Blue Goldstone: Everything You Need to Know About the Healing Properties of This Uplifting Crystal

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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

NicknameThe Galaxy Stone
AppearanceShreeCrystalsBeads : 1 lb Bulk Blue Goldstone Rough- 1' to 4' Average Size per Stone- Raw Rough...
Benefits and healing properties1. Emotional Stability - Enhances decision-making, boosts confidence
2. Energy Protection - Deflects negativity, protects chakras
Protects against1. Anxiety - Promotes calm, eases stomach ailments
2. Negative Energies - Deflects negativity, protects energy centers
3. Self-Doubt - Increases self-awareness, boosts confidence
Associated chakraThroat Chakra, Encourages truthful communication and self-expression,
Sacral Chakra, Stimulates creativity, passion, and playfulness,
Root Chakra, Grounds and stabilizes energy, provides a sense of safety.
Associated birth month and zodiac signDecember (Sagittarius, Pisces)
Physical characteristicsColor: Deep blue with copper sparkles
Structure: Glass infused with metallic copper particles
Mineral Class: Man-made glass, not a natural mineral
Hardness (Mohs Scale): Around 5-6
Region(s) commonly found inItaly
Alternate spellings & misspellingsblue gold stone, blu goldstone, blue goldstone, bluegoldstone, blue goldston
Where to buy and learn moreSee latest price

    Quick Tip: Blue goldstone is a man-made, sparkling gem that uplifts, energizes, and offers protective healing properties.

    Shimmering like a starry night sky, blue goldstone grabs everyone’s attention with its sparkling splendor.

    It does so for a good reason. This gentle stone is one of the few crystals that benefits anyone who uses it, so there is undoubtedly something for you with blue goldstone. A comforting guardian and protector, this twinkling talisman ticks many boxes for boosting, balancing, or healing your energies.

    Are you drawn in by Blue Goldstone’s magic, too? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about this comforting and uplifting crystal.

    What Is The Blue Goldstone Meaning & Where Does It Come From?

    Blue goldstone is a sparkly, soothing stone of comfort and care. As well as offering calm, it links to ambition, power, and vitality. Its glittering glass bursts with positive energy, uplifting anyone who uses it.

    While it looks like a breathtaking natural wonder, blue goldstone is a man-made stone. Made in a low-oxygen environment, it is a beautiful blend of melted quartz sand glass, cobalt, and flecks of copper. Elements such as chromium oxide or manganese are added to determine the color, which includes blue, purple, green, red, and brown shades.

    The first evidence of this gemstone was in the seventeenth century, when the glassmaking Miotti family of Venice held a license to produce goldstone. However, some believe it was invented years earlier, when Italian monks created sparkling crystals by accidentally spilling copper flecks into a glassmaking mixture.

    Blue Goldstone is often called ‘monk’s gold,’ but you might hear it referred to as aventurine glass, purple goldstone, or gold star glass.

    Whichever name you hear, the plentiful healing energies of blue goldstone remain the same. Let’s see what this soothing stone brings to the table.

    Blue Goldstone Crystal Healing Properties

    Blue goldstone: healing properties

    With positive energies and strong ties to several of the body’s chakras, blue goldstone is one for the collection. Here are its most potent properties:

    Emotional Blue Goldstone Crystal Healing Properties

    • Blue goldstone provides comfort, care, and compassion
    • It enhances drive and ambition
    • It encourages self-acceptance and patience with yourself and others
    • It provides emotional stability and clarity for effective decision-making
    • Blue Goldstone increases self-awareness and personal development
    • It uplifts and boosts self-confidence

    Metaphysical Properties Of Blue Goldstone 

    • It deflects negative energies and protects the body’s energy centers
    • Blue goldstone channels the solar plexus chakra, boosting creativity, passion, and play
    • It works closely with the throat chakra, encouraging you to speak your truth
    • It also grounds and stabilizes through the root chakra
    • It quietens the mind and enhances your intuition and psychic awareness
    • It pushes you to reach for the stars and see your higher purpose.
    • Blue Goldstone is great for making wishes and manifestation as it opens your heart and invites opportunities.

    What Is Blue Goldstone Good For?

    Blue goldstone: Stars

    Blue goldstone offers calming emotional healing for anyone who uses it, but it is especially great for empaths. Due to their highly sensitive nature, empathetic individuals can be anxiety-prone and deeply affected by external energy sources. Blue goldstone deflects negative energies, bringing serenity and peace.

    Regarding zodiac signs, blue goldstone’s serene nature is particularly beneficial for those under Pisces, as it taps into their profound, soothing nature. It is also powerful for the Sagittarius zodiac sign as it helps individuals identify with their softer side, smoothing out ‘hard edges.

