The 15 Best Money Attraction Crystals + 6 Surprising Ways To Attract Wealth With Crystals

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Dreaming of winning the lottery? Working hard towards a pay rise? Or busy building a business to gain financial freedom?

Did you know many crystals and gemstones can help us increase our income and reach our financial goals?

How? Well, money crystals work by unblocking anything currently preventing us from achieving financial success, such as a lack of self-belief, low self-esteem, or limiting beliefs.

These powerful crystals can also remove negative energy from our aura and increase positivity. As success is all about our mindset, working with crystal energy can take us from a poverty mindset to an abundance one.

Read on to discover the best crystals for money and how to use them to bring more abundance into your life.

The 15 Best Crystals For Attracting Wealth & Abundance

Here are the 15 best crystals for money and how they can help you attract good fortune.

Quick Picks

NameAppearanceAbilityWhere to buy

Pyrite Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and Crystals...Clears Your HeadspaceSee latest price
Green Jade

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Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for...Helps You Cultivate a Steadier Income With Fewer Financial Lows in BusinessSee latest price
Malachite Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and...Brings You to ProsperitySee latest price
Citrine Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and Crystals...Help You Release Your Fears and Beliefs Around MoneySee latest price
Amazonite Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for Tumbling,...Breaks Down Barriers Stopping You From Getting More MoneySee latest price
Garnet Raw Crystals, Large 1.25-2.0' Healing Crystals Natural Rough Stones Crystal for Tumbling,...Boosts Your Charisma, Confidence, Creativity, and CourageSee latest price
Green Moss Agate
Moss Agate Healing Crystal Stones, 1.25-2.0' Large Reiki Healing Gemstones Natural Tumbled Polished...Helps You Move to the Top Even if You Are Currently at Rock BottomSee latest price
Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and...Breaks Negative Thought PatternsSee latest price
Tiger’s Eye
Tiger Eye Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and...Protects You From Any Unfortunate Event Where You May Lose Money.See latest price
Sunstone Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and Crystals...Helps You Uplift Your Team and Make Them Proud To Be Working With YouSee latest price
Yellow Sapphire
LMDPRAJAPATIS Natural Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Certifed Gemstone 4.25 CTFills You With Positive Vibes and Unwavering Self-BeliefSee latest price
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While it may have the nickname “fool’s gold,” you’ll be anything but a fool if you use pyrite. It is one of the most powerful crystals for money, enhancing your willpower, confidence, and manifestation skills.

Pyrite also looks like real gold, so every time you see it, wealth will be the first thing that comes to mind. There are various situations where you can use fool’s gold. Firstly, if you’re struggling to make a business decision, pyrite will clear your headspace so you can easily comprehend which path will lead to abundance.

Secondly, its energy of positivity and good luck make it the perfect stone for new beginnings, such as starting a new job or launching a new business or product. Keep this Pyrite Elephant Figurine on your work desk, and you’ll feel in total control and like the stars are aligning for you.

Green Jade

word image 25045 3

Green Jade has one of the longest histories in crystal healing and manifesting money. For centuries, it has been associated with attracting wealth in Chinese, while indigenous New Zealanders (the Māori) used it in rituals to attract luck and abundance.

To enjoy the magnificent qualities of Green Jade, place it in the southeast corner of a home. Along with attracting money, it will boost your self-belief and confidence, allowing you to chase your dreams and take action to increase your income.

This stone is also perfect for ensuring you don’t get too caught up with attaining material success and physical possessions. It has a stabilizing energy that promotes peace and helps balance the heart and soul. Thus, using this stone to attract money will ensure you don’t lose sight of other important things in life, like family, health, and giving back.

If you’re considering adding this stone to your money corner or office, check out these cute feng shui money elephants made from green jade. The elephants have their trunks facing upwards, which represents prosperity and success!


word image 25045 4

Another of the best green stones for attracting wealth is Peridot, which symbolizes the abundance of life. It is the August birthstone and has links to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and abundance. Thus, it has been considered a potent money stone for centuries.

Aside from being the color of money, green Peridot is also related to the heart chakra. What does this have to do with manifesting wealth? Well, it can help you release negative behavioral and emotional traits that are holding you back from success in work and business, like anger and jealousy. It can also increase self-worth and self-love, creating a healthy and positive mindset to attract abundance.

Peridot is one of the most popular gemstones used in crystal jewelry. You’ll find it in rings, earrings, and various styles of necklaces, like this Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Pendant. This symbol, combined with the healing properties of Peridot, will protect the wealth you gain for your entire life and beyond, so abundance stays in your family for generations to come.

Green Aventurine

word image 25045 5

Green Aventurine, known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity,’ channels abundance and prosperity, especially concerning finances. In fact, the name aventurine, which derives from Latin, means chance. So if you are hoping to win the lottery or cash in big on your next Vegas trip, this is easily one of the best crystals for money!

