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  2. Mandy
    Mandy at |

    I wanted to write and let people know that is not a place for resting. I stayed here for a couple days after a retreat i was on to decompress and sleep and it was the worst part of my bali experience. it feels like i was back in college and everyone out and about, playing music, talking, singing, yelling..and i hope you like screaming kids at 6:30 in the morning because the place is connected to an elementary school. good food though

  3. Techno
    Techno at |

    We stopped in while traveling through Ubud for 3 days. Scary busy in the low season. Not restful and not a place I would recommend to anyone. Give yourself a break and find somewhere else to relax.

    1. Brandon
      Brandon at |

      Totally respect your opinion here. The city center of Ubud has become more and more chaotic as time goes on.

      We still love Ubud and the community of people who call it home. However, staying a few minutes scooter ride outside of town makes for a more peaceful stay 🙂


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