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Crystal For Scorpio

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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Scorpios are renowned for their drive and determination, which can be good and bad. People born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are great at doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals. However, they can do so ruthlessly, lacking thought or compassion for others.

While you cannot change your zodiac sign’s traits, you can become aware of your sign’s common flaws. Awareness alone can help you change how you respond to specific situations, which may reduce how much those flaws arise within you. But there are also tools you can use to strengthen the positive traits of Scorpio while weakening the negative ones. One of these tools is crystal healing.

In this article, we’ll explore the Scorpio personality and the most common strengths and weaknesses of Scorpio energy. I’ll then share the best crystals for Scorpio, how they can help you, and how to use them.

But this article is not just for Scorpios. Scorpio season, which runs from October 23 to November 21, offers all zodiac signs the chance to harness the positive traits of the Scorpio. So if you want to become more ambitious, fearless, intuitive, or loyal, introduce one of these Scorpio crystals into your yoga or meditation practice.

What Is The Scorpio Zodiac Sign?

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People born between October 23 and November 21 fall under the Scorpio zodiac sign. Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar and is ruled by Pluto, the planet that governs destruction and transformation.

If you know about Scorpio’s personality, you may assume it is a fire sign due to its intense, passionate energy. However, Scorpio is actually a water sign, which means Scorpio’s intensity and confidence are balanced with introspective and intuitive qualities.

The Scorpio sign is symbolized as a scorpion, a creature known for its ability to hide in the dark, observing and waiting for the right time to take action. This shows up in Scorpio’s energy through their positive qualities like loyalty, empathy, and curiosity, allowing them to watch and observe people and situations before making calculated decisions.

Scorpios tend to carry a lot of passion and intimate energy, craving physical closeness and emotional intimacy. But the Scorpio’s passionate energy extends to all parts of their lives, fueling them with ambition and dedication in their careers, relationships, and personal lives. When Scorpio people can combine their drive with their psychic abilities, they can create from a place of intuition and inner wisdom, carefully observing situations and making confident decisions.

These psychic abilities can make a Scorpio person appear mysterious and enticing. For the same reason, Scorpio people also appear private and reserved. Often this is misunderstood, though, leading to the stereotype of a Scorpio being dark, untrustworthy, and ruthless.

However, Scorpios are not untrustworthy; they just tell the truth in all situations, so you should never trust a Scorpio with a secret! Moreover, a Scorpio’s strong ambition means they often become single-minded; they may ensure they get what they want without considering others.

The Scorpio sun sign is both complex and intriguing, with contrasting positive and negative traits. Let’s take a look…

Positive Qualities Of The Scorpio Sign

  • Mentally strong
  • Independent
  • High charisma
  • Deep thinkers
  • Highly intuitive with a solid connection to their inner self
  • Honest
  • Ambitious
  • Fearless and bold
  • Dedicated
  • Loyal

Due to Scorpio’s strengths, people with this zodiac sign are natural leaders and managers. Their determination and charisma lead them to the top very quickly, and their ability to read people and empathize means they are often well-liked, even if they come across as a bit cold.

Negative Traits Of The Scorpio Star Sign

  • Overly emotional
  • Excessive need for intimacy
  • High romantic desire
  • Can appear harsh and ruthless
  • Clingy and possessive
  • Jealous and paranoid
  • Manipulative and vindictive
  • Overly reserved and aloof

While Scorpios can come across as intense, intimidating, and defensive, this is often due to a deep feeling of fear and vulnerability. A Scorpio will try to mask this feeling by doing what is needed to protect themselves, sometimes without thinking of others. They also have a strong desire to take revenge on those who have done them wrong.

Top 12 Scorpio Crystals

Whether you’re a Scorpio yourself or looking to harness the ambitious Scorpio energy, the following healing crystals are a must for the Scorpio season.

