8 of the Best Yoga Poses You Can Do While Traveling

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Going on a holiday or just simply traveling is an experience that can influence a person psychologically, mentally, and even physically. Traveling to a new place can help you de-stress and disconnect from your daily life. And that includes the stress you get from work, relationships, and life in general. It can also significantly improve your overall well-being.

While you may consider traveling as a break from everything resulting in a change in your daily routine, it is still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle – which you can do by practicing yoga. Going somewhere without your yoga mat doesn’t mean you can’t practice yoga.

Here are 8 yoga poses you can do while traveling.

1) Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)

This yoga pose is also known as the Butterfly pose, it allows deep exercise for the pelvis that can help relieve hours of sitting while traveling by strengthening and opening the hips and groin area. It also helps fight discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

How to do it:

Sit with both legs in front of you. Bend both knees while putting the soles of your feet together. Push heels towards your pelvis and relax your knees to drop to the sides. Hold the big toe of each foot with your second finger and thumb. Keep your spine stretched and recline forward. Hold the pose and relax.

2) Ardha Adho Mukha Svanasana (Half-Dog Pose)

Low back or knee pain is inevitable when sitting or standing for a long period. The half-dog pose on the wall is a good pose to release low back pain and tension in the neck and shoulder. You can even do this pose anywhere without a yoga mat!

How to do it:

Face the wall and stand about a leg’s length away. Bend forward at a 90-degree angle and place both palms on the wall. Push the wall with your palm and elongate your torso. Keep the position and breathe deeply.

3) Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon Pose)

Being in the same position for hours can sometimes cause your legs to be sleepy when traveling. It improves core muscles and balance. Stimulate your leg muscles and keep your brain active through the half-moon pose.

How to do it:

Start in a right leg forward Triangle pose. Place your left hand on your left hip and slightly bend the right knee. Reach the floor with your right hand, placing it in front of your right foot. Keep it aligned with your shoulder. Straighten right leg and lift your left leg parallel to the floor. Once balanced, lift left arm towards the sky and turn head towards your hand. Hold the position and repeat on the other side.

4) Anjaneyasana (Crescent Moon Pose)

The pose helps reduce lower back pain and releases muscle tension caused by sitting for a long period. It also reopens the hip that could be compressed while sitting.

How to do it:

Stand straight with a stretch spine. Bend your right knee forward, lowering your left leg. Untuck the toes on your left foot and let your left knee touch the floor. Place both palms together and raise your hands towards the sky, lean back slightly to deepen the stretch. Hold the pose and breathe.  

5) Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Standing Big Toe Pose)

Aside from its effective relief on tight and tired muscles, the standing big toe pose helps with a digestive problem. Sometimes, while in a foreign place, you may eat something that your stomach cannot fully digest. This pose is great for bloating, acidity, and indigestion.

How to do it:

In a standing position, shift your weight on your left leg and lift your right leg. Bend the right knee to reach for your right foot. Hold the foot and straighten your right leg. Keep the position for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.

6) Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

While traveling is an overall good experience, there are instances that we can still get stressed – a delayed flight, traffic, and other unexpected scenarios. The lotus pose is great for calming the brain and reducing stress. It also stretches the lower part of the body that would’ve been tired from all the walking and sitting. Combine this with a meditation and mudra, and you will surely release all your travel stress.

How to do it:

Sit straight and stretch your spine. Bend both knees and place each foot on top of the other leg. Push each foot closer to your hip area. Relax. Hold the position and breathe deeply.

7) Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose)

This inverted pose promotes blood circulation that will help relieve stress and anxiety. It is also good for energizing the body and reducing lower back pain caused by long flight or sitting for a long period.

How to do it:

Sit against the wall on the left side of your body. Slightly turn your body to the left so that you can lift your legs up on the wall. Support your body using your hands and lower your back on the floor. Push buttocks close to the wall and relax your shoulders.

8) Savasana (Corpse Pose)

After a long day of walking and admiring the scenery, relaxing in bed is something that everyone would look forward to. Like in other yoga sessions or classes, the Corpse pose concludes the whole sequence and relaxes the body. By doing this while traveling, you can keep your mind and body fully calm. Releasing the fatigue and tiredness from a long day.

How to do it:

In a lying position, elongate the legs to stretch it. Place both arms on the side of the body with palms to the sky. Rest the shoulder blades evenly on the bed or floor. Relax the whole body and breathe.

Let’s Wrap Up

Perform these yoga poses to relax your body after a long day of traveling and exploring new places. 

Reminder: don’t leave home without your favorite yoga travel clothes!

Aside from releasing muscle tension built up from a day of sitting on a plane or train, or from walking, you can also maintain a healthy body and help to make your trip more fun and enjoyable.

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The Best Yoga Poses You Can Do While Traveling
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