Along with its ability to attract wealth, Green Aventurine has links with the earth element. Therefore, it doesn’t just bring money to you; it also ensures you keep it. It can help you cultivate a steadier income with fewer financial lows in business.

Moreover, because of its link to the heart chakra, green aventurine promotes courage and positive energy, so you believe you are worthy and go after what you deserve. Wear this money magnet stone as jewelry like this Handmade Semi Precious Gem Bead Bracelet, or keep a palm stone in your purse or wallet.


word image 25045 6

Do you tend to attract bad luck in business and finances? Have you had negative experiences where you lost a lot of money? If so, you need the protective powers of the Malachite stone.

Malachite is known for warding off danger and removing all negative energies from our environment. If you feel like things keep going wrong, this wonderful crystal will quickly turn things around, bringing you to prosperity again.

If you are trying to move from bad luck to success, why not use these Malachite prayer beads in your meditation practice? Chant a mantra or money affirmation that resonates with you, using each bead as one repetition. As the mala beads have 108 malachite beads, make your meditation practice 108 rounds of chanting or reciting your mantra.


word image 25045 7

Citrine has strong associations with the sacral chakra, so it is considered a stone to boost your creativity, connect to your sensuality, and express your wants and desires. However, did you know that the sacral chakra is also associated with financial health?

If you have money worries, you may experience a blockage in this energy center, which often manifests as lower back pain. This imbalance can cause poor money habits, either spending money like crazy and getting into debt or feeling guilty about every dollar you spend on yourself.

Therefore, using the sacral chakra crystal citrine will help you release your fears and beliefs around money and cultivate a better relationship with it, which, in turn, will boost your financial health. So, if you’re seeking wealth but are currently in debt or struggling to curb your spending, start your money manifestation journey with citrine.

Hold this Citrine Crystal Healing Wand over the sacral chakra in meditation to clear the energetic blockages. Then keep this mini Citrine Crystal Orgone Pyramid on your desk or bedside table to allow the crystal healing to continue.


word image 25045 8

Amazonite is one of the most motivating, energizing, and empowering crystals for money, balancing your heart and firing up your throat chakra. It breaks down barriers stopping you from getting more money and enhances your communication skills in the workplace, enabling you to persuade those around you.

Amazonite is known to attract abundance in all areas of life, so it serves as a brilliant all-rounder; use it to attract money, love, health, and whatever else you seek simultaneously. I recommend sleeping with an Amazonite pocket stone under your pillow so that you wake up confident, fired up, and ready for whatever the day brings.

And why not keep this Amazonite & Clear Quartz Money Tree on your desk? When these two crystals combine in a money tree, attracting abundance becomes a piece of cake!


word image 25045 9

Garnet is another fantastic stone for attracting more success in your career and financial life. It carries intense, dynamic energy to boost your charisma, confidence, creativity, and courage. So if you have a ‘make or break’ interview or meeting that could significantly increase your income or change your life, this is the stone to keep in your pocket!

You may also want to keep this stone’s powers as close to you as possible by wearing it as jewelry. This handmade red garnet bead bracelet is a fab choice. Not only does it stay in contact with your skin, but you’ll get a visual reminder of your goal each time you look down at your hand.

Green Moss Agate

word image 25045 10

If you’ve recently suffered a financial loss or business failure, green moss agate is the crystal that will lift you up and give you the confidence and motivation to try again. It carries very gentle healing properties and represents abundance, prosperity, and wealth, so it can help you move to the top even if you are currently at rock bottom.

Along with clearing energetic blockages, moss agate will keep a ring of protection around you as you move through the world. If you use this stone to manifest money daily, you’ll undoubtedly start to see how life suddenly picks up and incredible opportunities come your way.

Clear Quartz

word image 25045 11

Clear quartz is the ‘all-rounder’ of the crystal world, helping you manifest whatever you desire, including wealth. While you can use this potent stone alone, it’s better to use it with one of the other crystals mentioned on this list. That’s because a clear quartz crystal can amplify the properties of other abundance crystals, attracting money faster and in greater quantities.

I particularly recommend working with clear quartz if you are working on breaking negative thought patterns and deep-rooted beliefs you have about money. As it stimulates the upper chakras, it raises your vibration and helps you see more clearly and from fresh perspectives.

If doing chakra work with this crystal, try holding this clear quartz crystal healing wand over your third eye chakra for a minute or two. Close your eyes and visualize the crystal’s energy clearing any blockages here. Then, move the wand up to the crown chakra and repeat.

Tiger’s Eye

word image 25045 12

Tiger’s eye is another stone known for increasing wealth and abundance. It works in multiple ways, boosting luck while protecting you from bad omens, dodgy business deals, and any other unfortunate event where you may lose money.

