Can I Make it as a Full-Time Yoga Teacher? Tips and Tricks to Being Successful

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Some context: This was written for the yogi who wants to build a thriving career out of all things yoga. If you’re looking to keep teaching as more of a side-hustle, these resources will help you become the best teacher you can be:

The question at hand is: with so many of us out there today – can you reallymake it as a yoga teacher?

The quick answer: absolutely.

But (there’s always a but…)… like anything worth experiencing in life, it isn’t easy. And takes sincere dedication and commitment.

With 20k new yoga teachers registering each year with Yoga Alliance (just think of the thousands of others not registered and accounted for!), you may be wondering how you are going to stand out and make it.

That’s fair.

It’s natural to wonder these things and even to consider if this is the route for you…

Before you climb aboard the self-doubt train (there will always be open seats), trust that you have all you need to make it as a yoga teacher, regardless of the so-called ‘competition.’ (What a yucky word in the yogiverse….!)

We’ve done a lot of research asking successful full-time yoga teachers what they do and compiled a list just for you!

Can I Make it as a Full Time Yoga Teacher 1Pin me first? Then keep reading! 🙂

Can we all agree that if you sincerely try at anything, you CAN succeed. The sky most definitely is the limit and that also goes for your yoga business! You can succeed at turning your passion into your full-time career as a yoga teacher. Yay! Now that I got THAT off my back… 😉Before we jump into the juicy details of just HOW you can make it as a yoga teacher, take a moment to meet me somewhere…Allow your mind to wander back to your mat for just a minute…You there yet? Ahhh, yoga. Now, what happens between those 4 corners of your mat can be considered a microcosm of your life. The way you approach a difficult pose mirrors the way you approach a difficult situation in your daily life. The way your body resists discomfort is the way your mind resists that which is unknown and uncomfortable in your life off the mat. You catch my drift? (Okay, you can get off your mat now and come back to The Yoga Nomads. 🙂 ) Just as you learn on the mat, starting with a beginner’s mind is key. Starting a yoga business as a know-it-all won’t get you very far. Go back to the basics, start there, and move forward. Be willing and open to receive information that will teach you how to be successful. (And show yourself some compassion while you’re at it!) Allow your mind to stay as flexible as your body tries to be in a yoga class… this flexibility will give way moving in ways you’ve never experienced —> which takes you to places you’ve never been!(Sound like yoga yet?) 😉 Alright, now that we’re warmed up and open to receive with a flexible mind, let’s launch into a few tips to help you succeed and make it as a full-time yoga teacher! 

yoga pose

1 – Adopt an entrepreneur mindset.

If you’re going to make it as a full-time yoga teacher, it’s time you start thinking like an entrepreneur. One of the biggest mistakes we see yoga teachers make while building a yoga business, is not considering themselves as entrepreneurs.

Yoga teachers are entrepreneurs.

We are. You are. I am! If you want the success you’re seeking, it’s imperative to change your mindset. Entrepreneurs are adaptable, flexible (we’ll touch on that below), curious, risk-takers, intuitive and seek growth opportunities at every corner. (The list goes on…!) As a full-time yoga teacher, you’re going to be wearing multiple hats (as entrepreneurs do) and have to be willing to adjust and adapt as things come your way. Adopting this mindset will move you from being JUST a yoga teacher to a yoga teacher running a successful business.

2 – Be open and flexible.

Your yoga practice will help teach you this one. 🙂 Just as we learn on the mat, the most difficult poses are easier when we’re open and flexible before your first attempt. As a yoga teacher trying to make a successful business teaching yoga, cultivating an open mind will help you achieve the success you’re seeking. As we’ve mentioned, yoga teachers are entrepreneurs too. And as entrepreneurs, we’re often tasked with doing things we may not want to do. With a flexible and open mindset, you’ll be better poised to take on tasks and projects that are less desirable as you continue to build your business.

Remaining open is imperative to your success. It is so easy to think you know the way, then BAM! something comes your way and shakes up everything you know. You may be challenged with changing the way you do things to better reach your ideal clients. Being open will help you also be flexible when you have to shift things in your yoga business.

3 – Think outside the studio.

As a new yoga teacher, the one thing on your mind is getting experience. Studio experience. Experience is so important and by no means am I undermining it, but in order to succeed as a yoga teacher, diversifying your experience is crucial to the recipe of success. Diversify your experience by teaching at other studios and venues, experiment with leading workshops and donation classes, give corporate yoga classes a shot, consider leading a retreat or training, etc. The more you diversify your offering, the more opportunities to earn more income and not be dependent on just one stream to carry it all.

4 – Get online.

Your online presence is almost as important as your time spent in the studio. As you grow your yoga business it’s imperative you get online. And yes, I mean both social media and a website. I’m going to take a wild guess that you’re already on social media in your personal life. Starting business pages for both Facebook and Instagram isn’t rocket-science, so get after it already!

But a website…

I know, I know…

The self-doubt train has plenty of open seats… but don’t jump on quite yet! Before you make up excuses like: “I’m not tech-savvy enough” or “I don’t have enough money,” trust us when we say, Yes! even YOU can do it. We are just two average people with no prior tech skills and one night over pizza and beer decided to purchase the domain: It takes some time and commitment (<— yep, there’s that again), but with all the resources out there, it can be done!

Websites help you differentiate yourself from all the other yoga teachers trying to “make it.” And as you may (or may not) know, differentiation is key when growing your yoga business. So what are you waiting for?

5 – Practice patience.

Success doesn’t happen over night. Undoubtedly, there will be times when working on your yoga business that you’ll want to quit. But success (big and small!) is usually always on the other side of quitting (as Brandon always reminds me 😉 ).

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens. Don’t give up.

Patience is key in any practice. As we learn on our mat with asana, it takes patience to work on a difficult pose. This couldn’t be more true when starting out as a full-time yoga teacher. It takes time to build your business off the mat. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Even if you have your own yoga website , you still need to actively maintain it and market your offerings. Stay consistent, practice patience, and it will come. 🙂

Let’s wrap up…

Yes you CAN make it as a full-time yoga teacher! By thinking like an the entrepreneur that you are, being open and flexible, thinking outside of the studio, getting online and practicing patience, you’ll find the fulfillment you deserve.

Before I go, here are a couple resources to ensure you are on the right track


Cheers to your fulfillment!


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