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Have you been wondering what those colored light specks are that float around your eyelids during your meditation practice? Maybe you have been seeing shapes and swirls of colors when relaxing and you are curious about what they might mean.

Stick around, because here we will explore the meaning of the colors of meditation and what they can represent.

Meditation – A guide for physical and mental relaxation

Meditation is a way of relaxing both the body and mind. In fact, studies have shown that while meditation helps mental relaxation, at the same time, it also creates more mental clarity and better cognitive performance.

There are many meditation techniques that one can use to find this deep state of relaxation, but most of them share a few of the same qualities. These include:

When you have a regular meditation practice, you will begin to experience a deeper sense of relaxation. In this state, you may also begin to feel more attuned to your energetic body and start to see subtle images or colors. These have unique meanings to each person, but here are a few hints to find out what these colors of meditation are trying to tell you.

Colors of Meditation and the Chakra system

Seeing colors during meditation is a very normal thing! Colors hold an energetic frequency that can be associated with the chakra system. The chakra colors are known from the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, one of the Eastern healing systems originating from India. Compared to other eastern healing systems, the ayurvedic system uses specific colors for the seven major energy centers in the body.

An energy center is a spinning wheel of life force energy that has an effect on the physical body, mental reactions, and emotional strength. If one of your chakras is out of balance, or trying to send you a specific chakra message, then it could be giving you colorful signals during your meditation practice.

The root chakra is red, sacral chakra is orange, solar plexus is yellow, heart chakra is green, throat chakra is blue, third eye chakra is indigo and the crown chakra is purple, white or sometimes even golden.

Each of the body’s energy centers holds specific qualities. This is what we will look at in more detail so that you can interpret the symbolic meanings of the colors of meditation that you have been seeing!

Root Chakra – Color Red

You will often see a Buddhist spiritual master or Buddhist teacher wearing robes in the color red, orange, or yellow. These are the colors of the three lower chakras and they hold very grounded and simple energy.

Let’s begin with red. This is the color of the root chakra and it has heavy energy. Those seeking spiritual enlightenment often wear grounded colors with the intention of simplicity and a sign that they are releasing all forms of materialism.

Red is also a color that represents the beginning of physical life force energy. The root chakra is the first place where we absorb energy from the earth, marking the beginning of the physical body’s journey, from which growth can occur.

Seeing red during meditation could indicate that you need to work on your base issues such as self-confidence, self-control, and self-growth. It is also a color that asks you to look at your inner health and observe what physical reaction is happening due to the emotions stored within you.

The color red can also be a sign of deep physical relaxation which can lead to deep meditation.

It may also be an invitation to connect with your roots, discover your ancestors or make peace with your family. Or perhaps to connect with mother earth and give thanks for your journey in this lifetime!

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Sacral Chakra – Color Orange

When you start seeing the color orange in meditation, it means that your second chakra, the sacral chakra has been awakened. This energy center is one of creativity and can help to spark your inner imagination.

Orange is another color that represents life force energy and it brings about the sense of wanting or needing a new stage of personal growth.

Orange may come to you in meditation to invite you to play with your inner creative artist and to experience the delightful senses of the world. It can be a sign to talk with your inner child and to invite more playfulness into your life.

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Solar Plexus Chakra – Color Yellow

The bold and bright color yellow is connected to your solar plexus. The solar plexus is the energy center that is connected to finding your inner power and purpose. It is also the color of sunlight, indicating warmth and positive uplifting energy.

If you see yellow in meditation, you can allow this color to bring you high-quality richness in all areas of your life. It is an invitation to step into your true power to let go of negative aspects of your life and transform them into positive and proactive aspects instead.

When you see yellow colour, you might allow this golden light to awaken your inner free spirit. This is the part of you that wants to break the rules and be a little rebellious. It is the part of you that wants to take action on the things you love, to sweat it out on the yoga mat and progress your spiritual practice, or to embrace sudden change as a way of saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

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Heart Chakra – Color Green

When you see green colors in meditation, there are a lot of options on the color spectrum that you might be seeing. Shades of green vary greatly, just as the colors of nature are always changing too. With green, you are tapping into the energy of the heart chakra, and that of unconditional love.