Linked to the solar plexus chakra, the tiger’s eye will also boost your confidence and courage, helping you stand out in the workplace and business world. With this stone’s help, you’ll feel connected to your personal power, allowing you to show your unique gifts and talents to the world. So if you’re chasing a pay rise, promotion, or hoping to secure a business deal, this crystal will make you irresistible to success.

If you have a specific goal, a fabulous way to use this stone is to wear this tiger eye personalized photo bracelet. Upon ordering, you can upload an image reminding you of your money goal each time you see it. This could be an expensive vacation you’re working towards, your dream home, or anything representing financial prosperity.

Alternatively, wear this Sterling Silver Oval Shaped Tiger Eye Solitaire Ring for a constant reminder of your inner fire and potential.


word image 25045 13

With a warm orange tone, this solar plexus crystal carries the nickname ‘the stone of leadership.’ It is a must for all business owners and entrepreneurs as it will help you clearly express your mission to your team to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

While it can improve your managerial skills, sunstone will infuse your being with joy so you shine bright and inspire those around you. This will uplift your team and make them proud to be working with you, and as you know, the better the teamwork, the more success will follow.

So, if you’re leading others towards your vision of wealth and success, keep a small sunstone in your wallet or wear a sunstone bead bracelet around your wrist.

Yellow Sapphire

word image 25045 14

Although yellow sapphire is not so commonly known as a stone to manifest wealth, this reasonably rare stone has many excellent qualities for gaining more money. It is particularly lucky for Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs, but it can help anyone manifest more money.

Its bright yellow color connects to the solar plexus chakra, filling you with positive vibes and unwavering self-belief. Wearing a yellow sapphire pendant will make you stand out everywhere you go, not because of the eye-catching crystal but because of the “winner’s vibe” it gives you.

Yellow Sapphire is also known to bring good fortune to new business interests and relationships, making it the best crystal to wear in interviews and meetings with new people.


word image 25045 15

As a purple crystal, the color of riches and royalty, amethyst is naturally a great stone for manifesting wealth. It’s also one of the most potent healing crystals in the world, known for its ability to raise your vibration and bring more ease, clarity, and, hopefully, money into your life.

Purple amethyst also has deep spiritual qualities as it is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It will help you connect to your intuition, an essential quality for making sound business decisions.

Moreover, as amethyst is known for calming nerves and easing anxiety, this is a money magnet crystal you’ll want to use if you worry about spending money or are anxious about your financial health. Meditating with it or using a crystal healing wand will help to keep you calm and centered and maintain a positive mood so you continue to believe that wealth is coming your way.

Rose Quartz

word image 25045 16

While you may associate rose quartz more with manifesting love than money, it can still be super helpful in attracting wealth. As a heart chakra stone, rose quartz helps you heal from anything holding you back from abundance, like a subconscious belief that you are not worthy of it.

Meditating with rose quartz palm stone or wearing a rose quartz necklace can give you the uplifting and encouraging energy you need to change your perception of yourself. Because it also targets the throat chakra, rose quartz can help you cultivate clearer communication to ask for that pay increase you deserve and assert your worth.

6 Ways To Use Crystals To Attract Money

So now you know the best crystals to use to attract money, you’ll surely be wondering how to use them to ensure you get that financial success you seek and deserve. There are various ways to evoke crystal energy, but the following six methods I have found to be the most successful.

Use Them In Manifestation Rituals

word image 25045 17

Because these crystals help draw money, you can use them in manifestation rituals and meditations. These could be as simple as holding them in your hand while repeating an affirmation or using them in a visualization meditation where you envision a life of financial abundance.

Another manifestation ritual you can do is strategically arranging different gemstones on a crystal grid. Crystal grids are sacred geometry boards where you place crystals in association with your intention.

So before you use a crystal grid, get clear on what exactly you desire, such as a pay rise, additional sources of income, or overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Write that intention down, then select the best crystals that match your intent using the money crystal guide above.

Typically, you start placing crystals from the outside of the grid, working inwards. Mentally recite your intention each time you place a new gemstone down.

In the middle of the crystal grid, you place a final ‘master’ crystal, such as clear quartz or a selenite wand. Before you do this, slowly move the master stone over all the crystals on the board. This activates, enhances, and unites the energies of the rocks, allowing them to work together in an even more powerful way!

Create A Feng Shui Money Corner

word image 25045 18

According to Feng Shui, we all have a wealth corner in our home, also known as a money corner. Placing particular objects here activates the strong energy vibrations present here, promoting financial success and opportunities for material wealth.

So where is the wealth corner?

According to Chinese history, the wealth corner is located in the southwest corner of your home. So when standing at the front door looking in, the far left corner of the house is where you should put your crystals for manifesting wealth.

