stretchy

If the cloud pattern didn’t catch your eye, the crazy comfortable fit will definitely win you over. These capris are designed to be super durable for even the toughest workouts. The high rise fit is flattering and comfortable. The chafe-free seaming feels luxurious against your skin.

This pair is made from Fabletics’ signature PowerHold fabric for the best compression and full range of motion. They are also very cooling thanks to the mid-calf cut and sweat-wicking fabric.


  • Unique patterns
  • Calf-slimming inseam length
  • High rise fit
  • Chafe-free seams
  • Maximum compression to hold you in
  • Multi-functional
  • Tummy-tucking waistband


  • No pockets

Pregnant yogis love the support and comfort of this pair. They are great for any mild workout routine or leisure. The stretchy waistband hugs your baby bump without too much compression. The PureLuxe fabric is buttery soft on the inside and shiny on the outside for fashionable look.


  • Softest fabric
  • Super comfortable baby bump high waistband
  • Moisture wicking
  • Lightweight
  • Super stretchy for wear throughout pregnancy
  • Available in Short, Regular, and Tall


  • Shiny material may not fit everyone’s style
  • Only 2 colors available

We all have the staple black leggings that go with everything. But when you wear them everyday, a brand new pair can be a great investment. These extra high waisted PureLuxe leggings are versatile, flattering, and so so comfortable. I had to wear a pair of leggings every day for the rest of my life, it might be these ones.


  • The most versatile for everyday wear and yoga
  • Highest rise fit is curve-flattering and tummy-tucking
  • 4-way stretch
  • No chafing or camel toe
  • Hidden pockets
  • Moisture wicking
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Best for athleisure


  • Not as strong compression
The Boost 7 to 8

Best No-Roll Leggings:

The Boost 7/8

Fabletic’s signature high waisted PowerHold fit paired with a unique cross-hatched low back design means these leggings will never roll down. The crisscross lattice detail is both functional (to keep the leggings up) and stylish, and available in a wide array of cute colors. We love that these leggings give a nice booty boost with lifting and curve-hugging technology.


  • No-roll technology
  • Great for high impact workouts
  • Fade resistant colors
  • Smoothing and booty lifting
  • Unique crosshatch design
  • Great color options
  • 4-way stretch for full range of motion
  • Lined inside
  • Hidden pockets


  • Lattice work doesn’t hit perfectly on everyone

These extra thick smoothing leggings are like shapewear crossed with workout leggings. Fabletics’ newest line Yitty is all about smoothing, sculpting, and shaping your body without feeling uncomfortable. We love that these are available in extended sizing and hide cellulite like a boss.


  • Thick fabric
  • Lined for full coverage
  • Booty lifting technology
  • Buttery soft
  • Hug your body without feeling too tight or restrictive
  • Available up to 6X


  • Could be stretchier in the stomach area

Zippers, pockets, and cargo-style details!? Yes please. If you prefer to wear leggings as pants and not carry a purse, these are your dream pair.

Cut from the versatile Motion365 fabric, these leggings have the most storage of any Fabletics picks. They have a hidden zip pocket in the back, zippered ankles, a mesh external phone pocket, and another secure zipper pocket on the other side. You can stash anything without worrying about it falling out!


  • 4 super secure pockets
  • Zippered ankle accent
  • Cute “cargo leggings” vibe
  • Versatile for daily wear
  • Moisture wicking
  • Chafe-free seams
  • Silky smooth and comfortable
  • Holds you in without feeling restrictive


  • Too thick for hot yoga or summer wear

Fabletics Review: The Bottom Line

Fabletics leggings really are as affordable, trendy, and high quality as they say. Our research shows that reviewers from all over the U.S. truly love these legging styles and have tested them in a variety of situations. We have fallen in love with every pair we’ve tested and keep going back for more.

When it comes to the VIP membership program, it is completely worth it if you live in leggings. Since you have unlimited “skips”, you can buy new leggings at least every couple months and get really great bargain deals. But the VIP program is not worth it for someone who only works out once a week or prefers to stick to just 1-2 pairs of leggings.

Ultimately, Fabletics is just as high quality as lululemon and other top brands. If you want to see more about how the two brands compare, check out this in-depth post we did about Fabletics vs. lululemon.

We really love Fabletics leggings for their functionality on the mat, versatility in daily life, and quality that lasts.

Did you find this Fabletic review helpful? What’s your favorite pair of Fabletics leggings? Let us know below!


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