Using deep concentration to focus on the inner love and joy that resides within you can help you to express this energy more outwardly to the world around you.

But the heart chakra has multiple meanings depending on what you are going through at the moment. You may be in need of a heart healing from moments of loss or a broken heart. You may need to tap into your inner joy or happiness that comes from a place of love. You may need to let go of jealousy or negative energy that you are still holding in your heart.

Whatever message your heart wants you to know will be indicated by the color green. Try to feel the energy of this color, and allow your heart to guide you as you shape your present and future experiences.

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Throat Chakra – Color Blue

Bold blue color may arise when there is an issue in the throat chakra area. This fifth chakra is connected with speaking the truth and expressing yourself to the world through words and actions.

Just like the ocean, soothing and cooling, blue colour can help to bring inner calmness to a turbulent issue that is running through your mind. The color blue can also ask you to relax and to speak the truth in tough situations.

It invites you to speak up if you notice unusual things, or if you have a message to share. Blue asks you to come out of your comfort zone and express yourself freely, just as you are. Whether you want to share the positive or negative aspects of your life, you have a right to speak up and be heard.

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Third Eye Chakra – Color Indigo

The third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo and is known as the center of the spiritual eye. When you are seeing colors during meditation such as indigo, it could be a sign of a mental reaction to a thought or event that has been happening recently.

Indigo can heighten mental perception and simultaneously reduce mental stress depending on what you need. But the key aspect of indigo is the third eye awakening. This means that indigo will represent a deep connection with your intuition and your sense of inner knowing.

If you have been asking the Universe or Spirit for support with an issue in your life, the color indigo can be a confirmation that your message has been received. Indigo represents the psychic center of the body, and this energy can be used for visualization, manifestation, or connecting with your higher self.

If indigo comes to you in meditation, you may be noticing more synchronicities in the world around you and Spirit wants to confirm that what you’ve been seeing is correct! Many meditation teachers will guide you to connect with a beautiful vibrant indigo color during meditation to stimulate this inner awareness.

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Crown Chakra – Colors Purple & White

The final chakra, the crown chakra, is associated with a number of meditation colors. It could be represented by the color violet, color purple, or even gold or white light. If this chakra is being activated, you might see many colors during meditation as a sign that multiple energy centers have been awakened.

Seeing purple color could also indicate that you are connected to an energy that is greater than yourself. Perhaps a higher being, such as an angel or spirit wants to connect with you. It may also be your higher self trying to deliver a message and can only get through in the stillness of meditation.

When purple, gold or white shows up in meditation, ask these colors to deepen your connection with both yourself and the world around you. With a deeper connection, you will feel how the body subtly moves in response to the world around you. You will notice your reactions and inner responses to life and this will guide you on a path to connecting with your true self.

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Trusting your Intuition

Colors have multiple meanings and aside from the interpretations mentioned here, the most powerful tool to interpret the meaning of the colors during meditation is listening to your gut instinct.

Your intuitive centers, the gut, the heart, and the mind, will guide you to clearly recognize the meanings and messages you receive during meditation.

To enhance this connection to your intuition, you may like to try journalling after meditation, drawing the images or shapes that you saw, and also recognizing where else in your life these colors are showing up.

For example, the color you see during meditation could be a message from a loved one who has passed whom always wore blue shoes or a bright purple coat. It could be a reminder to stop and smell the beautiful red poppies growing by your house, or to take some time and soak up the yellow sunshine.

Tune in, ask yourself and trust the response you receive. After all, only you know the truth of your spiritual connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see colors in meditation?

Seeing colors during meditation is a very normal thing! Colors hold an energetic frequency that has many meanings or interpretations in your life. So if you are seeing colors in meditation, perhaps the universe is trying to tell you something.

What do the colors during meditation represent?

Each color will have a unique meaning to you. They can be connected to the chakras (energy centers in your body), or perhaps to greater meanings in your life. e.g. the color of a passed loved one, a lucky color, or a personal reminder.

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