The 12 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals – Healing Stones For Creative Energy & Emotional Balance

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Sacral Chakra Crystals

Do you often find yourself staring at a blank computer screen, struggling to find the creative inspiration you need? If so, it could be because your energy and life force aren’t flowing freely, causing a blockage in your sacral chakra.

When working on a creative project, and the ideas aren’t coming, I like to get up, move around, dance, or take a hot shower. Another sacral chakra healing activity I find beneficial is working with crystals. Sacral chakra stones can activate the creative energies in your lower abdomen, balance your emotions and bring a sense of joy into your life.

In this article, you’ll learn about twelve sacral chakra stones you can use daily to balance your body’s energy flow. And be sure to read until the end, as I’ve included a simple meditation to cleanse your second chakra.

What Is The Sacral Chakra Responsible For?

The sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) is your body’s center for pleasure, playfulness, and creative expression. It governs our ability to express our ideas out into the world, connect to our senses, and manage our emotions. It is the second of the seven main chakras, aligned down the body’s centerline. It sits below the belly button and a few inches back, above the root chakra.

Ancient theories suggest chakras serve as a guiding force, helping us work with our bodies’ subtle energy. Science has yet to prove if chakras do or don’t exist, but people who have experienced positive benefits from chakra healing don’t need scientific evidence to support their beliefs.

Signs Of A Blocked Sacral Chakra

If you suspect an imbalance in your second chakra, you may experience some or many of these symptoms. However, note that the symptoms of an overactive sacral chakra and an underactive sacral chakra differ, as described below.

Signs of an overactive sacral chakra:

  • Intense emotional responses, mood swings, and sensitivity
  • Excessive indulgence in pleasure-seeking behaviors or addictions
  • Poor boundaries, codependency, and clingy behavior in relationships
  • Difficulty forming balanced relationships, and dependency on others
  • Restlessness, hyperactivity, and difficulty relaxing or being present
  • Sexual issues, preoccupation with sex, or lack of boundaries
  • Creative blockages, inability to express oneself artistically
  • Materialistic focus, equating self-worth with external possessions
  • Physical symptoms, such as lower back pain or reproductive issues
  • Control issues, perfectionism, and resistance to change

Signs of an underactive sacral chakra:

  • Decreased creativity and lack of inspiration
  • Difficulty expressing emotions and feeling emotionally blocked
  • Low libido or disinterest in sexuality
  • Fear of change and reluctance to try new things
  • Feeling disconnected from your feelings or others
  • Lack of enthusiasm or passion for life
  • Inability to set healthy boundaries or difficulty with intimacy
  • Feeling stuck in routine and rigid patterns of behavior
  • Repressed or unresolved emotional issues, particularly related to guilt, shame, or past traumas
  • Physical symptoms such as lower back pain, urinary problems, or reproductive issues

Top 12 Sacral Chakra Stones

Incorporating the following stones into your spiritual practice will kickstart sacral chakra healing. Orange healing crystals activate your internal energy and flush it through the sacral chakra region to clear and balance it. Several of these stones also benefit the root chakra and solar plexus chakra.

Quick Picks

  1. Orange Calcite
  2. Citrine
  3. Carnelian
  4. Amber
  5. Sunstone
  6. Tigers Eye
  7. Fire Agate
  8. Goldstone
  9. Orange Moonstone
  10. Red Jasper
  11. Golden Healer Quartz (Tangerine Quartz)
  12. Aragonite Star Clusters

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a sunny orange crystal that is beneficial for clearing the three lower chakras. If fear is preventing your creative potential, focus this stone’s healing energy on the sacral chakra.

An uplifting stone, orange calcite can help you overcome fatigue and distraction as symptoms of depression. A crystal in your home can cleanse the negative energy in your environment – and from those around you – and balance your emotions.

Wearing a delicate orange calcite bracelet on your wrist will awaken creative energy in your body. Bringing your skin into contact with this stone will help you feel optimistic about your creative undertakings. It also quickly clears congested energy in your environment.


Citrine is like carrying sunshine in your pocket and reminds you that joy and light exist all around you. With this much positive energy, this crystal never needs to be cleaned. It absorbs negative energy and sends it back into the Earth to dissipate. This is helpful for the sacral chakra since it sits right above the root chakra and aids in grounding.