    Blue Goldstone connects wonderfully with several of the chakras. It channels the throat chakra, making it great for facing challenging discussions. It will help you confidently articulate your needs at home or work. Blue Goldstone brings self-assured clarity to establish your true ambitions; once you figure out what you want, you won’t be afraid to tell anyone about it.

    As well as helping communication, blue goldstone offers other life-boosting benefits. It fires up drive and ambition by stimulating the sacral chakra, making you feel energized and filled with passion and a playful attitude.

    Best Blue Goldstone Crystals (& How To Use Them)

    So, which type of blue goldstone crystal should you choose? Here are my top seven options and how to use them to ensure you experience the magic of blue goldstone.

    Tumbled Blue Goldstone

    2pc Blue Goldstone Medium Tumbled & Polished Healing Crystal Gemstone Specimen

    2pc Blue Goldstone Medium Tumbled & Polished Healing Crystal

    See latest price

    Blue Goldstone is excellent for meditation, and these glimmering dark blue gemstones are a great way to harness its healing properties.

    In your next practice, hold a blue goldstone or gently place a crystal over your third eye. Doing so will anchor you in the moment, calm your nervous system, and clear unwanted thoughts. You’ll finish your meditation feeling grateful and content.

    As its stone of ambition, meditating with blue goldstone will inspire you to reach your goals and enable you to see the path that leads to them.

    Blue Goldstone Worry Stone

    Selenite Charged Hand-Carved XL Blue Goldstone Pocket Palm Stone/Worry Stone + Selenite Puffy Heart...

    Selenite Charged Hand-Carved Natural Gemstone Crystal Pocket Palm Stone Worry Stone

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    As a powerful protector, blue goldstone is excellent for combating fear. Children are particularly drawn to its magical appearance and, as ‘the ultimate comforter,’ blue goldstone is remarkable for easing worries such as a fear of the dark.

    Hand-carved worry stones like these will soothe and calm your little ones’ minds, inviting a better night’s sleep. Place it somewhere safe in the bedroom to melt away night-time anxieties. Or if you are using it for yourself, keep it in a handy place such as your handbag, then hold it in your palm for a few minutes whenever a stressful situation occurs.

    Blue Goldstone Bracelet

    Synthetic Blue Goldstone 6mm Round Beads Stretch Bracelet 6.5 Inch Unisex

    Justinstones Gem Semi Precious Gemstone 6mm Round Beads Stretch Bracelet 6.5 Inch

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    Blue goldstone’s healing energies boost our life force. Therefore, if you place goldstone directly on the skin by wearing jewelry like this stunning semi-precious bracelet, you can soak up its most potent powers. Furthermore, its beauty adds sparkle and glamor to any outfit.

    With blue goldstone on your person, you’ll feel uplifted and energized. It’s great to wear when you want to retain high energy levels, such as on long journeys or exciting adventures where you want to stay alert to soak it all in.

    Blue Goldstone Pendant

    JUST IN STONES Synthetic Blue Goldstone Gemstone 30mm Donut Beads Reiki Chakra Pendant Necklace...

    Gemstone 30mm Donut Beads Reiki Chakra Pendant Necklace

    See latest price

    Since blue goldstone offers protection, power, and positivity, it makes an excellent gift for someone you love. It is mighty in the morning, so if a friend or loved one puts this blue goldstone bead pendant on first thing, they’ll be ready to seize the day with a heart full of joy and optimism.

    Know someone who needs to believe in themselves a little more? Send this pendant to help them realize their potential and achieve their goals with blue goldstone’s shimmering optimism.

    Blue Goldstone Pendulum

    Synthetic Blue Goldstone Gemstone Rock Crystal Hexagonal Pointed Reiki Chakra Pendant Pendulum

    Synthetic Blue Goldstone Gemstone Rock Crystal, Pendant Pendulum

    See latest price

    Using a dowsing pendulum is a great way to access the healing properties of blue goldstone. Dowsing uses gentle vibrations from the environment to reveal information and answer questions, making it a great way to connect with your intuition and assist in decision-making.

    Focus on a specific goal in your next meditation practice and hover this dainty pendulum over the third eye chakra. The quartz component of blue goldstone will bring greater clarity and deepen your spiritual connection, giving you the guidance you need to attain your desired outcome.

    Blue Goldstone Guardian Angel

    Carved Synthetic Blue Goldstone Peace Angel Pocket Guardian AngelHealing Statue 1.5 inch

    Carved Synthetic Blue Goldstone Peace Angel Pocket Guardian AngelHealing Statue 1.5 inch

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    Blue goldstone is a guardian crystal, so this hand-carved angelic figurine is the perfect protector for the home. It is highly effective at defending against negative energy, shielding your aura from negative traits like jealousy or manipulation.

