Spiritual Tattoos: Unearth the Meaning and Sacred Artistry of Ink

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Spiritual Tattoos

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Quick Tip: Spiritual tattoos symbolize personal growth, protection, and a deep connection with the universe or spirituality.

Spiritual tattoos are meaningful tattoos for the person who has the ink on their body, but they are also connected with a meaning in the spiritual world. Spiritual tattoos can include a number of spiritual symbols and shapes. If you have been seeking inspiration for your next spiritual tattoo, then you are in the right place.

What will be your next piece of colorful or black ink body art? Find out which tattoo symbols are most fitting for you!

spiritual tattoos

What is the Deep Meaning Behind Spiritual Tattoos?

Each spiritual tattoo holds its own deep meaning for the person who has chosen to ink it on their skin. Spiritual symbols hold a specific energy and vibration that can be energizing, protective or inspiring to the person who wears this symbol.

Spirituality is about connection, with yourself, with others and with the entire living universe. The spiritual world is vast, it is accepting of many alternative views and ideas, and it holds a number of sacred symbols that can be used as talismans, in energy healings, or as a tattoo.

These spiritual tattoo symbols are not just tattoo ideas, but rather symbols of individual people’s journeys or stories of great spiritual leaders and these can be used as a permanent reminder in the form of tattoos.

Just like some people choose to wear jewelry with spiritual symbols, some people choose spiritual tattoos to give a more permanent effect to the meaning.

Some choose spiritual tattoos early on in their spiritual journey, and others may choose to get a new tattoo after a spiritual awakening. In the end, the tattoo has whatever spiritual meaning you give to it.

spiritual meaning of tattoos

Want Spiritual Tattoo Ideas? Deep Dive Into The World of Spiritual Tattoos

If you are ready for a new spiritual tattoo, but you are not yet sure what you want, here is a list of the meanings behind some common tattoo symbols.

ideas and inspiration for spiritual tattoos

Most Common Spiritual Tattoos: Symbols and Meanings

The most common tattoos include the following:

Buddha Tattoo Meanings

The buddha tattoo is the ultimate symbol of inner peace and enlightenment. Buddha, also known as Gautama Buddha, sat under the bodhi tree for six years until one day he found an end to his quest for enlightenment. He found the pillars to relieve suffering in all of humankind, which are the four noble truths and the eightfold path to enlightenment.

This sense of inner peace that the buddha found, is also sought out by others too. The quest is represented through various images and spiritual tattoos. A buddha tattoo symbolizes the search for enlightenment and the quest to end all suffering.

buddha tattoo meaning

Hindu Tattoos

Hindu tattoos often involve words or symbols taken from Hindu traditions. In Hinduism, there are many gods and goddesses, each with a unique meaning.

Some of the most well known Hindu deities include Shiva, the supreme being, Ganesha, the elephant deity who removes obstacles, Shakti, the feminine, creative force of the universe or Kali, the feirce goddess of life and death.

Hindu tattoos also include words from the Ancient Indian language, Sanskrit.

hindu tattoos

Chakra Tattoos Meanings

The seven chakras are a set of seven spinning wheels, each with different symbols to represent their meanings. In the spiritual world, some people will get the seven chakras tattooed along their spine to correlate with the position of the chakras.

The root chakra is at the base of the spine, near the tail bone. From there, the chakras ascend vertically up the spine moving through the sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, being at the top of the head.

chakra tattoo meanings

Hamsa Tattoo Symbol

The hamsa hand is a palm shaped amulet that is popular in North Africa and the Middle East. It is used as a powerful symbol of protection and it does hold deep meaning in many cultures.

The hamsa hand symbol is similar to the hand of Fatima in Christianty, seeing an overlap in religious ideas.

As a spiritual tattoo, it is said to protect from evil spirits and to bring good fortune, health and happiness to those who wear it.

hamsa tattoo symbol

Om Tattoo Ideas

Om is said to be the first vibrational sound of the universe. The sound of new beginnings and endings, the sound of the connection that runs between all of humanity.

The Om symbol is a popular tattoo used by many yogis, as it is often the mantra (chant) used to begin or end a yoga class. It is a symbol of completion and connection with a universal god.

Om can be combined with many other spiritual symbols, such as the lotus flower or a mandala, seen in the pictures below.

spiritual tattoos: om tattoo ideas
om tattoo ideas

Lotus Flower Tattoo ideas

The lotus flower grows in mud and the murky waters to reach the sunlight and blossom at the top. Due to this journey from the dark underworld to the divine providence of the upper world, lotus flowers represent strength.

