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  1. Laura Szyman
    Laura Szyman at |

    Fantastic article!

  2. Lisa Hoff
    Lisa Hoff at |

    Beautiful post, Anne. Great summary of your travels to Mumbai!

  3. Joyce
    Joyce at |

    Fascinating article and so happy that I can share your adventures via the ‘net! Kind of reminds me of when I was in the Philippines – the fascination with light skinned people, the children and old following you for a peso. Well done and stay safe! WSGM

  4. Renee Uzong
    Renee Uzong at |

    Well written article, Anne! Great perspective on Mumbai.

  5. Paige
    Paige at |

    Love this–you make me laugh!

  6. Brenda Arnold
    Brenda Arnold at |

    Hi Anne;
    you are a beautiful blonde. I am traveling to Mumbai in Sept and am blonde hair blue eyed. Were there any concerns for safety?


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