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In January, my girlfriend Anne and I quit our corporate jobs, sold nearly everything we own and bought a one-way ticket to India.

We spent 3 months in India traveling, practicing, and teaching yoga. Check out our travel itinerary to see where we’re going next!

This is a chronological story of our time in India… told through pictures of yoga poses!

We started our India tour in the bustling Mumbai.

Mumbai get’s super hot so we escaped to Lonavla for cooler temperatures and to enjoy some scenery.

*Photo essay: Streets of Mumbai

Revers Warrior – Lonavla, Maharashtra

Not pictured: the 20-30 locals staring at us during this “photo shoot.” Oh India 😀

Modified full wheel in Lonavla.
Modified full wheel in Lonavla, Maharashtra

After Mumbai, we spent 2.5 weeks in Goa. Although we hated Anjuna Beach, we did enjoy a 5-day yoga retreat and letting time pass slow.

*Our favorite yoga studio in Goa was Oceanic Yoga in Anjuna.

We fell in love with the tiny village of Aldona located 30 km inland of Anjuna Beach. The village was full of colonial portuguese architecture. We stumbled upon this old church and had some fun 🙂

Flying squirrel pose in Aldona, Goa.
Flying squirrel pose in Aldona, Goa

It’s was about 100 degrees that day and the pavement was super hot. I could only hold the pose for a second before burning my hands!

Modified crescent lunge - Aldona, Goa
Modified crescent lunge – Aldona, Goa

We ran some stairs for a little workout too!

Handstands TWO - aldona
Double handstand – Aldona, Goa

After our fill of Goa, we took a dreadful overnight bus to Hampi. Hampi is a magical place and easily our favorite destination in all of India.

Tree pose - Hampi, Karnataka
Tree pose – Hampi, Karnataka

We wandered through Hampi’s old temples and explored the lush surroundings by motorbike.

Dancer's pose - Hampi, Karnataka
Dancer’s pose – Hampi, Karnataka

Lots of temples.

Crow pose - Hampi, Karnataka
Crow pose – Hampi, Karnataka

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tree pose with prayer hands - Hampi India
Tree pose – Hampi, Karnataka

So many of temples…

Side plank pose - Hampi, Karnataka
Side plank pose – Hampi, Karnataka

After Hampi we took an overnight train to Mysore where we spent 2 weeks practicing yoga and eating healthy food. We spent most of our time in the Gokulom Neighborhood which is famous as the birthplace of Ashtanga style yoga.

*Our favorite yoga studios in Mysore were a1000 Yoga and Mystic Yoga school

Crescent lunge variation - Mysore, Karnatica
Crescent lunge variation – Mysore, Karnatica

Of course we had to visit the Mysore palace.

Triangle pose - Mysore, Karnatica.
Triangle pose – Mysore, Karnatica.

You get a lot of stares in India, but for some reason this one got a lot of attention…

Headstand - Mysore, Karnatica
Headstand – Mysore, Karnatica

After Mysore, we stopped in the hillstation Ooty, before making our way to Cochin, the capital of Kerala. Kerala is the smallest and our favorite Indian state.

Mountain Pose - Cochin, Kerala
Mountain Pose – Cochin, Kerala

After Cochin, we bussed down to Alleppey which is located on the backwaters.

Reverse namascar - Alleppey, Kerala
Reverse namaskar – Alleppey, Kerala

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary by renting a houseboat and cruising the backwaters near Alleppey. Thanks to Brian and Rose for sponsoring our houseboat trip!

*If you’re interested in sponsoring us, click here to learn more.

King pidgin pose - Alleppey, Kerala
King pidgin pose – Alleppey, Kerala

After Alleppey we decided to spoil ourselves for a few days at the Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere five-star resort.

*Our review of Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere

After pampering ourselves, we went down to the beach town of Varkala.

Full wheel variation - Varkala, Kerala
Full wheel variation – Varkala, Kerala

We parked it in Varkala for a couple weeks. Made great friends here and enjoyed some beach time.

Handstand - Varkala, Kerala
Handstand – Varkala, Kerala

*Curious who these two people are in the pictures? I suggest you start here to learn about Anne and Brandon.

Crow pose - Varkala, Kerala
Crow pose – Varkala, Kerala

We really did love this beach.

Dancer's pose - Varkala, Kerala
Dancer’s pose – Varkala, Kerala

Pretty much every day for 2 weeks straight.

Eagle pose - Varkala, Kerala
Eagle pose – Varkala, Kerala

Playtime in Varkala is over. Time for an 18-hour train to Chennai followed by a bus to Mamallapuram. After few days in Mamallapuram we flew to Sri Lanka.

3 weeks later, we’re back in India. We started in the bustling Delhi, and then moved on to the Venice of India, Udaipur.

Finally, after 3 months in India we make to Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal.

Double warrior II pose - Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Double warrior II pose – Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Although we almost skipped it, it’s fair to say no trip to India would be complete without a stop at the Taj Mahal.

Side crow - Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Side crow – Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Even the backside of the Taj is beautiful…

Tree pose - Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Tree pose – Agra, Uttar Pradesh

After Agra, we spent our last 5 days in India’s holiest city, Varanasi. Then we headed North for a month of Trekking in Nepal. Stay tuned for information on our time in Nepal.

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