24 ways to Supercharge your Yoga Practice

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Whether you’ve been practicing for 6 months or 6 years, there may come a time when your yoga practice feels stale. It can be frustrating, especially after experiencing periods of tremendous personal growth.  I believe plateaus are just part of the process and most people experience them. If you feel that you’re at a plateau or that you just want more yoga in your life…

Ways to Supercharge your Yoga Practice

Here are 24 ways to take your practice to the next level!

  1. Test out a new studio –  many studios offer free trial periods.
  2. Attend a workshop – learning new skills will deepen your practice!
  3. Go on a retreat – go someplace warm and relax by practicing yoga on the beach.
  4. Master a pose – pick a pose, practice it daily, learn benefits, history, & alignment
  5. Change your routine – typically practice in the morning? Try afternoon or evenings.
  6. Read about yoga – what interests you: Posture study, novel, daily yoga wisdom?
  7. Experiment with new styles – frequent Vinyasa? Try Bikram, Ashtanga, or Iyengar.
  8. Start meditating – calm your mind – free guides from Sounds True.
  9. Find a new teacher – new poses & perspectives will keep it fresh!
  10. Pranayama exercises– practice mindful breathing anywhere!
  11. Find a mentor – ask your favorite teacher where to start, maybe they’ll volunteer!
  12. Research Patanjali – he’s credited for bringing yoga to the west.
  13. Bring a friend to their first class – make it fun! You may even change their life.
  14. Limit harmful foods – cut out one: dairy, meat, gluten, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol
  15. Eat super-foods  – chia seeds & Raw Cacao are my favorite yogi-certified foods
  16. Smile in class – sounds silly but observe how it changes everything.
  17. Set a dedication – as you begin class and focus on it throughout.
  18. Ditch the mirror – feel the pose instead of look like the pose.
  19. Focus on your breath – notice sensation in your belly/nostrils as air comes in & out.
  20. Read our blog – and other blogs to pick up tips & to find an online community.
  21. Practice at home – start with a simple 15-minute morning sequence.
  22. Find a yoga pal – practice, learn, and grow with someone of similar goals.
  23. Invest in new gear – get excited about a new mat, towel, water bottle, yoga clothes.
  24. Become a teacher – expect major growth & deep new friendships (maybe a career)

Want more where that came from? Don’t miss a beat, join our tribe!

PS: Please comment on something that has helped your practice! 

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Ways to Supercharge your Yoga Practice

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3 thoughts on “24 ways to Supercharge your Yoga Practice”

  1. Good tips, I love trying out new studios and teachers, they can all be so different! Mastering a pose is something that I hadn’t thought of but would love to try…

    • You’re very right – so interesting how different each style/teacher/studio can be!

      Good luck ‘mastering’ a pose! I’d recommend journaling every day as you study it!


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