Quick Picks

NameAppearanceAbilityWhere to buy
Yellow Topaz
Starborn Natural Imperial Topaz Crystal 15-20 cts, one pieceBest Overall Scorpio CrystalSee latest price
2 Pieces Citrine Raw Crystals and Healing Stones, Natural Rocks for Tumbling and DIY Raw Stones and...Boosts Self-Confidence & Positive EnergiesSee latest price
Hyalite Opal Healing CrystalBuilds Mental StrengthSee latest price
Pink Tourmaline
BAWHO 1pc Natural Raw Rough Pink Tourmaline Quartz Crystal Rock Stone Pegmatite Lepidolite Gemstone...Builds Healthier RelationshipsSee latest price
Apengshi Natural Malachite Crystal Stone 0.33-0.44lb Raw Malachite Stone Irregular Rough Malachite...To Help Move Past FearSee latest price
KALIFANO Rough Obsidian 5 Stone Bundle with Healing & Calming Effects - AAA Grade High Energy Raw...To Handle Excessive And Negative EmotionsSee latest price
Blue Topaz
GEMHUB Attractive Blue Topaz 67.35 Ct. Perfect Oval Cut Loose Gemstone for Jewelry MakingTo Improve Communication & EmpathySee latest price
Fekuar Natural Sodalite Crystal Thumb Worry Stone, Hand Carved Healing Crystal Teardrop Pocket...To Enhance IntuitionSee latest price
CASMON Turquoise Oval Palm Stones, Pocket Worry Stone for Anxiety Stress Relief Therapy, Natural...To Provide Emotional BalanceSee latest price
Unakite Jasper
Crystal Allies Materials: 1lb Bulk Tumbled Unakite Jasper Stones from South Africa - Large 1'...To Cultivate Patience & TrustSee latest price
Labradorite Palm Stone - Pocket Massage Worry Stone for Natural Body Chakra Balancing, Reiki Healing...To Help work on inner selfSee latest price
Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz Cluster - SmallTo Help Stay Grounded And CenteredSee latest price

Best Overall Scorpio Crystal – Yellow Topaz

image 1 16

Yellow Topaz, one of the two Scorpio birthstones associated with November, kicks off the list of best crystals for Scorpio. Also known as imperial Topaz, this yellow stone is relatively rare in its raw form but is common in crystal jewelry.

Gold Yellow Topaz is known for its ability to activate and balance energy in the solar plexus chakra. And while Scorpios are usually known for their fiery character and strong drive, golden yellow Topaz can help you reconnect to the personal power if you’ve lost the spark. Alternatively, it can amplify your passion and determination further.

Golden yellow Topaz also helps Scorpios who struggle with self-doubt and low self-esteem. By clearing blockages from the solar plexus chakra, you can tap into those wonderful Scorpio qualities like self-confidence. In addition, Scorpios lacking ambition should carry around a small yellow topaz stone to increase their vibration and determination.

Citrine – To Boost Self-Confidence & Positive Energies

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Citrine is the other Scorpio birthstone for November. It is considered a stone of luck and manifestation. Thus, citrine can help you set intentions and move closer to your goals. In addition, this yellow stone oozes positive energy, so it is a beautiful healing crystal for keeping Scorpios optimistic and joyous.

Like yellow Topaz, citrine helps to cleanse and stimulate the third chakra, so it is another fab scorpio stone for boosting the zodiac sign’s ambitious and confidence traits. It will inspire you to be bold and fearless but prevent competitiveness or aggressive tendencies from rearing their ugly head. Thus, this is a wonderful stone for balancing ambition and ruthlessness.

Meditating with a citrine palm stone will help you bring your manipura chakra into balance. Alternatively, placing a citrine money tree on your work desk will attract success and prosperity while keeping negative energy at bay.

Opal – For Building Mental Strength

71fA1oEze5L. AC SL1500

If you’re an early Scorpio born at the end of October, Opal may be the best Scorpio stone for you. As one of the October birthstones, opal enhances many of the Scorpio’s beautiful qualities, including creativity, passion, and mental strength. Thus, opal is an ideal stone to use if you want to strengthen the positive traits of the Scorpio sign while weakening the negative ones.

This glistening white gemstone also has many spiritual qualities. It can amplify your vibration, promote a sense of hope, and foster a connection with the divine. In addition, as opal is associated with the sacral chakra, it may be effective at harmonizing excessive physical desires, one negative trait of some Scorpios.