They bloom in many different colors and therefore can have many different meanings. But the lotus flower chosen for your tattoo will be infused with your own personal energy.

The blue lotus is a beautiful and common lotus that holds the meaning of third eye awakening and connection with spirit.

lotus flower tattoo ideas

One of the best spiritual tattoos is the unalome lotus flower which represents the path to enlightenment. It represents strength that has come about from ones unique life path. Known as a life tattoo, it has a spiral at the beginning, then the design weaves upwards until it reachs a few dots and a lotus flower. Representing the journey of life, the combined symbols hold great meaning.

om spiritual tattoo meaning

Eye Tattoo

The evil eye tattoo has the meaning of protection against bad luck. The evil eye is said to protect against evil spirits and has been traditionally used since Roman and Greek times.

Eye tattoos can also represent the energy of the third eye and the notion of tapping into the intuition in your inner world. An eye tattoo can also have another spiritual meaning such as clear sight, visions of the future, or sad eyes may represent loss.

eye tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo

The koi fish represents peace, rejuvenation and new opportunities. Spiritual tattoo designs that include the koi often have a background in Ancient Japanese or Chinese cultures. They are connected with the water element, with a connection to the psychic realms.

koi fish tattoo

Mandala Design Tattoos

Mandala design tattoo ideas often include sacred geometry shapes, dream catchers or other spiritual tattoo designs. The mandala design is one of the popular symbols for the entire universe in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It is a geometric design that can include many symbols. When using a mandala as a unique piece of body art, you can choose to get it drawn by a tattoo artist to create a very unique tattoo symbol that represents your life journey.

mandala design tattoo

Many mandala tattoo symbols are also utilised in Henna art, a form of temporary tattoos. This is also a great and creative way to try out your mandala tattoo designs to see which one you want to get inked permanently on your skin.


Dove Tattoos

The dove is a bird of peace. Two doves on the body are a symbol for eternal love, connection and peace between humanity. Sometimes two people will choose the same dove tattoo ideas to mark their love and partnership.

dove tattoos

Tree of Life Tattoos

The tree of life is a symbol for the deep connection between all of life. As a spiritual symbol, it was thought to have developed in central Asia but was adopted by many other cultures, including Ancient Egypt.

tree of life tattoos

Difference Between Spiritual Tattoo Symbols and Religious Tattoos

Religious beliefs often tie in closely to spiritual beliefs, as they share the common knowledge that there is a greater power guiding their life. Both spiritual and religious followings also include the belief in symbols that include protection from evil spirits.

Christian Tattoo Symbols

Many followers of the Christian Religion will choose religious tattoos to solidy their faith in god. They might choose a spiritual symbol such as the cross that Jesus Christ died on, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, or an illustration of their God. Some variations of these spiritual tattoo designs include an ornate celtic cross or a tribal cross design.

Using God or a cross tattoo symbolises the faith and the following of this ancient religion. It can also represent strength needed to make it though challenging times. As a life tattoo that symbolises both living and dying, the cross tattoo is a popular symbol for spiritual tattoos.

christian tattoo symbols

Finding the Perfect Spot for Inking Your Spiritual Tattoo

Deciding where to position your tattoo is just as important as selecting the symbol itself. It goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about resonance. The placement of your tattoo can amplify its significance. For example, a chakra tattoo may hold power when situated along the spine, aligning perfectly with the energy centers it represents.

Take into account how noticeable you desire your tattoo to be. Is it intended to serve as a talisman meant primarily for self-reflection rather than public display? Is it a declaration of your journey intended to be shared with others? Different areas of your body carry their energy and symbolism. An ankle placement might suggest the path you’re treading, while a tattoo near your heart could symbolize a core belief.

Also, consider how your daily life may influence the visibility of your tattoo. Will its presence affect your social interactions? Some individuals prefer placements due to personal reasons or professional decorum. Remember, the positioning of your tattoo adds another layer to its narrative—your narrative. Choose a location that resonates with you, where the tattoo’s energy will have an impact.

Exploring the Meaning Behind Feather Tattoos in Spiritual Context

The Symbolic Significance of Feathers

In spiritual tattoos, feathers often represent a link to spirituality, liberty and transcendence. They are viewed as messages from the divine realm, guiding us along our path. Each feather tattoo may have a personal meaning connected to spiritual safeguarding and interaction with higher planes.

Feathers as Spiritual Mentors

Many people believe that feathers act as a connection between our earthly existence and the spiritual or celestial spheres. This is why feather tattoos are favored by those who sense a deep bond with their spiritual mentors or guardian angels. These tattoos serve as a reminder of the spiritual guidance that surrounds us.

