3 Reasons Every Yoga Teacher Needs A Newsletter

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Creating a living as a yoga professional is not an easy feat. If you are serious about building a sustainable career in the yoga industry, a website with an email newsletter are crucial to your success.

Email is a direct channel to your yoga tribe.

The ability to remain in constant contact with your students through newsletters is one of the most important aspects of a marketing your yoga business.

And it often gets overlooked.

One visit to your website is all it takes to capture an email address and a potential reader for life. Readers turn into clients and the cycle continues. 

Reasons Every Yoga Teacher Needs a Newsletter 2Pin me first? Then keep reading! 🙂

Email is the way to go!Using email as a way to reach your target market will have a profound impact on your business… so what are you waiting for?Today, we’ll reveal 3 reasons why every yoga teacher needs an email newsletter and share a few ways to get you started.

1) Stay Connected To Your Tribe


While the ways to connect with one another online become more abundant, genuine connection through those channels is seriously lacking. As a yoga teacher, authentic connections fuel our business. As you grow your yoga business, email is the best way to maintain a constant and more genuine connection to your tribe. Everyone checks their email daily (if not 10x per day). Your email inbox is a sacred place – you don’t just give out your email address to “some guy (or girl) at the bar.” ha ha. Social media updates have a very short “shelf life” and quickly get buried. Unlike emails which stay in your inbox until they’re dealt with. 

Even if you’ve been marketing yourself thoroughly, don’t assume your website visitors will just so happen to remember to visit your site one day once they’re ready to sign up for your retreat or online course. By having your own email list, you ensure they don’t forget about you and your important offerings.

Protip: At this point, we’ve made our case for why all yoga teachers need a website. So now that you have a website, I’m going to share a harsh reality about website visitors AND the perfect solution.

Harsh reality: 90% of all website visitors will land on your site, read an article or two and leave forever (even if they love you and plan to come back). Your job is your capture their contact details!

Perfect solution: When people visit your site, it’s your job to WOW them with your content/brand/vibe so they’re willing to join your email list! Now that you have their contact details, you can message them when you have something important to share 🙂

2) “The Money is in the List”

Many online entrepreneurs say that “the money is in your list.” Meaning your email list. And we generally agree.

What does that even mean? It means a few things…

  1. Your email list is full of your true fans & your future customers (the first ones raising their hand to join your next program)
  2. Email marketing is the most effective way to “sell your services”
  3. It’s important to “build your list” – aka find more people (who fit our niche) to join our email list
  4. Your email list is sacred – you should treat them with respect
  5. Even if your website crashed and your social media channels were eaten by a rabid dog…. your business will still be going strong! (because your email list is the most important asset you have)

We recommend sending out a consistent weekly (or monthly) newsletter.  Studies show that it will take at least 7 visits or “touch-points” to make a sale. Focus on providing tons of value to your email subscribers so they like/trust you.

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Then when the time comes, they will be more willing to purchase your offerings. 🙂

Advanced Email Marketing:

Email marketing tools allow for a highly targeted approach to marketing. Using their analytics, you can create campaigns based on data. You’re able to measure and see: how many people open your emails, who clicked on a link from a previous email, who found you via social or if they responded a certain way to something you sent out, and so much more. Using email marketing tools, you can tailor emails to a select group of people on your list for greater impact. 

What about social media?

We often hear aspiring “yoga-entrepreneurs” talk about how important social media is. And yes, you should be on a couple social media channels. But here’s the deal… social media has many limitations, such as… you’re not in control of your social media accounts (but you ARE in control of your email list).

Let me explain…

With algorithms changing all the time on Facebook and other socials, relying on social media alone is a very risky strategy. Here’s a cautionary tale to illustrate my point. A couple years ago, having a “business Facebook page” was all the rage – people were having massive success and started investing money to grow their “likes.” Then overnight, Facebook changed the algorithm which made our Facebook pages essentially useless (unless you pay for advertising).

In the old days, 80% of your Facebook followers would see your updates… after they made changes to the algorithm, only 10% of your fans would see your posts. Facebook did this to encourage businesses to spend money advertising or “boosting your posts.”

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3) Build Trust & Loyalty


What is a business without trust? Growth in any business is built on a strong foundation of trust and loyalty with your clients. Through email newsletters, you’re able to build that foundation over time. Trust is slowly instilled with your readers who may eventually end up buying your products; whether that’s signing up for your retreat, taking your workshops or enrolling in your online training. Don’t underestimate the power of an email! Be vulnerable. Go deep. Share from the heart. Personal stories and messages have the ability to resonate deeply with your readers, which builds trust with each email.

Remember to treat your email list with care and respect. Ask questions to your subscribers and listen intently to what they’re saying in response. Try and personally email each one back within 48 hours. Speak from the heart and be vulnerable. Sharing your struggles will remind them you are human and strengthen their connection to you. Give them what they want and you’ll have a fan for life.

How To Get Started:


Step 1: Sign up for an Email Marketing tool

We use and highly recommend ActiveCampaign. It’s user friendly, has all the features you need, good value, and they offer a 14-free trail so you can test it out.

If you’re creating a karma business (aka you never charge for services), then it probably makes more sense to use SendFox which offers a free plan. It is VERY basic, however and won’t be the best idea for those who charge for their services. 

Step 2: Invite people to join your newsletter

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Add an email “sign up form” to your website. When people visit your website, make it easy for them to sign up. You can also add signup forms to your social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram bios are great places to add a link to your signup form).

Advanced tip: Sweeten the deal by offering a “free gift” in exchange for someone joining your email list. This can be anything that your “ideal client” would want (yoga video, how to guide, resources guide, PDF, etc). Studies show that having a lead magnet will increase the % of people who join your list a TON.

Step 3: Start sending out weekly (or monthly) newsletters!

Now that you’ve set your email tool and invited your peeps to join – it’s time to actually email them! Pick a schedule and stay consistent… weekly or monthly, your choice.

What should you send out in your email newsletter?

  • Share useful content you’ve found online
  • Share a story (with a message) from your personal life
  • Extend your dharma teachings from the studio online
  • Let your people know where/when you’ll be teaching
  • Invite your people to purchase your offerings

Let’s wrap up

Every yoga teacher who is interested in creating a sustainable yoga career, is highly encouraged to start an email newsletter program as soon as their website is live. It is the most effective way to market yourself as a yoga teacher. 

Sign up for ActiveCampaign (free 14-day trail) and get started today!


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PS: How many of you are hesitant to start a newsletter? Need help with ideas? Leave me a comment or send me an email: [email protected]

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Reasons Every Yoga Teacher Needs a Newsletter

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