Keeping this opal elephant statue somewhere you will regularly see will help boost your mental strength and independence while diminishing common Scorpio weaknesses like fear of failure. Moreover, carrying around an opal worry stone will prevent anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts.

Pink Tourmaline – For Healthy Relationships

image 56

Pink tourmaline is the other Scorpio birthstone associated with October, so it is naturally one of the best Scorpio crystals for those born at the beginning of the season. This heart chakra stone represents unconditional love, empathy, and humanitarianism, helping Scorpios be more considerate of others, especially when pursuing their goals.

Pink tourmaline can help Scorpios heal emotional wounds and release emotional baggage causing self-sabotaging behaviors like jealousy and possessiveness. It also promotes self-care, so it can help overly-ambitious Scorpios find a balance between action and rest and, thus, prevent overworking and burnout.

Placing raw pink tourmaline stones around the home, particularly in the bedroom and lounge, can promote deep emotional healing. Moreover, wearing a pink tourmaline necklace will improve your relationships by helping you listen to and understand others better.

Malachite – For Moving Past Fear

image 57

Green malachite is another heart chakra crystal that can help in your relationships. Like pink tourmaline, malachite’s energy promotes loving kindness and helps to bring suppressed emotional stress to the surface so that you can heal and enjoy healthier connections.

However, malachite also has links with the solar plexus chakra. Thus, working with this stone can boost your ambition and help you overcome fear. Plus, it is often called the stone of transformation, as it helps people overcome limiting beliefs and break free from negative thought patterns. Thus, if you want to change your life or become a better version of yourself, malachite is one of the best Scorpio crystals for you.

Wearing a malachite pendant will connect the crystal to your heart chakra, activating the malachite stone’s loving vibrational energy. Another way to assess malachite’s power is to sleep with a worry stone under your pillow.

Obsidian – For Handling Excessive And Negative Emotions

image 58

Black obsidian is a mighty stone for Scorpios as it absorbs and reflects negative energies, keeping the positive Scorpio qualities strong and the zodiac sign’s weakness dormant. Obsidian carries grounding and earthy energies to balance out the emotional tendencies of a water sign like Scorpio.

This Scorpio gemstone protects you physically and energetically by grounding you through your root chakra. It removes fear and negative emotions, helping you feel secure, empowered, and energized.

Therefore, obsidian is an excellent stone for Scorpios who have recently gone through a highly stressful or traumatic experience and are looking to get back on their feet. If this is the case for you, place this obsidian angel statue on your bedside table to ease the emotional pain while you sleep.

In addition to black obsidian, another form of this stone, known as snowflake obsidian, works wonders in calming excessive Scorpio energy. Meditating with a snowflake obsidian crystal will soothe anger, aggression, and competitiveness while promoting mental clarity and inner peace.

Blue Topaz – For Improving Communication & Empathy

image 1 17

Yellow Topaz is not the only topaz stone that is good for Scorpios. Blue Topaz carries a calming energy to help you build bridges and improve communication with others. Scorpios tend to be so single-focused that they can often come off as self-obsessed or emotionally unavailable, negatively impacting their relationships.

This Scorpio gemstone is handy if you have unconsciously hurt someone or a relationship is on the verge of a breakdown. Blue Topaz is associated with the throat chakra, helping you find the right words and express yourself compassionately yet authentically. It can also boost the positive scorpio quality of loyalty and enhance charisma.

While wearing a raw blue topaz stone around your neck or holding it in your palm, bring to mind the person you are struggling with. Set an intention to fix your relationship with that person and envision the soothing energy of blue Topaz clearing any bad energy between you.

Sodalite – For Enhancing Intuition

image 59

Sodalite is one of the best crystals for Scorpio, thanks to its reflective properties that enhance intuition and connection to your inner self. This soothing crystal also promotes mental clarity and focus, boosts confidence and self-expression, and improves communication. This is thanks to its connection with the throat and third eye chakras.

Using a sodalite crystal in your yoga or meditation practice can clear repetitive and negative thoughts from the mind while reducing feelings of overwhelm or confusion. This allows you to see things more clearly and make better decisions.

