Creating the Perfect Teaching Schedule – for you and your yoga business

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As a full-time yoga teacher, your schedule from week to week is rarely the same. You go from one class to the next, sometimes clear across town in the middle of rush-hour. This is all in an effort to squeeze in 20+ classes in your week so you can ensure you’re able to pay rent that month. Then when a sub-request hits your inbox, you always consider it, even if it means canceling on your friend’s birthday dinner. Besides, one more class that week could mean one more dinner out the next time or a little bit more $ towards your never ending credit card. You live in your yoga pants anyway, so why not add another class, and another, and another…?Before you know it, your weeks are as scattered as your energy and you begin dreading teaching because you’re too tired, too uninspired, or you just need a break from it all. But you worry that if you’re not teaching enough, you won’t make enough money and the cycle continues.

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Sound familiar?If you don’t re-evaluate your teaching schedule, things will never change. Taking on more does not always equal more money and more success. With most of your time focused on managing your crazy schedule, you lack the time to put towards what will actually get you the income you deserve. 

So what happens when you DO take the time to maximize your schedule and readjust your focus?

MORE time, MORE money, LESS stress. How does THAT sound for a recipe for success?! 🙂

Here are a few more reasons why it’s a good idea to shift your teaching schedule to meet your needs.


Benefits of Maximizing Your Schedule

  • Will increase dollars per hour because you’ll be more strategic with your time
  • You’ll have more time for your personal life so you’ll feel less stressed
  • You’ll be more effective at completing each task, making every single work hour productive
  • It’ll make scheduling your personal life a heck of a lot easier
  • You’ll know week to week what days you’re free to pick up classes or schedule a private client
  • You can manage your finances and bills with more ease


Read on to learn how to maximize your schedule so that you can find balance and success in your yoga business.


Yoga Teacher


Let go. That’s what we all try and do on our mat, right? We attempt to let go so that we can create more space for that which serves us.

Let’s take that important lesson off our mat and into our yoga business.

If you’re reading this, you are ready to start building a yoga business that’s not only sustainable, but one that gives you the freedom to live the life of your dreams. You are tired of the same old same old, and teaching a million and one classes per week just isn’t cutting it any longer.

I’m here to guide you into breaking free from the grip you have on your classes, and to encourage more freedom in your life by making simple but impactful changes to your schedule.

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The bottom line is… you’re going to need to let go of some of the classes that aren’t serving you or your yoga business.

Yikes!! But letting go is SO hard….!

I hear you.

However, if I told you that freeing up a few hours of your work week would help you serve more of your tribe and make more money, would you consider it?

Use the following checklist as you consider each class you teach in a week.

If you can agree to any of these, it’s time to let it go.


Checklist for Dropping a Yoga Class

  • Not a part of your niche
  • Honestly don’t enjoy teaching it
  • Not getting paid what you deserve
  • Takes more than 25 min to drive there
  • You don’t have a consistent group of students
  • The space doesn’t resonate with you or your teachings
  • Average class size is between 1-3 per class


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Now that you can agree you need to drop at least one class, what do you do with that extra hour (or four?!) each week?

I’m so glad you asked:

A: Maximize your schedule to focus on what matters.

With each hour you drop teaching, you gain up to 3 hours of free time! (Factoring in driving and some light prep). That’s A LOT of time. Dropping just three classes a week could give you 9 extra hours to grow your yoga business.

And THAT is how you get over the money hustle…! 

In addition to dropping classes that are no longer serving you, you’ll also want to take a look at your weekly schedule. Is it working for you? Do you still feel a bit scattered? Do you have any days off from work?

Striking the balance of routine and freedom can be really nice as you manage your teaching schedule. Check to see that each day you are doing meaningful, purposeful work that impacts your yoga business.

Below are several ideas to help you make the most of each week:

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Ways to Maximize Your Schedule

  • Schedule at least one, preferably two, days off per week just for you
  • Schedule classes back to back at the same location so you save on time and gas
  • Block one day off a week to work solely on your yoga business (if one whole day just doesn’t work, try two 4-hour chunks of time)
  • Schedule “CEO Dates” – at least 2 hours of time/week dedicated to mapping out your business and related tasks
  • Want a corporate class or more private clients? (because they pay more) Take the newly freed up time to prospect and make calls every week until you solidify a job (or two).
  • Already have a private client? Get more out of your private clients by ensuring they sign up in advance for 4-6 week time periods. Also ask that they give you at least 24 hours advance notice of cancellations. That way you don’t waste your time and have your sessions mapped out. If you feel comfortable, maybe even build in a retainer.


yoga teacher schedule


So when is enough, enough? Now is the time to manage your teaching schedule so you can take charge of your yoga business. Surrender, let go, drop that class and get after it!

You deserve it!


Want more ideas for growing your yoga business?

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Creating Perfect Yoga Teaching Schedule


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