    The quartz’s healing properties within blue goldstone also power up positivity. Therefore, it’s best to place this gemstone figure somewhere you’ll see it often to lift your mood each time you pass.

    Blue Goldstone Cat Figurine

    1.6'' Hand Carved Mixed Gemstone Crystal cat Figurine Animal Carving (Blue Goldstone)

    1.6” Hand Carved Mixed Gemstone Crystal cat Figurine Animal Carving (Blue Goldstone)

    See latest price

    Since blue goldstone can help clear the mind to promote focus, it is ideal for keeping on a work desk or in a home office.

    Why not place this super adorable blue goldstone cat figurine in the place where you need a bit of quiet and concentration?

    Just like the zen energy of a real cat, it will soothe, calm, and fill your heart with joy. Thankfully, no grooming is required here. To care for dirty or dusty blue goldstone, wipe it with a soft cloth and warm water – use a soft brush for hard-to-reach areas.

    Other Goldstone Varieties

    Did you know there are other varieties of this sparkling man-made stone? Beside Blue Goldstone, here are two different versions of this glittery crystal.

    Green Goldstone

    CrystalAge Green Goldstone Palm Stone ~70x50mm

    Green Goldstone Palm Stone

    See latest price

    As green goldstone links to the heart chakra, it supports grief, heartbreak, and feelings of despair. It is a stone of progress, helping you move on to a brighter future.

    This green gemstone balances energies, inviting abundance and prosperity. It also encourages generosity and open-heartedness with others. It is great for spiritual protection, making green goldstone excellent for a new adventure.

    Red/ Brown Goldstone

    Red Goldstone Palm Stone - Hot Massage Worry Stone for Natural Body Chakra Balancing, Reiki Healing...

    Red Goldstone Palm Stone

    See latest price

    Red goldstone (sometimes called brown goldstone) is a transmitter of positivity. It kickstarts the sacral chakra, revitalizing the body and instilling a cheerful and playful attitude. It fills you with confidence to try new things and boosts your creativity.

    The red shade of this healing stone symbolizes blood, the body’s driving foundation, so it is closely linked to the root chakra. It stabilizes and fills us with bravery, confidence, and drive.

    Blue Goldstone Mining Locations

    Knowing the origin of a gemstone can enhance our understanding and admiration for its value and individuality.

    Even though blue goldstone is a synthetic material, its production history revolves around specific locations renowned for their expertise in glassmaking. Originally crafted in Italy, especially in Venice, this gemstone is a result of exceptional skill and traditional glassmaking techniques. Nowadays, other countries have also adopted similar methods to produce blue goldstone, broadening its availability and variety.

    Learning about these origins allows us to establish a deeper connection with the stone’s cultural and artisanal background. It’s not just about the stone’s beauty but also about acknowledging the human creativity that brought it into existence. This historical context enriches the narrative of blue goldstone, transforming it from merely a dazzling addition to our collections into a piece of artistry and heritage.

    Exploring the Intriguing Role of Blue Goldstone Gem in Contemporary Design and Fashion

    Have you ever pondered how blue goldstone complements today’s design and fashion trends? This distinctive material isn’t solely reserved for collectors or spiritual devotees; it’s also carving a niche in the realm of modern aesthetics.

    Designers are progressively infusing blue goldstone into jewelry and home decor. Its rich blue color speckled with shimmering glints evokes the allure of a starlit night sky, imparting a sense of sophistication and enigma. When incorporated into jewelry, blue goldstone often features in minimalist styles, accentuating its innate beauty without overshadowing it with excessive intricacies.

    In home decor applications, blue goldstone adorns items like coasters, knobs and ornamental bowls. These pieces infuse a subtle radiance into any space, serving as catalysts for engaging conversations owing to their arresting visual appeal and the intriguing narrative behind their man made origins.

    The integration of blue goldstone into contemporary lifestyles underscores its versatility; it transcends being merely a personal adornment to enhance our everyday surroundings. Whether adorning your neckline as a pendant or serving as an embellishment in your living area, blue goldstone emerges as a emblem of modern sophistication intertwined with celestial fascination.

    Final Thoughts On Blue Goldstone

    The healing properties of blue goldstone are numerous. This copper-flecked uplifting stone is for people of all ages and will surely boost your mood on good and bad days. Not only that, but as a powerful guardian and stone of ambition, blue goldstone will inspire, support, and protect you while you manifest and achieve exactly what you want from life.

    This deep blue healing crystal looks like the brightest star-studded sky, and armed with blue goldstone, you’ll undoubtedly reach for those stars. The sky’s the limit with this soothing and joyful stone!

    Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

    Blue Goldstone is a naturally occurring stone.

    Blue Goldstone can help ease stomach ailments related to anxiety.

    Blue Goldstone has no connection with the throat chakra.

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