Turquoise – For Emotional Balance

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Turquoise is one of the best crystals for Scorpio, thanks to its ability to soothe emotional stress and ease an overthinking mind. This water stone helps you balance emotions and stay calm in challenging situations. Moreover, Turquoise was historically used as a protective talisman as it is believed to install wisdom and power into the wearer.

This Scorpio crystal works by cleansing your body, aura, and environment, helping you overcome negative tendencies and self-sabotaging behaviors. It is perfect for Scorpios who struggle to trust or get close to overs, as it helps them express their true feelings and deepen their relationships. Thus, Turquoise is a fab stone for breaking the stereotype of Scorpios being aloof and cold.

Wearing a turquoise necklace will connect the healing properties of this Scorpio crystal with the heart chakra, allowing you to open up and tap into your heart’s wants and needs. Or, to invite calming and positive energy into your home, keep this Turquoise and Obsidian Orgone Pyramid in your main living space.

Unakite Jasper – For Cultivating Patience & Trust

image 61

The rare form of Jasper, Unakite, is another wonderful Scorpio birthstone that may help you overcome some negative traits associated with this zodiac sign. Unakite Jasper promotes patience, trust, and understanding, prompting you to think about others before making decisions for your personal gain.

However, this stone won’t make you a walkover by any means. Unakite Jasper installs courage, strength, and assertiveness in its user, cultivating a balance between thinking with the head and the heart. Moreover, along with balancing emotions through the heart chakra, Unakite Jasper can open the third eye and strengthen your intuition and inner vision.

You can access this powerful stone’s emotional and spiritual qualities by placing a few tumbled Unakite Jasper stones on your meditation altar or bedside table.

Labradorite – For Inner Work

image 62

Labradorite is another of the best Scorpio zodiac stones linked to intuition and transformation. This spiritual stone carries high vibrations to uplift you and protect your aura from negative energies. It is also a stone of authenticity and change, so it is perfect if you want to do some inner work. Labradorite will help you uncover your negative traits, which is the first step to overcoming them.

Meditating with a labradorite crystal will help clear the mind, increase focus, and help you find the answers you seek. You can also point this crystal wand at your upper chakras for deeper crystal healing. As you do this, visualize its high vibrational energy clearing any blockages in your mind and spirit.

Smoky Quartz – For Staying Grounded And Centered

image 63

Smoky Quartz is a protective, earthy stone that proves grounding and stabilizing for highly emotional water signs like Scorpio. Like black obsidian, smoky quartz can absorb and neutralize negative energies. It is also known for helping people observe, process, and regulate emotions. So smoky quartz is an excellent stone for Scorpios, who tend to bottle everything up rather than sit with their feelings.

Carrying around a small smoky quartz tumbled stone will keep you grounded and protected all day. Or use a smoky quartz healing wand to balance and clear any negative energies in the root and sacral chakras.

How To Do A Birthday Ritual With Scorpio Crystals

image 64

Birthdays come with many rituals, from blowing out candles on a birthday cake to receiving cards and gifts. However, if you seek a more spiritual way to mark your birthday and honor the Scorpio water sign, try a crystal birthday ritual.

Doing a spiritual birthday ritual is a deep and authentic way to express gratitude for another year around the sun and an opportunity to call upon the Scorpio’s strengths and positive qualities. It also provides a way to let go of any negative energy or Scorpio traits you have been struggling with.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Two days before your birthday, create a birthday altar in your home. Place a few of your favorite Scorpio crystals on the altar, or combine them on a crystal grid to amplify their healing properties. With your Scorpio crystals, place a nice scented candle, your favorite flowers, and images or items representing your goals and intentions for the upcoming year.
  2. On your birthday (ideally the time of your birth), light the candle and meditate in front of the altar while holding your crystals. Ponder on what you hope to achieve in the upcoming year and set an intention, infusing the energy of that intent into the stones. Then envision the crystals magnifying that energy and sending your resolve into the universe.

Final Thoughts: What Is The Best Crystal For Scorpio?

So what is the best crystal for Scorpio? Choosing between these 12 Scorpio crystals will depend on the quality or energy you want to cultivate. However, as the primary Scorpio birthstone, Topaz is a total all-rounder crystal for this zodiac sign.

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