If you are working on a creative endeavor, use citrine to inspire joy and playfulness. It’ll bring in a warm energy to attract fresh ideas and success. This stone’s vibrations will decrease sensitivity, so you can freely create without fear of criticism.

Citrine will help you go with the flow instead of being stuck in the past if old difficulties are congesting your sacral chakra. Wear a citrine ring on your finger or a necklace with the point down for an energy boost. The point guides higher spiritual healing energy into your physical body.

If menstrual cramps or PMS throw you off every month, try this glass water bottle. Citrine-infused water can direct soothing energy into your system. It also helps balance hormones, reduces fatigue, and aids digestion.


Carnelian is a sacral chakra crystal for daydreamers who need to focus. A lack of passion or absence of creativity in your daily life can turn into indifference. When you need to complete your to-do list, Carnelian can help ground you in the present.

If using massage for sacral chakra healing, try placing a smooth, carnelian massage stone on your low back to help clear the root and sacral chakras. This will reduce lower back pain, stimulate metabolism, and increase fertility.

Healing your sacral chakra with Carnelian can encourage you to make positive life choices that align with your passions. You may find wearing this stone as a simple pendant helps you shed layers of conditioning and discover what lights you up. Carnelian instills a sense of trust in yourself that will motivate you to take action on your desires.


A fossil that can ground to the Earth, amber is among the sacral chakra crystals that absorb negative energy and encourage the body to heal itself. Using amber to clear the lower chakras brings a sense of peace, balance, and patience. This mindset enhances your creativity and also aids in making romantic decisions free of doubt.

Wearing amber for long periods can encourage a deep sense of grounding, so you trust in your own wisdom. A bracelet on your wrist is a comfortable way to have amber on your skin for long periods and promote healing.

This stone imbues the wisdom of the Earth into your energy centers to neutralize depressive thoughts and tendencies. With negativity cleared and a patient mindset, amber fills your mind with peace.


The solar plexus and sacral chakra stone, known as sunstone, brings radiant energy and allows your authentic self to shine. Meditating while holding a sunstone will help you feel connected to the light and bring in the nurturing powers of the Sun. It brings a sense of sweetness to your life that may be missing and counteracts dark moods.

While sunstone can cleanse all the chakras, use it to cleanse the sacral chakra of physical and emotional connections to your past. Sunstone can help cut the strings to move forward and extinguish codependency.

Sit in the Sun and wear a sunstone necklace with a long chain to accentuate its healing properties. When you use sunstone to clear your sacral chakra, you’ll find it clears your mind. An unclouded mindset will bring increased confidence and self-worth.

Tigers Eye

The bands shining from tigers eye fuse the energy of the Sun and Earth to fire up your personal power and ground you. The spiritual energy of the Earth encourages you to release your fears as the Sun’s energy boosts your vibrational state.

Tiger’s eye magnifies passion in the sacral chakra to stir up determination and confidence in the solar plexus chakra. This stone can help manifest success and increase your ability to make good decisions. The protective qualities of this stone are known to block hostility from others.

Wear this stone on the right arm as a talisman or a pendant for short periods to create an energetic boundary and raise your consciousness. Naysayers will not affect the pursuit of your dreams.

Fire Agate

Simply holding a fire agate crystal cancels out fear and brings in feelings of safety and security during tough times. If you are fighting cravings or treating addictions, fire agate can bring inner issues to the surface and help resolve them.

Think of this crystal as a defensive best friend that calls out bullies. It creates a protective mirror around your body that sends negativity back to the sender so they realize the harm they’re causing.

You can wear this stone all day as a bracelet or place it on the skin where it is needed. Use this stone to spark the root and sacral chakras to invigorate your sex life.


Goldstone is an alchemical stone that glitters, unlike anything in nature. Elements from the Earth are combined to create this magical-looking stone that will help you manifest success. It will open your heart and reassure you that you’re safe.

Remember to carry goldstone with you if you embark on a new adventure. Wear this stone against your skin, like on this handmade bracelet, and it will protect your body’s energy field and keep you safe from danger. Goldstone will ground you with a sense of stability as your root chakra is balanced.