However, you can make it simpler by creating a wealth corner in the left corner of your bedroom or office if you work from home. Once you locate this corner, unclutter it and remove any dust present. Then you can create a small altar for attracting wealth by placing your money crystals here. You can also put any other objects you feel are lucky, such as charms.

As the color purple is associated with wealth manifestation, you might like to decorate the area with purple or place a purple crystal like amethyst, which has the power to amplify the qualities of other prosperity crystals.

Finally, as wealth and abundance link with the wood element, why not add a house plant such as a Pilea Peperomioides, also known as the Chinese money plant?

You can place your crystals in the plant pot as stones automatically recharge when they come into contact with earth and water. Thus, having your crystals in a plant pot will keep their powers going strong.

Place Them By The Entrance Of Your Home

word image 25045 19

Another area of the home that is associated with abundance is the entrance. This is where energy comes in, so placing money crystals here makes this area an energy magnet, drawing in good vibes and blocking negativity to help you in your quest for manifesting money.

Placing crystals by your entrance also enhances the qualities of money crystals. The increase in positive energy helps clear your self-limiting beliefs about wealth and your self-worth.

I recommend placing the crystals in a small fountain by the front door to maximize the energy in this area. This is because flowing water encourages the flow of money, so combining a fountain or other water feature with crystals for money can raise the vibration of your living or working space further.

Keep Them On Your Desk

In addition to the areas mentioned, consider keeping a money stone on your desk or workspace. As this is where you create, placing an orange stone like citrine there will enhance your creativity, helping you achieve more success and fulfillment in your career.

Aside from raw crystals and tumbled stones, many people like to keep a small crystal money tree on their desk like this one made from Mookaite decor. It is made from citrine crystal and has a natural quartz crystal cluster base.

Carry Crystals In Your Wallet

word image 25045 20

Place a tiny money crystal in your wallet or purse for on-the-go money manifestation. Placing gemstones with money in your wallet makes total sense, as the crystal’s properties will infuse your existing cash with an intense energy of abundance. So don’t be surprised if you wake up the following day to find more money in your wallet than the night before!

Are you dealing with many limiting beliefs around your wealth or trying to break free from a scarcity mindset your parents instilled in you? If so, write down your favorite affirmation for attracting wealth, fold it, and keep it with the stone in your wallet.

Here are some ideas for money affirmations:

“I attract money easily and effortlessly.”

“I deserve a life of financial success.”

“Money flows to me in abundance and with ease.”

“Money comes to me quickly and in increasing quantities.”

Wear Money Stones As Jewelry

word image 25045 21

By wearing them as jewelry, you’ll sock up the positive energy of money crystals wherever you go. Aside from the on-the-go healing they provide, the stone-to-skin contact of gemstone jewelry ensures the crystal’s incredibly potent effects are consistently taking place in your auric field.

You can find money stones in various jewelry items, from necklaces to rings to earrings. For example, these simple yet elegant Sterling Silver Peridot Stud Earrings are perfect for everyday wear and, thus, daily manifestation.

Alternatively, if you use prosperity crystals linked to the solar plexus chakra and have a belly button piercing, why not look for belly button jewelry made from that gemstone? For example, this Tiger’s Eye Belly Button Ring sits rights between the sacral and solar plexus chakra. Thanks to this close contact, you’ll quickly access your personal power, gain the leadership qualities you need, and release money blocks.

How To Program Crystals To Attract Money?

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If you have some prior crystal knowledge, you’ll know gemstones must be charged and activated before use. However, setting an intention with your money magnet crystal is also essential. It clarifies what you want the powerful crystal to do for you and declares that wish to the universe.

Here is a step-by-step guide on programming crystals to attract wealth and abundance.

  1. First, cleanse the crystal by soaking it in water or leaving it under the moonlight overnight.
  2. Write down your intention as an affirmation, such as “I am attracting increasing amounts of money into my life right now” or “I am moving closer to my financial goals each day.” Your affirmation can be general or specific.
  3. Next, hold your chosen prosperity crystal in your non-dominant (receptive) hand and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.
  4. When you feel ready and connected, repeat your affirmation, either mentally or out loud, whatever feels right for you. As you repeat your affirmation, visualize yourself achieving your financial goals and being surrounded by wealth and abundance. Feel gratitude for what you have in this vision.
  5. Continue this visualization for a few minutes, repeating your affirmation as many times as necessary. Then gently open your eyes and thank the crystal for its help.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Money Stone?

As you can see, many stones can help with manifesting money. So, which one is the best? Although it all depends on your specific money goal, Pyrite, Green Jade, and Green Aventurine are my favorites. And remember, if you want to intensify their power even more, pair them with clear quartz, then sit back and watch the money roll in.

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