Feathers possess more than just visual allure; they carry profound spiritual significance. They prompt us to remember our capacity to navigate life freely, unencumbered by material concerns. This symbolism holds great meaning for numerous individuals on their spiritual journey.

The Incorporation of Inking Tattoos into Contemporary Therapy Approaches

The fusion of tattooing practices, with modern therapeutic techniques has become a captivating trend in recent years. Therapists have begun to recognize the potential of tattoos as a means for healing and self-expression. Tattoos can serve as reminders of milestones symbolize triumph over challenges or signify a commitment to embarking on a new path in life.

This integration is particularly evident in the use of tattoos within trauma therapy. The process of selecting a design placing it on one’s body and undergoing the act of tattooing can be empowering. It allows individuals to reclaim their bodies and narratives transforming scars into art and past pain into resilience.

Furthermore, tattoos can function as a form of narrative therapy where an individual’s life story is conveyed through symbols and images etched onto their skin. Each tattoo becomes a chapter in their narrative, contributing to their sense of identity and continuity.

By exploring this subject matter, we can present readers with a perspective on how spiritual tattoos are not merely static symbols but rather dynamic tools, for personal growth and healing. This approach will resonate with those who view their journey as a process and seek ways to integrate inner experiences with outward expressions.

Examining the Role of Tattoo Artists in Inking Spiritual Tattoos

When thinking about getting a spiritual tattoo, your choice of tattoo artist plays a vital role. Not all tattoo artists possess the same level of expertise, especially when it comes to designing tattoos that carry profound spiritual or symbolic significance.

Selecting the Right Tattoo Artist

Discovering an artist who not only has the necessary skills but also a deep understanding of spiritual symbols can greatly enhance your overall experience. It’s akin to selecting a guide for a spiritual voyage. The artist’s grasp of symbolism can add layers to the meaning of the tattoo that extend beyond just the physical ink.

The Artist’s Impact on Your Tattoo’s Vibe

Tattoos are often a reflection of our inner selves and the beliefs that define us. The choice of artist can greatly impact the spiritual side of a tattoo, transforming it into a powerful symbol of rebirth and interconnectedness. From popular spiritual designs like the yin-yang symbol to the sacred ink of the Eye of Horus, each tattoo has a story and carries deep meanings.

The lotus symbolizes growth and the constant reminder of one’s journey through the cycle of life. Artists who understand the spiritual energy behind each design can create tattoos that are not just beautiful, but also significant spiritual markers of wisdom and knowledge.

When choosing an artist for a spiritual tattoo, it’s important to find someone who can capture the symbolic meanings that resonate with your beliefs. Designs like the unalome, a buddhist symbol of enlightenment, or the phases of the moon in hinduism and buddhism, can be deeply meaningful when rendered with skill and indelible ink.

Whether you choose a dream catcher tattoo for protection and healing or a yang tattoo for a more yang energy, the artist’s touch can transform your tattoo into a spiritual experience that embodies the interconnectedness of all life.

The energy and intentions that an artist brings to the creation process can impact the spiritual essence of your tattoo. While this aspect is often overlooked, it holds great importance for those who believe in the energetic connections of spiritual symbols. An artist who engages in meditation, yoga or other spiritual practices might infuse your tattoo with energy that resonates with your own spiritual aspirations.

This unique perspective not only enhances the significance of your tattoo but also ensures that it transcends being just a visual symbol. It transforms into a meticulously crafted representation of your spiritual journey, intimately linked to both the artist’s energy and expertise.

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The Buddha tattoo is a symbol of chaos and confusion.

The Hamsa hand tattoo is believed to offer protection and bring good fortune.

The Om symbol is often used to signify the end of a yoga class and represents disconnection and isolation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do people get spiritual tattoos?

Spiritual tattoos are a form of body art that someone on the path of spiritual growth may choose for their body. The meanings behind spiritual tattoos, include the quest for enlightenment, to represent strength, or a number of symbols to illustrate the connection with God or the universe.

What is the most spiritual tattoo?

There are many spiritual tattoo ideas, and each has a different meaning. There is no such thing as the ‘most spiritual tattoo’, as the real life importance of the tattoos is about creating meaningful tattoos, that hold deep meanings to the ones who have the body art on their skin.

Can spiritual tattoos affect your energy?

Spiritual tattoos are created from many symbols, each that holds their own specific energy. Whether its sacred geometry, reiki symbols or the chakras, each spiritual meaning will imprint its energy on your body. Therefore, you also get to vibrate at that energy of the symbol.

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