Your sacral chakra will feel robust and alive with the help of goldstone. You’ll feel playful, passionate, and creative as you go on your true path.

Orange Moonstone

Orange moonstone is a stone for a new start. This reflective chakra crystal provides emotional balance and deep healing. With its resemblance to the moon, you are reminded that change is as constant as the moon’s cycle.

You may find wearing an orange moonstone pendant helps spark your intuition and opens your mind to your psychic gifts. During a Reiki healing session, place a pendant on the sacral chakra to draw out old emotional patterns.

If stress has disrupted your digestion or menstrual cycle, wear an orange moonstone ring to balance your hormonal system. Use this crystal during a sacral chakra healing to ease stress and help with PMS. This crystal also aids conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Red Jasper

Red jasper will ground you with its nurturing energy. It will support you during tough times and help you understand problems before they become too large.

Playing with a red jasper worry stone will calm your emotions. You can place it anywhere on the skin, but it’s best used in chakra layouts to support all the chakras simultaneously.

An underactive sacral chakra can cause you to fear the enjoyment of physical intimacy. Red Jasper helps you set up personal boundaries to reduce this fear. This stone stimulates the lower chakras and can even prolong sexual pleasure.

Golden Healer Quartz (Tangerine Quartz)

Golden healer quartz, also known as tangerine quartz, encourage growth and acceptance. If you have experienced trauma, these are excellent stones to help you heal. You’ll find a way to see your inner emotions and issues with an open mind and without putting yourself down.

It’s possible to carry trauma from past lives. These orange stones will help you see that past issues may have important lessons. But these crystals will help you let go of whatever does not serve your highest good in this life.

Golden healer and tangerine quartz will help lift your vibration and let go of the past. You’ll awaken a youthful energy that inspires your creativity and passion.

Aragonite Star Clusters

Aragonite star clusters have the greatest grounding effect out of all the sacral chakra stones. This connection to the Earth Goddess’s compassionate energy will recharge and align your entire system.

When you feel rooted to the Earth, you release excess energy trapped within. If this imbalance is causing you to feel restless at night, place a small aragonite star cluster under your pillow to ease agitation.

Your sacral chakra benefits from the stability and inner peace this crystal plants within you. Aragonite star clusters connect and align your lower chakras to Earth’s healing energy. Moving forward, you’ll be able to spread compassion to others.

How To Meditate With Sacral Chakra Crystals

Before you begin, choose one or two sacral chakra stones to enhance your meditation. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Hold a citrine sphere in your hand and focus on the smooth shape
  2. Hold a sunstone if you are meditating in the sunshine to bring in light energy
  3. Place carnelian around you to stop your mind from wandering
  4. Lay down and place a fire agate on your lower belly to aid relaxation and help you feel calm
  5. Use aragonite star clusters to raise your vibrations and bring high spiritual energy into the body during meditation

Find a quiet spot to sit or lay comfortably. Lengthen and align your spine, and with your crystals in place, close your eyes. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat three times.

Bring your awareness to the area two inches below your belly button and a few inches back, towards your spine, your sacral chakra. Envision orange rays of light moving in, out, and around your sacral chakra. Imagine the light wiping away and releasing energetic blockages and negative energy from the area.

Visualize this orange wheel of energy as you chant the sacral chakra mantra “Vam” as many times as it intuitively feels good.

Stay in the meditation as long as you wish. When you are ready to come back to the present, wiggle your fingers and toes, take a slow deep breath, and slowly exhale. Slowly open your eyes.

If you prefer to listen to a meditation to inspire creative energy, watch this sacral chakra-guided meditation:

Conclusion: What Is The Best Crystal For The Sacral Chakra?

Healing yourself takes courage, and any of these twelve stones will help you on your way. If you need help deciding where to begin, carnelian is one of the best sacral chakra stones to start with.

It will empower you to discard the limiting beliefs holding you back and gain trust in yourself. You’ll be ready to make positive choices that excite you to take action.

With a balanced sacral chakra, you’re ready to live a life full of passion that only you can create.

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